If Giroud is allowed to choose his Arsenal future, why can’t Alexis?

Olivier GiroudThere seems to be an anomaly in the fabric of the Arsenal universe, with Arsene Wenger insisting that his contract rebels of Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be forced to stay at the Emirates for the final year of their contracts, but Le Prof has also just insisted that Olivier Giroud, who only signed a new contract at the beginning of this year, has been given the freedom to decide his own future.

Wenger revealed his happiness at Giroud’s ‘decision’ after the Leicester game. “It’s fantastic.” he gushed. “I must say I opened the door for him at some stage because I know that it’s important for him to play, but I don’t want him to go and in the end he decided to stay. It was one of the days of recent weeks for me because I know how important he is, not only as a player, he is a fantastic player, but as well in the group. He has a big weight in the squad and it was a relief for me that he decided to stay.”

Giroud himself confirmed that it was his own decision as well, when he said: “To be honest, there was something in my soul and in my heart which told me to stay,”

“I have been hesitating because I am the most happy man when I play and I am on the pitch.

“I keep the faith and I still believe I can have an important part to play this season in the club.

So can you understand my confusion between Wenger’s words on Giroud, compared to his statements on Alexis? It is obvious to everyone and his dog that Sanchez is refusing to sign a new contract because he wants to go and play in the Champions League, but Wenger is forcing him to stay against his wishes. How is that fair?

Darren N


  1. Bsquared Kagoro says:

    one is guaranteed first team play, the other is not guaranteed first team regular play. don’t forget that it’s a world cup year we are approaching. so its not same situation.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yes, because Sanchez is chosen as a starter consistently for the last three seasons, whereas Giroud is usually chosen as a super sub.

      But Giroud saved Arsenal’s ass with his headers more than ten times in the last season. I hope he can do more than that in this season and hopefully he will be rewarded with some starts.

  2. aligunners says:

    Such likable character…One of my favourite arsenal player..keep the faith hope this season cums with injury free and yr name in the top scorers
    Asene must sign two more
    Nasri is still cheap
    Nzonzi is still cheap

    1. muff d says:

      nzonzi buy out clause is 36 million an hes turning 29-cheap to you
      and nasri lol…behave
      your scouting is certainly interesting

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    It’s not confusing in the slightest. Giroud was our main striker for 4.5 seasons, and it just didn’t really work out. I really hope we keep him because he can be devastating from the bench, which we saw again on Friday night, but he shouldn’t be our number one striker anymore.

    Sanchez on the other hand is the first name on the team sheet. No one at this club is on his level in terms of ability/mentality/consistency, so that’s why Wenger is desperate to keep him.

    1. Jim A says:

      It didn’t work out? Why because we conceded goals and never had our backs cross the ball into the box? I’ve heard it all before on this site. “He can’t create something out of nothing” is my favorite.
      He had a player pulling on him and another under cutting his feet and he still put his head on a ball with power.

      1. Janssen says:

        He is golden boot in their making like RVP and Henry before him.

        1. bran99 says:

          Hehehe true, coz when he reaches 15 goals then it’s already the end of the season

        2. Jim A says:

          Not the same as either of those two. Different kind of striker.

          1. Janssen says:

            Not too many strikers are alike. RVP was different than Henry. Aguero is different than Kane who is different than Costa. The one thing is clear Giroud doesn’t belong in the same article as those guys and will never win the Golden boot.

            He is a super sub and an average starter.

          2. Tman says:

            100% at timesome this dude just doesn’t peform

  4. muff d says:

    wenger needs to hurry up
    we need cm minimum…i would argue a cb too

    and unfortunately the…we dont have the funds..or no ones available excuse wont work this time

    will never understand wengers transfer policy ever. never fills all required positions
    please arsene give it a go

    1. GunnerJack says:

      We will never know the inner workings of AW’s transfer plans as he has often said he prefers to keep things as secret as possible. However maybe there is a spot of hope. Napoli and Nice play for a place in the Champions league on the 16th & 22nd of this month. Why is this important? Because if Nice are knocked out they are far more likely to allow Seri to leave. Maybe this is what AW is waiting for and will pounce! Hope so – we need that Santi-type replacement fast!

