If Arsenal sell these unwanted players, how much would we make for our transfer fund?

With no live Premier League action for the next few days due to the international break, we can’t help but talk about one or two transfer stories.

Arsenal have been stupendous thus far this season; they are winning and playing good football, dominating most of the teams that come their way.

Going forward, Mikel Arteta would no doubt want to build on the success he has had this term, and to do so, he will need to make the right moves in the summer. Although much attention is focused on who Arsenal would sign, we must agree that for them to complete any deals, some players in Arteta will have to make way. Arteta and Edu could easily raise £105 million with the sale of these nine stars, who may find it hard to re-establish themselves in Arteta’s team.

Here are these nine with the fee they could go for as per the CIES Football Observatory:

Nicolas Pepe: £8.7 millionAinsley Maitland-Niles: £2.6 millionAlbert Sambi Lokonga: £13.2 millionNuno Tavares: £22 millionPablo Mari: £2.6 millionCedric Soares: £2.6 millionAlex Runarsson: £1 millionKieran Tierney: £17.5 millionFolarin Balogun: £35 million

Considering the headline moves that Arsenal may need to make, raising £105 million could go a long way in helping Arsenal, not only manage a move for Declan Rice, but still have enough funds for another marquee signing…

Would you keep any of these players on the books or cash in on all of them?


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  1. That’s just CIES Football Observatory: price estimates, we all know in the real market that’s not how it works. For example, I think Tierney fetches double that amount, and Tavares might fetch lesser but that’s just me.

    1. No way Pepe is only worth £8.7m, ! Certainly not worth what we paid but I reckon someone would pay £25mn easily. How long left on his contract?

  2. Pepé-going to cost us to pay him off.
    AMN-A bit more than that.
    Sambi-Surely not that much but I think he stays.
    Nuno- Are you having a laugh? Less than half that.
    Mari- Yes about right.
    Ditto -Alex.
    Tierney is not going anywhere but if he did would be minimum twice that figure but closure to 3x.
    Balogun is not going anywhere but that price is a minimum if he carries on as he has been.
    Anyway all speculation as are my comm3nts😊

  3. It’s not just the transfer value of said player but also the players weekly wage which needs to be taken into account,and how much we can save on that also ,which in turn opens things up for new signings .
    When you have 2 players in Mari and Cedric pulling in 100k a week each and they are nowhere near the team even without a transfer fee that frees space for a quality replacement who could cost 200k a week in wages .

  4. Be assured we won’t get anything. Edu is not a good salesman like Dean. Since he and Sanhelli joined we’ve gone backwards in terms of the economics of player deals.

    He buys players expensively mostly using superagents Kia and Mendes the very agents Wenger refused to work with.

    He gives away our players for free while the beneficiary clubs are able to sell for a fee. Auba, Mustafi, Bellerin and Mustafi are examples.

    Unless the Kroenkes girl rid of Edu the assets of the club will continue to lose value

    1. Howard
      The value of the players are being written off over a a period of time on the books
      It’s like buying a car brand new
      Residual on that car as soon a you drive it off the forecourt is less then you paid for it.
      This is not edu doing, this is the world we operate in
      You need to look deeper then just blaming a person for costing the club
      Pepe cost fee has probably been written off over a number of years
      18m times over 4 years equals zero
      72m has now been spread over the 4 years
      As someone else said on here we will also save wages as well
      Onwards and upwards

      1. Why don’t you think we should keep Balogun? Consider how well he is playing at Reims. He has single handed pulled them up out of the relegation struggle to mid table.

    2. @Howard

      It is true that we are terrible at selling, but that’s not just on Edu and others involved, it’s been like that since Dean left.

      Edu has done brilliantly with purchases, helping create so much resale value from the current squad, but does need to improve on selling.

      That said, the vast majority of players gone under Edu we’re actually impossible to sell. Hence all the loans and terminations. Rubbish players on big wages, and many not at a good age either.

      So Edu did inherit a really bad situation dating back to Wenger and Gazidis reign.

    3. The problem with “giving” away players is a bit more challenging. We have had a lot of players with very high salaries from before Edu’s time, and just getting them off the books has been neccessary.

  5. Why anybody would want to sell Tierney I do not Know, and for only 17M.

    Maybe Arteta should play him at right back why Saliba is injured.

    If he can play both left and right back he would be invaluable!

    Just a thought

  6. Agree with Jw above. Arsenal needs a strong squad to compete domesticallh and in Europe next season. Selling KeiranTierney, when his defensive quality will be important in away games would be ludicrous. Similarly selling home grown Folarin Balogun, given the potential transfer fee and wages of an equivalent forward would be self defeating.
    Given the number of competions, resulting and potemtial trsvel Arsenal faces next season, cover for every position is essential. Selling these players places Arsenal one or two injuries from disaster. Squad players should be sold only if not likely to play and to buy an upgraded replacement, if Arsenal wants continuing improvement.

  7. These fees are all over the place. Mari has a clause of 5.9m if Monzo stay up they have to pay that. That’s guaranteed . The rest who knows but we need to break the precedent of releasing for free now

  8. After the complete exodus of big players from Arteta last season, clubs might try to test Arsenal’s resolve again with cheapskate prices. They know Arsenal desperately wants to rid of these players’ massive wages off their books. A big price to be paid for this season’s unpredicted success. No regrets cause that’s life. I’ve learn that there are actually no solutions, only trade offs.

  9. Players are worth what other clubs are willing to pay.

    Pepe will be a major loss, but he, Cedric, and Mari have to come off the books.

    Maybe Lokogna can be sold or loaned, but he is young and can improve.

    Why sell a proven known commodity in Tierney to bring in an unknown player?

    As for Balogun, why sell a young exciting player? I’d only consider for offers of 50 million and above. I hope he is not for sale though.

    Nketiah needs to be sold also. He’s one dimensional, and levels below Jesus and Trossard. A poacher with no versatility, don’t see how he fits into the squad.

  10. The article vastly overrates the amount we can get for our deadwood. THE TWO MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS LISTED ARE UNLIKELY TO BE SOLD AND SHOULD NOT AND WILL NOT, IMO.
    Both Balogun and Tierney are valuable assets and not destined to leave in the foreseeable future.

    NB: I know the article listed Tavares as being more valuable than Tierney but I disregard that as being nonsensical. I repeat therefore, our two most ACTUALLY valuable players will not be leaving.
    The rest all put together, apart from Tavares and Lokonga, are hardly worth “fourpence” and Pepe will be costly for us to even remove at all, given his crazy awarded wages, making a possible loss for us altogether, on the ACTUAL listed deadwood!

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