If clubs can’t spend money in the summer, then Arsenal is in a good position

The coronavirus pandemic is set to affect the way clubs spend money when the transfer window reopens.

Even big teams like Manchester United and Real Madrid are prepared to spend frugally in the next transfer window and there would potentially be a situation with teams relying more on their current players and youth team.

If that becomes the case, I think that Arsenal will be in a strong position next season.

Most top teams rely on spending in the transfer market to strengthen their team, even teams like Aston Villa outspent us in the last transfer window and they will feel they need to spend again to compete next season.

But Arsenal has had little business to do under Mikel Arteta, yet we are one of the most in-form teams of 2020.

Arteta has been very judicious in his use of the available players and if he can keep these same players and have a proper preseason with them, I think that we can challenge for the top four next season.

Some fans equate spending in the transfer market with success in the following campaign, but so many teams have shown that is not always the case.

Even Liverpool didn’t make a significant signing in the summer, yet they are top of the league table by a mile.

The point is this, that Arsenal has shown under Arteta that they can be competitive with the current squad and in the event that clubs restrict their spending then Arsenal is better placed than most teams to cope.

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  1. Short answer no. Clubs will spend this summer but players value will be much lower due to the pandemic. Swap deals involving Abameyang,Lacazette,Partley and Icardi make sense financially. We could make moves from the lower end of the table like Grealish by offering players like Niles and Chambers in return.

  2. Actually Corona couldn’t have come at a worst time for Arsenal. Pre Corona, we were really struggling to offload our deadwood, and now with less money floating around, it’ll be next to impossible…unless the club takes a HUGE hit financially just to get them off their books.

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