    2. kev says:

      I’m doing this just clear to clear my name.
      On Lemar,Arsenal had agreed a deal worth £55 for him weeks back but Monaco pulled out of the deal.Such a thing will not be reported bythe media because until the deal is well thought over and ready to be announced the media won’t know.They’re now asking for £65.I’m guessing they probably looked at the current transfer window.The same is happening with Joao Cancelo and Chelsea when they agreed £25 for him.However,Valencia pulled out and are now asking for £10 more than the price.
      On Seri,the interest is very very genuine but still no bid.
      On Coutinho,he never put in a transfer request as I confirmed but many thought I was wrong as Sky reported that he did.Liverpool FC went on to categorically deny and many credible sources said so.

      1. kev says:

        On Sancho,he’s verbally agreed to join Arsenal over Man Utd,RP Leipzig,Spurs and Borussia Dortmund.It’s a matter of when and not if for him.
        On Sanchez,he’s been offered a deal worth £330,000 a week and not £300,000 a week as reported by many.He is yet to accept or reject.
        On Coutinho,all his pictures have been removed from Liverpool’s shop and his shirts are no more longer for sale indicating that it’s more than likely that he’ll leave.I’m not saying he’ll leave though but it’s very likely and is forcing the Barca move as is Ousmane Dembele.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    Good point, it never occurred to me. I think he left the option open to Giroud because he knew Girouds answer before he asked. Same way he knows what Alexis would choose, or he might not know exactly but he fears that he would join Chelsea Manu or City ..which he cannot allow. But Giroud is hardly gonna go and take over from Costa or Aguero is he. With Oxlade I believe, that Arsene thinks he’ll get him to sign with us either during or end of season.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      The Ox is playing with a scowl permanently on his face, like that other prima donna Barkley. Reminds me in some ways of van Persie – ungrateful for all the help and time they have been given by Arsenal and then wanting to leave as soon as they come good. VVD is another highly conceited and disloyal player who thinks he’s God’s gift. We need a good dressing room – not one full of poisonous bigheads.

  6. Eddy Hoyte says:

    1st May 2011 Ramsey scored
    2nd May 2011 Osama Bin Laden died

    2nd Oct 2011 Ramsey scored
    5th Oct. Steve Jobs died

    19th Oct 2011 Ramsey scored
    20th Oct 2011 Muammar Gaddafi died

    11th Feb 2012 Ramsey scored
    11th Feb 2012 Whitney Houston died

    30th Nov 2013 Ramsey scored
    30th Nov 2013 Paul Walker died

    10th August 2014 Ramsey scored
    11th August 2014 Robbin Williams died

    9th Jan 2016 Ramsey scored
    10th Jan 2016 David Bowie died.

    13th Jan 2016 Ramsey scored
    14th Jan 2016 Alan Rickman died

    5th March 2016 Ramsey scored
    6th March 2016 Nancy Reagan died.

    11th August 2017 Ramsey scored.
    11th August 2017 World’s oldest man (Yisrael Kristal) dies

    Aaron Ramsey the only Reaper who wears Red??

    1. Break-on-through says:

      People die on day of every goal if you’re gonna go looking, that’s a stupid and tasteless thing that got started.

      1. Eddy Hoyte says:

        stop being dumb and boring.. I wasn’t accusing him, nobody is doing so… I’m an Arsenal fan and I just find it funny. so just move on and reply someone else

    2. neil says:

      you are an absolute moron to put out something like that… we can say even more people die on the days when Messi or Ronaldo or Henry score….

      people die every single day .. and its not something anyone with a shred of intelligence makes fun of !

      what do you possibly hope to gain by making such a stupid comment about one of our own players ???

      1. Eddy Hoyte says:

        I’m a moron?? on what basis do you have to call me that? I don’t blame you though. If your pops had wore A durex condom from the start he would have prevented the mess that you are. Fvcking dimwit

        1. neil says:

          you juat proved you are a moron.. !

          1. Eddy Hoyte says:

            you bore me. Swerve please

  7. gmv8 says:

    AS is the difference between us having a chance of winning the league and Citeh winning the league, although I personally believe that Citeh won’t win it, as you need team bonding to win a league, which you don’t get by throwing a load of highly paid egos together. As much as we may hate it, given his attitude towards a club which most of us give our eye teeth for, to replace would be virtually impossible, and certainly impossible under Kroenke.

