If not Benzema then who CAN Arsenal sign?

I am going to assume, perhaps foolishly, that Arsene Wenger is not just sitting on his hands with regards to adding to the Arsenal squad in this summer transfer window. I like the fact that he has confidence in the players available to him but surely the Frenchman must see that another quality player or two would significantly increase our chances of winning the Premier League title next May.

The main name on everyone’s lips, of course, is Karim Benzema and that signing could still happen if the Arsenal transfer rumours have the situation right. But it seems to depend on things beyond the control of Arsenal, so there is also a very real chance that the French striker will stay at Real Madrid.

If so, and if Wenger does want to give us more attacking options and some insurance against a key injury, who else is there for the Gunners? There has been talk of Edinson Cavani or Gonzalo Higuain, but that seems to be as likely and as difficult as getting Benzema. So should Wenger be looking at some less stellar options up front, such as a decent striker that could cover for Giroud?

Would it be worth taking the punt on a proven Premier League player like Charlie Austin, as he scored plenty of goal for struggling QPR last season and would not come close to breaking the bank? Maybe we should think about challenging Tottenham for the West Brom forward Berahino.

There are some decent if not world class strikers out there but as the closing of the window approaches, it will be a lot harder to persuade any club to part with their best players. How do you see this going for us Gooners?

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  1. For the sake of a statement.
    But it can’t be an unknown kid.
    At least a known name…proven name.

      1. Yeah…but we already signed him….and proved him..and now Ajax is proving him again…so yeaaah noo

  2. I just hope we dont miss out on Benzema or Cavani and end up with some mediocre panic buy.

    1. Same, I’m tired of lampposts Giroud and Sonogoal. We need someone aggressive and skill full, gone are those Chamakh and Bendtner days

      1. Dude, your “Chamakh days” striker was score our very first goal, and he did it with some class too. At less he deserved a little thanks from us.

    2. Good article!
      But I strongly believe that our management had placed all our eggs in Benzema’s basket.
      However, I believe my link agents on twitter who say that the following deals:

      Benzema = Arsenal
      Krychowiak= Arsenal
      Wanyama = Sp*rs
      Ron Vlaar = Southampton
      Cuardrado =Juventus (Loan likely

      NB: What I like most is their claim that T. Henry and M. Özil contributed immensely to personally CONVINCED KB to join us.
      I am waiting to test their integrity claim!!

  3. What boggles my mind is that there are so many very talented young strikers out there, yet Yaya Sanogo is the player Arsenal are putting their hopes in. What has happened to our scouting system?

  4. The problem with the Arsenal transfer is the position – striker. Which Arsenal rivals managed to sign a top striker this season? Only LPool with Benteke. Chelsea got Falcao on loan but will not likely use him as a starter.

    If Arsenal were interested in other positions …… for example they could more easily secure a solid DM and a top winger for the 50 mil it would take to get Benzema who will likely get only 5 more goals than Giroud – not a big improvement.

    To me the best option now IF it must be a striker is Cavani. His club says he could be available and his valuation seems to be much more reasonable than in the past. Additionally his goal production rate outshines Benzema’s.

    1. we should be the ones doing the best striker deal . its good to go for gold (benzema), but if u fall short and don’t have a plan B, then your transfer window strategy has failed. if at the end of the TW, we’re not the one having made the best deal over the summer for striker then our transfer window strategy has not done its job. its harsh, but its the reality : if u want to win PL, u have to have made the best deal over the summer.

    2. Yupe. Cavani is a complete killer, specially if we back to his Napoli days. If he can bring back his mojo than our striking productivity problem will considered done. Almost impossible to believe that PSG will let him go only for 35.5 M pounds, and there’s no offer from European giants yet.

  5. Cavani. Put a £35-£40million bid and PSG will not say no. El matador would be perfectly suited to our style of play. Wenger make this happen!

    1. 35-40 will not get Cavani….considering they only have 1 pensioner striker Ibrahim….

