If Arsenal’s transfer budget rumours are true, we are in big trouble

It was bad enough that Arsenal fans were forced to believe that there were no funds available in the winter transfer window for Emery to buy any players at all, despite our massive injury problems, but now we are hearing that we will only have £45m in the summer window as well, despite being in profit last summer.

The Mail reported last night……..

Arsenal manager Unai Emery will have a transfer budget of only £45million to spend this summer.

Having been told he could just make loan signings during the January transfer window, Sportsmail understands the Gunners boss will again be forced to work within stringent financial boundaries in the summer.

Emery has been informed he will have cash to spend ahead of next season — and Sunday’s 3-1 loss at Manchester City underlined the gulf between Arsenal and the elite.

Emery is keen to sign at least three players including a new left back this summer, but in today’s market, a £45m kitty will create obvious difficulties trying to improve the squad.

Obvious difficulties! I would say so! Ramsey, Welbeck and Cech are definitely out of contract. Monreal is getting on and I think his contract is up this summer as well, and Lichtsteiner only has a one-year contract anyway.

WE will have to sell some players to add more funds so maybe that is why he wants to get rid of Ozil, because right now if we keep Suarez that is half the budget gone already!

It looks like Kroenke is definitely making it clear that he has no interest in investing any money to make Arsenal great again, and we are going for bargain basement buys from now on, or promoting our youth players. Oh well, it looks like we are in for a tough few years….



  1. Dannygunner says:

    We’re in big trouble I do hope our coach is top notch at bringing youth through because I think it’s gonna have to be the road we go down.
    45 million is less then last summer on top of it we’ve lost our diamond eye for those bargins.
    The chairman needs to go it won’t change even though we couldn’t honestly complete beyond the group stages in the CL goes to show how important our top four trophy was .

    1. enagic says:

      45 million would be enough for Emery plus getting the lid of seven/eight players plus Ozil and Miki, while at Seville Emery was the most conservative with money he spent almost nothing and bring in a group of new players for less than 10 million. I am pretty sure he will do miracle with small budget and have a say who is coming in instead of Sven just lets give him time this coming summer – spending too much money doesn’t guarantee you anything Chelsea with their goalkeeper and Morata or Manu with Lukaku and Fred I am not a coach but there is no way under any circumstance I will throw money to those average players and a new kid from Dortmund – its just crazy man!! I really admire Emery for what he did at Seville for less than 10 years compared to Wenger’s 22

      1. Agin says:

        Agree.. also spending too much money will not guarantee to get a trophy. We have to find the right players in the right position and get all the best of them, and with the right strategy of course.. But, I often see that money talks – Great player will not be sold cheap, all clubs and managers know that very well.. This is why good manager or good scouting team have job to to find good talented player..
        I also think that all failure does not come only from Manager, because sometime the player does not perform well like prediction before.

  2. Phil says:

    The day Kronke was allowed to buy a controlling interest in Arsenal Football Club will be known as the start of our decline.
    If that WEASAL believes he will be allowed to get away with this he is mistaken.Until the summer arrives and we can begin the rebuild of the squad we won’t know exactly what funds are to be made available for Emery to work with.So we will just have to wait and see.BUT.Kronke will be held accountable and he WILL get to see just how powerful the fanbase will react.

    1. Cautious Gooner says:

      They’ll react so badly that they’ll leave the stadium at the 85th minute and not attend the FA cup and Carabao Cup games in many numbers. Oh, wait. The’re doing that already.
      Fans won’t do sh*******t as Arsenal is not Blackpool. Arsenal is a huge club from London, a tourist-centric huge city. True fans willing to make changes are far from majority, plastic fans are the ones that fill the stadium. Kroenke can do as he please with the club. As far as he’s concerned, there’s no need for us to shift from gravitating between 4th and 6th. And, honestly, the club did buy Auba and Laca. They were expensive and I didn’t believe Arsenal would be able to get them. Maybe we get an expensive pair of defenders this summer somehow, you never know.

      1. Phil says:

        So yet another who labels supporters as”plastic” simply because we attend games.No doubt YOU have never been to a game in your life.
        And remember-it was THOSE PLASTIC FANS who done for Wenger last season.What makes you believe we don’t have it in us to do the same to Kronke?He might own the Club but he doesn’t own the Fanbase.What Wenger got (and fully deserved) was not a fraction of what Kronke has coming to him if he refuses to invest the funds the squad so desperately needs.
        And if you don’t believe this then just sit back down in your armchair and watch it happen

        1. Dave says:

          Well said!!!

