If Arteta was ‘an Englishman’, he would be ‘sacked’

Stan Collymore has claimed that Mikel Arteta would be sacked as manager of Arsenal Football Club if he was English.

The outspoken pundit and former footballer claims that there is double standards when it comes to Englishman in charge of clubs, and Arteta has profited from this bias.

The former striker stated that the manager’s decisions in preparation for the North London derby were ‘tactically naive’, and insist that he should have been sacked for ‘knowing nothing about the game’.

Collymore told his column at the Daily Mirror (via the Express): “Everyone on ‘Planet Football’ knows Tottenham are set up to sit deep, draw you on, nick the ball and catch you on the counter attack at the moment.

“So for Arsenal to be beaten in a big London derby in the manner they were is dreadful and it’s where I have a problem with the massive double standards that exist in the game.

“Because if an Englishman had been in charge rather than a Spaniard — or Frenchman, Portuguese or Italian for that matter — he’d have been hung, drawn and quartered, then sacked, on Sunday for knowing nothing about the game and being tactically naive.

“It was one of the worst pieces of football management, coaching and tactical play I’ve seen in the Premier League.”

What’s worse is that this wasn’t even our worst performance in recent months, as we are enduring a run of only four points from our last seven matches, scoring just two goals which include a penalty kick.

Our woes are tormenting us fans as we struggle to see the end of the rocky road, as our team shows little signs of overcoming their struggles.

While we have maintained a 100% record in the Europa League amidst our domestic woes, that gives us little solace when the same issues re-emerge every weekend.

Questions are definitely being asked of the manager at present, and it is hard to disagree too much when the team is performing so badly, but I’m not sure if the only thing keeping him in the job is that he is not English.

Are English/British bosses more heavily criticised?


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  1. Collymore is telling the truth about Arteta’s knowledge of the game. This guy has minimum understanding of the game.

  2. How many times has Mourinho been sacked? Pochettino springs to mind as does just about all the EPL managers as they are largely foreign in the first place. Codswallop.

    If he had suggested that being a former player (like OGS at ManU) then that is a distinct possibility of being given more time

  3. Mourinho sacked (twice).
    Poch sacked.
    Villas Boas sacked.
    Martin Jol sacked.
    Wenger sacked (we think).
    And the list goes on.
    Collimore is a twat apart, from being a misogynist and a woman beater.

  4. Arteta will get his marching orders very soon if the team slips any further down the league! I’m sure Kroenke and the board would prefer Premier league status to sentiment and the championship.

  5. For the record, Steve Burtenshaw was our last English manager in 1986. I don’t think anything Collymore says warrants a serious answer.

  6. Sack Arteta he never fields the same team he makes changes for every match ,a concept that never works.
    Playing William is a mistake his position does not suit
    Arsenals style.

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