If Arsenal won’t pay for Aubameyang, then let’s go for this Liverpool striker

Lets assume for a moment that our interest in Aubameyang is not a publicity stunt (you ever wonder why we are the only club who seem to take two weeks to negotiate?). If we sign the Gabon striker (my previous article tells you why I don’t think we will) Arsenal will only be spending money we have made through outgoings.

With the Sanchez saga dominating headlines it’s easy to forget that in the background we have made our squad weaker with the selling of Szczesny, Gills, Ox, Coquelin, Gabriel, Walcott and other fringe players. A portion of that income covered Lacazette but do the maths and we are still one of the few clubs in England who have managed to get a slice of a billion pound TV deal yet make a profit. So there is no excuse for us not to make any signing before the end of this month.

The Mkhitaryan transfer is the type our board pride themselves on. They have acquired an asset in the region 0f 30 million (a price they would refuse to pay if he were on the transfer list) for the sake of an individual who was no value to them in 3 months. In the meantime they have slashed the wage bill.

Even in the case of offering Jack Wilshire a new contract, they want to save money. So as our money men are in Germany purposely about to miss our on a world class player because they can’t stump up an extra 10m million, they continue to contradict all the reports and and surveys we hear about just how rich Arsenal are, how much revenue they make, and worse how much cash they take off the fans.

In other words in today’s era there is no reason for us to be so stingy. If they truly were interested in Aubameyang, Evans, etc they have the resources to do the deals as quick as you see Chelsea and Man City complete theirs. This is why I continue to doubt the sincerity in our current business deals (I hope I am wrong).

But when we get to February the 1st and the explanation for no signings are ‘we were only after top players and couldn’t find value in the market’ that’s not true. If Arsenal wanted Aubameyang, they pay the asking price, simple, anything else is to throw us off the scent. Instead of chasing stars with offers you know their clubs will say no, why don’t you be honest and find value?

Lets just accept for a moment that Arsenal’s real priority is to keep money in the bank so the criteria is to strengthen a failing squad without paying over the odds. Surely a Daniel Sturridge would meet that criteria. Liverpool are willing to allow him to go on loan and while they wouldn’t want to help a top 4 rival in that regard would surely accept 20-30 million for a player not part of their plans? Most of my fellow gooners will right away point to his injury record but for that price surely it’s worth the gamble. when fit he’s a better finisher then what we have.

Klopp is also not the type of manager not to sell just because we are a threat to them in terms of the Champion’s League. He has the class and respect where he doesn’t play those type of games. He would trust his instincts and beliefs and those tell him that Sturridge does not fit into his philosophy.

We as fans need to stop being arrogant. We need to accept where we are, 6th in the league with a gap growing between us and the rest. The days of us attracting top players is over, we now need to think outside the box and take a punt on a few players.

I hope I’m wrong about Aubameyang but if we fail I won’t accept hearing that there is no plan B available (Aubam

      eyang by the way is 5-1 to stay at Dortmund, just saying)….

      Dan Smith


    1. bloodgooner says:

      This post just shows a lack of ambition…reason arsenal cant win trophies. going after rivals’ reject. its just laughable.

      1. Fabu says:

        Lack of ambition from stan yeah not from wenger

        1. Bur says:

          Its weegor who says yes or no when buying players. So it’s him and only who is to blame.

          1. Gere says:

            Who pays, why should We get be blamed? He has said he wants to sign Aubameyang, it is left for the board pay and get him. Wenger is not the one in Germany negotiating- Mislitant and Co.

          2. Fabu says:

            Yes wenger ask for players …who to buy…but it’s not wenger who pays the money or make a deal for players …how can you guy cant think like that……..who pays the workers …a verry simple question its the same thing in football too

    2. Will says:

      Nope – Sturridge is not the answer. always injured and can’t be relied on – especially with our record of nursing players back to health!

      There is no excuse for not getting Auba at the minute IMO. With the player willing to sign and his club willing to sell we should not be satisfied with any sort of second class option and a bunch of excuses why we have not got Auba over the line.

