If Ozil’s anger is for the right reasons, then this Arsenal fan supports him

In an ideal world, Ozil doesn’t react the way he did when he’s taken off. Yet of all the things that worry me about my club at the moment, how a player chooses to respond to a substitution isn’t high on the list.

Put it this way I wouldn’t sit here any happier if the German just sat down without booting his gloves in the air.

Of course, our fan base love a scapegoat but I hope they realise we are only hurting ourselves if we spend the next week debating about something so trivial.

I fact I’m glad I saw some frustration. I’m glad he was so angry he couldn’t hold it in any longer. I’d rather see that then silly social media posts or YouTube videos. At least it shows he cares and anyone who remotely cares about the badge should be disappointed.

This went far beyond being taken off. This wasn’t even about the humiliation of losing so comfortably at home. I think this was disillusionment with how the whole club is being run boiling over.

If fans are allowed to say what they want, surely someone who’s in that environment is allowed to be hurting as well?

Say what you want about the midfielder, but he has standards, the guy’s a World Cup winner.

For most of his time as a Gooner the criticism was only finishing in the top 4 and winning the odd cup, now he must look at the players compared to when he joined and wonder how the standards have dropped.

Ozil has always been an easy target but it’s ironic, he gets questioned for his body language yet when he does show how he feels that’s seen as disrespect.

I’d rather talk about our defence’s distribution, how easily Jesus got around Chambers, how Fernandinho was allowed to walk through our midfield, how Torreira isn’t disciplined as a DM. It’s those positions where the job isn’t being done properly is why our number 10 is being asked to track back and get stuck in, even though that’s not his job.

He was brought to create goals and his record says he does that. The Kroenke family want you to spend the next few days making Ozil’s antics a debate. It’s music to their ears.

It means Gooners are not questioning why it’s taking so long to replace Emery, when the only answer is because they lack the ambition to make this vacancy a great one.

Shame on any Gooner who let them waste precious time last week by convincing yourself we had turned the corner, based on a 10-minute spell in a rubbish match at West Ham.

3 goals in a terrible performance had some fans defending the Americans for sacking Emery without a plan, although no other club acts that way.

At what point do we question if we are selling Auba and Laca if they continue to refuse to extend their current deals?

While we are at it, I’d rather a player show they are annoyed at being taken off compared to our captain berating his younger teammates when he himself is having a poor game.

When do we question when are funds going to be released to give this squad a complete overhaul?

These are the questions we need to be asking. Not what Ozil does or doesn’t do with his gloves. Freddie says he will talk with the midfielder. The person he needs to talk to is his employer.

If Ozil is angry because he doesn’t understand how this club is being run, then he has my backing…

Dan Smith

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  1. Absolutely. I thi k Mesut isnt angry about been sub. But angry with the runnings in the team.
    I see some people comparing Ozil and Kelvin De’Bruyne yesterday. Put Kelvin in that arsenal team and he will be in average. Put Ozil in front of Rodri, Gundogan, fernandinho and he will be the world best attacking midfielder again.
    Arsenal is so frustrating and I dont blame the players again for showing there frustration.
    This team is fast becoming the new AC MILLAN.
    I hope as from today, we will show our dangers towards the Board and the Koronkes.
    I see why Arsene fail in his seasons under this frustrating boss

    1. Exactly, put Kevin de bruyne in this arsenal team and he’ll turn average in a few days. Don’t know what some fans expect of Ozil. Even Messi would look average in this team.

      1. Even though I do agree with you that there’ll be a drastic drop in performance, and vise versa, if KdB and Özil, respectively, were to swap teams, I believe KdB is much more of a fighter than Özil is (that is if he even is a fighter at all). Özil might be more talented (in my opinion), but as people have said of him, and I have come to agree, he lacks hunger, he plays like he has won it all, and has nothing else to play for, like he sees football, as some job he’s tired of and only God knows what’s keeping him from quitting. His performance in the Europa final last season was nothing to write home about, and he strolled off the field when he was subbed. This lack of grit and determination attitude is what’s rubbing off on the entire team, he’s one of the oldest members of this current squad (even in terms of age too) so like it or not, there’s a lot of responsibility on him, he’s expected to lead by example…. drive the team forward, but if you’d be honest with yourself, you know he’s doing none of that.

