If the Arsenal strikers score 50 goals, we still won’t make Top Four?

There have been many predictions about where Arsenal are likely to end up in the Premier League table in Unai Emery’s first season at the club, and there are very few that seem to believe that the Gunners will even make the Top Six never mind the Top Four.

But in Aubameyang and Lacazette we have two top quality strikers, and on the evidence so far it would appear that Emery is playing the ‘we will score more than you’ card at the moment, because our defence does not seem to have improved in the slightest since Emery’s arrival. But the Gunners legend Emmanuel Petit doesn’t think that even those two top hitmen scoring regularly will be enough to enable Arsenal to challenge at the top of the table. “Arsenal’s defence is still a long way from the level needed to compete with the top four teams in the Premier League,” Petit said.

“We saw it again against Cardiff. It is a recurring problem, that dates back years with Arsenal. It has never been fixed, neither by Unai Emery, nor Arsene Wenger, nor the players out on the pitch.

“Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette can score 40 to 50 Premier League goals a season between them if they are picked to start matches.

“But even with these two, Arsenal won’t be able to finish in the top three if they don’t sort out their defensive problems.”

So basically we just have to hope that Emery can somehow change our leaky defence. But with the personel the Spaniard has at his disposal is that even possible?

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    If we can get fifty EPL goals from those two alone, Arsenal would most likely reach the top four. Because there are only few EPL clubs can get that number from their strikers in one season

    Arsenal’s defense is not the best in EPL, but they would be able to withstand more pressure if their attackers and midfielders also worked hard to retrieve the ball

    Regarding PEA and Lacazette, I don’t think they would score forty EPL goals in this season. Unless all players are able to play with EmeryBall throughout the season

  2. stubill says:

    5th or 6th spot for us this year, I don’t mean to sound like the voice of doom, but we’re just not good enough to finish in the top four, unless we have a remarkable change in defensive form, and those who finished above us last year have a radical drop in form.

    I agree with Merson, watching us is like watching a testimonial or friendly game, at he moment, until Emery gets his system working, there is little structure in our play, and my hearts in my mouth every time the opposition get with 30 yards of our goal. And let’s not forget, in their last full season with us, Giroud, Sanchez and Walcott scored 60 goals between them.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Stubill, I agree; Arsenals place on the league ladder is dependent upon how well the defense is tightened up. As Tony Adams said Arsenal is too open and leaks too many goals. As has been said often defense wins you games, good attack determines by how many.
      Tony Adams knows a bit about defending and leadership. He can’t understand why Lichtsteiner doesn’t start at RB and captain, with Bellerin watching and learning. Torreira must start in the Gilberto Silva role as DM.

  3. qoni says:

    i dont want to be negative far from it. but what have changed since the arrival of the new manager? the defence is that of last year with the exception of the greek sokratis. and why he keeps playing with cech ? for me i will start with leno, play leichsteiner, torreira and give holding a starting match. gooner = for ever

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    It’s quite possible for Arsenal defense-line to stop conceding goals in the PL as from their away match to Newcastle after the international break. But if the defense-line personnel adhered to strict defending discipline organization that included the back four or back three as it may be being well protected by the 2 DMs to block the opposition teams attacking moves from over leaking to pass through them to the main defense-line.

    Yes, Arsenal can even score only 34 goals in their remaining 34 EPL matches this season and still win the Premier League Title in a 1-0 wins format not conceding a single goal in the process to garner a total of 108 points to set a new PL Title win record beating all comers. It’s a possibility Arsenal can make possible if they diligently worked towards achieving it by making it the target they MUST hit this season. It’s not impossible to achieve but can be actualised if vigorously pusued to the letter.

    1. ozziegunner says:


      1. Break-on-through says:

        I don’t think the defensive/central midfield area is as big a concern as out wide. Lichsteiner should come in, but I don’t think that’s gonna solve it. Unless we can become a dominating team, one that rarely plays loose balls and is quick to retrieve it when lost, I don’t see our defensive issues being solved. We don’t have the players for that anyway.

  5. AndersS says:

    No way, we can make top 4 with the defense, we have had for the last 2 years.
    ut that is the whole point.
    Eventually Emery will organize the team much better, and that is how we will get stronger.
    But will it happen in time for us to compete this year.
    We will see.

  6. FamousFromDubai says:

    arsenal will sort out the defense issues. Our biggest problem is attack and scoring because we have only two top strikers, which would be unable to play all games, from epl to europa to cup games.
    by the time the games come thick and fast, defensive pairings would change, leichesterner, mavropanos, holding would get a chance and Emery would see the best pairings and would fuse it in our epl main team. now he cant alter or keep testing which pairings would be best.
    Lets see leno in the cup games, so he can build confidence, we cant just bring him into the league, it might destroy his confidence.
    So calm down gunners, Arsenal can make top 4. by november our core 11 would have been known. and the leaky defence closed. for now our strikers need to score more

  7. Dylan woods says:

    Center mid is our main problem, maybe torrieira will help with that. His covering the back four will help a lot. Defence starts from the front.