      1. Lee says:

        The reason Arsenal won’t get Aubameyang is the same reason that Liverpool won’t get Lemar, both clubs look for bargains. Aubameyang has a buy out clause of £54m, so far Arsenal have offered £48 and £50.9, neither meet the buy out Clause. I’m so surprised that Arsenal are making the same mistakes Liverpool do. Although I’m a Liverpool Fan we have always been the same way, but Arsene Wenger has the perfect opportunity to get a top rated goal scorer for £54m and instead of just meeting the valuation he is trying to get for less. Mr Wenger and Arsenal it’s easy, put the £54m on the table they want and go get your player. He will score 30 plus goals per season, and if that’s not worth £54m then I don’t know what is. As an LFC fan I hope you don’t get him, but it’s easy listen to your fans and get the player so you can then challenge for the top 4 or don’t and stay in 6th

    3. Maks says:

      Sorry but.. two stupid articles in one day?
      We don’t need Sturridge like we don’t need Samlling. I am sick of average English players who has been pumped up by media (in Arsenal already)…
      but Jack is great, and Niles and Nelson look very promising.

    4. Sleepinggiant says:

      Aubameyang to sturridge. 2nd north-west reserve in a week. For recently judged 2nd most financially powerful and 5th most lucrative club on earth.

      Should barcelona have turned to sanogo if coutinho fell through. Should psg have had been looking at ayoze perez if neymar stayed put?
      No harm to you, but is it any wonder a powerhouse like arsenal can finish behind much less wealthy clubs like livepool and chelsea whe a well meaning fan like your good self is reduced to asking such a question. Christ our next manager has some job restoring the confidence and reputation of our club and fanbase

    5. truthgun says:

      I don’t understand why so many fans think arsenal can afford the brute force approach like City , United , Chelsea. Arsenal have money but not in the way most fans think.

    6. Sean Williams says:

      Suarez, Higuain, Lemar and now Aubamayang etc. etc. All pretend by Wenger. Wenger absurdly undervalues the market and as a result Arsenal are below where they should be. Wenger’s Freudian tight **** has run this club for years, and the club have been ‘also rans’ at the top level. Disgraceful! Why buy another crock in Sturridge? Why accept being a second rate club. Wenger must leave, that’a the only solution.

    7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      The guy is wack.

      Klopp would rather not play a striker than play him on occasions

    8. Erickson says:

      Wenger plz plz,,,, sign aubameyang☝☝☝☝?

      1. Fabu says:

        It’s not wenger who makes the deals for god sake how many time i have to tell ……right now ivan gazidis and 2 more i don t know ther names are in germany to make the deal

        1. Dennis Moriarty says:

          Wenger has the final say! Just accept it’s down to that pathetic old man and move on.

          1. Gere says:

            You’re just a hater, winger is not the one to get deals over the line. Let the old man be, and show some respect.

          2. MW supporter says:

            You’re absolutely totally wrong he does not have the final say, he recommends then the people that are paid to negotiate deal with it. If you know nothing don’t speak as it’s rubbish that winds people up.

          3. Fabu says:

            Stanley kroenke has the final say ….dont be a child he pays the players !!! WENGER only tell who wants to buy …trust me i know !!

        2. John0711 says:

          Delusional just like wenger another AKB
          Welcome to the site until we lose

    9. GoonAR says:

      No to Sturridge. IMO Auba will be signing before the window ends unless he all of a sudden doesn’t want to leave.

    10. Erickson says:

      If wenger will not sign aubameyang he should leave Arsenal,,, bcos he only prefer selling of players bt he can’t afford fantastic players☝?

    11. Mr Mark Hussey says:

      You just need to pay market prices for player’s then you will get them.

    12. Ejakait says:

      I doubt Auba signing for Arsenal.I don’t trust the Manager in the name of Wanger so stubborn.

    13. Phil says:

      I’m convinced the Auba deal is stalling over Giroud going there.If this is the case just pay them the money and leave Giroud scrambling around for game time.Thats his World Cup over and just get rid of him in the summer to a club that his ability deserves eg.Hartlepool Carlisle etc and see how his wife likes the shopping up there.