    2. Mm no…you can give ozil to pep, plus money, and with all probability he will reject him…you just cant compare de bruyne with ozil…just for examole…ozil allways have been faded in big games, even at his best, with real madrid

    3. Complete nonsense. Ozil doesnt even track back with us, so why would having those players suddenly make him world class? So tired of this argument. First Giroud was the problem, then it was wingers so we got Sanchez and he was still just okay. He’s never been world class for us outside of half a season he made 19 assists. And yes, add KDB to our lineup there would be a major improvement to our midfield!! Was that a serious statement??

      1. What a load of nonsense; you only have to look at how Ancellotti sidelined Ozil at Real Madrid and how Guardiola wouldn’t pick Aguero to foresee how Guardiola would treat Ozil even if he even wanted him at the Club.
        By the way De Bruyne is still selected by Belgium, yet Germany has moved on from Ozil, prior to his retirement from International football.

  2. By the number of comments left relating to this article no one cares anymore about ozil.
    I agree with various points on positonal play. Players not discipline enough to hold there position
    Prob is players have forgot how to defend and in my eyes the front 3 were pants and have been
    Good going forward but usless coming back
    You defend from the front and it has been to easy for city and any other half decent football teams to walk past our front 3 and stroll straight in to the middle., by pass them and pick us off.
    I have no faith in the back 4 or 5 but they really dont stand a chance when there is no support.
    Laca is prob the only one that tracks back and he looks like he has given up the ghost nowadays. Benched and a none starter.
    Most of us have given up on a top 4 spot. Europa is slipping away which might be a good thing and hoping we can hold on too a top 10 spot is what it is coming too.
    We have a bunch of leaders who seem indecisive. It seems Every one is scared to stand up and be counted just in case the top brass might disagree.
    Freddie said it after the game… make a bloody decision and take action..we are 2 months too late in appointing a new manager and everything is crumbling away so fast that all we have left to hold on to are distant memories of what was once a force to be reckoned with ..
    How the mighty have fallen

    1. Far to many critics on TV and Sutton Is certainly one to many
      Any pass worth having against Man City was issued by Ozil
      We need a manager and 6 new players, defenders who know the basics of defending and don’t duck and turn away every time a shot goes their way,I played with better on Hackney Marshes.
      Watch the goal against us via West Ham and Man City.

    2. God bless you, sentiment has made people forget what footbal is, though there are position/responsibilities in footbal, yet football is a team game,as much as defenders goes forward to help in attack and score goals, same way attackers should come back to help in defending. Cut out dis talk of ‘its not his job to track back’

  3. No one really knows why Ozil reacted like that yesterday: is it because he was subbed off? Because he was upset with the result? Frustrated with his teammates? Annoyed at the crowd booing him for walking off?

    You can’t jump to conclusions.

    Whatever it was, I disagree with his reaction. He is meant to be one of the most experienced players at the club as well as a leader. That reaction was childish and petulant.

  4. I wasn’t really bothered by his reaction off the pitch, what disturbed me is him dragging himself off the pitch at a snail’s pace when we are losing the game. He did the same in the Europa League final vs Chelsea and we can now see clearly where he took our collective opinion on the matter and what he did with it. Finally, it’s worth noting KDB is on a reported 300K a week. Both on huge salaries but only one of them cares about earning it.

    1. Didn’t hear the same ring of boos that Xhaka got when he “walked off too slow” for the fans liking. Can we finally admit it was just because the Emirates crowd hates him? Far too many people were using his pace of leaving the pitch as an excuse. Haven’t seen the same energy here for Mesut’s pace.

  5. @Allanball. U commenting still shows people care. If u dont, u wont have comment on it at all.

    @ Sergio, I agree with u. He is an experienced player and should have handle it better. But as u said, no one knows his reasons for that action. And dont forget, we are all humans and we have our limitation too.

