If Partey can stay fit next season Arsenal’s midfield could be unstoppable

Did you watch these games (the last five) in the 2023/24 PL Run-In?

Arsenal 2:1 Everton
Manchester United 0:1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3:0 Bournemouth
Tottenham 2:3 Arsenal
Arsenal 5:0 Chelsea

The midfield serves as the engine room for any team. Well, in those games (highlighted above), Mikel Arteta played his strongest midfield on paper, that of Thomas Partey, Martin Odegaard, and Declan Rice. How confident were you as a Gooner going into those games due to that strong midfield? In the last five games of the season, our midfield was in top form and will certainly need to be in top form next season.

With a steady midfield, we will undoubtedly be defensively strong and create numerous opportunities for our attack.

Am I the only one who wants the Partey, Rice, and Ødegaard midfield next season? I know most of us are fine with Rice and Odegaard remaining in midfield. But I don’t understand what’s wrong with Partey staying. The Ghana international’s biggest point of contention is his struggle with injuries.

There has never been any dispute about his ability; when he’s 100%, he is the best of the best. Clearly, in the last few weeks of the season, Partey managed to maintain his fitness and played a key role in the final five games of the season.

After playing in those last five games, notably post-season, he went on to captain Ghana in two World Cup qualifying victories over Mali and Ghana, playing every minute of both games. I believe we can trust him to have overcome his injury issues, and the two post-season games he played for Ghana following a nerve-racking PL run-in should hint at that.

If Partey can stay fit, he may be unstoppable next season, and he could undoubtedly play an important role in Arsenal’s title chase next season.

Daniel O


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    1. There r no excuses 4 arteta..he must win d EPL after d dominance he has shown coming ever so closely to winning it in d past 2 seasons…and as such I don’t think he and arsenal need players who promise 4/5 games a season NO…Arsenal needs assurance that players will stay fit for majority of that long season…I for one don’t see both partey and jorghino as arsenal material again n as such arsenl should be actively looking for better options to pattern rice n ordegaad in midfield…plus an absolute worldie classy striker

  1. This is only a best case scenario. In the silly season we are all entitled fantasise but with Partey it’s not going to happen. His body is on last legs, his confidence is down and so much of his passing was hit and miss when he was finally on the field last season. Why not look for the next Partey.

    1. Are you a doctor by any chance? Yes he could have the same or worse season or he could have a better or much better season.
      Yes I agree that we should find a DM of the same or better quality but Partey can still help us next season

      1. @Gai, Joao Neves is a good combertive midfielder but my fear is if he can cope with Epl physicality he seem to have a diminutive stature and couldn’t even play for Portugal first 11. We need a very good replacement for Pathey such as YFofana, Onana or Zubimendi etc. May be Arteta and Edu can discover a player in on going Euro tonament.

        1. I think Arteta wants a highly-technical, press-resistant and hardworking central midfielder with excellent first touch, to connect our defenders and attackers as Kante has been showing in Euro 2024

          The physicalities of Fofana and Onana are great, but they’re not as good as Kante or Barella in tight spaces because of their center of gravity and limited technical skills

          I believe Arteta would like to develop Neves as the kid is still very young and highly talented

  2. On his day Pathey is a good midfielder. But most real Arsenal fans can’t bet on his fitness. It’s a gamble to rely on him next season considering he isn’t getting younger. I don’t think Arteta would want to take a risk on Pathey considering once the transfer market closes it’s until January again. There are good midfielder to sign if we are ready to spend decent amount of money.

  3. I always want Partey to stay and contribute to the Arsenal cause. What Arteta could do is to sign a defensive midfielder like Amadu Onana from Everton and rotate him with Partey. Partey could be used only in the crucial matches thus maximising his abilities and keeping him fit. A fit Partey is worth to Arsenal to be title contenders.

  4. The real point is between emotion and reality. For example I want ESR to remain but understand that Arsenal are not a good option for his future. So move on. Regarding Partey, I’ve seen games where his passing is diabolical and has let the team down. Even if we ignore this, there is his injury record. It’s now three successive seasons where he has had extended periods on the sidelines. As a 68 year old I am aware that there is a plateau where physically you reach a peak and it definitely gets worse rather than better.

  5. while Partey was very good in the Spurs game, he was equally poor in the Man U and Everton games

    Partey is not the player of 3 years ago both in terms of injuries and performance levels, and it is only further decline from here

    Arsenal trophy ambitions are diminished, not enhanced, by relying on Partey in midfield next season

    1. The problem lies with who can replace him at the base of midfield. We initially used Rice who is a fantastic midfielder yet he struggled to replicate what Partey offers in terms of quick turns and moving the ball forward quickly. So if a player as good as Rice cant replicate it who can. Zumbimendi can but he doesn’t offer the protection and physicality that Partey does. Onana and Bruno arent really defensive midfielders and more more similar to rice in terms of robust action men in the middle.

      1. replacing the Partey of 3 to 4 years ago is indeed a big ask

        but unfortunately doesn’t change the facts looking forward to next season

        personally i think the investment Edu/Arteta make here is far bigger and more important than striker

    2. Is 33yrs Joginho the solution? Re-signed for 150k a week to sit on the bench most times next season? An El Neny replacement but milking us with his high wages. Did you watch Joginho play for Italy? His legs are gone. Another Chelsea retiree coming here for his pension as always. Arsenal don’t learn.

      1. Jorginho’s not a long term solution, and maybe he’s past it now (he’s definitely in the edge) but it’s worth saying he had some brilliant games for us last season and was a major contributor to our title challenge. We didn’t play well really without either him or partey in the side, and there’s a reason for that.
        Agree we need a new midfielder to take over but I thought he did well last season and I don’t take his Italy form as strong enough evidence to say he’s a lost cause.

      2. I can’t see anywhere I mentioned Jorginho at all

        this article is Partey i believe?

        if anything Jorginho advancing years is another reason why Partey must go, relying on that pair to anchor midfield would be a disaster

        since Jorginho has signed an extension I guess that tells me Arteta/Edu have decided Partey is the first of those two to go

  6. The world class player was immense for us in the last five games, but youth is not in his favor, so Arsenal must throw the war chest at another powerful midfielder.

  7. I’m still hoping for him to perform at his best next season. Keep him for the important match and rotate as much as they can. I believe he still has at least 2 years to play at the top level and still one of the best DM in europe ATM when he’s on full charge. He needs a proper diet regimen to keep himself fit. I would like to personally send him my special power roots medicine to regenerate his bones, tissues and body muscles that have become so much fragile lately. My recipe has been doing wonder to boost/enhance aging men’s capabilities. 😅

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