      1. Kroenke Out says:

        Dortmund wont accept a deal without a replacement, that’s why Giroud is key to the deal. Just like Mhki was for the Sanchez deal. There is only one way this deal will work, that is if e accept our weak negotiating position and pay up, probably including some of Giroud’s salary. This almost never happens by the way, so don’t hold your breath.

    14. X says:

      I’m quite indifferent about the Aubameyang’s deal tho… He is a world class poacher, a poacher needs lots of supply and quite a porous defence (as it is in most German teams) to flourish. Most teams park the bus against us, so finding those spaces will be difficult, plus support from fullbacks isn’t potent enough – particularly Bellerin.
      Dortmund is a quick and direct team, meanwhile we like to keep possession and sometimes our 9 is isolated and has to drop deep. Auba gets lots of supplies and most of his goals are close range/tap ins.
      I feel he’ll struggle if he comes but then I hope I’m wrong.

      1. stubill says:

        Not only that, but why aren’t there more of the top European teams after him?
        We know his stats are good, is it his poor discipline and attitude, or is there something else they know that Arsenal don’t.

    15. Ray says:

      Arsenal won’t sign Auba! They will never meet his valuation and the deal will fall through which, is ideal for Arsenal. Because they only want to “look” serious. Not actually “spend” serious!!

      Let’s face, we’ve been here so many times before. Only other teams don’t penny pinch like Arsenal do.

    16. dami says:

      How can sturidge be an option. Why did we sell walcot wen we know we nt getting a great player. Why

    17. Me says:

      Going after Sturridge?
      Worried that the physio’s are not busy enough then?

    18. COYG_CA says:

      It’s really quiet today re Auba – that is either GOOD news or BAD news . . .

      Now that it appears others, including the new ex-BVB scout are/were in Dortmund, it’s up to these guys to save face, not the typical Wenger we love to throw stones at! This will be a very interesting sign as to how the club intends to move forward, imo.

    19. Sue says:

      Sturridge needs the wheelchair more than Wilshere! No thanks!!

    20. Salmonella says:

      Why am I not being able to post my comments???

      1. Salmonella says:

        Ya I was saying that Wenger is not responsible for dilly dallying in the Auba deal.

    21. jon fox says:

      Sturridge is clearly talented but hardly ever fit. No point is buying another invalid in the Diaby mould therefore. Common sense dictates that to the realists among us, but not you it seems, Dan Smith. A plain silly suggestion!

    22. Durand says:

      No more cast offs from rivals. 20-30 million I’d go for Leon Bailey son, forget Sturridge.
      No no no also for Evans. Kos and Mustafi and hopefully new Greek boy gets a chance soon.

      In all honesty its not like he can play worse than what we have seen from our current CB’s.
      1. Mert got retired by 18 yr old Brereton from Nottingham forrest
      2. Mustafi brashness in tackles still Xhaka-esque
      3. Kos Achilles, and not quality he was
      4. Holding looking worse needs a loan
      5. Chambers needs game time; either show promise and produce, or flame out and be sold on in summer.
      6. Mavro looks good in U23’s, why not give him a try?

    23. John0711 says:

      IM sure sky have just said PSG want 23m for mora ? go get Home NOW

      1. John0711 says:

        Him not home

    24. John0711 says:

      Dortmund want 55m
      Arsenal have upped their offer for 44m

      1. charles dania says:

        55m without Giroud?

      2. tencanskelly says:

        We av just offered 50 million + but it’s been rejected come on just 1 more push and we will av him don’t believe me check out sky sports news

    25. jay says:

      this club is not serious that is the truth

    26. James ocran says:

      arsenal should be serious and buy Auba, Malcom and mahrez cos we want our team back on track. wenger act fast. arsenal fans should give Henry a break .Arsenal for life. keep the faith

    27. DAN says:

      To clarify I don’t want this to happen but it’s the type of value buy we would do, like wellbeck ?
      I ask again , why one day we hear man city linked with player,next day there buying him ?

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