  8. Yossarian says:

    I think things will improve, and Emery will gradually address all the problems. Can’t do everything in one go, especially with a squad that was so set in it’s ways for so long under Wenger. There is a long way to go, and the team won’t get settled after Xmas, at least.

    My prediction is Liverpool/Man City for 1st/2nd, then 3rd/4th/5th between us, Chelsea and Tottenham, then 6th Man Utd.

  9. Chiza says:

    Those goals scored by lacazette and aubameyang were wonder goals craftly scored by masters… It goes to remind our premier league oppositions that we have two 50m rated strikers and they are two of the best strikers in the world…..forget about the defense right now because I’m sure they would improve in no time but with aubameyang and lacazette I’m very sure arsenal will win at worst two trophies this season and will also finish in the top 4….anybody who doubts this can be willing to go on a bet with me…..i’m willing to exchange my phone number and my account number…and let’s agree on a bet price…

    1. Sarmmie says:

      Chiza, I don’t mean to sound insulting, but I feel you won’t be willing to go an a bet if you let your head lead your heart on arsenal’s issue

  10. Lucas T says:

    Torreira in the middle of the park defending our slow defense is key to keeping clean sheets. If need be we add AMN next to him as a second defensively strong midfielder like the Matic, Kante duo that Chelsea had the year they won the league.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  11. Chiza says:

    I come here to post my opinion when any article is posted….and I do it without insulting anyone…i know i haven’t insulted anyone in this site before so I won’t take it when my mental state I questioned just because I gave my honest opinion on koscielny… Ken1945 and ackshay be warned and respect yourselves..if you guys are not matured enough to know that people have their opinions..then at least pretend to be matured and keep your insults to yourselves…..if we all start to throw insults on this site then I guess this site won’t be fun…. I gave my honest opinion on koscielny without even insulting koscielny….. The fact remains that he is not loyal to arsenal but to wenger and I will always stand on that….he didn’t leave arsenal all these years and also didn’t want to play for another epl club not because of arsenal but because of Wenger….he wants to retire in arsenal because he knows arsenal will easily accept him with his reoccurring Achilles…after all we always made arsenal look like home for injured players….we have even signed an injured player before(remember Kim kallstrom) …i would never be deceived by the emotions koscielny brings out…he was our best defender because his best days are gone but he is not loyal to arsenal just because he has stayed for 8years……..Gerrard defines loyalty not koscielny, totti defines loyalty not koscielny,Giggs defines loyalty not koscielny, Tony Adams defines loyalty not koscielny…these players I mentioned were ready to play on the field with wheelchair when it comes to their clubs because they are loyal to the club and not to any manager

    Please let’s respect the word loyalty and not just give it to any player just because he has stayed with us for 8years and brings out emotions.. ..there are so many things involved when it comes to that word LOYALTY

  12. ken1945 says:

    Chiza, I have been warned and I will inspect, sorry, respect myself.
    You may be right that you haven’t insulted anyone on this site, but you have insulted one of our players with a rambling, non sensical tirade of mixed up announcements that actually mean nothing at all.
    Someone else said that your at your best when you are being funny and I will agree with that.
    Picturing Tony Adams in a wheelchair brought tears to my eyes and, just because of that, I humbly apologize if I have not been mature in my assessment of you.
    I can’t get out of my head Dennis Berkamp and Ray Parlour on a tandem, being chased by Roy Keane in a pram pushed by Alex Ferguson, with Martin Keown jumping up and down from a pogo stick trying to flatten them both ????Sweet Jes. I have got to go to bed before I have a nervous breakdown!!!!!!!!!!

  13. sunny says:

    We must bring in torreira for Xhaka in all matches. leichsteiner for Bellarin in away matches.
    This will make us bit stronger defensively .
    In away matches Full backs no need to bomb forward. we can play bit defensively and if the our 2 strikers are on form , there is always chance of scoring.
    Now if the hype on our strikers proved to be correct then even with defensive formation we can still win matches.
    The idea should be not to loose. And the lets our from line do the job

  14. Break-on-through says:

    Its even tougher now to reach top four with Che having a bit of a resurgence. Watf is a difficult game esp away. It’ll be tough getting it this season the Europa could be best hope if fixtures towards end are kind.

    Regarding defence, no I don’t think we have the personnel to both shut out teams and play attacking football. Monreal is overrated by our fans, Bellerin is not sharp enough nor aggressive enough, the CB’s are nowhere near top quality. The defensive midfield area is looking up for a change. We have very good attacking players, but their all round ability is lacking.

  15. Midkemma says:

    Let’s see how we’re doing at christmas, it is still early days and if we see a sudden upturn in defending then we could become a force, we could aim for higher than 4th.

    Remind ourselves that it is still early and if the players are training had (which it looks like) then they can learn, they are learning in the heat of the battle at the moment so let’s not judge the season solely on these early games.

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