        2. Thomas Kelly says:

          Yeah phil it took 10 long years to get him out so the fans at home aren’t lying stan pockets like us fans wot go to games and buy the shirts we should stop buying both for the next 3 seasons

          1. Phil says:

            Thomas-I appreciate it’s difficult for fans that don’t attend games,but are still fans nonetheless,to appreciate that we who do go every week,home,away and in Europe,do so for the love of our Club no matter what.Its part of our life.Its something we choose to do.Why should we be expected to just stop attending games to satisfy some.Its not that simple and it will never happen.There ARE ways we can let our feelings be known and it WILL happen.
            But let’s not forget we have still not reached the summer transfer window yet.Kronke is no fool.He has just seen what happens when you do invest as the LA Rams have shown in the NFL.The right level of investment in the Club at ALL LEVELS will be the only way we can begin to match the other Top 4 Clubs (and the Spuds).Josh Kronke has stayed he wants Arsenal to reach a CL Final.That is either a very brave statement of intent or a foolish kid with no idea of what we need to do to catch up.Time will tell.

        3. Malik says:

          I really hope so, my poor dear Arsenal ?

        4. Ackshay says:

          I think/hope that what he was referring to plastic fans were the tourists or casuals who buy tickets to home matches not for passion but more a distraction or fun. only a full-on walkout will hit kroenke hard enough which will never happen.
          Our huge waiting list for tickets is kroenke insurance policy that even if most of the 45000 season ticket holders unite to boycott renewal those snakes(yes putting your selfish need even it is to watch arsenal play is bad) on the waiting will most likely use the boycott to take their places.
          The only way that leech leaves our club is that one of his huge loan investment implode in his face leaving him scrambling for money e.g he uses arsenal as asset to take loan and cannot repay thus losing us to the creditors like liverpool previous owners. This allows another person or group to purchase the club ownership

      2. d says:

        “plastic fans are the ones that fill the stadium.” You’re totally right; all of you guys sitting on your arse, never supporting the club and never actually going to see a single game in person your entire life are the true fans! Those guys that go out of their way to get to each match, cheer and sing for our team, and pay out of the arse to watch us play are all just plastic fans!!

        Jesus Christ, you guys really are totally deluded haha.

    2. jon fox says:

      Fine words Phil, but you know full well what needs to be done to force the WEASEL out. It needs a near complete ground and merchandise boycott for as long as it takes. You have already said, as you are perfectly ENTITLED to say too, “why should I give up my seat”. So there lies the actual problem; there are tens of thousands like you and most will never volunteer to give up their seat. In all fairness it is for each INDIVIDUAL TO MAKE THEIR OWN CALL and rightly so. And for no one else to say so! But there is the dilemma the club has. You more tham almost anyone know that so very well. Only drastic action will force him to sell, but there is not the widespread appetite for such action. And THAT is REALITY!!

      1. Phil says:

        Jon-Its difficult to predict but Kronke is using Arsenal for his own financial gains and nothing else.Wenger was noticeably shocked and upset at the sometimes vitriolic abuse he received last season and his job allowed him nowhere to hide.Kronke NEVER attends games so will not personally have to face what will come to him if investment is not forthcoming.But we will get to him.One way or another he will get worst than what Wenger ever received.

        1. jon fox says:

          How exactly? Phil I share your intense dislike of this dreadful man but just fine words spoken in passion only lets off steam, They do nothing to solve the problem. There is only one legal way to oust him and that will not be happening, as you yourself admit!

          1. Phil says:

            Jon-I always felt that the protests against Wenger at The Emirates came across as half hearted and subdued.This I believe was because there was still a lot of fans that held Wenger in such esteem they would not wish to verbally abuse him.I get that and to an respect that.This was after all a Manager who had transformed our Club.
            Kronke will not have anybody inside that ground that will side with him.He alone will be held accountable.Protests inside and outside the stadium will get back to him no doubt and will be more vociferous and vitriolic than anything Wenger faced.TV picks up on all this.So do the Newspapers.He will not be allowed to hide from this as the coverage of the EPL in America is huge and growing every season.From what I understand the man has zero respect from sports fans over there so the media will be only too pleased to let him know what’s going on.
            But as I have said-until the summer window is closed and our business concluded we just do not know what budgets the owner will allocate for player purchases.We can only wait and see.But already the rumblings of discontent ate there to be heard as I witnessed at The Etihad on Sunday.It will not take much to trigger it all off and Kronke will not be able to hide behind Emery the way Wenger undoubtedly allowed himself to be the Patsy.

