If Arsenal swapped Walcott for Sterling…..

…..who would get the better deal?

With reports circulating that Arsenal are weighing up a move that would see Raheem Sterling move to the Emirates this summer, with Theo Walcott going in the opposite direction as part of the deal, www.oulala.com took a look at the pair since the beginning of last season to see which team would benefit the most from such a move.

The first glaring observation is Walcott’s lack of games during the last two seasons with Sterling making almost three times as many appearances due to the Arsenal player’s continued injury problems.

As the appearance figures of the duo are unbalanced, the focus towards their statistical performances was made via a per game basis.

From a creativity point of view it is Raheem Sterling that excels in every department. The 20-year-old leads Walcott for successful passes (24.11 to 11.4), key passes (1.68 to 0.86) and chances created per game (1.88 to 1.01). Sterling also takes assists with 0.20 per game to Walcott’s 0.16.

Shifting the attention to goal scoring, Theo Walcott takes over. The 26-year-old leads Sterling for shot accuracy (65% to 61.5%) and goals scored per game (0.32 to 0.24).

The Arsenal man also impresses for pass completion with 82% to Sterling’s slightly lower 81%. Whereas the Liverpool winger unsurprisingly takes the plaudits for both successful dribbles (58.9% to 30%) and fouls provoked per game (2.23 to 0.33).

Such a deal could well benefit all involved. Theo Walcott’s Arsenal career has never really taken off as expected since his move from Southampton and a fresh challenge could be exactly what he needs. Arsenal would gain from Sterling’s age while Liverpool would not only profit heavily in an expected player plus cash deal due to Sterling’s current high valuation, they’d also be getting a ready made replacement in the form of Walcott.

With Arsenal hosting Liverpool this weekend it is likely that Arsene Wenger and Brendan Rodgers will be keeping a close eye on the pair should such a deal gather pace over the summer.

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  1. What is with you all people already parting ways with Walcott? Theo is a gunner since he was 17 years old. He had an awful injury last year where he lost a lot for what he have fought for. Add to that the emotion when his son had the heart surgery and tell me if you lot are not the most ingrate bunch of so called supporters for the greatest club in the world.
    What is wrong with you? When did we ever turn our back to our players? Not even Bendtner or RvP was sold and dealt with more than one year before the contract runs out.
    I am happy people at Emirates have patience and still support Walcott because he had a really tough year. And it will be in your face if Theo will turn the corner for a rival team.

    1. Calm down with the ‘turn your back on players’ nonsense. Theo held Arsenal to ransom just last year, now again signs point to tough negotiations. Injuries are part of football, but if you can trade a 26 year old who recently recovered from ACL surgery for arguably a better player aged 20 what part of that is hard to understand exactly?

      Theo grew up supporting Liverpool, Jenkinson is a bigger gooner than anyone in the dressing room but he should be sold. Why? because we have two better players in his position. If we need to sell Theo to get Sterling then that’s what needs to be done.

      1. Theo have been in arsernal for so long to not improve more than this.
        Time to say good bye to him

      2. Theo has no reason to push his demand this time. Just sign the damn contract and he’ll be just fine. Other wise, a swoop deal between him and Sterling could be possible. However, it’s hard to see L’pool will let him go less then 50M pounds, LOL! (What a greed Kop they are). Plus I heard Sterling declined to renew his contract with unbelievable 180K per week (WTF?!). It means, he learn pretty damn good from John Henry transfer policy or he wants to leave them whatsoever. 200 K a week at Arsenal?(Come again?!) I don’t think Arsene will pay him more than 100K.

        1. Liv fans are saying that in all likelihood he wasnt offered 180. Even if Sterling is on his way out liv arent going to sell him this summer as he has two more years. Also i think Wenger would take Sterling and keep Theo with poldi on way out. I dont know what that would do for Ox though unless he gets deployed centrally.

      3. Calm down? I am not even started yet. You were among people beating Wenger for the fact that he have cashed in BIG on a 28 yrs old RvP or on Nasri and Clichy lot to Citeh.
        Why would you have Sterling for Walcott? What does he offer more? They don’t even play in the same position.
        So what he grew up supporting Liverpool? What a silly argument is this? Gareth Bale and Harry Kane grew up supporting Arsenal. Your point being?

        1. I’ve never had a go at Wenger for selling players to rivals so that’s just a flat lie. Sterling and Walcott don’t play in the same position? They’re both wingers.

          And the talk of who supports what club was a retort to your idea we should stick with Theo based on the fact he’s “been a gunner since he was 17”. Point was Jenks has been one since birth but when you can cash-in and upgrade…you do.

      4. Has Wenger or Walcott told u he has asked for more money. And if he did who on earth does not need some more money. This is business for him and negotiations are allowed.

        1. Oh so Theo ‘needs’ more than 90k a week does he? You’d be a terrific CEO I see.

          Neither have told me directly, but do you not follow Arsenal? Wenger has said in several press interviews that Theo is very hard to negotiate with. Now why do you think that is? I’m gonna go with because he asks for more than Arsenal are willing to pay.

