Is Nketiah (EN14) the answer to Arsenal’s striker problems at 100k-a-week?

Eemember how the past three January’s we couldn’t afford to make a permanent signing?

How every winter window, the priority was to slash the wage bill?

Recall how COVID was so bad, the club lied to their players, sacking 55 staff after their squad took a pay cut?

Reflect on how Ozil’s image was portrayed as a player; greedy, happy to take a salary he didn’t warrant?

Every time you are reminded of any of that,

The next time you’re told we missed out on a target based on not affording an extra few million, don’t ever forget …. we have just given Eddie Nketiah 100,000 pound a week!

Remember when Mr Wenger paid over the odds for a Bendtner and Denilson. How that meant we could never sell them because no one would match their pay?

So much for Edu learning from those mistakes?

Just for comedy value, the young striker has also been handed the number 14 shirt. Yes, the same iconic number worn by Thierry Henry. It’s almost symbolic of the decline of the club that the digits would be represented by two players of such contrast in quality.

The irony being that the Kroenke Family have hired experts to install the history and value of the Gunners, yet take the jersey associated with our greatest ever player and hand it to a forward with 10 League goals in 59 attempts!

It’s not the 22-year-olds fault.

In North London since 15, he loves the club and it’s not his fault if his employer wants to pay over the odds.

His agent deserves a raise for convincing his client to run down his deal so he would hold all the cards. Again, that’s Arsenal not learning from their mistakes.

All parties know what the other is thinking.

The player knows he’s not trusted by his manager. Arteta originally had more faith in Lacazette, an individual not deemed good enough for a contract extension, in the pecking order.

His employers were not In a rush to tie down Eddie to a new deal themselves, were they?

Is he getting these terms because his boss rates him?

Or do the Gunners need a body for the early round of the Carabao Cup and Europa League and its simply cheaper resigning Eddie then paying a fee for a backup striker?

We know the answer.

When Aubameyang was given to Barcelona in the new year, Eddie and Laca had the golden chance to prove they deserved to be the main man at the Emirates.

Eddie scored in three fixtures, hardly enough to warrant the bumper package.

Gooners will argue he in his 59 Prem outings, most have come off the bench.

Yet, whys that?

Why a coach who is strict on personnel following his ethos, wouldn’t warrant more starts to the youngster.

Even in a division below, Bielsa wouldn’t trust Eddie to start games.

Eddie is unlucky in that he’s old school. He’s a poacher, a fox in the box …at a time when you have to be so much more.

In 2022, a striker has to be able to hold up the ball, link up with others, drop deep, play down the wing, etc.

Eddie wouldn’t get a game at the Etihad, Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Old Trafford, the Lane, etc.

Isn’t that the level we should be aiming at?

Tend to think of it, what Prem side would he start at?

Not West Ham, Villa, Everton, Newcastle, etc

So, if Eddie Nketiah is the answer, then I’m worried what questions we are asking..

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    1. Absurd comment.

      Eddie is Arsenal through and through, loves the club, all-time top scorer in England U23. He has so much potential but has been mismanaged. I think he showed very nice hard work, good touch and a direct approach that actually fits us up from compared to e.g. Laca.

      However Arteta has been too slow to utilize him and let him find his feet in our team. Why oh why play Laca all the time after Auba left? I never understood that. He was terrible and running down his contract while top talent Eddie was just waiting for his chance.

      Oh and to discuss financials: without Eddie we’d have no strikers. We need strikers, after all. They are the most expensive of all to acquire. Paying him 100k is not a lot, plus we have no transfer fee. It makes so much sense it hurts.

      But Mikel has to instill some confidence and trust in the kid. I truly believe he can be massive.

      1. Eddie is not that good but he’s all we got and if you think we or going to get a better striker we are not no jesus no one coming in

      2. Lasse, Eddie loves the Club at £100k per week and the opportunity to wear the iconic #14 shirt. Where else was he going to earn such money? He will have to certainly up his game to earn the faith shown in him.

  1. He would likely not become our main goal-scorer, but he’ll be one of our main high-pressers. High press is very important for our high-ball-possession tactics, so having workhorses like Nketiah, Odegaard and Vieira is essential

    Nketiah’s finishing abilities looked great as well last season, so I expect him to convert more golden chances into goals as compared to Aubameyang and Lacazette

    Unfortunately, he is bad in aerial duels, so hopefully Arsenal stop chasing Jesus and look for a different CF type instead

    1. We don’t high press. MAs tactics is to add pressure woth 1 or 2 players while the rest of the team sits deeper. This is not a high press, it’s simply idiotic because it allows teams to play out easier.

      City and Liverpool play a proper high press, we haven’t been coached to do it properly.