  3. gotanidea says:

    If Arsenal do not have money or deliberately prioritize profit over transfer budget, they have to improve their youth development system at the least. It has been almost two decades since Arsenal academy produced great English talents

    I also hope the scouts could spot talented young wingers that are relatively unknown, as what Mislintat did with Dembele and Guendouzi

  4. Roy says:

    The power of continuous demonstrations should never be overlooked.Negative publicity affects the sponsorships which in turn affects the monies Kroenke and his shareholders enjoy at present.Buy nothing on match days would be a start.Empty seats is another.Silence on match days(I know it’s already pretty quiet)just up the anti .It will need these demos right up to the end of the season for it to get home to this blood sucking owner.

    1. jon fox says:

      He will just ignore all of this, sitting in his ivory tower thousands of miles away. Th eonly workable answer is not silence or demos but an empty or almost empty ground for as long as it takes. With all the tourists in London , that will not be happening. I ADMIRE AND SHARE YOUR ENTIMENTS BUT ONLY PRACTICAL ACTION WORKS.

  5. Coldzero says:

    We are paying for the buy out of Usmanov by Kroenke in the summer and effectively we are back to square one when we had the stadium debt. I would say yes we are in a very bad position because of it and to steel yourself for it being like this for the foreseeable. This club is in trouble as in we are not going to be going all out for stellar signings.

    The problem is Kroenke. He is the problem. He is 100 percent the person that needs to go and let’s face it that probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  6. David Chua says:

    It pissed me off to hear this news , such a big club like Arsenal have only 45 millions pounds to spend in the upcoming summer transfer. Arsenal just signed a contract worth 250 million pounds with Adidas so what happen to all this money ?? All fans must be united and force Stan Kroenke out as he is only interested in making money out of the club. Please get ready to stop buying merchandise and boycott the stadium ?. WHERE ARE ALL THE BANNERS ???

    1. Phil says:

      David-There are protests.And there are PROTESTS.But let’s remember this coming summer transfer window will be the first since Kronke had full 100% ownership of the Club.The January window is always considered as a stop gap so we can only overlook our non buying with only the Suarez loan happening.We must wait and see.A strong finish to the season MAY show the owner that the right level of investment will benefit him as much as anyone else.
      OT I know-but I read this morning that THE SPUDS today celebrate 4000 days since LAST WINNING A TROPHY.
      Think about that and how they now have to find near on ONE BILLION POUNDSto pay for that TOILET BOWL of a stadium.And Some feel we have had it bad.
      Wenger continues to be criticised for his final few years and in some degree he deserves that and more.But he continued to provide CL Football up until the last two seasons and did win the FA Cup three times.The Spuds last Trophy?The League Cup.No proper trophy is EVER WON in February.(unless we did somehow manage it one day of course).
      4000 days.Imagine that.And counting.Because they will not win anything this season.
      And some feel we have it bad

      1. Sue says:

        That’s bloody hilarious Phil…and listening to some of those poor spuds defending those 4000 days.. absolutely comical.. and if all else fails then they swear & insult!!! You know I can take it from some fans (being told our team isn’t very good) but not from them as look at exactly what they’ve achieved over the years!!

        1. Phil says:

          Sue-it just goes to show what a pathetic bunch they are don’t you think?So they have achieved TWO higher place finishes than us over the last two seasons.And they Class that as success?
          We set our ambitions a bit higher than that .Or at least I hope we do.
          We built and paid for The Emirates Stadium before they even started building THE BOG so financially we should be years ahead of them as a Football Club.When And If our owner realises that to be above those Neanderthal Cavemen gives us the bragging rights again is like we have won a trophy in itself.Which is about on par as the trophy the Spuds won 4000 days ago

          1. Sue says:

            A very pathetic bunch!! ? you do make me laugh Phil ?

      2. Th14 says:

        Give up your ticket Phil.

        1. Phil says:

          Yeah right Pal-much more of Iwobi And I wouldn’t be able to give it away.
          Do you remember Alexandra Hleb?We sold him go Barcelona.He was known as the “Player who passed to the Player who passed to the player who scored”.
          Do you think Iwobi thought he was Hleb on Sunday.The f***ing useless pr**k.
          FFS she couldn’t have laid it on a plate any easier if she tried.Still I suppose it goes down as an assist for him.

