If Arsenal sign a left-sided player like Eberechi Eze, what will happen to Vieira and Smith-Rowe?

Eberechi Eze’s transfer to Arsenal is something that many Gooners are excited about. However, one might question what remains unspoken about this swoop. The truth is that if Arsenal signs Eze, one of Emile Smith Rowe or Fabio Vieira will almost certainly go. Smith Rowe and Eze can all play as LCM, LW, or AM, whereas Vieira can only play LCM or RCM, so Eze’s arrival may impact their game time.

Yes, we need a decent LCM to create chances for Martineli and Trossard, and similarly, we need a Xhaka to replace Havertz. We need a player who is always available.

Last season, Rice and Havertz were always fit but who knows if our luck will continue into the new campaign? Gooners should recognise that Arsenal’s interest in Eze is not a solid interest as yet as he is currently with England at the Euros. The club is will still be looking into other targets and positions that require recruitment.

Certainly, after the Euros and Copa America, the transfer window will fully be active. Some players aren’t ready to decide on their futures until these tournaments end.

Ultimately, Eze might be an excellent addition to Arsenal. He is adept at identifying gaps in the opposing defence and exploiting them to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. He is not afraid to face opponents one-on-one and relishes the spectacle, frequently attempting risky passes and long-range efforts that are beneficial to the team.

Notably, his versatility allows him to play in a variety of attacking roles, including centre-attacking midfielder, winger, and even false nine when needed, but what would his arrival mean for Vieira and Smith-Rowe, who are hardly getting any game time as it is?

Peter Rix


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  1. If Eze comes, Smith-Rowe would likely get shipped out because Eze is also a homegrown player

    Vieira could stay to compete with Odegaard for the right-sided AM role

    I don’t think Arsenal will sign another AM though, since we’ve got too many players for that role

    1. Yea Gai, it’s almost a waste of money to sign another AM. Except one that can play well as a winger to deputize for Saka. In my opinion Arsenal should loan out Viera. When Odegard was injured early season it was Havertz Arteta used in his place to good effect. Like Nkethiah I guess Viera needs to build his muscles and physical fitness for him to thrive in Epl.l otherwise his skill set and technicality must be unrival.

  2. I don’t think an AM is a priority for now..let’s get a replacements for Zinchenko, addition or quality replacement for Partey, and a striker. ESR can see games off as a 10 in front of a double pivot to relieve Ordegaard or may start in some games. He will be sharp when given a few games consistently….we saw what he can do the few times he was playing last season. We have an exciting Nwaneri , whom I think deserves to play. I’m not sure if rumours are true that we are also vying from the Stuttgart guy… hopefully it’s not a Nicolas Jackson or Raymond Hojlund type of judgement…

    1. Really Vamos?
      I seem to remember that you were just as convinced we were going to win the PL and CL last season.
      Can I ask why you are so sure about Eze?

      1. Simple, we don’t need any player in his position. We are well stocked both at RW and AMF positions.

        1. So who are the players you believes make us “well stocked in the RW and AMF positions that will help us win the PL and CL this coming season?
          I’m particularly interested in the RW situation, especially if the club want to give Saka some games off.

          1. Our current options of course! They are capable of getting it done. On the left, i personally would prefer Olise but he’s headed to Munich, so i’d go with Ethan Nwaneri, i think he deserves a chance. not much in terms of incomings this summer.

            1. But they didn’t “get it done” Vamos, despite you telling everyone they would!!
              So, just so I know, who are the current players who would be able to fit the AMF and, more importantly, the RW positions?

              If there isn’t much chance of any incomings, are you saying that we will do any better than last season?

              I do agree with you regarding Nwaneri, but he doesn’t strengthen the AMF or RW positions does he?

  3. I think he’d be a perfect signing – good enough to get in our first team in the attacking midfield positions, or at least present a real challenge, and while he doesn’t seem to play there often (possibly because palace have good options) I don’t doubt he could cover the rw position better than anyone we have currently, aside from saka obviously.
    He’s not left footed, if anyone thinks that, he clearly prefers his right but looks very strong on his left as well.

  4. Too much AMs in the team. Need to offload before signing Eze. And that’s not even the priority. We need to fix our CDM position and LB, and then a winger who can deputize for Saka when needed. Then a backup for Saliba and Gabriel.

  5. Eze is an excellent player and would greatly benefit Arsenal if and when he joins us. That said, ESR and Eze could play together because both have the flexibility to play either LW or LCM or CAM. As regards Vieira, I dont know if he is in Arteta’s plans and whether he will stay at Arsenal next season. I hope though Arsenal gets Eze.

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