If Ceballos can replace Ozil then his signing would be a masterstroke

I am not overwhelmed by the signing of Dani Ceballos for a variety of reason but I am hopeful that it can work out for all parties.

The reason I am not overwhelmed is that I am not a fan of developing other teams players and loaning players in positions that are not in desperate need of strengthening.

But that does not mean I do not welcome him, being underwhelmed is not being negative and there are some good possibilities that can come from signing the attacking midfielder.

The biggest one is if he can displace Mesut Ozil once and for all.

Every Arsenal fan has a position on the German playmaker and that includes me.

I find him a waste of space, massively overrated, lazy with an appalling attitude, I also find him a sponger bleeding the club dry.

I do not blame him for securing the ridiculous wage he is on, I blame the club for that but I do blame him for not earning that money.

Now, that may upset some people and if anyone wants to send in an article defending him by all means do and it will be published.

But that will probably not happen simply because the number of fans defending Ozil is declining rapidly and those that do defend him struggle to justify his wages and inclusion in the team.

Now, if Ceballos ends up taking Ozil’s place on a permanent basis I will be over the moon.

Not because I am vindictive and want to see Ozil sidelined because I do not like him but because I want what is best for Arsenal and if we have a player that can finally see Ozil gone then that must be welcomed by everyone surely.

Because it means the team is better for it, because it means that we have a player in a position that is effective and because we will have a player with the right attitude, the Arsenal attitude that has been lacking for so long with Ozil.

It also means that Ceballos himself will have been a success and if that happens it would surely increase the chances of him wanting to stay in London with Arsenal on a permanent basis and that would be a win win for everyone.

Well, maybe not Ozil.


    1. if we can get Everton now that Saha is highly unlikely and we may not get Tierney,
      then I would prefer
      Tor/ Caballos

    2. I for one am really excited for Dani and cannot wait to see him in action. A young guy, skilled to the core and a little bad attitude is just want we need for our squad filled with mild, cheerful, smiling little men (except Papa Socrates who would make it to a wrestling main event and Xhaka should be playing the Indian sport of Kabbadi rather than football).If we could get Tierney and Everton, that would be a good transfer window as per Arsenal recent standards. We have Chambers back.There is some rumor about Arsenal in talks for Nicholas Pepe!

  1. With a small budget, it’s wise to sign a player on loan

    I hope he can be an improvement over Ozil or Xhaka

      1. No we are only paying his wages which is less than 3m. I don’t know where that news come from. The media is at it again. Think about it 15m is 10m away from what we couldn’t pay for Tierney, if we have 15m to get a player for a how then we can’t pay 25m that will be ours for 5 years. Don’t believe that rubbish.

        1. It’s came from the Daily Mail that’s generally pretty anti Arsenal and a bit of a Manc and Spud.

  2. I really think we should drop the number 10 position.

    Go to a flatter 3 in the middle like
    Ceballos Xhaka

    this will give us more protection in the back
    also allow more game time for willock guendozi and maybe AMN in the middle which would be dope.

    I really think the CAM position is a luxury that costs us defensively doesn’t give us enough benefits to justify it.

    drop ozil drop myki if they want to play make them fight for their spots.

    1. How Xhaka continues to start for a club like Arsenal is beyond me.I wouldn’t even have him on the bench. It’s so sad how our standards have dropped that Xhaka can even be in our starting eleven.Then there’s this talk of him or Ozil being captain which is ridiculous.

      1. I would prefer any of the 3 youngins to start over him..
        I’m not a fan either.
        but i’m being realistic.
        and Emery LOVES xhaka for some reason.
        he was never dropped last year
        and remember when he was playing leftback last year when we had AMN
        I cant see emery dropping him from the line up saddlly

        1. A really shocking player.I still don’t get why he’s so highly rated by Emery.He has eyes and sees him making mistakes but he still ignores everything and plays him.These are the kind of players who will bring him and Arsenal failure.Emery might not be at Arsenal after the coming season if he relies on such players

          1. Kev, you of all people should know that Emery only has a two year contract, which expires at the end of the 2019/20 season with Arsenal having the option to extend.