  2. Nketiahs signing is a very smart move.
    Lacazette cost 50m plus 45 mill salary.
    Total 95 mill. He left on a free
    Aubameyang cost 60mill plus 35 mill salary.
    Total 95mill. Left on a free..
    Pepe cost 72million plus 15 mill salary so far.
    Total 87mill and counting.
    Eddie Nketia cost nothing. I repeat Eddie cost nothing. He has cost 7 mill salary so far. He will cost another 25mill over 5 years . Total 32mill.
    Compared to those above Eddie will cost less than 33% so is an absolute steal. Plus he unlike the others above is English quota . He is younger than all the others when signed. Last season he scored more PL goals than any one of the three above. Nobody is saying Eddie is our main striker.
    He has scored goals in EL, FA and Carabao cup games and that’s where he will be used most. But will sub in PL games as well remember we can use 5 subs now. He has been with the club 7 seasons and is one of our most senior players now. If he ever wants a pay rise we can sell him and as a quota player he would fetch 20-30 mill easy. So its a win win for Eddie and the club. Great deal done.

    1. Someone who see its from a proper financial point of view. Well written.

      In the long term with is a good deal as Eddie is a gooner at the end of the day and will run his socks off for Mikel.

      He may not start but he will be alot more confident heading into this sesson I can guarntee!! Could be a surprise package and will be needed, plus get plenty of game time. As u mentioned we have 5 subs and 3 other cups to play in.

      1. It’s only a good deal if it turns out he’s good enough to cement a place in the first team, otherwise the bendtner and denilson comparisons will prove correct, and it will disrupt the squad and overall wage structure.
        It’s crazy because there’s a good chance we sign a better striker in this window, which could limit his chances to do that

        1. If we had let him go we would have paid £25m for a replacement and wages on top.

          Eddie got five goals in the league and five in the cups

          If he does that again next season plus a few in Europe he will be worth his wages.

          Chances are he will bag a few more.

          Those five league goals came in 8 starts and 13 sub appearances

          The cup goals were in five starts and one sub appearance

          Overall he scored a goal every 113 minutes

          Furthermore he has massively improved his all round game. He is not just a penalty box poacher. He presses and makes good runs and his passing is improving.

          Lastly his attitude is superb. He knows he has to fight for his place, never moaned about being reduced to a sub role, just gotr on with it and showed he was worth more than two aging forwards who cost a combined £100m

          1. Agree with everything you said, the problem is he didn’t play enough games to show that he wasn’t just on the form of his life for a few games. Bendtner is actually a good example – he had some big moments for us, many more than Eddie has had, and a very good record at times, but you wouldn’t give him that contract.
            You can also see players like macheda(?) for utd, who scored a couple of really important goals that helped them win titles, but then he dropped of the map.
            I’m not at all against Eddie getting a new contract and having another chance to prove himself over a longer period, just that the price of the contract should be about half what it reportedly is – if he could show he can keep up that end of season form for the bulk of a season, then I’d say bump his contract up to what it apparently is now, that would make sense.
            But instead we’re taking a very short run of form and paying him as though he can definitely do that for a full season, when we don’t have anywhere near enough information to know that. We’re paying him first teamer wages, before he’s proven he belongs in the first team full time.
            What message does this send to the squad? Same old: we’re desperate and will pay you more than you’ve proven you’re worth.

            1. Eddie is a very level headed lad so unfair to compare him to Bendtner. Eddie is not the sort to start believing he is the best player in the world after a few games.

              He has earned a good contract by running down the last one. It is something that is happening more often in the game. It makes sense for players but puts clubs in a difficult position and irritates fans. We would have got compensation if he had gone to an English clubs but there was interest from Germany and if he had followed through we would have got nothing. Given that choice, signing him up for five years for £25m makes sense.

              The question of whether he is the answer to our striker problems is wide of the mark. Nobody has said he is. He is a squad player, good for cups and easily worth his place on the bench in premier league games, especially as there are now five subs

              1. Eddie appears to be a level headed guy, but now he’s on 100k pw, will he remain so? Bendtner was obviously doing something right early in his career, maybe he took a wrong turn after his first big contract.
                Either way we shouldn’t be so willing to cave to these demands, otherwise we will end up with more bendtners, even if Eddie turns out a success. Got to have some principles

                1. Bendtner was always a bit of a dick.

                  Eddie has worked hard at his game.

                  Arteta gave him a run in the side soon after he became manager but he was not up to scratch. Even though he hardly started in the premier league for two years he did not moan just put the work in and took his chance when it came. The goals at the end of the season were impressive but the change in his all round game more so.

                  I cannot see him getting big headed now. He has signed up even though he knows we are looking for another centre forward who will take his place in his team. He is a good lad who fights for his chances.

                2. Would have cost us far more to buy a 2nd striker to replace Eddie or we would have to hope Balogun could shoulder that responsibility. On last season’s evidence in the championship he would have struggled.

                  Let’s face it most of our goals came from the flanks last season and I hope that continues, but that we get a better #9 than we had last year.

                  I have no interest in who gets what shirt number, but now know why Martinelli got the #11 not the #14 he desired

    2. Fairfan
      When you put it that way I would say not a bad deal but a d a big but
      Still has a prove and not sure he warrant 100k
      If goal bonus is part of that the b I would say far
      Cannot be the no.1 starter for me
      Can still seem lazy of the ball and as for high press
      Seems only when it suits him
      Good.back up

      1. 100k for ” the only pure senior striker” in arsenal squad seems very good deal for me. If not, arsenal only have balogun on the run..

