if Ramsey still doesn’t sign, should Arsenal sell him abroad without a replacement?

The idea of the transfer window closing early in England was the EPL managers getting tired of selecting players who’s future was up in the air, like the OX and Sanchez for Arsenal last season. The hope was everyone could start the season with a settled squad.

It was meant to eliminate the scenario we had last year when Oxlade Chamberlain made it apparent he wouldn’t sign a new contract regardless of the offer. It forced Arsene Wenger to pick someone who knew he wasn’t going to be around in a few days.

Aaron Ramsey will already know if he plans to do the same thing. A new deal has been on the table for a long time with all parties letting it run down to it’s final 12 months while his agent gets paid a lot of money to get the best possible salary for his client and his family. The best case scenario is to copy the tactics of Ozil, wait for the last possible second to demand your fee. The worst case is the midfielder waits till the end of the month to tell the board he doesn’t see his future in North London. From that moment on the priority will be not to make a rival stronger.

Let’s not be naive. People in power talk behind the scenes, feeders will have been put out to abroad. The player will already know if anyone is lining up a bid. Let’s say for example In a matter of days, Ramsey asks to leave and that is followed by a 40 million bid from Barcelona, should we sell?

Don’t criticise the Welshmen on this. He’s doing what any man would do. If there was an opportunity to get more money from your employer wouldn’t you maximise that possibility? He may also want away from the Emirates. Could you blame anyone for looking at who’s left, who’s come in and the ambition of the owner and wanting a new challenge?

So gooners, if an offer for Ramsey came in from abroad, do we have to take it? ….Obviously we can’t get a replacement till January.

Dan Smith


  1. Unai Emery says:

    Torreira Guendouzi double pivot is going to be that bomb midfield…. It will give freedom to the attackers to fire at will.

    1. kev says:

      Thats an overrated midfield.I can’t believe we are going to make the same mistakes over and over again when we keep overeating our players.Guendouzi is good and likes to dictate from the deep however due to his poor dribbling abilities he cannot drive through midfield.He needs time on the ball like Xhaka.His signing tells me that Xhaka’s days are numbered which is good news to me.
      I can’t believe people are happy with a Torreira Guendouzi midfield for the whole season.Says a lot about our ambition and our team as a whole.

      1. Naija Gunner says:

        Lay off Guendouzi already. Believe it or not, he and Torreira are the best CMs we have at the moment and the boy is magical for a 19 year old. I do not believe in over hyping players too but truth be told, you cannot turn a blind eye when you sight a good player and Guendouzi is a good player with a potential (emphasis on potential) for greatness

        1. kev says:

          You’re not getting me.This isn’t an attempt to disregard Guendouzi.Using a Guendouzi Torreira pivot is not ideal for us at this moment in time.
          The guy is good and talented but not exceptional enough for us to rely on him for the full season at this moment in time.We need a box to box player in his position.Torreira has shown he can also dictate from the deep while performing his defensive duties.For us to fully utilize our teams attacking potential we need a box to box player in Guendouzi’s position.He’s a DLP so will always like to remain deep where he feels he can have more time on the ball so he can dictate play.

          1. Naija Gunner says:

            But until the next transfer window opens, that combination (Torreira-Guendouzi)is the best we have for now unless Ramsey and Xhaka suddenly become world beaters.

          2. kev says:

            The signing of Guendouzi tells me Xhaka will leave.I was somewhat shocked as to why Unai picked them to start together in the same lineup.They are basically the same kind of players with Guendouzi being more mobile,talented and the better dribbler.Just hope he’s sold.But Ramsey must start over Guendouzi.I want to see how he performs next to a DM like Torreira before passing my final comments on him.

          3. Durand says:

            10 years isn’t enough for you kev? 36 goals and 40 assists over 10 years isn’t evidence Ramsey is a poor, undisciplined B2B?

            Ramsey needs Arsenal far more than the club needs him. I would rather AMN have the opportunity not Ramsey.