          1. Th14 says:

            How long did you have to wait for a performance like that ? Enjoy the moment Phil it doesn’t come often

  7. reddb10 says:

    Arsenal has been making the greedy leach a net profit for years which is nicely split as dividends and not a crumb left to invest in the team.
    After wenger and gozidis he is the last piece of the puzzle that we need to be rid of.

  8. Sue says:

    Jeez that won’t be enough for a decent pair of thighs… let alone anything else!!
    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….

    The only thing I will say is there are gems out there (Guendouzi anyone?) We just need to find them & asap!!

    1. Mobella says:

      Sue before you start getting acrimonious because of that news, I can suggest you and others wait till summer to see if that is true. I can you believe anybody from the club leak such info the press after the weekend we just heard. I will just say it is the press messing with us actually at least until Emery say so.

      1. Sue says:

        When am I ever acrimonious Mobella? ??
        Yes we’ll have to wait until the summer, but if the last transfer window (Suarez on loan) & Kroenke as our owner… doesn’t bode well, does it?

  9. Dboy says:

    Evening News and The Sun reported that whoever becomes Manchester United’s next permanent boss will be given about £200 million to spend on signings at the end of the season. Emery will have £45m . In 2013 we were told that we could rival clubs such as Bayern Munich who use a self sustainable model, but to date there has been no progress. We have made some terrible investments in the transfer market and that all because of Arsene Wenger. How people can Turn on Emery with the mess he has inherited is beyond my understanding. Most experts believe that he will need at least three transfer windows to get us competing again. The fact that we not spending might be the reason for Sven leaving.

    1. McLovin says:

      I doubt the news.

      With our player sales, we should anyhow have +100m to spend.

      1. Dboy says:

        Depends on who we selling and for how much?

        1. Eddie Hoyte says:

          Christ!! Everything is forever Arsene Wenger’s fault!! He’s gone and yet he’s to be blamed for everything wrong with the club just as Ozil is blamed for everything whenever we lose a game, even when he doesn’t play.
          Arsene Wenger’s bad investments as you called it got us trophies and steady UCL game you ungrateful lots..
          AW lost it in the end and needed to move on, the only mistake he did I can blame him for his choosing to sign a new contract after winning the FA cup.
          Other than that and a couple of wrong signings that man gave his life to serve us and our club, yes he was never a Pep neither was he a Ferguson, he was Arsene Wenger, he is Arsene Wenger and will always be Arsene Wenger. You guys should stop trying to paint him evil or bad like he’s responsible for the ckubi misfortune!.
          Keep blaming Arsene Wenger for everything wrong upstairs and within the squad, keep blaming him and try to pretend Emery is not in the same spot Arsene Wenger has been for years under the SAME BOARD!!
          Emery’s already facing the heat in the kitchen Arsene Wenger stood and handled for years, pretend like Arsene Wenger was treated like Pep Guardiola and Klopp too, Pretend he had billions to spend too

          1. ozzziegunner says:

            Eddie, I had great respect for Arsene Wenger. The only thing I have been critical of Arsene Wenger for, is that he was such a good company man that he ran interference for and took the heat away from Kroenke and Gazidis. He always came up with excuses “there is no quality available in the market”, rather than admitting that he had been given no transfer budget.
            Arsene admitted that he stayed too long at Arsenal.
            It was always going to be difficult for anyone coming in after Arsene Wenger had managed Arsenal for 22 years.
            Unai Emery was prepared to take on this challenge and would have been given undertakings and commitments, as to the support the board would give him in the transfer market. If these commitments aren’t kept, then Emery is young enough and well respected enough that other opportunities will come once his Arsenal contract is complete.
            I have asked a number of posters on here critical of Emery and wanting himout the following question:
            If Unai Emery leaves Arsenal what well credentialled coach/manager with a CV equivalent to or better than Emery would follow him to the Emirates given the quality of the squad, the available transfer budget, the self sustaining financial model and Scrooge Kroenke as owner?
            Why did Arsenal leave Highbury and construct the Emirates again?

            1. Ingleby says:

              This is an eminently sensible post. Sheer commonsense amidst a sea of hysteria.

              1. ozzziegunner says:

                Thank you Ingleby; I’m glad someone read my post and took the trouble to respond.

          2. Jah son says:

            Sometimes you have to quit when you’re ahead. Good knows you’ve tried am just waiting for the summer when they try to get another club to take Ozil off us on his ridiculous wage or convince kreonke to pay him off.