        Futhermore, when you revived a rundown contract player, they tend to drop in performance because of fact when they play like crazy to persuade board they worth a new contract.. Same like auba before he signed ” the thing”.

        But after all, with nketiah sign new contract, this will cooldown some nerve on the market and fans that we actually already have a striker.

        So we can go to market again to search extra striker, the quality one with ease mind.. If not, everyone will hesitate to sell their top striker to gunners if the price is deem ” too low” for them.. Everyone play a ball to gunners.

    3. But by that logic you buy any championship rate striker and when hes not good enough say, ‘well he scores in the cups ‘

  3. Going off last years numbers Eddie should be getting 25 goals in 35 games

    He should’ve been given a contract worth £50k a week and then if he hits certain goal numbers then it should I be given in bonus payments worth upto the £100k a week that way he would be given an incentive to score

    He won’t be our main striker but I don’t think Jesus is the answer either.

    Also Eddie should be judged at the end of the season he may hit the ground running and score in our first 3 games and everyone will be praising him saying he’s the best but then may not score again all season

    1. We know that players don’t consistently score goals at a consistent rate, but i agree with what you said – that should have been our approach. Reward success, don’t gamble on what someone might do

    2. @Palmer17 He scored 10 goals in 27 games over all competitions over the season. So 1 goal every 2.7 game involvements.

      You are going off of the 1,256 minutes played so scored 1 goal every 126 minutes. So in your scenario Eddie would need to play every single minute of all 35 games to get the 25 goals. Also you are forgetting that subs come on fresh when a defence is already tired. Starting games is very different.

      In other words…your stats are correct but completely lack all form of logical analysis.

      1. I actually used the 5 goals in 7 games that someone mentioned yesterday that’s how I worked it out.

        I agree with what you say I don’t think he’ll score over 10 unless we get someone else in CM

          1. I hope he is pat. I’ve never seen him play so can’t comment on him but from reading that he started something like 15 games and got 16 assists hopefully he’s a good signing for us.

            And to be honest I hope Eddie gets 15 goals I believe that to be a realistic target for him

    3. @Palmer17.
      Using your mathematical analogy going on if a no cost Eddie is to score 25 goals then Jesus if we buy him for 50mill should score 1,250 goals next season while Pepe should score 1,800 goals next season. We could win the PL if that happens

      1. And here is the old fair fan that continues to contrived himself.

        You told me the other day that our strike force was on par with Liverpool so yeah we should win the league should we not 😎

  4. If we sign Jesus , who would you bring to be out 2nd striker and how much money you want to pay . This is a great move guys . Nkietah as a back up striker is more than good . 100 K for an English striker is not a huge money mate .
    We have to accept that Arsenal is making right moves in the transfer market and if we get Jesus and Tillemans and Martinez , we will have a proper squad

  5. Good for him. He’s not world class but a decent enough PL striker who’s developeing a more rounded game (not just a penalty box poacher now) and will probably become one of the best in the country. £100K per week is not excessive for a regular goal scorer, the number 14 shirt has been worn by many others (as noted by Arseblog today) and Nketiah must be confident or he wouldn’t have accepted it. Gabriel & Wright said enough about it didn’t they! Good for them!

    1. “£100K per week is not excessive for a regular goal scorer”
      He hasn’t yet proven that he is one – that’s the problem

      1. I think he will be, but if he doesn’t come up to scratch (or even if he does) he’s easily resalable for good profit, which is why the five year contract makes such good sense.

  6. As usual I differ with a lot of how DAN THINKS AND WRITES.
    The daft assertion that a mere jersey number is of any importance whatsoever to our success or lack of it, I find depressingly ridiculous
    DAN is a negative thinker, while I AM A POSITIVE ONE, THOUGH I TEMPER POSITIVITY WITH WHAT CAN AND CANNOT BE REALISTICALLY ACHIEVED WITHIN A TIMEFRAME. dan and I hold very different beliefs and a polar opposite life philosophy.

    1. Go back and look what you used to write about Giroud and Walcott , players who routinely got double figures
      What’s the difference

      1. I never criticised Giroud except to say he was slow, which was an obsevation ands widely aceptedas true on JA,and never,as you falsely allege, acriticism! He always gave 100%, unlike Walcott whom I rightly criticised as idle. And wher you and i FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFER , as I said in my post, is that while you regluarly suppported Ozil, the single most idle and harmful player we have had inall my time as Gooner, I CALLED OUT HIS LEGENDARY LAZINESS FOR THE DISGRACE IT WAS.
        AND ANOTHE R THING DAN; as you are a regular writer on JA, you must expect to be challengedd and forcefully too, by those who think you write a lot of tosh based on dodgy life valuations , such as accepting laziness in our players. And failing to see thatALL players have a duty to give their all, in exchange for thehuge and obscenely harmful (both to fans pockets and to football values)wages theyhungrily receive but rarely actually EARN!


        1. So if you can accuse Walcott as idle , I equally have the right to question Eddie Nketiah getting 100 ,000 pound a week ?
          You have not given an argument why you think he’s worth that ?

          1. Walcott idle !
            What player was you watching ,he put him self about every match and ran after every ball ,constantly fouled but would get straight back up ,dont confuse him being small to him being weak (which you used to call him )and idle
            78 goals
            54 assists
            He was not one of my favourite players but very consistent throughout it his career ,to call him idle is mind boggling and shows your lack of knowledge as per usual.