    1. Ok… you caught me out.
      I still care immensely
      I still care that I want to beat every team we play against
      I still care that this is my ..sorry our football club
      I still care enough when I see other teams above us and say why not us
      I still care that I forecast if we win this game and that game and the teams above us drop points then we will climb above them
      I dont care about the players still being picked who dont care enough for our club who dont have the attitude, applitude or desire to turn up and give 100%
      I dont care about petulant players behaving in a manner that is only situabale for the school play ground
      In a word …we are all tired of the goings on but we still all care

  6. Quantic. Kelvin will love average in that arsenal team. So what are we blaming Ozil for. In Ozil first few season at arsenal, he was a class. He had better midfielders but woeful strikers yet he was able to produce 50+ assist in his first 2 and half seasons.
    Ni he has worst midfield around him and u want him to do a messi. Even Messi will be normal in that arsenal team.

    1. Amazing how some of us fans will give any excuse to absolve Ozil. Did you watch how he loses the ball on slight provocation? how he’s being pushed around because opponents know he is too soft. De Bruyne and Ozil are incomparable, forget about who they play with.

  7. Freddie said he made the sub because he “needed more energy”. Now, I for one thought Arsenal had more energy after Smith-Rowe came on!

    Maybe Ozil was angry because he thinks he has every right to be ahead of Smith-Rowe and should never be second?

    Maybe Ozil should have been quicker to exit. Just like Xhaka a few weeks ago?

    Above all, maybe Ozil is payed too much when you consider his return on investment? That is not his fault, of course. That is down to the muppets who signed him up to that particular contract!

    Am I disappointed in Ozil? YES! but then, I am dissapointed with the whole club and the amateurish shenanigans the whole world are witnessing!! The biggest joke of sport in 2019 has been the way Arsenal have conducted themselves on and off the pitch. Although, Kolasinac gets a big thumbs up from me for at least showing more bottle against a moped mugger! Even though he shows less fight on the pitch!

  8. What Ozil believes is bigger than football. Whether the Uighurs, Tibetans, Hong Kongers China can destroy their lands, enslave their bodies……but not their souls. Whether Ozil gives a lot on the field it does not take away from the honesty and truth he speaks. We should support him on where his heart is.

    1. Sean, all the things you mention are far bigger than football; however Mezut Ozil is paid to be a professional footballer by Arsenal, not a political commentator or diplomat.

  9. Other than Leno, Martinelli, Aubameyang, maybe Torreira, Tierney, Lacazette and Bellerin…… we just have to part with the all the first teamers. And the board as well, no!,theESPECIALLY the board, starting with the Kroenkes, who obviously do not give a rat’s furry behind about us. How do you own a “business” and it’s being run into the ground, and yet you’re not proactive about making the right changes. He has to be forced out of our club by whatever means possible, before our club becomes a long forgotten history

  10. All i can think of is he must be angry at the fact he has played so badly for us and he is angry that he is robbing this club blind and angry he is so laid back on the pitch and not creating or scoring. Maybe he is angry that he knows he has only another 18 months of ringing this club dry.

  11. Ozil is frustrated,as we all can see but what about us lot though, who have to watch him time and again lope and coast around the pitch, too lazy and uninterested to even try, as all players MUST do! Ozil is a fraud, making a huge living, while giving nothing back in return and his sort should be drummed out of football He is cheating us all and anyone who cannot bring themselves to admit that plain truth, even to themselves, is living in a dream world where realism does not exist! His frustration is with himself for being a pale shadow of the player he once was many years ago when Germany won the WC. MANY YEARS AGO though, as those dream world inhabitors choose to forget to mention, when they say he won the WC. He has been bone idle for five years in our shirt and stealing a living off us all. His laziness and complete lack of will to win perfectly represents the whole snowflake and laziness culture killing our team. Until he and all his other don’t care teammates are gone from us, we have ZERO hope of any improvememt. Without REAL determination in pro sport you might as well take up gardening instead. Even in you need to work hard; far harder than Ozil is prepared to do though!

    1. He shouldn’t have had so much energy left, that he can kick a pair of gloves further than he kicked a football all game.

  12. When are the BAFTAs? Is that why he tries so hard to make us believe in his dedication on the pitch? Does he want a BAFTA award? Because that was a top performance! Best actor on the pitch by far.

  13. Ozil shouldn’t be playing for Arsenal. He is lazy and self-indulgent. For all of you that will not hold the players responsible, you are playing to the gallery. Emery is out now, what changed? Ljunberg is in, same old, same old. No coach can do any magic to that team except they show some balls themselves. We couldn’t even hold on to the ball for 2 mins. City outclassed us in all department.

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