Who should start in midfield for Arsenal today?

Jack Wilshere finally got his first Premier League start of the season for Arsenal against West Ham in midweek, and he impressed many watching fans and pundits. The ex-Liverpool star Danny Murphy was one of his biggest fans. He said: “This is the best I have seen Jack Wilshere in ages. Against West Ham on Wednesday, he looked somewhere near to the old Jack in terms of committing players, being sharp on the ball, being hard to get off the ball and working hard the other way.

“He came on as a sub against Southampton and made a real difference in that game and against West Ham. On Wednesday, he played in a midfield three and the team had better balance.

“Jack was the one driving Arsenal forward and, for me, he is a better player than Granit Xhaka. When Jack receives the ball, he goes forward and past people.

“I think Arsenal will beat Newcastle comfortably and Jack deserves his place in the team.”

He probably does, but we also have to remember that he played the full 90 minutes against the Hammers and he has not gained full match fitness as yet, and Wenger could be worried about him playing again so quickly. In fact Le Prof didn’t sound confident about Jack starting today. “I don’t know yet at the moment, but we will see how everybody will be recovered,” Wenger said. “We play on Tuesday again and have four games in basically nine days so will have to assess how everybody recovers, but he had done well in the game we played.”

“I think it was an encouraging performance,”

“He suffered certainly a little bit in the last 20, but we were in a position where we had to attack, so I left him on the pitch because of course he can contribute to that, but overall it’s a positive. He has been very patient and worked very hard.”

With Ramsey and Cazorla out, if Wenger decides to rest Wilshere as well he will be left with Xhaka and Maitland-Niles, both played on Wednesday as well, with Coquelin and Elneny the only other midfielders available


  1. gotanidea says:

    This home game belongs to creative and attacking midfielders. I agree with Danny Murphy, Wilshere looked more comfortable and more mobile in deeper midfield position, than playing behind the striker, because he gets less pressure from the opponents.

    But he must be accompanied by another creative attacking midfielder, such as Ozil, which also looked better in the deeper midfield position. With a good defensive midfielder behind them, they can boss the midfield.

    The new formation is good for possession, but it often left only two central defenders in the back, which is very vulnerable to quick counter-attacks, and there is no good penetration from the wings. If Arsenal can be more flexible with the formation, I believe this could be a good tool to fight for the rest of this season.

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Utter rubbish, when we play back 5 watch closely and you only see 1 maybe 2 CB in place.

      This is why we are SOS susceptible to fast counters.

  2. Guneal says:

    Who ever starts is inconsequential. The overall team has uniform strength and abilities. Not good enough.

  3. Eat Pie says:

    Anyone else think Zaha would be a good buy?

  4. Karis says:

    “Beat Newcastle comfortably”? That’s a laugh. Same old Arsenal.

  5. Eat Pie says:

    Wenger needs to go guys and I’m sure with two or three sales and purchases we will be title challengers.

  6. Eat Pie says:

    De buchy Chambers Mustafi Kolasinaic
    —————-Jack Coq—————-
    Welbeck —–OG——- Lacazette

    Bench Sanchez ffs

  7. Adam Criniti says:


    Why would Arsene at this stage of his career(destroying his legacy on a weekly basis) commit to another season or 2 @ the helm with the strong likelihood that the following players won’t be
    applying there trade @ the Emirates

    Ozil—90% gone and honestly not worth the weekly
    wages he’s demanding
    Jack W–last year of contract and no definitive discussions on new deal
    Santi–his Arsenal career due to injuries is over
    Boss–Sadly his best years are behind him
    Walcott–bench warmer that isn’t good enough to
    feature weekly in the EPL
    Ramsey–contract winding down and he consistently isn’t good enough for Arsenal
    Welbeck–see Ramsey
    Giroud–Frenchmen needs and deserves 1st team football ahead of this summer’s WC.

    9 players that have the proverbial one foot out the door in the next 6 months.

    Why wouldn’t a potential player clear out include
    the manager who bought them and was clearly unable to coach them to there collective potential?

    Arsenal the gift that keeps on giving

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