If Partey is near fitness again why do Arsenal need a new midfielder?

With the latest update on Thomas Partey, can Arsenal afford to ignore their desire to buy a midfielder this winter?

The Ghana international as per the Mirror is now scheduled to return for Arsenal against Nottingham Forest on January 30th.

He is currently training alone in Dubai as he continues his rehabilitation from a thigh injury that has kept him out of play since the end of October.

His return is good news. Finally, the Gooners may soon see the dream midfield trio of Thomas Partey, Declan Rice, and Martin Odegaard.

Martin Odegaard will concentrate on attack, Declan Rice will have a free role, and Partey will anchor the midfield as the No. 6.

Not to overlook Declan Rice’s greatness, but I prefer Partey as the No. 6. Fortunately, in a free role, the Gunners might fully enjoy their £105 million 2023 investment, whose technical ability is limited when he plays the No. 6 role.

If Partey is indeed fit to play again in February, Arsenal can afford to forego a move for a midfielder and spend the money elsewhere. To avoid an injury lapse, Partey’s re-introduction to the team must be gradual.

Tell me why Arsenal can’t win the Champions League and Premier League with a completely fit Thomas Partey and Declan Rice for the rest of the season?

Sam P

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  1. We can’t rely on Partey staying fit until the end of the season and even if he does I would argue we still need a no.8 (Youssef Fofana) as Havertz is not the answer and ESR is not getting a look in unfortunately.

  2. Totally agree with the previous 2 comments. Additionally, in the light of his 30 years of age, I consider that we should be looking to cash in on him if we can find a taker given that the interest from Juventus appears to have waned.

  3. Thomas Partey only comes alive each year when the African Cup starts. He pretends to be injured and is happy to collect his huge wages from the blind management of Arsenal, only to miraculously get better in January, just in time for his favourite competition that he never misses, which is the African Cup. Please check his injury history if you don’t believe me. Just Arsenal must be as foolish as the Arsenal Camp if they don’t see what’s obviously happening, and Partey must be laughing his head off at the blind media that can’t see it.

    1. Dave you have said this ridiculous statement too many times now.
      FYI Partey is NOT going to AFCON. Now please stop with the cra?y conspiracy theories eh?

  4. Agree with the point about partey being better at 6 *for this side* (defensively rice is better, but partey gives us better overall control), but like the others, I can’t imagine it would be a good idea to bank on partey staying fit for the rest of the season – to me, our performances to this point in the season show we can’t do without him, or someone like him.

  5. Arsenal must buy a new midfielder or opt to play Zinchenko or Smith rowe alongside Rice. Find a different post for Havertz. Partey won’t play 3 games and will be back.
    he might have scored a few goals but is not helping our attack AT ALL

  6. Massive boost, i hope his injury woes are behind him now. Not sure what the set up will be like when he returns to the starting line up.

    1. Massive boost for Arsenal agreed.
      We just need to use the 30 minutes that his straw legs will hold out in the most constructive way..

  7. Very excited to see Partey and Rice in particular marshalling the midfield. Something tells me we will be one of the strongest midfields to break through before reaching the other dynamic duo of Saliba and Gabriel. I have high hopes for the CL should Partey and Tomiyasu be available along with no more casualties.

    The PL title race, we are slowly drifting away in that but if we can keep pace with City then we might later get an opportunity to catch Pool, the match at the Emirates could be a giant slayer, but we need to get back to winning ways first

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