      50m-60m more likely

  6. Did you Say Austin or Berahino? How desperate are you Kimosabi?
    It’s either world class or don’t buy at all. We have Welbeck, Walcott, and Giroud. If we can’t buy a striker, then buy Gotze and add a little flare to the attack.

  7. Wenger can pretend as much as he wants that he doesn’t need to sign every year, but the facts remains 2 minor trophies since 2006 and if he goes on like this he will leave with the two trophies only even if he stays for 10 years

  8. If not benzema then nobody. Because benzema has already signed. Everybody saw that he did not even watch the match as he was “injured”. Let us hope we get all three points against liverpool tongiht. Krychowiak is looking close as well. If the move for benzema does not happen i will leave the site and i will not create a second account that is a promise.

      1. I promised ADMIN and everyone else here that i would leave if the move did not happen and also i would make one last post saying sorry. If the move does happen (which it 100% will) then i obviously i would stop posting as much. So it is a win-win situation.

    1. u (all guns blazing) just showed up this transfer window with claims of Benzema’s signing………. I reckon u are one of us with another account…….don’t have us fooled…….if the Benzema deal fails, u will eat ur cake and have it!

      1. This is the only account that i have. I do not know how to prove that to you. The deal is going to happen Benzema is a gunner. Like i said if it does not happen i will leave.

        1. Last warning. I don’t care if you apologise. If you say ONE MORE TIME that Benzema is signed you will be banned, so you won’t have to leave. OKAY?

      2. @SoOpa AeoN.
        Give the lad the benefit of doubt. @all guns blazing has stuck to his guns even when others who believed doubted and those who hoped lost all hope.

        #all guns blazing stuck to his guns becomes Justarsenal hero in the end.

  9. I signed Sanchez
    last season so after
    that success Arsene
    and Ivan put me in charge
    of all transfers this window.
    I assure you significant signings are coming.

    1. @davidnz……….u didn’t state this at the start of the window only recently……looks like u were appointed 2days ago

      1. It doesnt matter…

        We must spend big no matter what…..

        we need the quality players in our squad to win….

  10. This guy just spoil my day with this article. How dare you mention Austin and Berahino? You think we are Spurs/Liverpool. It’s either World Class Players right now or nothing. Arsenal should be aiming for worldclass players now not some decent bullsh*t. The only time I will forgive Wenger for not signing a WC striker this TW is if He eventually wins the Epl this season. He should win it ooo, atleast for his own sake.

  11. Major iCardi from inter Milan is the best young striker in the world. Pace, physical, creative, strong, good goal scorer NR great movement. Offer 35-40 m he will break drogba’s record in 1st season.

  12. he won’t have that heroic crown…….. Not from me……. He’s only quoting from actual original sources which we all already know!

  13. Victor Wanyama and Marco Reus will do me. If Walcott can play as a central striker than I’m sure Reus could and Victor will add some of that Patrick Vieira toughness in the middle that we have been missing.

  14. Can’t wait to have Welbeck back. Even if he doesn’t score many goals, he adds an incredible amount of value to the team – more than any forward player at Arsenal in fact. Get well soon Welbz!

  15. So good to be back after 3 months…
    Truth is Wenger is known for making world class striker not buying. All these transfer rumours are sickening. We have Giroud, Walcott n welbeck up front feed these guys aerial balls or ground balls they will score a lot, Wenger just needs to enlighten them on their attacking lapses n solutions n we have goals
    We need a world class striker n none is really available so let’s get Krychowiak n solidify our defensive half to allow our attackers work well n feed these strikers, remember Walcott was out all thru last season but he is fit now n we know how deadly he is. Welbeck will return soon. I believe in these guys till a world class player of Wenger’s choice pops up available. We can be the team who spent less and made a difference. Everyone has to turn up like Alexis.

  16. ahhhh dont be mean!!

    im getting just as excited about whether this guy lives up to his promise and disappears after KB’s arrival doesnt happen….

    that being said, i do hope he is right and gets his chance to rub it in our faces haha!

  17. my mate just showed my a tweet from Benzema himself.. (i dont use twitter)

    cant remember it word for word but basically stated he is going nowhere


    yeah i speak spanish innit

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