      2. Go back at and remember what you wrote/thought on Wenger. When Arteta retired as captain we were top 4. Same brush, get over your hang-ups.

        1. Lol
          Angry Angus as been allowed back in .
          Not sure what you are getting at ,explain further and I might be able to respond in a friendly manner .
          Because your post makes no sense regarding my own .
          But nice to see you back buddy

      3. Never liked Giroud and always thought he was wasteful as well as slow however in comparison with Nketien he really was “the scorpion”.

  7. The jersey number is the dead cat in this discussion to distract from the limitations of a third rate striker … as far as I can tell no one came in for him during the 10 months when he was reportedly leaving .. some distant palace rumour phaps .. which is all that needs to be known … as of now we have a front line that won’t deliver top 6 … Jesus obviously an improvement but am not a massive fan and his worth in a different kind of outfit than city is unclear to me

      1. Well the front line has changed – hours against popular opinion, perhaps, but i still really don’t think we’d have made 5th without laca this season. Our party greatly improved when he first got back in the team, and we scored a few very important goals off his link play and “scrappiness”. Not convinced we’d have won so many games with Eddie up front for all those games, but we can’t really know.
        The reason I think he says the front line wing deliver top 6 may be more to do with the quality of opposition we expect next season, but even if utd improve a lot, I still think we should at least finish 6th

      2. because as has been pointed out endlessly the competition will not be as weak in the coming season and we will not have the luxury of playing once a week … the struggle to score goals against a 10 man leeds team will be the more than likely new normal next season without a very serious strengthening up front … theres still time and while history doesnt repeat itself it usually rhymns and the one from this line up is sadly slow and ponderous

  8. Personally think this is a good move but can see why others think it’s overpaying on wages. Clearly Eddie still has work to do to show his form at the end of the season wasnt a fluke (think of Willock…) and let’s hope he does.

    The thing I don’t get is this faux outrage about his new number. Theo was no Henry. Auba was no Henry. Eddie is no Henry. We are unlikely to see another Henry. Get over it.

    If number 14 is so sacrosanct then just retire the bloody jersey.

  9. Let’s not forget that the £100,000 figure has only been reported by the Daily Mail, then reprinted by the Sun and others. Bissouma was reported at just £25m when it was 25 + add-ons; Vieira was reported as €40m when it was €35m + add-ons. These papers know that anger sells and presenting a salary as the largest possible amount after potential bonuses makes people angry. I wouldn’t be surprised if the base salary was much lower.

    Regardless, Nketiah showed real improvement at the back-end of last season. He has resale value and saves us spending millions on a second striker. Good deal albeit not an exciting one.

    1. Actually costing us millions. If his contract was managed properly he would’ve gotten an extension 1-2 years ago at a lower wage….meaning we would’ve have the exact same player for less.

      1. That is true, but it wasn’t not “managed properly”. Nketiah simply refused to sign any offer that was put on the table. He held us to ransom, like so many players do nowadays…

        1. And we keep caving, and so it keeps happening… That makes us look so weak – it’s not like he’s irreplaceable, to say the least at this point in his career.

        2. Ad PAT, How dare you tell the unvarnished truth

          Don’t you know how much it UPSETS the many NON thinkers on here!!

          1. Yes, it’s the big thinkers who are happy for the club to be held to ransom by Eddie Nketiah. It’s the non thinkers who see a problem with this. Makes sense

          2. @Jon I know thinking of the variables is a bit much to ask but maybe just try son….or do you think the facts don’t have circumstances that contributed to those becoming reality?

            Part of a managers job is ensuring players want to sign and can see the “process”. It’s not always possible but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s part of a managers role.

            1. PS- JA. I can see you are trying to ask me something but in all honesty I have no idea what you are referring to, as you are vague and were not specific.

              If you care to rephrase whatever your question was about, so that I can understand whatever it is that you mean, then I will be only too happy to answer it, if I can. What “variables” are you speaking about?
              Not being sarcy but I TRULY DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN.

        3. 100% Pat but playing time comes into that equation in my opinion. If we wanted him to stay and see him potentially as our main striker then he should’ve been given more minutes.

          If he had been goven more minutes then maybe he would’ve been more willing to sign.

          Either way though I wouldn’t want to keep a player around that holds us to randsom.

  10. I understand some of the settlement and rants regarding nketia new deal and shirt number, but I will urge out fans base to let us support him regardless.
    In as much as many of us feel he hasn’t earned any of the two but now he they have been given to him and no amount of rants will change that.
    Let us support him and hope he comes good.

