If Arsenal’s Ben White would improve Liverpool, why not England?

Robbie Savage believes that Ben White is currently a superior right back over Trent Alexander Arnold.

The former Wales and Leicester star suggests that the Arsenal defender would bench Trent and be Liverpool’s first choice right back if he were on their Liverpool team.

The idea that White is superior to a natural fullback like Trent by nature is astounding. Although Ben Rice is the perfect value for money signing, in my opinion, White is also a fantastic value for money signing given his versatility and fine performance game after game.

“Would Ben White make Liverpool stronger in that position? I think he has played the majority at right back for Arsenal. Ben White would be first-choice,” Savage stated on the BBC.

Savage slso added that he might fetch far more money than the £50 million he paid to join Arsenal.

“How much would he cost? They paid £50 million for him, and he is playing in a team that challenged Manchester City last season and only lost one game in the league this season. How much would he cost?”

It’s interesting that Gareth Southgate, who hasn’t included him in the England Three Lions group since the World Cup, doesn’t think highly of him, and has selected Arnold instead of White in his latest England squad.

I hope that changes between now and the summer, when Germany will host the Euros. Ben White might help the England Three Lions in their quest to win the European Championship.

Darren N

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  1. As if what Savage thinks is of any importance. The guy has trouble stringing two sentences together.

  2. White is obviously a better defender, but Alexander-Arnold is a better playmaker

    I guess Southgate plans to use Alexander-Arnold’s attacking abilities and will rarely use a three-CB formation

  3. As for not being in England team I thought this was fairly common knowledge he had a disagreement with one of the coaches which resulted in him going home. That obviously really hacked him off, Southgate then asked him to come back and Ben declined, sticking to his Guns, I commend him for that.

  4. Ben White is better defending right back than TT-A, just as he is a better defender than Zinchenko. It’s all about the team you are playing, the tactics and if you expect to dominate the game.

  5. Best right back in the league but had a (not yet fully explained) falling out with the England coaching staff and hasn’t been picked since. Not sure I really care as it helps Arsenal and sorry but I’m not that interested in the national team or the “Ingerlund” supporters.

    1. White clearly is NOT the best RB in the Prem.
      Walker is!
      I would love no more internationals to ever be played .

      They bore me and dont help Arsenal one bit!

      1. Both Walker and James are ahead of Ben. However, I don’t think Ben would let England down if ever given the opportunity.

  6. England have plenty of decent right backs. He would have more chance if he played at centre back for Arsenal.

  7. OT: WOW! Poch’s Chelsea literally got the intention to hunt down top dogs. city the latest victim but managed to survive like ourselves and pool by earning a draw, unlike our spursy neighbours.

  8. The pundit is right, Ben white is a better defender, surely he would make Liverpool better defensively.

    As it relates to Ben white leaving the national team and being ask to return, somewhere in the middle lays the truth, one thing for sure Southgate was not the problem.

  9. I don’t get all these hypes on Ben White as so good at right wing back. If you take a closer look on his game, you would find out that he is always naive and play with too much respect when faced with a strong opponent. His consistent mistakes since last season prompted Arteta to purchase Timber. But for the injury Timber sustained, he would have been on bench deputizing Saliba. His ball sense is not yet up there. His game lacks dynamism. His pull outs are always predictable. White is just an average player. Perhaps, he may do well at the center back and not right wing back. I bet you if he is not English, the media and the fans would have called for his head.

  10. Ben White is ok but England has a serious problem in this position if it can’t come up with better options than him. As for internationals, I’d have to agree with those who consider them a bit of a bore and a major distraction to the real bread and butter football.

  11. Robbie Savage? Didn’t he use to run around the field like a headless chicken trying to tackle everything that moved? And now he is a pundit to be taken seriously. Heavens above!!!

  12. Trent, James, Trippier and Walker are better RBs. But Ben White is the best English RCB. No one comes close. Not even Stones. That’s why Southgate is under scrutiny. He put Maguire ahead of White.

  13. Always felt we overpaid for White at 50M. That’s CB money but too much for a RB. Well at least he’s a good and consistent defender at RB, just not as good at CB. Couldn’t care less whether he’s in the England team or not

  14. White is a good RB, but not great. He still has too many moments where he doesn’t “finish the play” or “play to the whistle.”

    He failed to close down in the Newcastle match, thinking the ball was out and the play was over. Had a similar moment against the Spuds.

  15. Was he ever a wing back or fullback as they used to be called? I guess the game has changed and today managers prefer the big hefty lads to the smaller fleet footed players. I have always viewed White as a stop gap. It’s not his fault if he isn’t Rice, Nelson, Samson, Dixon, Winterburn, Cole, Clichy, Sagna, Monreal or even Bellerive, let alone the likes of Cabrini, Carlos,Alvez, Maldini etc.

  16. Benny Blanco is just the correct right back for this Arsenal team.

    He plays well supporting Saka, and seems to play well with Saliba.

    We do not currently need a quick full back who can hit great crosses into the box. With a set of Forwards like Jesus, Saka, Nellie, Trossard and Eddie, we are not gifted with a lot of height up front.

    Sadly, even when the Tall Havertz gets in the box, he closes his eyes before making contact, and rarely gets a header on target.

    So, at the moment, Benny Blanco works for me.

    Remember when Taveres played left back. All he did at the end of his many forays was run up a cul-de-sac or take Nellies space.

    Be happy with our defence!!!!

    Our real need is for, most importantly, a SOLID young DM, not a fancy footballing DM.

    If you look at the Chelsea games, against Us, Spurs and City, they over ran the opposing midfield in each game.
    They were aggressive and hard tackling.

    Currently we cannot meet them toe to toe.

    So, Edu, go for Phillips on loan for the rest of the season. He would free up Rice for more attacking runs, like Partey did for Xhaka!!

    If we could get that loan deal, we might just be able to afford that Center Forward too!!

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