If Arsenal’s First XI was picked purely on current form?


If Arsene Wenger was to fit most of the form based Arsenal players into the team, he would have to completely abandon his preferred pattern and adopt a pattern so unlike Arsenal or even the EPL side’s.
The pattern would be 3.4.3 and the First XI would be as follows: –


I do not buy the idea where people are saying they are more comfortable with Sanchez in the wings. Sanchez is from all indications headed for a 25 goal haul in this role and could be our new 30 goals a season player. He is certainly getting the goods delivered.

Iwobi and Walcott on either sides of Sanchez are unplayable at certain instances. So I won’t mind Perez for Walcott but I fancy that Perez would be a better replacement for Sanchez and since Sanchez is prone to pick odd knocks with hard fighting EPL defenders and Perez can perform a similar role right now. I feel Walcott won’t be able to perform in the Central Forward role as Sanchez and Perez can, so he better specialize in the wings for now. Walcott and Iwobi play as wing forwards.

Ozil, is just Ozil. He is yet to kick off his assists haul but 104 passes in a game must have been very important second and third passes towards great things in the wins we have had. So he keeps his place in the in the hole behind the three forwards.

Our three best performing central midfielders together in the centre! I will title these position as follows – Centre-Right midfield, Centre-left Midfield and Centre-centre Midfield. Cazorla has performed before in the Left Wing as well as the in the centre midfield role…he will be aptly prepared for the role. Xhaka takes the centre of the three and Coquelin will pick lessons from his right back schooling to mixup with his new Centre-right Midfield role. The three-man anchor will solidify the defense and be thrifty as well as a spring board to restart attacks on the opposition at will. And yes, the three can shoot – with Xhaka leading in this ability – but Coquelin was the player who forced the penalty against Hull so they also have goals in there.

The most controversial of this set up is the three-man defense. I will create new roles again with Left-centre Back, Right-centre Back and Central-centre Back. Monreal has some schooling in the Centre-back role and his Full-back Right is second to none so he should be best for the Left-centre back role. Koscielny takes the Central-centre back role and Mustafi had some lessons in Right-back roles so he takes the Right-centre back role. They have the three-man anchor coverage ahead of them.

The substitutes bench power makes this team the super team that can conquer all. Perez can come in in the Centre Forward and Wings. Akpom too would be able to play these roles as recently he played a good wing role against Nottingham Forest. Oxlade Chamberlain can cover all the wings. Bellerin provides cover for Mustafi and can challenge Coquelin in the Centre-right-midfield role, as Gabriel covers all the back three roles. Holding covers for Koscielny.

Will Wenger need to change systems to ensure his best players are in the first XI?



  1. karansagar says:

    Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny – Monreal
    Xhaka – Cazorla
    Sanchez – Ozil – Iwobi

  2. Koktafo says:

    Iwobi. Ozil. Sanchez

  3. Tidan2 says:


    1. Billy says:

      I fear people are picking Perez as their first choice Cf out of hope that he is more effective that Giroud… realistically there is no reason to believe that at the monent.. I mean give Perez a chance but Giroud is still our bet CF at the moment..

      1. Tidan2 says:

        He isn’t my first choice CF yet, but Giroud is injured/coming back from injury and hasn’t played any PL matches yet (the article specifically mentions players on form).

        He is also quite effective off the bench anyway.

  4. Uzi Ozil says:

    In as much as we want Perez to start but I won’t be surprised if Wenger starts with Sanchez as our main striker.. Iwobi and Walcott on the flank. Santi, Ozil and Coquelin in the middle and then defenders and Cech. Same players against Hull.

    Then again, Wenger have been so unpredictable with his line up this season so I won’t be surprised if he starts Xhaka or Perez.

    Whoever starts, let’s try and win. That will be massive for the race. Worst case scenario, share the point with Chelsea..

  5. kaybiks says:

    For me, ozil will not make the line. He’s not been in his best. Xaka and coq then cazola plays behind the striker. Iwobi on the left and Theo on the right while Sanchez strikes.

  6. Carlos says:

    Team for this weekend
    Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal
    Coquelin Xhaka
    Ozil Cazorla Sanchez

    He’ll want to use both Coq and Xhaka in midfield or maybe Elneny. And Ozil Cazorla Sanchez all have to play.

  7. Skandalouz says:

    Ozil will always start, but in a form-wise first XI he shouldn’t. Funny how nobody mentions Cech because he hasn’t been THAT good and Ospina’s been world class in his single game we’ve seen him in, but does that really count as form? I’d pick the following XI:

    Cech Bellerin Mustafi Koscielny Monreal ; Coquelin Xhaka ; Walcott Iwobi Sanchez ; Perez

    1. Skandalouz says:

      for the Chelsea game it should be the same side but with Ozil coming in for Perez.

  8. atid says:

    How are any of these teams based on current form?
    Cech? mustafi? Coquelin? Walcott? Perez? Ozil?

    On current form there are other players playing better than them. Sure they would not be your first choice if for anything else, but the article is stating on current form.

    Holding has looked much better than mustafi. In his one appearance ospina was better than cech has been all season. At the moment Xhaka would be better than coquelin. Alexis and iwobi would be keeping out ozil and walcott

    On current form this is the best x1
    Ospina, bellerin, holding, koscielny, Monreal, Xhaka, Elneny, Cazorla, Iwobi, Alexis, perez

  9. Soweto_Gooner says:

    On current form?


  10. Tatek says:

    Wenger is a coward and arrogant. he will never try to play 3 @ the back; since we have Coq and Xhaka very good DM’s,
    that would have given Cazorla and Ozil to be free and making killer pass’s .
    but with Wenger it will Never happen.

  11. gotanidea says:

    I think Arsenal will dominate most of the games in this season, if they play with 3-4-3 or 5-3-2, because they have many good defenders and midfielders. My team:


  12. Break-on-through says:

    Only reason why you went with that formation is because Ozil is a favorite. If you’re going by current form Ozil would miss out. So Bellerin would come in and you’d go four three three….


    Although, before our last two games, Holding you’d say is unlucky to miss out. Monreal has not been himself, but there’s nothing to suggest him being dropped. I think your onto something here, a plan b or c, this looks like a strong team to me, but many wont see the logic in dropping Ozil.

  13. Abu says:

    In as much as I want some changes in our line up and some good singings like xhaka plays, I think it is suicidal to experiment in the match against chelshit. AW always plays 4 at the back, I dnt see him making a change in hs formation nor his style of play. U mst be thinking Jurgen klopp or LVG when u said 3 at the back.

  14. Wilshegz says:

    based on form it’s Ospina; Koscielny,Holding, Xhaka,Cazorla,Iwobi,Walcott,Alexis,Lucas. none of our full-backs is in form

  15. Wilshegz says:

    but we should start our best possible XI against Chelsea

    Cech; Bellerin,Mustafi,Koscielny,Monreal; Xhaka,Cazorla,Ozil ; Walcott,Lucas,Alexis

    4-3-3 like Liverpool did

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