  11. truth is Gabriel Jesus himself isn’t the answer either, he wasn’t the answer at city he isn’t the answer at arsenal at best he can be a second striker, now we have jesus and nketiah who is of less quality than him, we went from auba-lacca to nketiah-jesus yes we have fallen why not just sign osimhen? he’s basically both combined and mid season we will start complaining we don’t have a world class striker bla bla also arteta is signing another defender? lisandro I mean why? we are over staffed there, missing out on bissouma was a huge blow we need box to box midfielders Gallagher, tielemans, rabiot etc

  12. Total mismanagement giving Nketiah £100 grand a WEEK. It’s the “Willian Syndrome” a known psychiatric illness. Setting up second rate players for life. FFS!
    Seeing the bloodsuckers of N17 steal Yves Bissouma for a song shows how we miss out to Edu/Arteta’s hallucinatory management. A good signing in Viera and suddenly instead of Tielemans the are gonna sign another CB to add to our collection. It seems William Saliba is about to be tortured again. I thought torture and scapegoating was illegal….well seems not at Arsenal…we did it to Auba, Ozil, Torreira, Guendouzi, Saliba freezing them coldly out. Strangely our biggest, violent, moronic useless thug, Xhaka, missed that treatment. When will we have a transfer window we get the best fecking players in front of the N17 bloodsuckers and be the best we can be? Why do we not have Yves Bissouma, an extraordinary athlete????????????????????

  13. I respect all opinion but I can’t figure how a particular account here always compare the prices of players like laca, Auba and co to nketia.
    Let me break it down.
    Auba and laca has more than 100goals in them before they were signed.
    How much do you think such a high profile players will cost in purchase and salaries?
    Even when we purchased pepe he had 23 to 27 goals alone in that season how much do you think we would have bought them and make them earn.
    All these players had a great record before purchased. They only fell off while being with us.
    No doubt that pepe was overpriced, but with that season he had, no way he would have been sold for less than 50 to 60m.
    I don’t see why their price tag or salary should be compare to nketia situation.

    In as much as we overpaid for some of them, but base on their performances for their former club, many of those purchased were justified, sadly many of them couldn’t live to the price tag which is not our fault.

  14. Another problem with paying players based on their potential is: where does it end? As they start to fulfil their potential, they’re only going to want more and more money. So our wage bill goes up, players get more and more power, because we let them.

  15. Jesus guy (sean)u are exactly what arsenal football club dont need in a supporter .
    probable football manager player commenting on our team like this…. shame on you
    I dont actually know, but calvert lewin he’s gotta be on 100k i look at the two of them (nketiah) and there’s isn’t much difference one better in the air the other on the ground… so why are you hating on a player Arsenal have raised the hard way, our club motto is
    Victoria Concordia Crescit
    For the love of god look up the meaning… cos u aint it …
    and frankly go support the spuds cos you don’t deserve to be a part of what is coming, if you cant mind your manners, wind your neck in …. and enjoy the show.
    people like you caused the disconnect between Arsenal and the best manager we’ve ever had which I might add MA hopefully this season will be the 1st manager to get a better Premier league result than Arsene Wengers last team
    I.E. All your negative energy does is set the Arsenal family back

  16. I think he is the one player in our squad who will benefit most from the five sub rule.

    Poachers have gone out of style as starters but will always be needed from the bench and the extra subs make them a little bit less of luxury

  17. Eddie Nketiah has played Dare with us and won. He isnt a bad player, he hasnt let us down, he has a good attitude, he has good abilities. He has done nothing to warrant a turn around from this club to offer him what they have. Arsenal were frightened he would go to palace or west ham or leeds and be a good striker for them. They were frightened he may become the next Gnabry but we should not have let 2 months of first team football decide the massive change. The reasons behind this contract like so many in recent years is WRONG!!!!!
    Im not saying Nketiah may go on to be a good player for Arsenal, im saying this is why we struggle to improve. OUR ETHOS IS WRONG

  18. Nketiah impressed me during his limited opportunities last season and I feel he will surprise many of those who currently doubt him and those who continually slag him off without justification..I do hope we are successful in bringing in Jeusus from Man City but to bolster our strike force I would strongly urge Arteta to sign the Norwegian, Erik Botheim, who scored 23 goals in 46 matches for Boro Glimt last season.His move to Krasnodar in Russia has been terminated due to the impact of the war and he is currently a free agent.Botheim who is 22, will be well known to Odegaard who could no doubt influence him to come to Arsenal.I remember seeing Bodo Glimt hammer Mourinhos Roma 6-1 in 2021 when Botheim scored two .He is a physically powerful C.F who is more than adept on the ground and excellent in the air.He is currently available for free, so what have we to lose?

    1. Spot on Grandad, this article is what we don’t want going into a new season, Harry Kane came from the academy after being released by us at a younger age and same as Nketiah, don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing the 2 but simply saying u never know how it will turn out. For me he deserves everything he is getting, if he had declined the offer n moved we will be saying how greedy he is or how unambitious he is. This kid to me is underrated, give him a full season as 1st choice n judge after, his numbers are great n u can see he has an eye for goal

  19. What’s done is done, so let’s judge him at the end of the year. 100k a week, let’s see if he earns it or pulled a fast one on the club.

    No more excuses this year, from players, manager, board, or ownership.

    Stated goals, minimal acceptable achievements, and accountability should be on tap when the season starts.

  20. We won’t know if this is good or bad until viewing it in hindsight.

    There are new factors to consider next season – not only being back in Europe, but the weird split season due to the world cup.

    Thinking about the toll it will take on international players to play a full season with a wc in the middle, there’s a lot to be said for spreading the workload into someone who’s a bit short of international standard.