      5. And who the F*** is going to pay his 180k salary!!
        who does this kid think he is really!!!!
        19 years old, already has 3 kids, and wants 180k per week!!! He is the archetype of a player who would hold his club ransom for personal benefits.
        We should be happy with walcott and focus on our defensive issues 1st.
        The fans should be patient with walcott, he was out for a year! it will take some time for theo to get his form back

      1. Weird.

        Sterling gets way too much hype. Walcott since arriving at arsenal hasn’t been hyped enough.

        Who is better? I don’t know to be honest. Watched both and at times they have been great and horriblely bad. Very similar in that way.

        Walcott is way better in the last third and sterling more creative from midfield. Poor in the last third.

        Both haven’t justified their 100 k wages. Sterling refused that amount.

        Keep Walcott. Sterling will add nothing new to the team. Why lose a player who adds something where we need a little bit more for a player we have abundance. Oxlade, carzola, ozil, Sanchez.

        Sterling won’t give goals. Walcott will if firing. Sterling gives a spark to a team that needs it but is poor in the last third.

        1. For me, you have nailed it from every angle – good post. Never gonna happen for just so many reasons. Daft story – media doing their 2+2 stuff and coming up with an answer of around 136.

    2. Lets be honest here, this is a deal that will never happen and even if it did who is really benefitting? well short term probably Arsenal, Walcott has never really fulfilled his potential as he should have and while he seems like a nice kid he has as Champaign Charlie has already stated held us to ransom once already regarding money. Sterling is hitting his potebtial early but a player that is rejecting a 90 grand a week deal and with the club that gave him his opening into the top tiers WILL in my mind do the same thing again to us later down the line. You talk of loyalty BUD but Walcott is similar to Van persie in his negotiations and we stuck by him for more injury beset years than most clubs would have and look what he did to us.

  2. Sterling will be (probably already is) a better all-round winger, but his end product is not in the same league as Theo currently. Liverpool would benefit from that immediately while Arsenal would hope potential in Sterling is realized. I don’t think the deal is as farfetched as many make out.

    Sterling has a young family and I don’t see him moving abroad. He’s a Londoner and Liverpool would stand to gain a ready-made replacement for him should he come to us over a Man City say. Dybala/Lacazette more likely I think however.

    But to answer the question of who would get the better deal, I think short term Liverpool and longer term Arsenal.

    1. Who would get the better deal? based on current Theo form, I think short term Arsenal and longer term Arsenal.

      1. Theo has no match sharpness, he’s not been given the games. With a full pre-season he’ll be the Theo everyone knows and that’s a goal and assists machine. He’s better right now that Sterling, but potentially that could change very quickly.

        1. I said based on his current form … When it is a compact match with no space Theo can do nothing … his attribute is all about speed that put him in a positions to create and score goals which is fine … However, Sterling has the same speed attribute plus he is an excellent dribbler can break defenses and create chances out of nothing (a mix between Ox and Theo) … Overall, I think Sterling is a better product than Theo ….
          Don’t get me wrong, Theo is a gunner I am fine with him getting new contract “reasonable though” and I’m just comparing two players unbiasedly

  3. I hate transfer rumours and this time they are coming up too early…lets end our season on a high coz the truth is we wont sign even 80% of the playrz we r linked with!

    1. need some fuel during the week days especially when there are international fixtures

  4. Proposal:

    Wenger calls Juve and ask about a possibility of player (Theo) plus cash for Pogba…

    If Juve agrees atleast we don’t get to see our own shining for a rival and I have a strong feeling wont come to the Emirates.

    Win win, Juve need a player like him and every other team in the world want Pogba. (This would mean we would replace Diaby and Flamini, and he can ease the pressure of injury prone Wilshere and Ramsey at B2B and DM if need be.

    To compensate for the loss of Theo we have OX, Welbz, Gnarby, and we can buy Dyabala to replace Poldi and Joel

    Just a suggestion amigo’s.

    1. Pogba in Arsenal shirt … big big step up … won’t happen for sure … come on man all big clubs are lurking

      1. With an aging Tevez, misfiring Llorente and young Morata am sure Juve would welcome Theo with open arms… If we can add cash on top of that swap they might or might not be tempted. If Wenger and the other French lads in the team can talk to the player/club you never know.

        Am certain if Rahim is on the market he will end up at either City or Chelsea and if Theo leaves he will probably end up at these same teams too.

        If Theo would to leave I would rather we sale him outside England or better still use him to get a “better” player.

        Its all “IF’s” for now. If Theo stays that would be great too.

        1. “If Theo would to leave I would rather we sale him outside England or better still use him to get a “better” player” Agreed …
          If Pogba is available for big cash, Arsenal cannot compete with top clubs “even though we might have the cash” and if he is available for (big cash + top player), RM can offer Benzima, PSG have Cavani, City with Dzeko etc..
          I dream for Pogba … just a dream

          1. I dont expect people to agree but i would prefer M Verratti all day every day. Talk about an all rounder, the lad not only does everything but he does it all just so damn well. Wins tackles, intercepts, ball control, passing, needle eye passing, physically strong, technically advanced and reads game… he does it all so well. Would absolutely love this signing.