          2. Targaryen, on what basis is Emery a “coward”?
            What have you achieved, apart from being a “keyboard warrior, to disparage people?

      2. Kevin did the ceballos deal cost us 15 million? I have never heard of such a deal before.

  3. Arsenal is one of the club’s that reward mediocrity well.Very poor at business i.e buying and selling.We literally rejected £10m bid from West Brom for Gibbs only to sell him for £7m.We believe in developing youth yet keep selling them for peanuts when we can send them on loan where they can develop and leave for a higher fee.
    If you’re a player and you want to steal a living then simply come to Arsenal and rob them.A team like Arsenal should be following the way Athletico Madrid do their business.As I keep saying that it’s not about being a selling club but about selling wisely and reinvesting it.
    There are several players in our team who should have been sold long ago and because of that today their value has diminished.We are so poor at business it’s annoying

    1. Take a look at Gnabry now!

      I think he went for £5m and is now possibly worth £70 -80m!

      How is that for failure!!!???

      1. Some of our youngsters are leaving for peanuts because we are sending them on the wrong loans thus they play badly and their value diminishes.Some were also sold too early instead of being sent out on loan again which if they had done would’ve made us get a higher fee for them since they would’ve impressed on loan

  4. I would prefer any of the 3 youngins to start over him..
    I’m not a fan either.
    but i’m being realistic.
    and Emery LOVES xhaka for some reason.
    he was never dropped last year
    and remember when he was playing leftback last year when we had AMN
    I cant see emery dropping him from the line up saddlly

    1. I think so as well.I also believe Ozil will be the first choice starter at the beginning of the season and will play centrally in a 4/2/3/1.
      However the player will need to produce from the off this season.Even as one of his biggest supporters I accept he has nowhere to hide and there can be no excuses.
      If he delivers then he plays.Im optimistic Ceballos will play deeper in a Cazorla role and this should assist Ozil.
      We can only wait and see.

      1. Phil, I agree. It is a make or break season for Ozil as far as his Arsenal legacy, because he himself has admitted that his form last season was poor and injury affected. From what Ozil has said he has no problem with Coach Emery.
        In the preseason matches he seems fitter and his performances “appear” to be improved. Time will tell.

  5. anyone seen the footage of kolasinac and ozil getting attacked. gotta take my hat off to kola for protecting ozil and himself ?

      1. lol your 2 favorite players getting attacked must have been scary. the attacker saw kola and said F this shit, i’m out of here.

        1. Too right, Ackshay.. my heart skipped a beat, but then Kola saved the day.. what is wrong with some people though?? Smh

      1. Mesut would have been ok !…………….it`s virtually impossible to stab your way through a wallet containing £350,000 !

        1. Kev, any news from your sources on Rugari or Cisse? Mine are looking positive on Daniele Rugari CB from Juventus.

  6. If he succeeds real will want him back as well but I hope he can shoulder what ozil lacks

  7. @Admin, could you explain why my earlier posts were deleted?. Am waiting for your response

  8. Just saw that stuff on internet about Ozil and Kolasinac………….indeed scary stuff, it`s no wonder Ozil was terrified as he run away trying to defend !…………..the attackers are probably now on to a lawyer to claim their knives were damaged by Kolasinac`s bulging biceps !

  9. despite being an ozil out fan i still hope having ceballos with him helps ozil have a good season. we can talk shit all transfer window but at the end of the day if the players are still wearing arsenal jerseys we support them.

      1. Kev, any news from your sources on Rugari or Cisse? Mine are looking positive on Daniele Rugari CB from Juventus.

  10. Just thank f##k Ozil wasn`t out with Mustafi !…………Mustafi would have slipped arse over tit into the attacker and accidently stabbed Ozil in his good eye !

    1. And after that he’d still blame someone else for his mistake.
      The guy can’t defend to save his own life let alone trying to defend others.

  11. I hope Ceballos will bring out the class that’s been missing From Ozil for sometime. I believe Ozil is not finished

  12. OT.. congrats to Duzza.. world matchplay debut & he’s steamrollered his way into the semi final!! Get in there ??

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