    If Eddie stays at home resting while others are in Qatar competing and getting fried in the sun every day… that could be a very useful player in the second half of the season.

    Note the word “could” – as I said at the start, we won’t know until afterwards.

  21. We aren’t of the level of the teams mentioned and have not been for sometime.

    Signing Eddie is indeed a sign of the times. He may come good given opportunity but I’m doubtful he has big numbers in him and the level of consistency in marksman like finishing as the other golden age no 14 did.

  22. 1. On today’s market value system, 100k a week is chump change.
    2. Walcott wore the 14 jersey and was above average seen that he was mostly put on the wings.
    3 . Ozil was our main man , I repeat our main man. 2018 uel s/final despite having a man advantage , our main man didn’t show up instead Athelico’s Main man (Griezman) was the star and showed up like a star. 2020 uel Final, Ozil ( still our main man ) was no where to be seen instead Chelsea’s Main man ( Hazard ) showed up and helped them win the cup.
    We should have gotten rid of Ozil a long time ago.
    3. Eddie plays with a passion I’ve not seen in a long time since Sanchez , and MA said the things he does in training, his very high work rate , his high pressing etc is what informed him to extend his contract so much so that he even apologized to Eddie for not using him more and earlier.
    I totally agree we need at least another striker, but still Let’s not forget he is still only 22 and has been with us since childhood. He still has a lot to learn , and has to improve on his positioning and finishing + he need to bulk up a bit ( but I’m guessing as he gets older he probably would ) . Let’s give him a chance and support him. With vieira and Tielemens ( hopefully ) Eddie could be getting 20+ goals in all competition, now that isn’t a bad stat

  23. Harry Kane and Son, Salah and Nunez, Haaland and Mahrez vs Nketiah and Martinelli.

    We desperately need Jesus and Gianluca Scamacca or we are in big shite. Nketiah will be OK occasionally for the Europa…..he is bog standard average.

  24. “So, if Eddie Nketiah is the answer, then I’m worried what questions we are asking”

    As I’ve said on numerous occasions, he’s not the answer for a team who’s supposedly competing for things…it’s so ironic that many of the same people who’re using the purple patch kid’s late season goal tally to prop him up, were adamantly opposed to doing likewise for Willock last season…maybe, just maybe it’s because our MIT didn’t favour JW but NOW appears to favour Eddie…please keep in mind, MA tired desperately to not play this player and only did so when nevergoals Laca went dry for the better part of 6 months and we paid Auba to go score goals for fun in Barca

    1. What I dont get TVRL is that Jesus is like for like with Eddie so why keep a player who will be limited to minutes when we get in the Man City man ,surely we should be getting in a proper CF to play along side Jesus .
      Makes no sense to me at all tbh

      1. DK & Reggie, we all know that our manager is tactically inept, as we’ve witnessed, so it’s seems clear that he’s going to lean into the whole “no plan B” narrative, by bringing in those players who are very similar to one another, like Jesus/Eddie and Ode/Vieira…it’s some total amateur hour shit…the bar has been lowered to the point where all he wants to do is make sure we have a better record against the lesser lights so that we can capture the nouveau Arteta Cup…Wenger did the same gig, which is why our record against the top teams has been piss-poor for years…we’re not trying to compete with the best, we’re trying to be the best of the rest!!

        1. Said the same yesterday about Fabio being another light weight small Odegaard clone (met with the same comments “mr negative )
          Obviously I haven’t seen him play and have t heard of him to be honest as I do not watch Portuguese football ,one thing I do know though is that it’s pretty much a 3 team league every season so his stats mean nothing as it’s like comparing a player coming from Celtic or rangers .
          What I did do though is do a bit of homework on experts that do watch it that league and pretty much they all came to they same conclusion that he’s another player who looks good on the ball and can play between the lines but as little pace and is easily knocked off the ball ,imagine him next season coming to play In a league that gives you no time on the ball and is more physical than you are used to .
          Maybe these experts are wrong and he might turn out to be the next santi and for 40 million you would expect that .
          I haven’t watched any you tube vids so my comment is based on what I’ve researched .

          1. it’s so predictably pathetic because many within the Kool-Aid crew were all gaga over the signing of particular PL players because they had “proven” themselves in the best League and sh**ing on those from “inferior” Leagues, then as soon as our MIT sanctions a move for a relatively unknown kid from a far lesser League, they’re lapping up the supposed ingenious nature of this move…I’m not even sure if this player will crack the starting lineup, especially if Xhaka stays and we remain firmly entrenched within a 4-2-3-1…imagine if his arrival cost both ESR and Marts considerable playing time and we ended up with a starting lineup that including Xhaka, Ode and the new kid, with Eddie up top…how would that possibly solve any of our obvious deficiencies from last season

            1. Thats my worry regarding Martinelli and ESR the latter as already been pushed aside to make way for Odegaard which was strange because leading up to Christmas ESR was our top scorer then got pushed out wide and shared that left side with Marts .
              If we are spending 40 million on a new AM then Surely he’s coming here to start which would mean Arteta going with this 4-3-3 and 2 number 8s
              Someone will be left out that’s for sure .

