If not Wenger, Arsenal need major changes to squad

We will have to see what effect, if any, the protests from Arsenal fans at the Norwich game today, in the press and social media and in the two Premier League games still to come will have on the Arsenal board and our glorious leaders Stan Kroenke and Arsene Wenger, but you get the impression that the Frenchman will still be in charge of Arsenal at the start of next season.

If that is the case then this ´difficult climate´at home games which Wenger spoke about yesterday could become a regular thing if it starts to look like another year without troubling the trophy engravers. Wenger must know that he really needs to get the Gunners looking like champions again, so how will he go about it?

I think he simply has to change his approach and not just in terms of spending money. For me the squad needs a major shake up. For years we have been told by Wenger that squad stability was just as important and probably more so than bringing in new faces and, to be fair, I got his point. But the other side of that coin is the possibility of things becoming stale and that certainly seems like the way it has gone for us this season.

There is no doubt that we are not seeing the best of our team and Wenger needs to do something about that. My idea would be to shake them out of their complacency and make them realise that they have to fight and give their all to have a chance of a place in the first XI.

One way to do that would be to show a ruthless streak and dump some of the under performers like Theo Walcott. Then when you bring in players to replace them, there is a fresh feel to the club and everyone is on their toes. Is this the way for Wenger to turn our fortunes around and get the Arsenal fans back on side? And which current Gunners would be for the chop?

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  1. yes yes same as every year , an same outcome will appear

    im actually looking forward to this game today…
    *norwich are under pressure staring down at relegation they will fight
    *arsenal an team are under pressure from fans media an top 4 trophy

    its like a Shakespearean drama

    dont miss it lads- promises to be interesting at the very least

    1. I hope so mate.this is now becoming awful and will keep getting worse,its evident he feels the pressure from the pathetic pre match interviews he is giving

      1. If the AKB’s and AOB’s come to
        blows then it will be interesting.
        But if Arsenal win 5-0 the
        protest will look silly.
        The general public will say “Look at those ungrateful
        Arsenal supporters booing their team who are winning”.
        Kroenke will say “I can always BANK on Arsene”
        The players will say “We won for the true supporters”
        Wenger will say “We responded in the best way
        so lets all get behind my clu… ahhh I mean our club”.
        Gazidis will say “We have the right man for the job
        and a three year contract extension is in the offing”
        The AKB’s will say “We never doubted you for one moment oh master of 4th place”
        Th AOB’S will say ###@@@^^%%&&&&.
        And they all didn’t live happily ever after 🙂

  2. The only changing that wenger is doing, is for the worst!
    The more the fan’s, media and pundits tell him the more he does the opposite!… He has gone beyond being stubborn.

    As for dropping out of form players from the team ??
    Yeah right….. When Only injury prevents Ramsey from being included in the starting 11.

  3. observed that we can’t play with teams with alot of energy.we become very flat and not able to express ourselves,I think this raises serious issues about out fitness levels as a club.if Norwich cme and play a high intensity and full of energy its not gona be a walk in the park

  4. GK is good
    CB- Need one new top CB
    RB- need replacement for debuchy if he leaves
    LB- need replacement for Gibbs if he leaves
    DM- get a good DM- to replace arteta and flamini
    B2B- good with Cazorla, Wilshere, Eleney, Ramsey
    CAM- good with Ozil, Cazorla, Iwobi
    wingers- Personally i would get another top winger. Campbell, Iwobi, Welbeck are good but far from top and having Alexis with another top winger would be awesome
    CF- we are good (just kidding)- need a top cf

    Get rid of
    Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Debuchy, Walcott and Ox

    Theo is worth £140,000 per week as much as Rooney is worth £280,000 per week. In other words he isn’t worth the same salary as Ozil

    1. Agree with getting rid of ox, but on a loan. I do wanna see him develop. Mertesacker to leave as well. and ospina. im not sure he’ll stay for second fiddle.

      As for transfer additions. i’ve been playing fifa 16 and these additions i have enjoyed…

      Manolas (a beast)
      higuain – although will trade or sell for Aubameyang or Lacazette who are A LOT quicker.
      ben chillwell/ jose gaya
      Kepa arrigagzazaal

  5. Keeping Wenger for one
    more season is pointless.
    Why let Wenger spend the
    budget on his type of players
    then dump those players on the new manager a year later?
    The new manager should have the budget to spend
    on a new spine with his own type of player.
    GK, two CB’s, DM, playmaker CAM and striker.
    The one year testimonial is ridiculous and may become
    three more years!!! We may never get rid of him.
    Just release Wenger in June. Select a new Manager
    and give him the budget to build a new squad
    and new future for Arsenal.

