If Gazidis leaves Arsenal it proves he’s full of ****

There seem to be lots of rumours that Ivan Gazidis could be leaving Arsenal to become head CEO of Inter Milan after nearly ten years at the Emirates, and you could say that perhaps his job at Arsenal is done as he has put in place the management team to succeed Arsene Wenger and has made lots of money for Ivan Gazidis through his work on sponsorship deals, but it also means, if true, that you cannot trust a single word that comes out of his mouth!

Just two weeks ago, he came out with this statement in public about how much he loves Arsenal. Ivan said: “The thing I am accused of a lot is not feeling this club, not caring in the way that you, the fans, do. That’s not the case, I live this football club.

“I will stand toe to toe with anybody and talk about my love for this football club and what it means to me and how much I put into it. If that’s not enough, then look, one day I will be gone, all of this is temporary.

“But I care about it, I give everything I have every single day and I demand that of the people that work with this football club. Anybody that is at this club is in a privileged position and anybody that doesn’t feel that does not deserve to be part of this football club.

“I can’t guarantee we will win everything, but what I can guarantee you, if we embark on this journey together and stick together, we can achieve great things.”

Well to be fair I can’t imagine him saying that and then leaving so suddenly, can you? Surely if he had been in talks for a new job he wouldn’t have made such a rousing statement about the Gunners would he?

So I have to say I don’t believe for a moment that he would be leaving. If it was for more money I’m sure Kroenke would have matched it…..



  1. Malch95 says:

    *AC Milan

    Well it would expose the board quite a bit, if the man can orchestrate the club’s biggest change in 22 yrs and then just leave before witnessing the results it just shows that noone really cares about Arsenal. Surely there are contract terms to stop this kind of thing happening before a bloody season starts. I mean who’s gonna be held accountable if we don’t do well this season? Emery? The guys still learning player names

  2. gotanidea says:

    It’s normal for an office politician like him to move around, like the most of us that work for companies

    Ain’t you glad that he would jump into another ship? Because Arsenal failed to get any major trophy under his leadership

    Rather than thinking about those politicians that might not even know how to play football, I just want to see the effect of Emery’s system in the field

    1. D says:

      “Because Arsenal failed to get any major trophy under his leadership” – I guess you must have been asleep when we won 3 FA cups in 4 years. Or are you just another one of those idiots that only considers the FA cup a major trophy whenever Arsenal don’t win it?

  3. dragunov762mm says:

    If it’s true why should you feel shock, admin?
    Gazidis is a bussiness man, just named the right price then you hire him. No hard feeling.

  4. Innit says:

    I won’t be sad if he leaves
    I always thought the problem with Arsenal was threefold: Wenger/Kroenke/Gazidas
    Much preferred David Dean
    Dean convinced all of the Invincibles players to come to Arsenal.
    In recent years we have had a lot of transfer f***ups ie most recently Thomas Lemar who had agreed contract terms and Monaco was happy to sell. Atletico then took him for less money (£63 mil) than we offered originally.
    Especially now that we are out of Champions League we need new blood upstairs also

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      well Dein was the one who cloze the deals and deal with the player contracts….

      since Dein departure we were unable to close any good deals

      most of the times we were able to close deals earlier with dein at helm

      lemar value dropped due to his injury and his form last season…or perhaps Atletico has a better closer?

  5. Ngaaa says:

    Maybe he Will hire Wenger at AC

  6. Jeremy says:

    We shall see… of cos if Kroenke leave too, it will be welcoming to see.

    Personally, I think he and Kroenke are the same kind. They are in for money….

    If they are not keen to build the club, I’m sure fans will walk them to the door.

  7. Marty says:

    Gazidis is like any top buisnessman who will quit any job and moves to another one if the money is right. Gazidis has no real affection for Arsenal as it’s a job to him. He says all the right things while in the job but if the chance came would leave and go to another job if the money was right. Why are we surprised this might happen ?

  8. Trudeau says:

    There could be a million reasons for Gazidis to leave that don’t involve him being fill of shite. Maybe his role is being sidelined by the other two horseman. Maybe Kroenke Jr is interfering. Maybe be is sensitive to the criticism that he’s received from Arsenal fans for the last decade. Maybe Milan has offered a shedload more money. Maybe he just wants a change. Maybe he’s worried about Brexit. Or a hosepipe ban in London. Maybe he’s not a completer finisher and feels like he has done everything he can do here and is looking for a new challenge. Doesn’t mean he hasn’t given 100% to the club while he’s here and it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love the club in his own way. I personally would like him to stay to enjoy some of the success that is hopefully around the corner but if he goes I’ll wish him luck

  9. Declan says:

    His contract is up in September so he’s possibly angling for a big pay rise. He’s not come out and denied the rumours though so who knows?

    1. snowden says:

      I believe this is a rumor.

  10. GoonerUTH says:


    Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis is set to move to AC Milan as their executive director in September, report Sky in Italy.

  11. Ackshay says:

    sky reporting gazidis is going. If he goes after years of mediocrity and just after finally coming good like RVP it just confirm that the shit at arsenal is kroenke holding us back. where’s the grim reaper when you need him ?

  12. big g says:

    Gazidis leaving just doesn’t make any sense after all the work he has put in recently to bring in all the new backroom staff ect. If we let him go will he try to get those same people for his new club ?
    Or why would he want to go if he has faith in these new people to do their jobs successfully making Arsenal a success ? Surely that would be good for his profile.

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