            Did you notice he did nothing while City overran our midfield? He was further upfield than Auba. Doesn’t matter who he’s partnered with, it doesn’t work.

            Puzzled you think Ramsey will play differently paired with Torreria. Hopefully Emery benches Ramsey and Xhaka, and starts AMN in midfield if he’s healthy.

          4. kev says:

            I’m choosing Ramsey over Guendouzi because it enables us to utilize our teams attacking potential to the full.I’d rather AMN over Ramsey and Guendouzi like you but he’s injured that’s why I couldn’t put him there.
            Also I hope you don’t think I rate Ramsey because I really don’t just like many of our players but I like to be honest with myself in fielding our best lineup which unfortunately he appears to be in.
            That Torreira Guendouzi pivot is just an defensive pairing.Both players are only adventurous at the deep end hence why they play like DLP’s though Torreira is a DM.

          5. Naija Gunner says:

            Ramsey start over Guendouzi on current form? That must be a joke. Ramsey should not be any where near that starting 11 right now. Period. I still maintain that Guendouzi and Torreira is the best partnership to give us stability for the likes of Ozil or Mkhi to do their thing. Ramsey is neither offers defensive solidity nor serious attacking threat

          6. Frans Bugeja says:

            Spot on.Ramsey is not interested anymore.Sell hin now

      2. GunnerJack says:

        Kev: “I can’t believe people are happy with a Torreira Guendouzi midfield for the whole season.Says a lot about our ambition and our team as a whole.”
        No Kev, it says a lot about your lack of understanding of the game of football. Like everything else you have ever written.

  2. Grandad says:

    £40m for Ramsay _take it. £20m for Xhaka _take it £15m for Mustafi _take it.

    1. McLovin says:

      £10 millions for Elneny, take the money and run!

    2. E90 says:

      No one’s coming for Ramsey…
      These guys, strangely, just don’t attract attention…

      1. kev says:

        Yet Liverpool and Chelsea were interested it wasn’t media speculation.Its like the Ozil saga.People thought teams weren’t interested in him but had Ozil not signed he would 100% have been playing a top club though he has never really fully shown what he’s capable of at Arsenal.The same will happen with Ramsey.

        1. BobbyRaz says:

          When where these clubs ever interested in ramsey, u better shut up with all the crap u keep spewing, stick to ur transfers that never happen, Ramsey is just like ozil nobody wants them bcos they are crap, if any top six signs ramsey it’s probably for the English quota, other than that I don’t see why, he can’t get into any of those teams starting XI.

          We should cut our losses and sell him, ozil, xhaka, mkhitaryan, bellerin.

          1. kev says:

            How can reply so stupidly to my comment.Did I ever I sult you.How naive of you to speak that way.Its a good thing I don’t see you face to face.What nonsense!Average players have always moved to top clubs.I can even name a few who left Arsenal to top clubs if you want me too.As I said Ramsey will move to a top club should he leave Arsenal.
            Learn to respect yourself before replying in an uncultured and disrespectful way.Nonsense!

          2. GunnerJack says:

            Kev I don’t know ANY AVERAGE Arsenal player who’s managed to get into a TOP club. So go ahead and name a few – I call your bluff.
            Apart from that BobbyRaz simply spoke the truth as it WAS all media hype about Ramsey being wanted by any top club and would only sign him for the home player requirement. Finally it’s true enough you SHOULD stick to your transfers that never happen. Some of us like a good laugh now and then.

  3. Patrick_G says:

    Sell him if he doesn’t want to commit and wear the shirt. And not signing a contract is basically clear what it means. If we sell him now its fine, we have enough players who can fill that spot until January for us to find his replacement. Trust me its not like we going to win the league this season.

  4. Rkw says:

    I don’t understand … Barcelona are desperate for him but our (so-called ) fans wont have it .. the engine room has to stay .. pay him what is needed to keep the boiler running … jokers all!!!