    1. Wenger has a poor record in the transfer market doesn’t he? No wait, that’s right- it’s as good as anybody in football management & he’s created countless superstars. What some people don’t understand is that we still have some subpar players in the squad as we had to sell stars & sign decent players who aren’t worldbeaters, due to the short-term financial constraints of the stadium move. 2 more of these will be going this summer at least, in Arteta & Flamini- perhaps more; Wenger may decide some of the investments in youth like Walcott & Oxlade-Chamberlain haven’t worked out as he hoped.

  6. If not Wenger, Wenger would still have the same faith in his average bunch….whilst still instilling the same boring tactics into em

    For a guy who thinks all the players coming back is a good Omen (and ofcourse an excuse not to carry out his neccessary obligations)

    change Wenger, change the primary problem

  7. @Admin.

    “One way to do that would be to show a ruthless streak… Is this the way for Wenger to turn our fortunes around and get the Arsenal fans back on side?”

    Honestly, I’d say this is the best deal we can hope to get out of all this. Who knows what might happen in the season after next though. Wenger isn’t going to leave that job this year.

  8. Another way would be if Arsenal had a fan base up there with the very loudest. Electricity shooting up their spines to spring up the hairs on the neck, extra energy you didn’t know you had in the tank. Not to mention the intimidation being forced on any side who dare try beat us. This is what other teams receive from their fans, and massive love of course. 60.000 fans yet I see better from a 12.000 / 20.000 crowd.

    1. trevor what are the players giving the fans to push them till the 90 th minute…I recall the swansea game how do u lead one nil then loss the lead and still expect us to scream our hearts out.the fans hve done there part for 12 years we backed the team but still the guffer dared points finger at us.at the moment I see no passion,no hunger,no drive then what is there to chear about.the biggest mistake will be wasting another year and nxt year we will be hear and pple who backed wenger will regrt it.

      1. The simple fact is that the Emirates crowd has always been piss poor, except for maybe, a blue moon here or there. If someone mentions it being poor, for whatever reason, that fact remains that that person was not wrong.

  9. We do need to cut some players lose, they’re weighing us down. I wont go into names but we all know who has let us down far too often, whether through injury, or just not being good enough. It has to be done, if it’s not done well then I cant explain why.

    Better competition is needed. Cazorla suffered an injury and this had a crippling effect on us. Jack and Rosicky two of our options for safeguarding against this have not seen any pitch time. We need better more reliable players for the engine room. Elneny looks good, I think we can do better though. Or at the least stop any complacency creeping into Coq, Elneny and Cazorla. Cazorla is in thirties too which needs to be considered. Striker and CB’s are a must. To be honest, I think we need to be aiming at getting two more strikers and two more CB’s in who are considered improvements for Arsenal. Not all in one season, but it should not be taking the years to do like other areas took. People say we do be close to having a terrific side, we need to make the difference this time and no excuses. If we still lose a title, but to Pep building something incredible on top of Pellegrini’s work, well then fair enough. Once we sort out the few gaps whilst terminating some player contracts, that has to be the focus right now.

  10. Major not as much…what needs to happen really with Wenger at least seeing out is current contract is more accountability & less blind trust.

    Tougher mental make up & readiness when getting ready for a game (H or A) weather it’s against top 5 teams or lower tier ones you got be ready in the same way!! A proper plan about what is a priority & what is not because when looking at Leicester they had a clear plan & it was to win the league. In our case we wanted the UCL & EPL & FA Cup (going back the teams Wenger fielded) and were all over the place!
    Reducing injuries to a minimum. Wear & tear (minor, 2-3 weeks injuries) are part of the game specially when you have a potentially 50-60 games/season. But frequent serious injuries to key players isn’t.
    Finally make some smart & savvy business on the market. You’ve spent more since Kroenke came on board but not in a smart way always going for potential that has 1/2 chance of maturing to become what was envisioned because you felt that buying a ready made star or soon to be doesn’t meet your valuation. Buy leaders, ready made stars like Özil & Sanchez (by the way this would probably push them to renew). We have Debuchy, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky & potentially 2 more in the attacking department this is the chance to make that overhaul & have a squad ready to challenge for next year.

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