  25. He has a lot to prove, doesn’t he? Odds wise I give him only a 40% chance of succeeding. I don’t think he has the skills set to be a top striker and will be limited to tap ins and penalty box hustling and bustling. His one dimensional style will be too easy for defenders to pin down , so we’ll definitely need another top class striker to offset this.

  26. @dan kit Maybe GJ is smoke and mirrors , or he was replacement for eddie , who is now signed so GJ is not needed . IJS maybe were not that desperate for GJ now and thats fine with me , i dont rate him that much

    1. Rumours are he will be signed in the next few days ,obviously they are just rumours but the betting market which I follow shows otherwise
      1/8 on that we are signing him
      1/8 on also on Martinez
      I believe that will be our transfer business done after those 2

      Re up for Eddie
      Are they players that are going to push us forward ?
      I’m no expert but I would say no ,but I could be wrong .
      Maybe we might get a surprise but I doubt that also ,but again I don’t know ,only what I’ve read and my opinion.

      1. I agree thatwont take us to the next level , i am looking forward to see this viera guy but it may just be his name that excites me . On the betting odds i dont know if you should take to much stock in them as betting market are designed to take your hard earned money. Ive not ever looked at odds for tranfers but i bet they dont always get it right . I hope they are wrong on GJ, if we really want him i say just wait a year and get him for a reasonable price . I dont want us filling their coffers if they dont even want him

        1. You would be surprised how accurate they are TBH
          I would never bet on them but I do follow as they are a good indication as betting firms do not like to lose out .
          As of yesterday we were 1/4 on for Tielemans to sign ,the. Sky reported he will probably stay in with Leicester now it’s back to evens .
          Like you said Not always right but they are always on the ball .

  27. @dan kit Maybe GJ is smoke and mirrors , or he was replacement for eddie , who is now signed so GJ is not needed . IJS maybe were not that desperate for GJ now and thats fine with me , i dont rate him that much .
    The question should be why spend so much on GJ when he is same as Eddie
    Nketia 14

  28. That exactly what we have been discussing
    Reupping Eddie when we are about to spend a massive amount on alone for like player

    1. Cheers dan kit . I thought i got yr point , I was implying we have eddie so i would flag spending on GJ at the price city want . I assumed you mean we should of flagged eddie and got GJ . My bad if im wrong on that

  29. If we do go with this system which primark pep as copied off his best buddy then that leaves either partey or Xhaka without a job so let’s just hope partey stays injury free else can you imagine a team full of midfielders that the likes of Finland would be proud to have in their Olympic 100m relay team (not even sure they have one but I’m sure you get my drift )

      1. To add to that I think pep might change up that system next season as he now as probably the best CF in world football at his disposal maybe a basic 4-2-3-1 (if he gets Philips from Leeds )his high press system he’s done for a number of years can work in a number of ways going from a simple 4-3-3 into a 3-2-2-3 which he’s been doing for years with the likes of walker and Cancelo working with KDB on either flank can now be countered if you have the right players or manager .
        Great managers evolve (something Wenger couldn’t do unfortunately)your basic managers copy and learn as they go but will always be one or 2 steps behind .

        1. no doubt DK…you can’t be chasing antiquated footballing trends unless you have the requisite talent to beat the ever evolving defensive schemes…we became so f’ing transparent that everybody and their brother knew what was on offer, yet we continually leaned into the same tactical approach with only a few minor deviations, like pushing Xhaka into more advanced positions or having Laca come increasingly deeper, which didn’t really put any added pressure on opposing defenses and the former usually left us exposed on the counter

          of course, there have been one-trick pony clubs, who play in a certain fashion regardless of the opponent, but they’re either incredibly unsuccessful, like Blackpool after promotion, or teams of consequence, like the Barca of old, who were loaded with talent up and down the lineup…to be frank. we just don’t make rational sense in so many capacities that I really worry about our immediate future, and beyond, should we not both raise our recruitment bar and drastically change our tactical approach