    1. kstixx says:

      Rkw that’s not true. it’s all media BS maybe fed to them by his agent to get arsenal to give him a better deal. ramsey can never be on barcelona’s starting 11. messi wouldn’t allow it. messi prefers playing with the best not mediocres…. nobody wants ramsey, if not we would have had bids rejected. imagine when sanchez had a year left. man city and man utd were in fierce battle to buy him. Highest bidder won. who’s bidding for ramsey. we fans have been so used to mediocrity that we actually think ramsey is a great player. At best he’s a mid-table team standard. let’s face reality and stop being sentimental.

      1. kev says:

        Barca being interested in you really isn’t an achievement like how people claim it to be.Must I name the players who left Arsenal for Barca as evidence?Or some of our youngsters who they ers interested in?Or some of the very average Barca players in the past who won’t even get into our team?Ramsey is definitely not joining a mid table team when be leaves.He’ll join a top club.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          Laughable he wouldn’t get a starting berth at a top club ,he’s obviously looking for a massive contract which I can’t beleive our club haven’t learned from past mistakes
          You also stated that Ramsey was 100% going to sign 4 weeks in a row ,which hasn’t happened ,I await for the excuses you come up with

          1. kev says:

            Laughable to you not me.I never said he would start at a top club.All I said is that he will 100% sign for a top club.What is laughable here is that people think Ramsey signing for Barca or a top club is an achievement while very very very average players keep signing for top clubs for somewhat huge fees.
            Don’t worry about the signature at all.He’ll sign it.He knows he’s not that good so won’t waste this opportunity of getting a huge pay rise.Also Nelson will sign.

          2. Naija Gunner says:

            I think it’s safe to add Ramsey to the average players bracket. He has been northing more than that for the last 10 years. Just a few flashes in the pan

          3. rkw says:

            i am worried that he will sign … at a wage that looks him in to the club for ever like with the whippet who he is twinned with football speaking

  5. Patrick_G says:

    Two more transfer windows and we will have alot of new faces which will suite the style in which we want to play and we will get stronger. This season is a trial. A test to see who is fit enough for the project and who is not good enough. This season will expose those individuals.

    If Ramsey goes, we can find another player.

  6. kstixx says:

    I really don’t care if ramsey is sold to a rival or abroad. he’s no henry, or fabregas and co that can do us harm. I was very happy when i heard chelshit wanted to take him off our hands. I bet he might have been sold if emery hadn’t insisted on keeping him. I hope emery has seen why he needs to be sold and would do the needful. Funny thing is the players who have their contracts ending next year are players i wouldn’t mind leaving the club.

  7. Thomo says:

    Let him go he’s done nothing at arsenal

  8. DDK3 says:

    Use him as a squad player and try and sell him in Jan (Alexis style), if he doesn’t perform between now and then. We cannot afford to sell him now without a replacement.

  9. Goonster says:

    To this day I don’t know what makes people rate Ramsey so highly. He would be a good squad player maximum, compared to the types of midfielders we have had under Wenger, absolutely 2nd rate.
    His technique is poor, first of all I just don’t rate players that have poor technical ability. He has poor positional awareness.
    Can’t dictate play etc but he will just keep running from midfield into the opposition penalty box and get a goal here and there etc.
    I will say I was happy for us to get Rid of Ramsey and Ozil as i think they cause us problems formation-wise. They are so one dimensional that we have to find a way to fit them into each formation which always ends up making the whole team disjointed, unbalanced with no cohesion.

    It is always more about “But how can we fit Ramsey and Ozil into the team / formation etc.”

    It should be about what personnel fits the formation. It should be about finding players to fit a managers prefered formation. I am tired of this Square pegs in Round holes experimenting, we have been trying each season for past 5 or so years now under wenger. We should now concentrate on the team as a whole rather than trying to fit / accommodate personal favourite players.

    Lets become a serious club for the first time in more than a decade.

