If Arteta doesn’t make changes to the team and tactics against Villa, Arsenal are in trouble

This is what our manager said moments after Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to man City on Wednesday, ‘I have more belief because I just saw them go head to head with them.

“Apart from the errors I can’t ask for anymore’

‘We battled, at times we had them.’

‘We had them in the big moments.’

Of course we all can view a football match differently, and I’m not as qualified as Mikel Arteta to analyse a game. I assumed maybe it was the emotion of the night?

Yet 2 days later in his latest press conference asked if Arsenal can compete with Man City he said: ‘I have seen it with my eyes.

“When I saw us against a team I know quite well, It gave me belief we can match them.

“Looking at what we did the other day it gives me lots of encouragement that they are ready’.

When watching the game back with his squad on Thursday apparently they are more ‘motivated ‘ and have ‘clarity’.

He equally viewed our 1-1 draw with Brentford as a ‘really strong performance.’

The Spaniard could be saying all this as a tactic to keep moral high. With a quick turnaround to the next fixture he might see it as counterproductive to be critical when confidence is already low. Every word  might be a ploy to lift spirits?

If that’s the case then fine, but the danger is that he actually believes what he’s saying? If he does we can forget any hope of the Championship.

Because this is how I saw the second half the other evening …….

The moment passed us by, Gabriel and Saliba were bullied, Zinchenko kept giving the ball away, Martinelli was invisible, Odegaard went missing, we lacked imagination, Ederson didn’t really have to make a save, the subs were predictable, and the away team cruised to victory with no late push from us.

I need to know Arteta saw that. Yet since Goodison Park there’s zero evidence to suggest that.

His response to Everton where we struggled to make chances was to name the same starting line-up.

Below par then, he still made zero changes for the visit of the Champions.

Pep Guardiola on the other hand experimented with Bernado Silva at left back and you could see was tactically tweaking things throughout.

4 fixtures in a row the Gunners have lacked creativity in the final third, scoring once in open play, yet the tactics have been the same.

If you use Martinelli as an example (a player I love) he’s been off the boil for a while, yet still Trossard doesn’t start.

Vieira isn’t trusted to start, a talent we paid 34 million for. Too many players in Arteta’s reign he just gives up on if he decides they don’t suit his ethos.

As a coach, his job is to train talent and make them better.

That could have led to a Pepe at least being an option off the bench.

Most Gooners have seen when Zinchenko steps into midfield, our left side suffers offensively.

We haven’t seen the Ukrainian tried as a DM (where he plays for his nation) and Tierney given a run at LB, we just seen the same thing.

If you try the same thing and expect different results what’s the word for that.

The starting line up at Villa Park will tell us everything.

I’m hoping to see changes which will tell me our manager deep down notices there have been issues recently.

If there are zero changes then it tells me Arteta believes what he says.

If he believes what he says, we are in trouble.


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  1. Arsenal cannot afford a profligate forward line missing guilt edge chances, lack of control in midfield and/or errors at the back against any team, particularly Aston Villa under Emery.

  2. You’re very right Dan

    Last season also when we were underperforming, he was looking for solutions

    Lacazette was not scoring
    Took Xhaka to LB, then to LCB but the midfield would crumble if Xhaka wasn’t there

    But all the while Elneny was on the bench
    Nketiah was on the bench

    Until it became so bad that it couldn’t be worse (3 losses in a row) before he started trusting those on the bench to start…

    …we saw how the freshness revived us again

    If Arteta is waiting for us to crumble before he realizes he could actually trust those on the bench to start – we would be fighting for 3rd/4th this season

    He’s needs to understand the importance of freshness & that some injection of newness can be the new flow of inspiration that fires up a team

  3. If we were as bad as you say Dan, why did it take city so long to score their second goal (72 minute)?

    Bullied, giving the ball away, players going missing or invisible and, yet, it took a mistake by Tomi and the 72 minute before The Arsenal were completely outplayed?!?!

    I think you are deliberately ignoring any positives in our season, as you continue this crusade against the manager, why?

    Let me add that your suggestion that changes could be made, especially regarding Tierney, is one I have suggested as well.

    Until Jesus is back, teams will double up on Zaka and Martinelli and, while Nketiah cannot exploit that, Jesus most certainly will.

    I suggest Tierney at LB and Zinchenko as a DM, while White is brought back, but I’m sure MA will assess his players after the defeat and in training, then select what he considers is the best team to get three points.

  4. We should not get carried away, stay positive and move to next game. Anyone that expect a smooth sail to win the league is just fantacy.

    Take a good look at Liverpool, same coach, 80% of the players have been in the Epl, they are struggling…..these things happen in football…the mentality to recover is the hurdle teams face.

    I knew this time will come and the mentality of the team to turn it around is what i wasnt sure of, am glad we got a win today ….they showed they re ready to go all the way.

    Not surprised city drew…..cos they saw the spirit Arsenal put in the game…lol

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