If only this Arsenal rumour turned out to be true

James Rodriguez is one player that would transform Arsenal

Real Madrid outcast James Rodriguez is the latest in a long line of players to be linked with a move to Arsenal.

No doubt there will be some that will have a low opinion of the Colombian or believe that he will not make that much of an impact at the Emirates but I am not one of those.

Rodriguez is an immense talent and he is at his peak years right now and just because he never set the world alight on loan at Bayern Munich in no way means he would not in the Premier League.

The Mirror, via Sports Mole via a report in Spain, yeah I know, reckons that Arsenal and Everton are looking at loaning the 28-year-old until the end of the season.

Now, I accept that this is very tenuous but this is not the point, thus the headline “If only this Arsenal rumour turned out to be true”

This is about wishing that this was true, I mean, it is a possibility, he is out of favour at Real, he is definitely available and I honestly do believe he would transform Arsenal this season.

He has creativity in his DNA, he can send a pass with pinpoint accuracy 50 yards and more and he has a lethal shot.

Arsenal would get at least 3-4 good years from him and he would be everything a certain player at Arsenal could only aspire to be.

But alas, it is unlikely to happen.


  1. EPL defenders would eat him alive… If some think Ozil is an easy pushover(and, he is), this guy is easier…

    1. I guess so

      He has failed at Real Madrid/ Bayern Munich and he is not a winger. We need someone who can penetrate defenses and the one who can win duels like Adama Traore

  2. Until we arrange for the transfer of Ozil,and that is well nigh impossible, there is no point in pursuing a similar type of player.To strengthen our midfield we need a physically powerful DM and a high energy, pacy box to box man with goal scoring ability.Easier said than done I’m afraid.

  3. What planet are you on? We have no money looking for loans only

    A player Real nor Bayern wanted, injury prone, he will be injured in training and doesn’t defend, another Ozil like!

    No, we should be looking for a LB and RB where we have no back up for Kolas and Bellerin. Tierny doesn’t count, arrived injured and out of team til April fool!

    James! What day heck!

    1. I am on planet earth, same as you and it is an opinion. Something we all have. By all means, send in your own opinion piece and we will publish it. I am sure you will get only positive responses.

      1. Yes it is an opinion but a suspicious from some that constantly criticizing Ozil and now wishing us to sign a player who is worse than him in the last 3 season. How many matches has even played this season. This is just to put out something for us to read.

  4. Hopefully this is only a rumor. James is an older and softer version of Ceballos. We’ve all been hearing about his immense talent since he blossomed at the World Cup and Real Madrid signed him.

    It’s looking more likely that it was a one off, and James won’t reach that height again. He’s average and Madrid bought the hype, and have been stuck with it.

  5. He has a good shot, no doubt about that, but he is like Ozil without the Vall, useless. The modern football demands a different kind of players un the midfield…i prefer the brazilian guy

  6. So it is a rumour apparently . The article then goes on to say it won’t hsppen. About two hundred such non articles on here in Jan alone and counting. Roll on Feb 1st .

    1. That you refuse point blank to read the headline and understand and grasp what was actually written in the article sums you up entirely Jon. Keep up the good work.

  7. There are better players to go for if we are trying to get a CAM,for me i prefer hakim ziyech but i dont think arsenal will need to get one because ESR can be developed into a very good one.

    And again people trying to blame ozil,i would add a few points about him.
    -He has the best assist ratio in the world (club and country combined)Higher than messi,fabregas etc
    -Since MA’s appointment only 2 players have made more key passes than him.KDB(+1) and emiliano(+3)

    -He has earned the praise and made the favourite list of creative players for many great players including messi.

    I will stop as i am in work…

    1. Stats can be very misleading, and I do not understand how he has the best assist ratio in the world, when I’m sure he hasn’t even got an assist this season? Less than handful last season as well I think.

      I’m sorry, but no rational person can make an argument that Ozil is a quality player. Mentioning Ozil in the same sentence as Messi and KDB should be a criminal offense!

      1. Mentioning Ozil in the same breath a KDB and Messi is like comparing a professional footballer with a sunday league player. Ozil is the Sunday league player compared to those. You cant compare ozil with players of that quality, rediculous comparisons.

  8. OMG, why is this man being touted as a world class player????
    From what I’ve seen of him, he may score the odd good goal but the rest of his play is rubbish. Funny how all the top teams who have had him, want rid.
    He’d be too light weight for the EPL. We don’t need another lightweight, we need strong defenders and midfielders, no more attackers for goodness sake.

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