If not Guardiola who will replace Wenger at Arsenal?

I am not going to talk about the Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with the current Bayern Munich and former Barcelona manager Pep Gurdiola. And I don’t want to start another argument between the AOBs and the WOBs. But one way or the other and sooner rather than later the club is going to have to get a new manager.

It could be the most important decision they make for a decade or so, and the problems that we have seen with David Moyes, Louis van Gaal, Jose Mourinho and many more highlights just how important the decision is. I have always liked the way that Arsene Wenger says he puts the club first and the fact that he will have a say in who will take over but did Fergie not say the same thing at Man United?

In my opinion Arsenal and Wenger will probably surprise us and appoint a manager we have never heard of, just like they did with the prof. But just for the sake of argument I am going to make my choice from people we know. Guardiola is the obvious choice but as well as thinking it unlikely I am a bit worried about what he could do with a team that was not full of the best players money can buy.

I like Ranieri and Ancelotti but they are not much younger than Wenger. We need a tactician and a man manager but I think we also need some fresh ideas rather than someone who just wants to keep Wenger’s plan going. Simeone is a thug, just like Mourinho. Maybe an Italian or a South American, but call me crazy if you like but I reckon a young Englishman would be perfect.

Paul Clement of Derby is doing very well in his first managerial role and before that he worked with top managers and players at Real Madrid and PSG. Could he be the man to replace the prof? Who would you like?

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  1. more importantly i see Kronkie is re locating on of his american football clubs due to it not making enough money, even after saying he would never do this ???. and here i am thinking he only cared about entertainment hmmmmmmmm

  2. Heroes are forged at The Arsenal

    They come unknown, but here they become Wonders of the world

    we have a philosophy to maintain and who just can’t keep the ethics, isn’t the right man for the job

    who the cap fits, let him wear it!!

    *Some heads are just too big to fit our cap*

  3. Wenger isn’t going anywhere just yet!
    He still has a year or so left on his current contract,
    So talk of a new Manager is pretty premature as it is highly unlikely that he would step down or be sacked in that time and if we do manage to win the league this season as well as retaining the Fa cup , it is more than likely that Mr wenger will be offered a new and improved contract

    My only interest is in Arsenal fc,
    Their results effect my mood, this club is in my blood,
    As long as we are winning, I am happy!

    Forever Arsenal… COYG’s

    1. Arsenal fc 》flesh of my flesh! Blood of
      blood! forever! Coyg!

      Hahaha…… Yes we know that, but what was all that for?

      Feel free to add that to ur poetic anthologies anywayz

  4. Listen baby please

    Mick McCarthyyyy on a dailyyyy

    Seriously, Mick has bags of experience
    He would be perfect

  5. At the moment, if Wenger is fired next week, I can only see Steve Bould being our next manager. The next manager must have a good understanding of English Football and more importantly Arsenal. Steve has been at the club for quiet some time, in the highs and lows, he’s been a big part in Arsenal playing a more defensive approach. Steve is discipline, hes tough and experienced, and he is probably the last person to have close relationship with Wenger. Steve Bould ticks all the boxes to be Wengers successor.

    Other personals would be : Bergkamp, Dragan Stojkovic (Wengers succesor at J-League), Andries Jongker.

  6. Who will replace wenger at arsenal? Don’t think my opinion will be considered by the board……. #mouth sealed#

  7. I think Joachim Low would be an excellent candidate IF he is interested in going back to manage on club level. He’d probably want his own assistant but it would definitely be a good thing to see him reunited with Shad again.

  8. For me, the best manager who can succeed Wenger is Frank De Boer. And he better bring his assistant coach with him!

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