      2. Thomas Kelly says:

        Wow we should av 150 million instead weres our money gone ?.new sponership tickets and shirts sale in 1 word crap

  10. Me says:

    Goodbye Arsenal
    No more…

  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    I’m surprised most of you are even surprised the coach will have such amount to spend. You and I, everyone one of us know where the problem comes from, there’s little or nothing we can do to him. So I rather not spend my time talking about him like he’s worth it, Almost all the transfers Wenger made, he hardly got enough money, he was always recouping and covering players fee by selling other players, we insulted the man, called him names, I was never an AKB but it’s crystal clear he was never the problem, all he did was try his best to protect the club he loved with his life, at least even if we never understood it, we know he loves this club in his own way that no other coach can do or fanthom.
    I apologize for all the time I jumped on the bandwagon and criticized his spendings.

    Emery has brought it all out to the light, Emery will have to walk down the same path as Wenger regarding our transfers, he has to sell certain players, raise money from sales before getting his players, there was never a season or transfer summer that Arsenal ended up losing money badly, Wenger always did what he thought was best to get in players he could afford, All those times we heard he could’ve gotten Ibrahimovic,Messi, CR7 and the rest, I now see it’s not his fault he never had the biggest resource to pay any amount for youngsters he wanted.
    Sadly Emery is in the same spot as Wenger, like I once said in a post to Jon Fox, the scrooge, doesn’t care about you and I, doesn’t care what pressure Emery faces, and we are left all alone to cater for ourselves, best way is for Emery to start planning his ways to make use of our transfer fees and our players.
    The scrooge might be a billionaire, but he’s not worth my time, he’s not worth it a bit and I can’t keep talking about him

  12. Simba says:

    I hate kroenke

  13. jod says:

    The problem from an Arsenal perspective is that while FFP is supposed to prevent an owner pumping in money there’s no rule to stop him taking money out. Spurs run on a zero net spend, they spend what they earn. But if Kroenke chooses to use Arsenal as a cash cow you could be looking at a negative net spend with a chunk of your income going straight out of the club each year. This is what happened at United after the Glaziers took over. Eventually that had an effect on the pitch and they were forced to start spending again or watch United’s massive commercial income shrink as sponsors baled on a struggling team. Not sure there are the same pressures on Kroenke, it looks closer to a Mike Ashley and Newcastle situation.

  14. Grimlar says:

    Kroenke may well be a big problem, but another problem is the finances. You can go to the Arsenal website and type Financial Report in the search box to see the figures for 2018 yourself.
    Revenue for the year was £388.2 million (2017 – £422.8 million) Down by nearly £35m.
    Total staff costs grew to £223.3 million (2017 – £199.4 million). Up by nearly £24m.
    A difference of £60m comparing 2018 to 2017.

    They only made a profit last year because of the players they sold, Arsenal may even make a loss this year, which is why they cant spend everything they have in the bank.

    In terms of salaries Cech, Kolasinac, Bellerin, Ramsey, Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Aubameyang and Lacazette are all on £100k or more per week. Another 8 players earn between £75k and £100k per week.

    The problem with selling them is convincing another club that they are worth those salaries.

    How well the summer transfer window works out will depend a lot on who we can sell, who replaces Mislintat and who Arsenal get as a Technical Director.

    1. John0711 says:

      Hate hearing someone defend SK with silly figures

      Stats are simply figures people use to bend the truth
      Maybe SK will need to go to the food back as he’s suffering so badly
      Utter BS

      1. PatH says:

        JOHN, those are not silly figures they are taken from the audited and registered accounts. Also I do not see where Grimiar is defending Kroenke. If you can read a balance sheet you would see the true state of our financial position. How we got there and who is responsible is another matter. The reality is we do not have money for top class players unless we sell first. With FFP in force I wish someone would tell me how Kroenke could put the 100’s of millions that I and all Arsenal fans would like to see happen, into Arsenal FC coffers.

