“If I had to put money on it” Neville chooses which team will make top four

Gary Neville believes Tottenham are now favourites to finish this season inside the top four ahead of Arsenal.

The Gunners had been the leading club among both of them for some time now and they had a four-point cushion before they met last night.

Mikel Arteta’s men needed just a draw to remain in fourth with a healthy lead, but they lost the North London Derby 3-0.

It was a huge disappointment not to have won that match, and former Manchester United man, Neville believes they have lost the chance to finish this season ahead of Tottenham now.

He tells Sky Sports: ‘You’d want Tottenham’s games – Burnley at home and Norwich away. Newcastle away [for Arsenal] on Monday Night Football, that’s going to be really tough, especially if Spurs have won on the Sunday… Everton at home on the last day, if Everton need points, then they’ve got two really tough games.

‘I think Tottenham will beat Burnley and Arsenal will have to win their last two matches – but I’m not sure they will. Tonight was a really big blow – I might be wrong and I’m neutral between these two clubs – but I do feel now if I had to put money on it, it would be on Tottenham.’ 

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Losing to Tottenham was a major setback, but we still have the advantage and now is not the time to become negative.

Our remaining games of the season are key fixtures for us and we need to ensure we get maximum points from them.

It would not be easy, but we have demonstrated our abilities in several matches this season.
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Video – Mikel Arteta on Tottenham, the referee and bad news on Gabriel

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  1. It looks as though we are imploding and self destructing after Thursday night, so that statement of Nevilles isnt so outlandish. Its up to us to prove people wrong, or right.

    1. My goodness.. We are imploding?
      It seems likes you guys will never be contented in your lives until Arteta leaves Arsenal.
      You seem to always be praying / hoping that Arsenal lose and everything goes wrong for the club so that you can confirm your own biases against the guy.

      Many people have let their personal egotistical tendencies (Emotions) overrule their objectivity on the Arteta issue. You might be led to believe that we are fighting relegation with the way you guys have been going on all season. If someone that just woke up from a coma read your comments on here he / she might be led to believe that Arsenal are in 15th position in the table. But while in reality we are sitting in 4th place a point ahead of Spurs.

      And I bet you 100% spurs would rather be in our position right now contrary to the media or doomers narratives.

      Negativity upon negativity when it’s not even warranted.
      Sad individuals..

      1. You are the sad one pal accusing people of BS, i say what i see and dont gloss over it like some. I want Arteta to succeed as much as anyone but what i see is what i see. I have made my statements and i stick by them. You are the blind one!!!!!! You know what i think and its black and white, not rose tinted. And what i say isnt exactly earth shattering, its truth.

        1. You are saying it as you see it through your Arteta doomer tinted glasses..
          You are an Arteta Doomer like all the others..
          There is not point even trying to engage with the likes of you.. You let your dislike for Arteta cloud your objectivity.. Some of you are far too gone. Only negativity soothes you when it comes to the guy.
          We lost one game and you claim that we are “IMPLODING?”.

          Talk about being making a mountain out of an ant hill..

          Sensationaling the situation when not warranted.

            1. How sad are some of you people.
              Always just hoping that we lose so that you can massage your very fragile egos. Is this how sad your lives have gotten as Arteta doomers?
              You would rather Arsenal not make the Top 4 so that you can have your little fragile egos soothed?

              Sad sad sad 🤦‍♂️

              1. Goonster, you are a complete buffoon and a liar!!!!!!!! Not once have i hoped or said Arsenal would should lose, show me where you idiot?. And my statement which you didn’t read properly or didn’t want to was alluding to what Gary Neville was saying. It is a cheap shot buddy.

  2. Of course they are favourites, ffs they only have to play Burnley and Norwich and forgetting Everton, we have to travel to Newcastle.

    1. @Declan
      Don’t forget Everton. They have more to play for than Newcastle. They’re in”scrapper” mode at the moment…

    2. I’d say Spurs are slight favourites too Declan

      It’s obviously a close call but I don’t see Spurs cocking up – even against relegation battling Burnley whereas at times this season the head’s gone mode appears for us. Hope I’m wrong though and they give a thoroughly professional, winning performance on Monday.

      By next weekend Everton will have secured a PL place 🤞🤞 and will be in holiday mode. Home win and CL next season. As easy as that! 😬

  3. How will you like to see arsenal making top four while manchester united out.but we will handle the pressure and prove you wrong.

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