If Emery gets his wish all Arsenal fans will be extremely happy

Unai Emery may not have spent absolute fortunes in the transfer market to try and buy Arsenal the Premier League title, but he is certainly giving me confidence that he can get us back into being challengers by sheer hard work as well as absolute belief that we can beat anybody.

I was particularly pleased with his speech in today’s press conference in Singapore, where he started by saying that he still wanted to improve his English, but then gave a rallying speech to inspire the players and fans alike when asked about how he wanted his Arsenal team to play. He said: “Each match, you are looking for every player to transmit intensity, aggression, to show that they want to win and are prepared to work hard to win.

“We want to do that with style, with a personality, with protagonists on the pitch. We want every player to create things and find things when they’re on the ball. When we are without the ball, we also want to show ambition to recover the ball quickly. We want to demonstrate that not only in every match, but also in every training session. We want our players to be energetic, full of action with or without the ball and as protagonists on the pitch doing things.”

Well if that wasn’t inspirational then I don’t know what is! He talks a good game, and his record of making mediocre teams into trophy winners gives me great hope that he can do the same at Arsenal.

I for one am going to be behind him all the way, and if he can convince the Arsenal players to follow his lead we can look forward to a great season. Let’s put the pride back into Arsenal!


Sam P


  1. snowden says:

    Hard work doesn’t unfortunately guarantee success, but we hope it does, of course. I just hope the ‘Arsenal booing club’ don’t start up the ‘booing’ first match that doesn’t fulfill our hope.

    1. Phelyx says:

      Dangote in 2020. Nigeria to save your ass, so stop lashing the player we have in this team unnecessarily

      1. Phil says:

        What the F**k are you spouting off about now?What has @snowden said in his post that has anything to do with what you have written?You Pal are a very angry man are you not? Trust me when I say that there would not be too many Arsenal fans who would bet their grannies false teeth on a Nigerian saving Arsenal Football Club and that includes both ON and OFF the pitch.
        Get yourself a life Pal and quickly.Your National football team embarrassed you at the World Cup.Your continued support of Iwobi will continue to embarrass you.And your constant drivel you gob off embarrasses you even more.

    2. Weita says:

      Fortunately, hard work usually bring luck. And often times, luck determines who’s the winner in football match.

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        Weita, I agree with you. Every top sportsman and woman I have known, it has been 10% ability and 90% hard work.
        I have been really impressed by the videos I have seen showing how hard Emery and his assistants have been working the players in training and the variety of the training. Emery even had the players undertake a training sessions after the trial games. The videos from Singapore show the players absolutely worn out, but with smiles on their faces and great comradery.
        Time will tell, but looking positive for the Arsenal.

  2. kev says:

    I need to clear this up.We were very very interested in Kingsley Coman.Please when did I ever say Kingsley Coman has had contact with us or our reps.All I said is we have bid €50m for him which was rejected.I might have had some wrong but at least.I also said we will try for Dembele if only Barca sign Willian and after hijacking Malcom from Roma I don’t know if a loan deal at least is still possible.
    The thing is we are in search of a winger and Emery wants one before the window closes.

    1. kev says:

      Iwobi has a verbal agreement on a deal.Yey to sign.
      Ramsey has a verbal agreement on a new deal.Yet to sign.Future will be decided this week very likely or early next week.
      Reine Adelaide will be going on loan.If we sell there’ll be a buy back clause.
      Ospina will go to Besiktas.
      We still want Nzonzi but unlikely as things stand.

      1. kev says:

        Lastly,Gazidis will leave Arsenal and become AC Milan’s new CEO.This will take place around September.

        1. waal2waal says:

          @Kev – may i suggest you start a newspaper. perhaps called the Daily Repeater 😀

          1. Ovia says:


        2. BenardoM says:

          Josh Kronke will take over.Remember he had to come and stay in London for the current change to take effect.Gazidis used to tell fans that the Club was doing well for years under Wenger influence even when we were under achieving.Let him go to Milan and try his luck.

        3. BenardoM says:

          I think josh kroenke may be meddling too much for IG’s liking and that is why he’s leaving. Too much responsibility without much authority for IG.

