If Arsenal use this attacking formation we WILL beat Chelsea!

Arsenal’s Best Front Line at the Moment, We said it before… by Nick

Sanchez, Carzola, Ozil, OX

For some time, some of us have called for this frontline above to be tested – and on Wednesday hosting Galatasaray they were in the field. I remember I wrote an article on JustArsenal and I suggested that the injuries currently being faced by the team could be a blessing in disguise, I hope the Galatasaray performance is the vindication we needed.

My one fear – Arsene Wenger. Good thing, he has acknowledged he was happy with the pace and praised the game Sanchez had, with his one criticism being Sanchez lost the ball that brought the penalty eventually. That Sanchez and Ox-Chamberlain were withdrawn is perhaps an indication that against Chelsea they will be starting. If Wenger goes with it will be possible that he will opt for Wilshere. In my view Wenger does not see Carzola in the centre and many a time, he will be played in the wings.

We may end up seeing this line up below, which would be shame in that Cazorla, Ox, Ozil and Sanchez behind Welbeck is a fearful prospect for any opposition and especially Chelsea whose drivers Oscar and Fabregas, together with whatever combination that you fancy – Matic, Hazard, Willian, Mikel, Salah, Schurle and Ramires are much slower though there could be case of being very technically endowed.

Carzola, Wilshere, Ozil, Sanchez

However, I hope Wenger knows that a wise man changes his mind and would have the team that started against Galatasaray in a formation, where his favourite player, Wilshere stays on the bench. Hopefully our midweek incursions will not leave a tired team with Chelsea having a day extra to recover their energy levels.

I believe that Sunday 5th October, as long as our manager does not stand in the way, we will inflict Chelsea’s first defeat of 2014/15 EPL. COYG

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  1. Sometimes the reason I get angry when we lose is not just because we lost, but simply because we played badly, and we play badly when the team selection is faulty.

    Let’s just get the team selection right and play with confidence, you’d most likely win if you play well.

  2. O.T____ I may be wrong but sometimes I fEel there’s a touch of favouritism on Wenger’s team selection. When Giroud comes back, together with Walcot and Sanogo (and every other injured player), I hope Wenger’s team selection would be based on form and tactical compatibility.

  3. It’s not the front five that worry me. Especially the way they tracked back last night. But Ohhhh to have a solid DM to sit in front of the back four. Massive improvement by Flamini last night but I’d still like Wenger to roll the dice and go with Diaby on Sunday.

  4. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    even if dont get a date this weekend please beat chelsea come on arsenal oh oh come on come on come on come on come come come on on on 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. dont really take those turks into account i want the premiere league i want the premiere league premiere league premiere league premiere league 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
      premiere premiere premiere premiere
      league league league league league
      🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. Well said young Haywill.
        EPL or bust no more 4th place 🙂
        I think 1-2 changes is just fine
        because it creates an edge keeps opponents guessing
        rotates and challenges the squad members, competition
        fresh legs keeps everyone in the mix. As it is if
        Cazorla is rotated he can be on the bench.

          1. Muff, baby, Haywill is growing so fast. I just want him to be happy.

            Haywill, I solemnly promise, you shall use the EPL trophy to take tea every morning.

  5. If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles. Moro knows his team and he knows us at sleep, so wake up Wenger and counter him, and dont do the same thing over and over again, hoping to end up with a diff result.

  6. The diff btw d two team is Matic! Strong, tall, n energetic DM. If we play well we can win but I fear chelsea team n Morinho syndrome.

  7. Sounds good to me but one thing I will guarantee is that Costa will score if defensively we aren’t up to par. 8 goals so far this season

  8. i think the only way the cazorla/ozil combo works is if flamini sits behind them. every time arteta plays dm, he goes too high and clogs the center of the field and takes away space for the other arsenal cm’s. with flamini being more disciplined in the sense of holding off on the attack, cazorla and ozil have room to work with. this also gives the ozil/cazorla the chance to commit to the attack knowing if they get caught on the counter attack, flamini will sweep up for them. wilshire or arteta or whoever plays the deeper role moves up the field too much leaving our back 4 exposed.

    1. of course, if diaby is fit then i would rather have him in the dm role instead of flam and anyone else in the squad for that matter

  9. Providing all the players are fit and feel energised, most good managers would repay the players after a good performance by starting them exactly the same.
    I fear Wenger will bring in Wilshire or Arteta.
    Only changes should be Diaby if Wenger thinks he’s ready, however a repeat of Flamini’s performance would be great.
    I think Wenger will go two in front of the back 4 and then 3-1 up front.
    Quite like this physical but speedy approach:
    Back four
    Diaby Flamini
    Ox Ozil Sanchez

    1. Yep, i would prefer Ospina too between the poles as Schechny is a bit cocky at times. The saves that he made after replacing Schechny apart from the penalty was awesome!

  10. No Wilshire hate at all just would like Wenger to leave the team selection and formation alone.
    We should remember the performance Jack put in against Man City, he really took on Toure and we will need a combative scrapper in midfield on Sunday.

  11. Going to be a tough tough game, but after the performance in the week we should not be complacent but at the same time have some real belief.
    We need to walk out proud onto the pitch and keep things tight and concentrated for 90 mins’. PMA and all players on their ‘A’ game.

    1. we didnt have sanchez & instead of welbeck, we had giroud (we’ll get 1 chance: can we take it?)
      ozil is playing well.
      cazorla was huge against gala and he’s really upped his defense and energy.
      i’d like the same fast 4231 we had vs gala.
      this team can get a tie:
      chambers mert koz gibbs
      diaby caz
      ox ozil sanchez

  12. It’s unfortunate that AW with his experience still doesn’t get it right in terms of team selection.The team is unnecessarily dropping vital points mainly because of the mistakes of the coach. formation is not working especially without a proper DM. If AW wants to play his favourite son at all cost then he must bring him as a sub in the 2nd half, coz by then the gunners who have demolished the opposition as they did to Aston Villa and Galasatry.4:2:3:1 formation with Ozil one of the best no 10s in the world is the best thing ever happened to Arsenal especially with Sanchez and Ox on the wings and Danny as no 9. Please AW be objective. Let the voice of reason prevail one more time so we can demolish Chelsea this weekend

  13. It’s amazing how much better we look with real wingers on both wings!

    Special mention for Santi who played a slightly deeper role yesterday, almost in a box-to-box mould – this was interesting to see. Although only 1 game against poor Turkish opposition, he looked better here than out on the left. Perhaps he could play off the defensive midfielder (when we buy a proper one) like Modric does for Madrid.

    Especially against lesser opposition, his quick thinking, dribbling skills and range of passing allow us to counter at pace. He is one of the few Arsenal players who can play incisive short 1-2 passes or ping a ball 50 yards landing it right on the money.

    This combined with a front 3 of… Alexis – Welbz – Chambo …running between the lines, is what tore Galatasary apart.

    This same pace and direct play will ruin Chelski – COYG!!

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