If Jesus starts against Crystal Palace today . who should be left on the bench?

Crystal Palace couldn’t have faced Arsenal at a worse time: they have just fired their boss, Patrick Viera, and they are winless in 11 games. And that’s not all; they’ll be facing an Arsenal side eager to get back on track after being ousted from the Europa League.

The Eagles will meet an Arsenal team that understands that a win this weekend could put them eight points ahead of second-placed Manchester City. I can’t emphasise enough how overwhelming the Gunners will be for Palace. Aside from what I’ve already stated, according to the Telegraph, Gabriel Jesus is expected to return to the starting lineup this weekend and pick up where he left off before his injury during the World Cup.

In the first half of the season, Gabriel Jesus had slowly turned Arsenal’s attack into the most lethal in the Premier League. If Arteta’s attack was a puzzle, the Brazilian was the last piece that solved it with his £45 million arrival in the summer. If he didn’t score, the Arsenal No. 9 would be providing assists for his teammates or would be creating chances for his teammates to find the back of the net with his nice positioning and how his presence put defenders on their toes. “With Jesus back in the team and likely to start Sunday’s match against Crystal Palace,” writes the Telegraph. “Arsenal will feel that anything is possible.”

Crystal Palace have a lot to worry about, and if the Telegraph are right and Jesus starts against them, they may be in for their worst PL game.

But if Jesus starts, who should be the first atacker to be rested this weekend?

Darren N

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  1. If Jesus starts, Trossard would likely be benched. But it’d be unlikely, since Jesus just recovered from a long-term injury

    1. I would bench Martinelli because of 2 reasons..
      1st he has played 120 mins just 2 and half days back and 2nd it will be very interesting to see how Trossard and Jesus gel together and play together…
      But I would give only 45-60 mins to Jesus…
      And then bring Martinelli..
      Our problem is not front…
      Our problem is back..
      It seems Saliba is out..
      I am not too confident about Holding..
      He always has 1 scary mistake with him.. He is not at all comfortable on ball… He could be dangerous when playing out from back..
      He can be dispossessed if press hard enough by opposing forwards or wingers
      Time bomb in ticking…
      Unfortunately we are missing Tomiyasu as well…
      If he would have been available then either White or Tomiyasu could have played as CB alongside Gabriel…

      1. I’d keep Martinelli on the left wing, because he’s been interchanging his position smoothlywith Trossard. It’s also only a matter of time before he starts working well with Jesus again, because of their Brazilian clique

        Holding played well against Sporting, but I agree on his inconsistency

        I wouldn’t assign White in Saliba’s position because White isn’t as dominant, but maybe we can try Tomiyasu there. Unfortunately, Tomiyasu is injured

    2. True. Martinelli and Jesus link up so well. Saying that, with time I could see a good telationship between Trossard and Jesus blossom too. But for now, what we had earlier in the season just worked so well.

      1. Jesus and Martinelli need to improve their positional skills when playing together. I think Trossard has more experience in the interchanging roles, hence his good teamwork with Martinelli

  2. I think underestimating them would be crazy. Palace have always given us a hard game. And the games that they haven’t won haven’t exactly been against easy opposition.

    Thinking it will be easy has always been a recipe for disaster for us

  3. Feedback on saliba injury isn’t good. Apparently he’s out for several weeks. At least the international break will cut 2 weeks from it.

  4. This is it , the massive one, win it and the smell of the big jug will be fresh in your nostrils.

    I love Jesus and he’s our talisman and he’s returning nicely but we must not over do it ,Tossard has to start.

    Tossard join us with a big chip on his shoulder and he needs no motivation to do damage to the opposition,
    Unleash the kid from the gun goes off

    1. Gunsmoke I know you are not British but to use that expression”a chip on his shoulder” is not correct use of language in this case. Trossard may well be very determined but that does NOT mean he has”a chip on his shoulder.”
      You are using that expression incorrectly.
      Just trying to help.

  5. The match for Palace is going to be tough as always. We should learn from the recent mistakes of underrating any team. So, I expect Jesus to come in from the bench. Arteta overcome the pressure of starting him. He should gradually regain full fitness. Let Trossard continue in his false nine position. And please, we don’t need Viera in this match as Palace is a physical side.
    Last line. I hope Arteta must have talked to Ramsdale to be serious and stop being too emotional and carried away during our games. The fans has forgiven him on the Sporting match mistake. Let it not happen again.

    1. Henson that’s not a mistake that’s how we plays, we score many goals in the league as Ramsdale starts our attack.
      Trust me you won’t see the gaffer crucify Ramsdale for that neither a coach like Pepe Guardiola , maybe the stats may show no other club scores as much as the Citizens and us.

      Honestly that goal deserves to win the match in my opinion.

  6. I would be surprised if Jesus starts today. I see nothing different to thee team that started against Fulham, except for Holding for Saliba.

  7. Up front I would play Saka, Jesus and Trossard. Martinelli impact sub. Leo has experience in this type of game and can be lethal. Gabriel Martinelli getting either the second half, or 30 mins would take tired palace defenders apart.
    Holding is my main worry. He is ponderous and has a big mistake in him. Maybe White in the centre…. and can Tierney play Right Back??? No Holding please.

  8. I would start with a front 3 of Trossard,Jesus and Saka who ,on his natural side would cause Clyne or Ward a lot of trouble.The right back position has been a problem for Palace throughout this season according to my Brother in Law who is a fan , and Saka is just the guy to exploit that situation.I very much doubt if Jesus will play the entire game but with talents like Martinelli and ESR on the bench we have ample cover.

  9. I would start with 3 upfront with Saka, matinelli and Trosard the Jesus benched for one reason, he is very fast from the recovery room, let him be given like 40 mins of play and they will be enough for a mean time.

  10. Kieran Tierney has played right back on a few occasions for Scotland…and seemingly thrived in that position. So Ben White in the centre with Gabriel, Tierney right back. STRONG team. No Holding pleeeze!

    1. Sean,I would have KT in my starting eleven, but to the best of my knowledge, he has never played RB for Scotland at full international level.As a Scotsman I follow the teams matches closely as an avid supporter.He has played LB, left wing back, and left centre back but has never been selected at RB as far as I am aware.

      1. Grandad….DM headline.

        “Kieran Tierney revels in right-back role as Scotland keep World Cup qualifying hopes alive following Slovenia victory”

      2. Grandad…….
        “Due to his greater versatility compared to fellow left-back Andrew Robertson, Tierney was deployed at right-back in Scotland’s matches against Slovenia, Lithuania and Slovakia, and on the left of a three-man defence in the fixture at home to England during World Cup qualifiers in 2017”.
        From internet

  11. I did not agree with the premise of this article, namely that Jesus would start!

    It seemed plain to me that after only one half a game and having been out for month, he would always start on the bench and not in the eleven, just as it has proved.

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