If money speaks Arsenal are title challengers

The season is only five games old and it really is far too early to be able to predict the outcome of this current Premier League season, especially with a World Cup thrown into the mix before Christmas.

But one thing we can do is look at where the money is going via the bookmakers and the one club that has been ripping it up is Arsenal. No other club has seen its odds shorten to the extent that Arsenal’s has.

Arsenal is now as low as 8/1 to win the title and firmly third favourites and depending on who you punt with they are almost at the same price as Liverpool which means they are genuine title challengers according to the money.

To give you some perspective, the Gunners were as high as 78/1 to finish the season top, that is what you call a massive fall in the odds.

Naturally, things can change and when they do I may well stick up another article on this subject but right now, Arsenal are seen as more likely to win the Premier League than Man Utd, Chelsea and Tottenham and almost on the same level as Liverpool.

If money is any sort of guide then the punters have made their views quite clear, Arsenal is a title challenger.

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  1. I thought Chelsea and Man United were the biggest spenders in this summer transfer window? I also believe Arsenal built their current squad with less money than what Man City, Chelsea and Man United have spent

    1. It’s about where betting money is going, not about our transfer spend. Did you bother to read the article of just the headline?

  2. Our net spend was 98 million pounds. At least Chelsea, United, Spurs, West Ham and Nottingham spent more than us.

    1. Yes DaJuhi. i was surprised Westham got Paqueta. I thought the guy wanted Champions league football and a top club. he eventually went to Westham.

  3. The article is about money placed with bookmakers or is the irony of the other posts flying over my head. Admit the title and conclusion don’t really ram that home, the rest is unambiguous.

    On the article myself found it hilarious United were ahead of us in the betting before the eason started after finishing so far behind us purely because Ten Haag was arriving. The gap to Chelsea/Spurs in the markets was insulting as well given 5 points covered us all last season. Somewhere someone wrote an article (don’t think it was here, could of been a podcast even) on how the markets seemed to have been priced on manager reputation alone.

    1. Lol It shows that quite a few fans only read the headline ,I read it and came to the same conclusion as you .
      Regarding the odds I’m pretty sure sky bet had Arsenal priced at 33/1 for the title so you can see the difference between betting company’s ,I think we were 4th behind Man City Liverpool and Chelsea which is a reflection on last season .
      Not sure what betting company had us down at 78/1 but I can assure you it probably wasn’t one of the big ones .if it was then obviously they did t do their homework .

      1. At one point we were 6th based on best prices available with all bookmakers for the title. Although I think we were weirdly still 5th for top 4 so perhaps that was just one bookmaker going large on us at that time.

  4. We have the input to make us title challlengers, no doubt about that. We have spent like a team that wants to compete.

  5. We can’t deny that certain factors gave us a lot of advantage since the start of the season. 1, we did most of our tranfer early. 2, we had better preparation/preseason than most teams. 3, our first five fixtures are relatively more friendly.
    Given our early business and preparation, it would have been better advantage if we had played and won 2 of the top 6 team while they were trying to sort themselves out e.g Liverpool and United.
    Now, we should expect a lot of improvements from our rivals and other top half teams. The going will definitely gets tougher but I hope for the best.

  6. We are ready for anything throw at us, we have a stable and reliable squad now which I believe will not concede to much goals and are ready to score against any opponents irrespective of who the opponent is……
    Our attackers now are ready to take up the challenge, while our defenders are more organized and matured than last season, the only worry is the midfielders, but they play and fight together as a team now and o believe they will complement each other…

  7. Bookmaker odds are not the real probability of something occurring, it reflects which outcomes they want to take money on at any given moment in time.

    Arsenal at 8/1 simply means “We don’t want any more money on Arsenal right now in case they do a Leicester”. The way City are going you’d be nuts to bet on anyone else, it’d need to be at long shot odds and that’s why they’re not offering that.

    I’m constantly amazed that people are dumb enough to bet with bookies.

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