  30. As Arsenal have signed 3 new players this summer transfer window in: GK Matt Tunner for an (undisclosed fee I think), AMF Marquinhno who I think is for £3m. And a deeplying midfielder Fabio Viera for a reported £34m transfer fee.
    But for Arsenal to boost their summer transfer kitty this term, so that they can become more financially positioned to do more top top quality signings this summer. At least bring in 3 more new additions of a prolific and versatility winger. Who if signed can give Saka Martinelli and ESR a very tough competition for their money at the wings. And also be a adequate option to the trio and provide cover to them as well.
    And also do 2 new striker’s signings. One of whom could be Victor Osimhen in my own reckoning. Which if Arsenal do the 2 striker signings in addition to Nkethia who has stayed will bring the number of strikers in the new looking Arsenal projet team to 3.
    I think Arsenal can raise some good valuablev cash at the market during this summer if they offload their : B Leno, V Bellerin, B Mari, N Pepe, AMN, R Nelson. And replace them by signing 3 more new players. While also they should promote at least one or two players from the likes of: Partino, Hutchinson, Azeez and Swanson from their U23 team to their first team next season.
    As GK Matt Tunner looks set to be the 2nd choice option to the regular 1st teamer GK A Ramsdale. But I think GK Arthur Okonkwo has since last season been promoted to the 1st team as 3rd choice.
    And I think both Arsenal and Nkethia knew very well what club and player are doing when Arsenal gave Nkethia the reported 100k/w wages 5 year contract extension to stay at the club. And also allowed to him the legendary no.14 Jersey won by the legendary Arsenal all time goals scorer player, Thiery Henry.
    Now, as Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal did not retire the no.14 jersey shirt to honour Thiery Henry who he signed after he left Arsenal to Barcelona.. But somehow looked to have left Arsenal in an acrimonious manner. Which might have infuriated Wenger to not have the no.14 shirt he won retired to honour him. But I wouldn’t know for sure. For, I am just doing a guess work speculation.
    But nevertheless, as the no.14 jersey has not been retired from being put on by any Arsenal players who has desired to put it on and the club approved it for him to do so.
    Subsequently, some other past Arsenal players like Theo Walcott and PE Aubameyang had put on the no.14 shirt when they were at Arsenal plying their football trade there.
    In summary, let us Gooners wish Nkethia big time success in regular top goals scoring for Arsenal especially in the EPL and Europa League next season whenever he puts on the no.14 jersey on to play for Arsenal.
    More so, as he has taken it upon himself this big challenge by ambitiously challenge himself to go big in games for Arsenal next season.

  31. You are too negative and I wonder if you wrote this because you are an Arsenal fan or just to attract people to read your article! Were you born knowing how to write or read? Nketiah is going to learn and I am sure if everyone else in the team is going to do what they are required to, he is also to up his game and score some needed goals.

  32. Not sure why these remarks are coming up against Nketiah. He never had free full-time games like others Giroud, and Pepe while all media and most pundits kept pleading for time for them. The coach sees them play in the practice games away from fans. He made the decision, not on emotions but on conviction. Let Nketiah have the unfettered support and games availability and see whether he doesn’t prove himself and justify his position

  33. This was a really tough piece to read… not only due to the poor level of English and grammar but because it was written by someone who only made note of the negatives and ran with that.

    When you lead into an article (or blog post as this clearly is) with an agenda, coupled with an inability to view the story as a whole and only write from one side, you are merely posting a rant… this is not objective, nor is it a factual / trustworthy piece.

    Record the facts and let the story tell itself. By all means, say what needs to be said and make the comparisons with the likes of Henry, but do it in such a way that people can make their own minds up.

    Also, you’ve failed to represent what $100,000 pw gets you in the Premier League nowadays… by your points, this is the price paid to the league’s top stars… incorrect. You’re paying the guy a mediocre wage in terms of today’s climate so your club clearly only views him as an average talent who they refuse to pay over the top for. By this token, what then is your point? That academy graduates with some Premier League experience shouldn’t be retained by their clubs when the club only has a limited pool of goalscorers, even less so with Premier League experience, and paid a “reasonable” salary in modern terms?

    Or are you trying to tell us that Henry’s number should either be retired / handed to Haaland or Lewandowski or Benzema? I can tell that such a calibre of player won’t be joining a Europa League side lead by a manager who dictates player’s careers based on emotion. So who would you have the number go to instead, if not retired? An Arsenal academy graduate with first team experience who you’d imagine will lead the line this season? Or a cheap signing you make out of desperation before the window closes? It’s just a number… hand it to someone who understands the value of such an honour and who understands the club, make a young striker feel important and give him the boost he needs going into your most important campaign in 8 years. Nothing wrong with a morale boost ahead of a congested season – it’s out of character for Arteta to actually lift players so take it when it’s on offer.

    Great story…

  34. Of course Dan, he is not right now a 100k/week player that would be 1st option in a big club. But what was the cost of Laca ? 50 + 5 years at 182k/week. Do the Maths… he will have cost something close to 100m for 5 years… Auba last contract was 55/3 years… etc… Eddie was at the club. He is, even at 35m/5 years, a good option… Compared to all these guys, he will have resale value in 2, 3 years if he is not banging the goals we need. And he will basically have not cost a lot if we ship him for 15/20 by this time. So it is a WIN-WIN situation for me. Let me put an other argument on the table. He is homegrown. Dont forget that we cant field more than 17 non homegrown : Turner, tomiyasu, gabriel, cedric, partey, Tierney, lokonga, xhaka, elneny, odegaard, vieira, trusty, tavares, jesus (?)… we are not very far from getting there already and we are lucky that saliba and martinelli will count as homegrowns. LAST one : ian wright was playing in 2nd division until 25… drogba until 24 was playing in french second league ! yes ! scoring 7 in 24… So eddie is a gamble for me. He wont cost a lot. And as a humble hard worker, he might get hopefully better. So no brainer at all. So people should stop drawing conclusions like “where our club is heading” based on his signing. His signing makes total sense. we cannot bang 30/40 m on every squad player, especially after years and years of mistakes and errors in the market….

  35. The problem isn’t paying Nketiah $100k a week. The problem is when Saka or Odegaard or Partey are ready for a new contract. Their agents will point to this contract and say “We’ll obviously begin negotiations at $150k a week”.

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