  15. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    But any rate, let’s be patient and wait to see what will happen with the incomings and the outgoings Arsenal transfers during the next summer transfer deals. But desist from abusing any one or swearing at Kroenke. For, he Kroenke is a business man who has put his money in Arsenal to invest it for profit making and not for philanthropic work. But despite that he’ll not allow his profit making drive at the club to be at the detriment of the club titles winning hopes and ambitions I will want to believe. The man Kroenke and his son are no fools as I believe they know very well that at the top level of the game, winning silverwares is paramount to the club keeping the fan base happy and making more money at the club from which Kroenke can reap in some profits. And this is where management acumen comes in. With £45 next summer transfer kitty, a top coach with great acumen in coaching who already has a big squad like the kind on ground at Arsenal but needing fine tuning it with some signing additions to bring the squad to title winning grade can turn Arsenal around to become world beaters if coach has the management know how in him. Arsenal’s last summer transfer kitty was increase from £50m to 70m. So too I believe the club’s next summer transfer kitty may as well be increased above the rumoured £45m in the media.

  16. Roshan says:

    How is it that a team like Man City can have so many stars yet still buy more and fit into FFP? Are they paying them peanuts?

    Yet a team like Arsenal cant afford anyone?

    Its crazy that if I was a perspective buyer I would want to buy the team with the richest history in the heart of London. That is Arsenal, its a billionaires dream investment. Why cant some rich Arab billionaire buy us 🙁

  17. Declan says:

    Everybody, let’s be calm, it says, “if the rumours are true”.
    Keyword, “rumours”.
    Original story came from the Mail and how many times have they changed the world, not only changed it but saved us from total total doom that they constantly pump out?
    Rumours said £20 million a couple of years ago and we bought PEA for how much, £57 million I think?

  18. John0711 says:

    My opioid simple SK sees that as long as we finish top 6 we make money
    The choices Are spend 200m and try make CL with extra money coming in but not 200m
    Or sit and see the money train grow

    U less Everton,wolves, Watford become a force he will continue in this vein as he knows most fans will continue to buy season tickets no matter what

  19. reddb10 says:

    Its ridiculous to see people using this as an excuse to state that wenger was never at fault. We are stuck with an overrated player who earns 350k a week because of wenger and dont get me started about kallstrom and the rest of the many disasters that he bought in.
    Its a fact that he was part of the problem so get over it, support the club, and unite to see if we can get this tyrant kroenke out of our club.

  20. JayJulius08 says:

    Don’t believe the media. What they have done is take our profit figure from last year and put that out there as our transfer budget. They’re literally just trying to make money from that story.

    Don’t believe it

  21. Okiror says:


  22. Ian Ures Boots says:

    Is it possible that they let that news out just so we don’t get overcharged when we try to buy in the summer?

  23. d says:

    “It looks like Kroenke is definitely making it clear that he has no interest in investing any money” But I thought it was all that dastardly, penny-pinching Wengers fault?! Surely you’re not telling me that 90% of posters on here are just talking out of their arsehole even though they make out as if they’ve got some secret insider source at the club?!

  24. ForeverGooner says:

    No problem
    With £45 million we can buy:
    9 Elnenys or
    1 Ozil and 1 Holding or
    3 Sokratis or
    1 Sokratis, 1 Welbeck, 1 Eleny and 2 Holding or
    1 Sokratis, 1 Welbeck and 1 Chambers

    The options are limitless

    1. Dan kit says:

      I’ll take the 9 Eleneys please ,that’s about our level anyway ?

  25. Authority 007 says:

    I laugh in Spanish if this is true from the board, £45m for how many player. What is the price of each man city players. Can Arsenal fans just force this greedy Kroenke out please

  26. Tom says:

    I wouldn’t get caught up in rumours. It’s built to create unrest as we are seeing more and more of between arsenal and their fans.
    If a rumour of ‘we have £150m to spend’ was written somewhere we would moan it’s not true and say IF it is, let’s see (with an eye on hope it’s wrong so we can moan at our board).
    Can’t win whatever ‘news’ comes out in the media.

  27. Elliott says:

    Must be fake news…. Addidas will pay us 60 mill a year right?

    1. jon fox says:

      Actually, NO. Adidas don’t pay US a single penny. They pay it all to Kroenke. There is a crucial difference, which explains why Arsenal’s TEAM does not benefit from Adidas’s money.

  28. Red and white says:

    Please note that stan has invested in PEA, Laca, Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Sanchez, Chek and what was the outcome? 2 FA cups.This year MG, Torrera, Sockrates, Leno and where are we? Out of domestic cups, 6th place, doubtful Europa.I dislike Stans approach to AFC, however those in charge at AFC have let him down too. Its time the players up their game, coaches get their tactics and coaching right and the owner invest to bridge the gap.Then only there will be success.