  5. I won’t comment on Theo situation but I really hope we can manage to land Sterling, he is a real beast and game changer (RW,LW,AMF,SS,CF) … But again why should Sterling joins AFC when there is the like of Barca, RM, BM, City, Chelsea, and Utd all interested !!

    1. Let’s be real, Raheem is basically a chav who’s good at football, he’s not taking his kids out the country at 20 years old.
      Liverpool will NEVER sell to United, and he’s a Londoner. It’s Arsenal, City, or Chelsea if he even leaves and Theo could be the ace up the sleeve for reasons I already stated.

      1. If that’s true, then it’s City, or Chelsea … they can give better wages and grantee cl football and trophies “big ones”

        1. Not that simple, what if Arsenal guarantee him football etc. Arsenal is just as viable as any other destination should he leave.

          1. I think City needs him much more than we do and they can offer far far bigger transfer fee and wage …
            Yes it isn’t that simple, I am just saying

      2. Why wouldn’t he leave the country to go to the likes of RM, Barca, Bayern Munich? These teams blow our top teams by a country mile in terms of playing level. It’s a boyhood dream to play for such teams for any footballer.

        To be honest, I can’t believe anybody actually even considers that this deal may happen. Liverpool won’t sell their best player to us (anybody remember the Suarez saga?) and they will make the lives of any PL team hell that goes in for him.

  6. somebody please rape brenda for me on saturday.please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. No matter what you think of someone, asking them to be raped is beyond disgusting, you filthy low life animal.

  7. Theo Walcott: 72 goals, 62 assists and 9 yellow cards (o red) in 17 670 minutes for Arsenal.
    1 goal every 245.4 minutes, 1 assist every 285 minutes, directly contributed to a goal every 131.9 minutes.
    1 yellow card every 1963.3 minutes.

    Raheem Sterling: 22 goals, 23 assists and 13 yellow cards (0 red) in 8 492 minutes for Liverpool.
    1 goal every 386 minutes, 1 assist every 369.2 minutes , directly contributed to a goal every 188.7 minutes.
    1 yellow card every 653.2 minutes.

    why should we swap?

    1. Stats don’t tell you everything, its clear to see who is the better forward. Walcott is 26, which means he has 5 years on Sterling and 5 more years to develop the aforementioned stats. It also means Sterling has a lot more potential considering how good he is now (compared with Walcott at 21). Despite that, this is all pointless because it will never happen, Liverpool won’t sell Sterling to us.

      1. Agreed. And Sterling will only move to play regularly and i don’t think he is better (at the moment) than our current players but I would greatly welcome him as a “developing” talent.
        The question is: is he who we want to spend our money on?
        I would prefer a DM.

  8. I’d prefer Reus. I know it’s not probable but it’s more possible to get Reus than Sterling. I know he signed a new contract but Dortmund is not doing that great and they may be persuaded. Also, I don’t see Liverpool selling us (one of their rivals) Sterling (one of their best players). If they sell him, it will be overseas, but don’t see him leaving.

    Anyway, this is just speculating. Walcott may sign a contract next week, or after season

    Just two points

    1. IF Walcott is asking for Alexis type salary or close to it (to be fair we have no idea what he wants) then we should get someone else.

    2. This can’t be allowed to drag on all summer. I don’t want to be clawing for scraps on the last day of transfer window. If Walcott wants to leave or Arsenal decides to sell it should be done with plenty of time to find a replacement

    Anyway, again this is just speculating.

    I hope Walcott signs a contract in the next few weeks or early summer.

    1. The bizzare and shocking truth is that in the current market Reus is likely to be substantially cheaper than Sterling. A scary indictment on how hyped English players are valued in the transfer market.

  9. Theo to me is a better player on any day.Remembet the last match he played against totenham before he got injured..To me,that was one of our best matches..Theo played as a central striker..When Theo is fit,he can strike fear on opposition defenders.

  10. Theo to me is a better player than sterling on any day.Remember the last match he played against totenham before he got injured..To me,that was one of our best matches..Theo played as a central striker..When Theo is fit,he can strike fear on opposition defenders.

  11. Am not going to say Walcott is better but I’m gonna say sterling isn’t so great. He is poor in the last third.

    What sterling does for a team is that he can spark an attack or create something.

    Walcott hardly ever does that. He is though a decent out field player. He holds his own.

    Where Walcott is strong is his movement. On the shoulder of the last defender. He is good in the final third. Stats will back that up I.e more assists and goals then sterling.

    Sterling will not improve in that regard. He doesn’t have it.

    So maybe if you watch both in a match sterling will look better but Walcott will produce more end product.

    So what does arsenal need? Well at the moment having giroud and welbeck as the end product against Sanchez, ozil, carzola, Ramsey, oxlade as the creative hub of the side makes it obvious Walcott is needed more then sterling.

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