  8. Godswill says:

    You are the one that is confused.
    Which manager in a big club except you will give his best and number player option to decide his future?
    There’s alternative to Giroud but none yet for Sanchez and the other two.
    All the same, I never wanted Giroud to be sold now.

  9. Mr pat says:

    Just heard arsenal fans in meltdown over alexis in Paris, who cares sell him for 90 million quid as being reported, he was in the team when we lost twice to bayern and we missed out on champions league so as I’ve always mention no single player makes a team we won last Friday without 3 first team regulars so a win is a win stop ✋ panicking people, come on YU goooooners!!!!!

    1. John0711 says:

      If he’s goes PSG for anything more than 60m brilliant then we have to trust wenger to bring in two quality signings to replace him. For me it would be a CM and winger

    2. kev says:

      Alexis will remain an Arsenal player.All reports of him leaving are untrue.Honestly speaking,he was never close to leaving Arsenal this season.No offer has been made curfently.An offer of 330,000 a week from Arsenal is on the table for him to decide.
      The media will just do everything they can to turn fans against him.His sickness and injury were genuine yet it was made to seem he was pretending.

  10. big g says:

    Alexis is fully able to decide his own future, just not until his contract has ended as per the rules that are laid out.

    1. GB says:

      Seen at Luton airport and then in Paris. He’s on his way to PSG and the sooner the better so we get away from this sh1t

  11. They may both be needed but Alexis is more needed than OG

  12. ruelando says:

    I have said it before, but i will say it again arsenal should have sold Sanchez about a month ago and i do not care to who or where, our job is to make sure we have adequate replacements, this whole crap about improving your rival is crap, ANY BUY YOUR RIVAL MAKES IT IS IN HOPE OF IMPROVING WHAT THEY HAVE. The other crap is arsenal will be lost without Sanchez, ARSENAL WAS GOOD BEFORE SANCHEZ AND WILL BE EVEN BETTER AFTER HE HAS GONE.

    Giroud may not be the type of forward i am accustomed to at Arsenal, but his attitude to the team must be commended and praised, his value to the present arsenal squad at most times understated and only gets praise when he bails us out of bad situations, but he has been a hard worker and a gentleman for this team and i would like to say THANK YOU SIR FOR STAYING WITH US.

    SANCHEZ GO %$$#%## YOU MADDA (a jamaican phrase)

  13. gmv8 says:

    People should stop getting excited about money – there is a big difference between having money and spending it on players, when you’re owned by Kroenke. Also – is there a total lack of governance in football now? FIFA, UEFA, the FA … PSG are laughing at you … they have blatantly broken the FFP rules now they are openly breaking the tapping up rules, unless Arsenal have sanctioned it, in which case AW is lying to us …. he has said so many times that AS is not leaving this season, he will torally destroy any credibility that he still has, if he does. But it did look suspicious that AS was in the directors box, rather than with the other players, it seems like Arsenal are bending over backwards to please him while he stabs them and the fans in the back.

  14. john says:

    Giroud has signed a new contract and want to fight for his spot, he gives us another option up front as for Sanchez he seems to want more money and not committed to the team no player is bigger than the team

  15. Turbo says:

    Thrilled that OG is staying! If he can keep his understandable desire for more starts under control and not get mouthy about it, he is a terrific asset off the bench and in occasional starts for the right situation or for rotation. When I look back I recognize the times where he’s floundered, but overall he has done some great work for us and he treats the team with respect and soldiers on. Also has the killer instinct under pressure. Awesome header with guys all over him last match!

  16. Janssen says:

    Fair point. Guess Wenger just doesn’t consider Giroud mission critical. Or Giroud gets preferential treatment because he is French?

  17. Ronny says:

    Conspiracy could say it’s because he’s French as per Wenger but to me it’s obvious and a ridiculous statement.
    Wenger said in a world cup year he wants and deserves to play,(he’s a sub).
    At any point is there a danger that sanchez would not play? No exactly there you go then.
    Giroud irreplaceable? No sanchez irreplaceable? Almost or more difficult.

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