  29. Drew says:

    This seems like scaremongering by the media to me to get Arsenal fans all worried as we know they like to do, however, even if this is currently £45m some Financial Planning could easily solve this…looking at players out of contract this summer we could get rid of Ramsey, Cech, Lichtsteiner, Welbeck, Monreal and Jenkinson which is a combined wage of 480k/week (c.£25m/year). Add on to this getting Ozil out (no transfer fee) given his wage and he’s not starting that’s an extra £350k/week (c£18m). Sales of players who are clearly not up to it in Mustafi and Elneny we could, conservatively, get £20m for both plus their wages (£145k/week) which is c.£27.5m.

    £25m + £27.5m + £18m + £45 (the rumoured amount) = £115.5m

    Then look at those outgoing players and which positions we MUST replace we’re looking at GK, LB, RB, CB & CM (hopeful Reiss Nelson can do a job next year).

    Wage wise we could be looking at:
    Backup GK – £50k/week
    Starting LB – £70k/week
    Backup RB – £50k/week
    Starting CB – £120k/week
    Starting/Rotational CM – £100k week
    Total wages – c£20.2m

    That leaves us with around £95m in transfer fees for the above players (and more in a Football Manager kind of universe!) to buy the above players. Given the full cost of buying players is paid in installments over the period of the players contract this is EASILY achievable with good planning. All that being said we are The Arsenal and we LOVE to make a mess out of it all…..

  30. Ackshay says:

    i was comparing deloitte money league and it clearly shows our decline from the 3rd richest club in the big 5 to last.

    Manchester United 581.2
    Manchester City 453.5
    Arsenal 419
    Chelsea 367.8
    Liverpool 364.5

    Manchester United £590.00
    Manchester City £503.50
    Chelsea £455.10
    Liverpool £448.00
    Arsenal £389.10

    so in 2017 we were only 34m behind city and had more than 50m on both chelsea and liverpool. in 2018 revenue increased liverpool 90m, chelsea 80m, city 50m, united 9m, arsenal revenue decreased by 30m. In 1 year liverpool and chelsea gained MORE THAN 100M on us.

    No wonder we don’t have any money we did the same stupid mistake as leeds to put all of our hope on sustained champions league money, now we are broke compared to our rivals.

  31. Matt says:

    OK so. Stadium was built at the time to compete against the rest of the top teams in Europe. Look at what we make each year through day to day operations. We’d easily compete. The move was right. The timing was the issue. Mid build there was an unpredictable shift in the landscape when Ambrom took over Chelsea. Oil money destroyed the transfer market and gave us an extra club to contend with financially.

    Kroenke COULD inject 200 million into the club tomorrow and it would make zero difference because we can’t increase anyone’s wages as per the ffp rules by more than 7% a season unless through profit. Blaming Kroenke for this one is wrong. We’ve spent record money just last season alone. 136 million between the summer and winter window. 70 last summer. That’s 200 million in 3 windows. We’ve spent money. We’ve bought well for that 200 mill. Miki T was best of a bad situation. Lichsteiner is just too old. The rest I think have been generally great buys. It’s wengers last few purchases that have messed us up. Along with the contracts.

    The problem has been mis management by Wenger, Gazidis and others.

    The only think kroneke could do to really help is to put money into CANCELLING particular player contracts if we can’t move them on and then adding a little extra to the pot. Obviously champions league qualification boosts the overall total aswell.

    1. Ackshay says:

      That’s only half the picture since you are only looking at players bought. If you look at our net spend which is about 70m as we actually made a profit last year so technically didn’t spend any money.

      1. Ackshay says:

        *last season

  32. dreben23 says:

    “I think we will get through the Championship playoffs at a certain time! We’re in a big trouble to qualify for the Premier league promotion again! “??
    Maybe I will have to write those words to you guys in a couple of years because our team is declining with ease! I told my friends that I’m gonna ban the football game entirely in my life when Arsenal’s business finishes! Allow me to tell you that I’m a fan of 23 teams all over the world and a lot of them have bankrupted. Arsenal’s bankruptcy that is going to come soon I have never imagined it but it will probably happen, so here are my teams and they all were really strong before not now:

    CSKA Sofia, that’s my favourite team, it was bankrupted deliberately and a team from a town called Lovech has been changed its seating to the Capital of Bulgaria Sofia and no one got in jail for that, now Litex Lovech we call our CSKA Sofia which so riduculous, some people created a team CSKA 1948 and we believe it was Ludogorets and Levski’ s doing bevause they hate us – CSKA , Valencia CF bankrupted and Peter Lim saved what was left, Rodopa Smolyan – bankrupted and it is called Ludogorets from Razgrad, but I will never recognize it as my native team though they were even in the Champions league group face, thank to Arsenal’s two wins by 3:2 and 6:0 and Valencia’s wins they’ve got my revenge, thank you my Arsena and my Valencial! Next one, Barcelona -one of the strongest teams in the world, but I don’t like this style of play, and there I prefer Valencia! Monaco – it bancrupted, got to Liague 2, then got a promotion and became a champion, then destroyed my Arsenal in the Chamions league by 1:3 at the Emirates with even Dimi Berbatov scoring, my favourite player, and we even got through the semifinal, now the Monegasqes are in trouble too. Arsenal, you know our sufferings right now I’ll not speak at all about that very about I think we will get a bankruptcy in some time. Be prepared! I’d like to thank to Arsene Wenger for what he has succeeded it this wonderful team and I don’t like what we all see from Unai Emery’ s team and peraonally from his job. My opinion until now is that Unai is not gonna make us a better team like we were when we have the best coach ever in football Arsene Wenger! I’ ve been an Arsenal fan for alnost thirty years and exactly well what he has done with this team but Unai is now trying to ruin all his work that has been done for over twenty years. I think we have to banish Kronke’s family from our team, otherwise we will probably not prevail and get a bankruptcy. Mark my words, my all teams get a bankruptcy! Other my teams are CSKA Moscow, Porto, Leverkusen – never awolled to become a champion of the Bundesliga, Parma- it was bankrupted then promoted to Seria A again and for now we are showing ambitions to get through the Europa league places at the end of the season, Roma – it was very good last year, now they are in a big decline I think you saw how Fiorentina demolished us some days ago, Lazio – they are impoving according to me, I think they will take one of the places for the CL. Maribor, and so on.. They are 23 teams and love them all I’ ll beg for my Arsenal
    because it is the team at the second place of my football hierarchy and I hope we shall be better when we get rid of Kronke’ s reign! Wish you well, gooners! ?

  33. dreben23 says:

    I forgot to tell you what I told to my colleagues about Wenger’s work and I argue with them about that matter. And I’m gonna tell you just the same – Wenger was the best football coach I have ever seen, and if the criteria for his work for the team he loved and supported by himself is that he did not get for us European tropheys, please, my teams are the best but they did not get many tropheys because they Uefa give tropheys to very the same teams each year. They are nit ginna give it to Arsenal, Valencia, Roma, Porto and so on, they give tropheys to Real, Barca, Sevilla, Man United, Bayern, Juventus and so on! Why do you expect european tropheys to be given to Arsenal, they gave it to Atletico.. Support your
    team but do not expect much more tropheys than we got during Wenger’s reign! The just do not give tropheys to my teams they give them bankruptcies, guys! But I don’ t care we all will
    prevail!! ? ?

  34. dreben23 says:

    I am very strong and never fall in despair, I always give my predictions for my teams even I know well the are gonna lose again! After one loss we get a draw or a victory, I do not care when it will be, but I will enjoy it! ☺️?

  35. dreben23 says:

    Arsenal fanbase in Bulgaria told me that I am too negative and they even asked me how am I still among the living with such negativeness in me. But when you read me do you think I am a negative person will all those bankruptcies I have suffered before and I will suffer again? I
    think I am honest with people and pretty realistic right now, not negative, right? ??

  36. dreben23 says:

    Finally, in Bulgaria we have a an interesting proverb: Who buy drinks he pays the bill! ??

  37. dreben23 says:

    Oh, let’s say it so: Kronke buys mansions, he pays their mortgage! ????

  38. dreben23 says:

    At leat we will never have a football player called Imanishibwe! I do not envy to bulgarian
    commentors when they try to speak that name on air!! Haha, what an interesting name! ???

  39. dreben23 says:

    Imanishimwe is the correct spelling, he wiil play for my CSKA! Above all we even signed with his team mate from APR FC and sent him to our friends from Litex Lovech. Guys, there is always much more worse things to happen than the bankruptcy itself and it is to buy two players from our Rwanda sponsorship friends called APR FC! The other guys name is Fitina
    Omborenga, I’ m done! ??

    1. Phil says:

      FFS -go buy yourself a Euro Million’s Lottery ticket.You have actually depressed me reading all it that.

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