If Ozil doesn’t want Arsenal let him GO!

I am not one of the Arsenal and Germany midfielder Mesut Ozil’s big critics and I do think that the 25-year old has done some good things and has generally improved the Gunners side since his deadline day transfer move from Real Madrid last summer.

But I would also have hoped for a bit more from the talented play maker, especially considering the massive £42.5 million fee we paid for him. However, as much as I expect Ozil to adapt and get better in the Premier League, I do not think Arsenal should worry too much if the Metro report about him not wanting to join Arsenal in the first place is true.

The paper claims that the transfer was his father’s idea and that Ozil wishes he had stayed at Real Madrid, especially after they won the Champions League at the end of last season. Even if this is true, it does not have to follow that Ozil is not happy at Arsenal now, but if he is then I think we should offload the German pretty schnell.

We might not get as much for him as we paid, but it would still be a hefty chunk of change that could be used to sign a quality player that does want to play for Arsenal. Having an unhappy player in the dressing room is the last thing Arsene Wenger needs as we need everyone pulling hard in the same direction if we are to see any sort of success from this season.

With Ozil injured and not due back until January, it will be interesting to see what he looks like whgen and if he does pull on an Arsenal shirt again. What do you guys think of all this?

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      1. @Goonster. Right on mate.
        Sell Sanchez to Chelsea for $3.
        Let Ozil go on a free.
        Extend Diaby’s contract 3 years.
        Elect Wenger as club Manager for life.
        Quadruple ticket prices.
        Write “Man U for life” in the Centre circle.
        Rename the Stadium “Chelsea the Champions”.
        Change the club kit to white with “Spurs” on the front.
        Bring back Squilacci Park Chamakh Bendtner and Santos 🙂

  1. isn’t this the same metro that said ‘sanchez and ozil are not getting along’ and ‘ozil wants to move to bayern come january ‘.

  2. If Wenger put Ozil in the number 10 position he would have had more assists, we would have had more goals and more points and Ozil would have been slightly happier. Top players want to play in their best positions. Ozil isn’t really versatile. He playes wing for Germany because they have so much depth and talent in midfield, but he is average in that position. What’s the point in spending that much money when you put him in that position.

    1. If Ozil was average on the wing than he wouldn’t be starting for the world champions. Having said that, I agree with the rest of your post – play him in the middle.

    2. i totally disagree,i feel people like you are making excuses for Ozil by constantly banging on about him playing no10.Ozil doesn’t score enough goals to be a no10,Real Madrid never played him no10 for this reason.And watching him play its pretty clear he’s overrated.Why play Ozil at no10 when Sanchez is much better there?

  3. Ozil’s stats show he does make a difference every time he takes to the pitch for us.
    We lost more games when he didn’t play.
    Have you seen the stats for assists in the 5 games he and Walcott have both started for?
    Once again this is down to the manager, I always said that in buying Ozil and not a fast LW and WC striker, Wenger bought the gun but no bullets!

    1. if Ozil, Sanchez, Walcott all played together for a while we the Arsenal could match Chelsea any day but as Sanchez said we need the wining mentality, if anyone in the squad don’t want to be there we should get rid of them in the summer and sell no one in January.

      1. @Tas winning mentality in a team is based on the manager’s ability to motivate his players and avoid things like favouritism and bad tactics its just simple why not give another couch a chance….Too much of everything is bad. Wenger has long over due at Arsenal…even a winning couch resign atimes more or less a loosing couch like wenger….I know many will thumb me down but a winner is a winner n will attract more investor…

  4. Again i say mesut ozil cannot be blamed for everything, and made to be the scapehoat! “Mr stubborn” wenger is to blame for playing ozil out of position countless times, and not letting him play his natural game down the centre!

    1. Mind you, I did hear that Louis van Gaal is suffering with wengeritis as well, and playing di Maria on the wing, with the same results as Özil… I’m just wondering whether an antidote is available…..

    2. I think Ozil has the same problem as Torres and Andy Carroll Syndrome BIG PRICE TAG big expectation in their mind, Ozil has nothing to prove at Real but here new club new country new Medea and so on.

    3. No.the problem with Ozil is that we should never have bought him,we didn’t need him,we were supposed to buy Higuain,every1 knows that.Its just another mistake by Wenger that we’re paying 4,just like when he bought Mertesacker instead of Gary Cahill.i don’t see where Ozil fits into a winning Arsenal team,he doesn’t work hard enuff

  5. When wenger did finally played ozil in his correct position against aston villa, he almost single handedly ” destroyed villa”! Coyg!

  6. I call this metro article bullsh*t. Since he has joined us i follow him on twitter, insta and fb. The way he tries to appease us is ridiculous. It still looks we haven’t accepted him as our own.

    He posted “Go Gunners” when Giroud scored in the World Cup final. After winning the world cup posted a pic of Poldi, Per and himself captioning it “Arsenal”. He does everything to appease the fans while its not going so well in the field. What do the fans want now? Get between every bodies legs and give them a long nice su*k cause we paid 42 5 mill for him?

    And now Metro comes up with this sh*t from thin air with no quotes, no direct sources and Just Arsenal posts it, cause it has nothing better to do.

    Admin one suggestion posting stuff from Metro and Mirror and other sh*t papers decrease your credibility.

  7. The same paper that said sanchez wants to leave and that he and ozil have a rancour? Stop writing writing based on bullshit tabloid except if you have a motive behind it.

  8. I have been saying Mesut should reconcile with Mustafa, his Dad. And I am still staying this. What is wrong if his dad doing agency work for him made a huge profit from his transfers? Afterall, is he not his Dad instead of one super agent Mendez ripping money out of Mesut. His father must have been proud of having him as a son that is not only putting food on the table for him, but as well making him happy by filling his pocket too with betterment. Let God give us such a son. Mesut, make peace with your father for things to restart falling in place for you instead of falling apart. Hold on to Arsenal and do your maximum best for her to get a maximum best out of her. Forget about Madrid life. You are no longer there. You are now in London and at Arsenal. Play very well for Arsenal and you will not regret you did. You will be fulfilled.

  9. Let’s face facts, he has not been the impressive star we expected and his body language is such that he isn’t happy. So cash in and get a player who wants to play for the badge. I was excited when we bought him as had followed him for years. Saddens me to say this but we need to continually improve the squad and he may be a negative influence in the change room. Sell in Jan, get Draxler, CDM-Kondogbia/Bender/Krychowiak and a decent CB. Let’s cut our losses before too late.

  10. Ozil will go nowhere! u know why? It’s because d fans don’t lyk him dat much because of his attitude. the irony of d matter is Arsene likes wat d fans hate, and hates wat d fans like. Now, here is d solution: any players we don’t like for nonperformance, let’s praise n talk up such players. Arsene will b angry n sell them n we wil win.

  11. @saveArsenal
    Have you seen the stats for assists in the 5 games he and Walcott have both started for?

    Please which Arsenal game are you watching?
    Correct me if am wrong, i thought Ozil and Walcott only play 10mins together on the same team?

  12. Is it by coincidence that we are hearing so many players wanting to leave Arsenal? Would it have anything to do with Wenger? Look at all the players that have left in the last 5 years and tell me nothing is wrong at the club and then tell me its not Wenger.

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