      2. D says:

        Perhaps if you stopped believing and repeating every rumour that you read as if it were 100% fact you wouldn’t be wrong so often. Because what you keep repeating are nothing but rumours from newspapers, not some secret insider source like you would wish people believed.

    2. snowden says:

      Hello Kev. You wrote this above:

      “All I said is we have bid €50m for him which was rejected.”

      We have no reason to believe this unless you can back up your claim with evidence.

      If you can’t disclose your source, there is no point in making the claim.

      Please understand without the evidence supporting your claim, you could be right, you could be wrong. Only you know.

      With out the evidence for you claim it is not our fault if we don’t believe you. Its your fault.

      1. kev says:

        This was later reported everywhere in the media.Quite shocked you didn’t know this.

        1. snowden says:

          I am surprised you believe fake news and further more see fit to quote here.

          1. kev says:

            Feel free to believe it’s fake.We bid for him but it got rejected.

          2. snowden says:

            If the media has evidence for their claim, they shout it from the roof tops. If they don’t the evidence for their claim, they do their best to hide the fact that they don’t have evidence.
            I remind you of the words of St. Ivan. “Those who know don’t say. Those who say, don’t know.

      2. D says:

        He doesn’t supply the source/evidence because then everyone would see that he is simply repeating rumours from newspapers and that he doesn’t have a secret insider source within Arsenal.

  3. Adega Olatunji says:

    Am just jumping already. I can’t wait for the season to start. I watch the video clip of the training in Singapore today it’s amazing

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  4. Diana says:

    As a head Coach, Unai Emery is doing everything right. Lets hope that everyone else from Kroenke, the board, to Gazidis, to the players and fans (including myself) we play our part. Its not the time to point fingers when you are not contributing in your own way to the success of the club. I hate how we are too caught up on spending. Look at Burnley guys. The growth is apparent. Slowly but surely, without spending. Why cant we get behind the team fully. Its too early to say ANYONE isnt doing enough. SUPPORT THE TEAM. Period…. Unai despite some glaring player gaps is doing all he can

    1. GunnerJack says:

      I think just about everyone is happy to support the team – even people like me and others who have doubts about some of our players. Let’s see if they improve under Unai – and if not then he seems the type to get rid of them… with no favourites or sentimentality getting in the way.

    2. OzzieGunner says:


  5. Arnoldhino says:

    You don’t know anything more than anybody else kev… stop trying to impress people….. we have the talent with a little bit of luck hard work could definitely mean success

  6. Trudeau says:

    There is some pretty clear evidence that Emery is a coach first with input into transfers but not the final say. So why does everyone now ignore this and talk about Unai like he is Wenger and pulling all the strings? Lazy.

    1. snowden says:

      There is some pretty clear evidence.

      What evidence?

      1. Declan says:

        Of course he has the final say. Gazidis confirmed that when he signed. If Emery does not want a player that has been scouted/ recommended then Arsenal won’t sign that player.

  7. pires says:

    Hope it works for him.He has won things in Spain and France so why not here… Back him with money though….

  8. RSH says:

    Dembele is not coming even with Malcom going to Barca. Barca play in 3 competitions and have Messi/Malcom/Dembele as their main wide players now and I don’t see why they would let one go. I’m sure Barcelona likes the fact they have a bit more depth than last season. Maybe next window something will happen but Dembele rumors just seem completely fabricated by Twitter frauds like Football Mole.

  9. gotanidea says:

    His speech described Barcelona’s methods in the field

    All outfield players are required to press the opponents hard to force them to make mistake and retrieve the ball ASAP (if possible under ten seconds)

    We will need many outfield players with high stamina for that method and I don’t think the old players can keep up with it

    1. waal2waal says:

      if any cannot get with the program, if they lack the commitment or the stamina they wont run out for us will they? they wont be allowed onto the field. slackers and\or pretenders can eventually get moved on, right.. the demands here are always meant to be high.

      1. OzzieGunner says:


    2. Goonerboy says:

      Yes it descibes Barca and in my opinion Liverpool too,
      We have a few players who can play that way in the current team, Lucas Torreira of course, Aubameyang and Mhiktaryan have huge experience playing that way.