    So frustrating..


    1. Xxnofx says:

      Agreed mate ,I think fans are now starting to realise that he’s not the player he’s made out to be.hes done absolutely nothing to warrant a big contract .
      It’s just baffling though what wenger and now emery actually see in him to keep playing him when he doesn’t fit into the team
      What position was he playing Sunday ?he seemed more forward than auba

      1. kev says:

        What is funny is that based on this logic if anyone here is to question a coach’s tactic some will ask you ” do you know better than the coach”.This shows that everyone is entitled to their opinion and can criticize when the need be.

        1. Xxnofx says:

          But what’s strange is 90% of fans on here don’t want xhaka and Ramsey anywhere near the side ,so what do these managers see in them ?
          Maybe it’s the fact that our board won’t spend money on half decent players and they have to play them because they have at least experience playing top teams .
          It comes down to the fact we will never be near a title again we’ve these players being picked in our team

          1. kev says:

            Nope.At times it’s more of the coaches rating them.Do not be shocked though after all this is humans we are talking about.However, it’s too late now and we need to make do with what we have.
            I believe Xhaka will soon leave because a player like Guendouzi has been signed and is very similar to him just being more talented.
            As for Ramsey despite being not that good he’s one of our best players and if you ask me we should play him at box to box with Torreira to see how that partnership will cope.Shame he’ll probably sign the contract and be under such undeserved wages like Ozil.I had hoped Ozil wouldn’t sign the contract not because he isn’t good but I looked at the bigger picture knowing he’d let us down in the future which he’s currently doing.

  10. msty says:

    its quiet clear what Arsenal are missing in the team, someone that can move with the ball at his feet. just look at Chelsea second goal the way hazard drive at the opposition with the ball to setup Pedro we had that in all our team except this one hence why we lost the top 4 place remember the likes of Rosicky Nasri Arshevin and Sanchez they can all pick the ball from the center and penetrate into the opposition half then set up a goal…. i cant see any of such player in the current team… city have de bruyne Chelsea hazard Liverpool hav lots of them spurs Ericsson… we are in desperate need of 1…

  11. AndersS says:

    Sell. But I doubt, we will get a lot of money for him.

  12. barryglik says:

    We can still get 40m for Ramsey
    and 30m for Ozil.
    I’d take it and we would
    save mega in salaries.
    Mkhitaryan is not worth much now
    so keep him as a 10 till the young ones come through.
    Ospina Wellbeck (15)m and Jenko (5m)can go too.
    Should have let Chambers 10m go as well and Xhaka 20m
    The 120m will buy another CB Dm AM and winger.

    1. Naija Gunner says:

      Sell Chambers? Really. At this rate, you might just end up selling the whole team.

  13. Paulista says:

    We have the likes of smith rowe and nelson who can do that@msty.
    Ramsey is free to go we have niles,rowe and nelson.
    Who could replace him till jan
    Well we all know we arent going to win the league.
    So why not give them the chance they deserve.

    1. msty says:

      have forgotten the famous statement ” you cant win anything with kids” they may show the potential but remember walcott was a potential throughout his time at Arsenal we need to go out an get a one.. thou apart from zaha i dont see any available to us

      1. Naija Gunner says:

        True talk. But when you have a Kyllian Mbappe or Usman Dembele knocking, surely you cannot resist using them just because they are kids. Point being that that there are actually extraordinary kids that come around once in a while who can help win titles. It becomes bad when the whole team is made up of kids.

      2. GunnerJack says:

        @msty – what about the far more famous statement, made by no less than Sir Matt Busby, “If they’re good enough they’re old enough!”
        I seem to remember Man Utd winning the league twice with so-called kids, average age of team 21 – 22. Look it up, they were called ‘The Busby Babes’.

    2. GunnerJack says:

      Well said Paulista. I prefer ALL the players you mention to Ramsey.

