If only half the Arsenal rumours were true we would be in heaven

The biggest problem with Arsenal transfer rumours is that they fill with you up with hope and then the realisation hits you that it was all bullshit.

If only half the rumours were true we would be in heaven, let’s just take some of todays gossip.

Mohamed Elneny reported to be wanted by Fenerbahce

Oh if only this one was true, he could have been great but he turned out to be a donkey and if there is a club out there that wants him then please take him.

Inter Milan on the verge of buying Granit Xhaka

And I bet he does a better job for them than he has done recently for us.

Laurent Koscielny could be on his way to Bordeaux

He has to go, too old and not the leader we need.

Shkodran Mustafi and Nacho Monreal set to be sold claims the media

Please be true, nothing else to say.

Arsenal looking to beat Manchester United to the signature of PSG’s Thomas Meunier

As Kevin Keegan would, I would just love it if we beat them just love it.

All of that was just from today, if I go back a couple of days there is loads more and while we are also being linked with some donkeys or unknown players because they are cheap, there have been some big name players as well, usually out of our price range but even so, just half of these being true would be like Christmas come early.

But as is normally the case with rumours, most of them, at least 95% in my opinion are usually a load of crap.

But we can only live in hope can’t we?


  1. Key exits needed are: Mustafi, Kos, Monreal, Xhaka, Ozil, Miki, Kola.

    Obviously more need to go, but this bunch MUST GO more than anyone!

    1. After the ridiculous penalty Xhaka gave away against Brighton, he should never wear the shirt again, also, why does Emery allow him to take corners. As soon as the opposition break, Xhaka’s walking back from the cornerflag. He supposed to be a defensive midfielder. How Emery doesn’t see this baffles me

  2. Elneny has more heart and talent than any of those players, he only needs to be more disciplined with his positional sense, he’s better than xhaka, torreira and guendouzi……..don’t forget, Wenger once used him as a centre back and he did well for us……. xhaka can’t wriggle out of pressure, torreira shields the ball to be fouled and he doesn’t always know what to do with the ball, guendouzi should be playing for u19 while willock is fully promoted………ozil, monreal, xhaka, mustafi, aubameyang, koscielny all needs to go………the psg rb is an average player, we can get better for a cheaper price, and please don’t link us with Dennis praet, he’s average too

    1. Paul
      This site and football is all about opinons
      Have to disagree with a whole host of your anaylise and comme ts on quiet
      But agree on xhaka
      With the right player playing alongside torreira he would be tremendous for us
      First season in and he done ok but failed off…he will get stronger

    2. What talent do u see in elneny??? He couldnt even do it in the amateur league i am playing every saturday…he has done nothing for arsenal and u will watch him strugling in a mid table team and u will thank god…walcott has been strugling for Everton when a Lot of fans here told us he would come to hunt us….imagine elneny, who Is by far the most mediocre arsenal player a have ever seen…he can work hard. No more

  3. Well, it will be criminal if we do end up not signing anybody this transfer, it’s unimaginable..
    So the transfer rumours are here to keep us busy until we finally land whatever target out there, that’s the commitment for us fans.
    Fingers crossed we get talented, young players with good energy and work rate to drive the team forward.
    I believe the change I see coming to Arsenal is ruthlessness so let’s just see how it goes.

    1. All these rumours will go quiet John when they get the season ticket money in next week.

  4. We all know that most of the transfer rumours are a load of rubbish but its all part of the fun isnt it. I really dont know what Emery plans to do this year, we need to replace so many players hes got such a massive job on his hands. will be exciting to get new players in none the less.

  5. Elneny may not be the best defensive midfielder in the world, but he is at least better than Xhaka and Guendouzi. Xhaka only bribe us with venomous shots but completely lack the capacity to be defensive midfielder, neither can he riggle himself out of difficulty upfront. Preat is below average. We need Strasbourg’s Youssouf Fofana to bring his brute to defensive midfield just as Viera did in the past. Thank God France is out of U20 so as to crash his price. Leipzig’s Umpacano and Mali’sU20/Stade Mbours Souleymane Cisse will be among the defenders we’ll consider so that Ozil can relax and do his passing job to Lacazette and Aubameyang.

    1. When you say Ozil can relax, it sounds lime he has been busy doing some defending. Ozil should make the list of players to be sold. He has flattered to deceive for too long. He should leave.

      1. Relaxation is Ozil’s permanent state is what he means..

        Repeat after me…there is no cup..there is no cup..stroll off the pitch…

  6. I cannot wait to see the back of Elneny, Mustafi and Xhaka – all not good enough! Period!
    As good as Koscielny has been for us over the years (& I applaud everything he has done) all good things must come to an end…
    With Cech & Lichtsteiner gone – that’s a step in the right direction ?

      1. I was talking about the players mentioned in the article!
        Although, after last Wednesday, I would have quite happily sold the whole bleeding lot!!

        1. Sue, sorry I never got back to you recently, been away, tried blogging on the phone, drove me mad, might be off again soon, definitely back for the big kick off anyway. 10th August I believe.

          1. Not a problem, Kenny. Hope you had a great time! The fixtures come out next Thursday ?
            At least the spuds weren’t victorious, hey?! Bloody shame we weren’t either ?

  7. As long as we have Raul expect a big change in terms of players recruitment even himself when he spoke for the first time along with Gazidis he hinted that big changes are coming and that resulted in Wenger’s contract be terminated and Gazidis left later on and Sven. And when Raul and Venkatesh had a joint interview they hinted in working smart on transfers, and the message was any player who is on two years contract will be sold or extended and Auba’s age being a factor I don’t see him get an extension if they can’t sell now he will be free to leave in two years or start negotiate as a free agent with a year to go and Arsenal will lose money and will be Sanchez/Ramsey all over again.

  8. 5 (Cech, lichsteiner, Ramsey, Suarez, Welbeck) gone 10 to go

    Martinez or Ospina
    Jenkinson Mustafi Koscielny Nacho
    Ozil Elneny Xhaka Mkhitaryan

    Plus a few from the academy, like Macey, Nwakali, Bola, Gilmour, Burton, Tormey, Bramall

    I would keep kolasinac as back up left back to the new signing, unless we get a good offer and can find 2 decent left backs.

  9. Truly speaking Arsenal must overhaul the squad for the season 2019/2020,whatever happen the following players must be shown the door:nacho monreal,mustafi,kos,sokratis,xhaka,elneny,kola,ozil,miki,then bring on the new faces plus the youth players we go on.

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