      But i dont think players like Ramsey, Ozil, Xhaka have the stamina and/or fitness to play this way
      Going by Emery’s comments, i would prefer this set of players;



      ………Mkhitaryan…….. Ozil………….Sanchez……..


      1. Tatgooner says:

        ooh you didnt know sanchez left??!
        let me be the first to tell you that he did.

      2. Tatgooner says:

        you also have coquelin there.
        welcome to the future mate its july 2018

      3. Uba for Auba says:

        Sanchez and coq no longer play for us

        1. Goonerboy says:

          You obviously didnt understand what i did there!
          To cut it short, that is a line up that can, in my opinion play the style explained by Emery in the article above, barring Ozil

          Of course there are several other players that can play that way, but that in my own selection.

          1. Goonerboy says:

            That is***

  10. Sue says:

    So far so good ?

  11. waal2waal says:

    seems we’re in pretty good hands. surely we need inspired players, brave-hearts able to express themselves without fear. this manager has the right attitude and my only hope is we assemble a team (and squad) able to give 100% to help realize emery’s vision on the playing field, time and again.

    Looks like peres has much to be thankful for already, as do some of the others (rambo, iwobi) as far as whatever remains of their arsenal careers these i’d expect to repay the manager by giving us more effort than they did previous. its never a given that anyone can rule the arsenal out of domestic competition #COYG

  12. Innit says:

    Hard work and aggression is very important but I think we may not have enough quality to finish in top 4. I think we need 1-2 players for a top 4 finish

    I hope that Im wrong.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      Innit, looking at last season’s performances, all Arsenal need to do is tighten up the defense, particularly away from home. Emery has paid attention to the spine, more competition for places and will coach a disciplined, technically and tactically sound structured defense.
      Players who are slack and don’t take on Emery’s philosophy won’t start. Thus I hope your wrong too.

  13. Chiza says:

    I told you guys before that Emery will be the coach to win us our first premier league trophy since 2003 and also our first champions league title… Believe in Emery.. He won’t fail us…. I see Viera or Henry taking over one day but i want arsenal to win those titles before they become coaches of arsenal

  14. nonny says:

    If arsenal spend billions to win the league What different has it done From what chelsea , city and Co Are doing winning the league will be good but winning the arsenal way after such a long time Will be phenomenal

  15. Innit says:

    I think two things will already make a huge difference (hopefully)
    1. Emery’s training and tactical philosophies
    He seems to be working the players harder. He also appreciates the defensive part of the game more than Wenger (as evidenced by his signings). Wenger was about attack only. Hr said it’s in our dna.
    2. Torreira. Emery has spent decent money on a quality defensive midfielder. Something we sorely needed to do for 15 years. I can’t believe how stubborn Wenger was about this point.

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      ?Innit, more good reasons, why your hopes to be wrong may come true ☺☺

  16. jon fox says:

    What Emery said boils down to “We are going to give nothing but 100% all the time and fight for all we are worth.” Yes, a re-assuring statement but hardly Einstein is it! But equally, under Wenger, I cannot remember the last time I ever thought all the players gave 100% all the time. So, that complete change in attitude and philosophy ALONE, will, by comparison to the pampering and excuses that went on virtually all the time before, make a huge and positive difference. It may not turn our players into world beaters but positive attitude and a refusal to accept lame excuses, in any field of human endeavour, often works wonders. Excitement mounts!

    1. OzzieGunner says:


  17. perfect says:

    Bellerin. Socratis. Koscielny. Kolasinac
    Torriera. Ramsey

    Mhki. Ozil. Aubameyang

    Liestnr. Socratis. Koscielny
    Bellerin. Ramsey. Torriera. Mhki
    Aubameyang Lacazette

  18. Khadii says:

    If only fans would giv Emery time to adapt his Philosophy into d club and its players, and not expect instant success…
    Look and klopp and Liverpool…..klopp had time to change d mentality he met at the club….the fans still back him despite not winning any major trophy… And i believe this is d year the’ll do so..
    I believe in Emery and everything he stands for footballing wise…
    COYG….In Emery we trust

  19. mambo Lawrence says:

    waw this is really good news to hear from him,hope the players follow his lead and makes Arsenal great again.

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