  14. BobbyRaz says:

    Ramsey should go already, the club should take that offer of the table immediately, sell him even if it’s for 10mil, get us a proper midfielder who actually stays in the midfield, get rid of mhkitaryan and ozil get us proper wingers and CAM’s who aren’t afraid of shooting, it’s starting to look like uli was right about ozil he just crap

  15. JFK says:

    Please, Arsenal should sell Ramsey. That guy has been the worst Arsenal Player. He can never improve. To be honest with you all, no one is interested in buying Ramsey. Don’t be deceived with this British Media, they are all trying to make him feel special. Sell him, we have other MD who are far better than him. I couldn’t watch the Arsenal vs Man City game when I saw the Lineup. That was a big Mistake starting Ramsey. I knew it. Let him Go please.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      The media don’t seem to like Arsenal and I wonder . . . maybe they know Ramsey is useless and are doing their best to get Arsenal to keep him!

  16. Jeremy says:

    Another familiar scene whereby player who yet to sign new deal, play week in week out.

    Just like Sanchez….

    I’m surprised to see live-and-death matter, Kroenke’s 100% ownership, remains on the sideline.

    Support the AST action!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      The decision by Stan Kroenke for compulsory acquisition of the minority 3% shareholdings, is an act of pure bastardry.
      My best wishes to AST in their action.

  17. jon fox says:

    The simple answer to the articles question is a big YES!

  18. Arsenal says:

    Jack Wilshere should have stay with us rather than Aaron Ramsey. Wilshere is more technical player than Ramsey. Ramsey body language last Sunday tells that he doesn’t interested with us anymore. Just sell him while we can get a money from him rather than he leave for free and promote Smith Rowe as a backup to him until January where we can sign an upgrade midfielder.

  19. Trebor says:

    Wow some off you lot are like little boys arguing in the playground, we don’t want anyone who’s heart isn’t full of arsenal in the team, if he stays ,he stays, if he doesn’t sign then sell abroad, and of. Smith roe is a top player, give him some playing time and he may be the answer, if not get upgrade in jan, simple as. That’s life and we have to deal with whatever get thrown your way, good or bad.

  20. ozziegunner says:

    To those who say Ramsey has the right to get as much for himself as possible; there is such a thing as loyalty. Ramsey has been well paid over the years and supported by Arsenal, including throughout his considerable unproductive time on the treatment table.
    His action in dragging out his contract negotiations, should have destroyed any support he has. He should be sold to the highest bidder and in the interim play in the reserves under his current contract conditions.
    Max Meyer a young German International midfielder on a free contract, but wanting £80,000 per week (far less than Ramsey) had trouble finding a club to take him. He is now at Chrystal Palace. Wilshere is at West Ham. So long Aaron and good luck!

  21. stubill says:

    I have a feeling Ramsey has no intention of signing the contract (as it stands), or being sold to another club. I think he’ll see out his contract, and leave on free next year, when he can demand a big signing on fee, and a big salary.

    We can’t sell him if he won’t go.

    1. Things are changing says:

      If we bench him for the whole season it will be harder for him to demand a big salary than if we allow him to rack up some halfway decent stats at the expense of our youth players who are our future.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        As I said above, even if Ramsey leaves on a free it will be interesting to see who will meet his wage demands and the size of the club he goes to. Particularly if he is not getting game time this season, his options may be reduced. If you look at the midfield options at the bigger clubs, Ramsey will have difficulty breaking in and may end up a bench player.
        Life away from Arsenal may not be as easy as Ramsey expects.

      2. GOONER 4 EVER says:

        Agree 100%

  22. Things are changing says:

    Sell him if he doesn’t sign. Make him train with the reserves if we can’t sell him. Never let him play another game for Arsenal. We are building for the future with some exciting young talented players. We should only invest game time in players who will be with us next season and who want to be with us next season.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      My thoughts entirely TAC

    2. jon fox says:

      Total agreement from me.

      1. ozziegunner says:


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