If Saliba is good enough for France, surely he must be good enough for Arsenal?

William Saliba has played more minutes this season than anyone else in Ligue 1.

Marseille are going to finish runners up in the French League, qualify for the Champions League and are in the Semi Final of the UEFA Conference League.

We could be left with an embarrassing situation, whereas while we go a season without a trophy, three players on loan win silverware (Hector Bellerin lifted Copa Del Rey at the weekend).

Like his Arsenal teammate Guendouzi, a short term move to France has led to Saliba earning his first international cap.

So, it’s safe to say the loan has been a success.

If your good enough to play for the World Champions, surely you can make one of the worst Arsenal squads in decades?

Yet it’s still not clear if the 21-year-old’s development is a priority to Mikel Arteta?

The Gunners used to sanction loan moves as part of a youngster’s progress but recently have used that market as a way to get talent off the wage bill.

If the defender’s three years back in his homeland were designed as preparation to prepare him for life in England, then surely, he would have been told?

Instead, his agent has admitted all parties need to sit down soon to discuss his client’s future in North London.

As a teenager he moved to the UK genuinely thinking he would be competing for a first team spot at the Emirates.

While at first it seemed his employers were trying to protect him during COVID, keeping him near loved ones after the death of his parents, it quickly became clear he hadn’t been consulted.

Marseille’s president meanwhile has indicated he does rate the centreback and is willing to negotiate if our manager doesn’t.

My biggest criticism of the Spaniard is that he’s been taught it’s okay to just give up on talent the second he feels they don’t suit his ethos.

To me, a great boss gets the best out of the resources he has. That was meant to be his strength at Man City.

Arteta has shown he couldn’t care less if his employers invested 27 million on an asset.

Yet it would go down as one of the biggest wastes of money in our history to spend that much on someone who never got to kick a ball for us.

Either Arteta for not getting any usage out of a talent or a scouting network suggesting a player not ready for this level, someone needs to lose their job if this lad never plays for us.

They won’t, because our owners won’t know who he is.

Should Saliba be playing in an Arsenal shirt next season?

Be kind in the comments

Dan Smith

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  1. Yes. But Arteta could be the one who decides it, if he still manages Arsenal next season

    As for firing Arteta if Saliba has never played for Arsenal, I don’t think it will ever happen for that reason

    1. 1) Saliba has himself admitted, he wasn’t ready for PL football, when he was sent on loan

      2) He has been quoted as saying he wants a guarantee to play.

      So it was the rigth decision to send him on loan, and if he is unwilling to compete for places, Arteta has every right to leave him out of his plans.

      1. Agreed. The manager has the biggest responsibilities in a team, so he decides who fits into his system and who doesn’t

        Since the manager is the decision maker, he could be sacked if he can’t meet the club owner’s expectations. I guess one of Kroenke’s expectations is a European competition ticket

      2. He never said any of these things.he said when he came back to Arsenal he was not physically fit to play in the PL due the fact that the French league was stopped months before due to COVID and that he was not given time to catch up with his teammates,MA judged him on 2 training sessions.
        Only recently he said that he wouldn’t have any problems starting as a squad player and ready to earn/fight for a place but not as a U23,all he asks for is a fair opportunity.
        Lastly for those who watched him in France before signing for us ,would know that yes he has improved but not that much,he was already that good.all he needed was match fitness,are you telling me that MA couldn’t have find a place for him in his squad?had he done so,after few months of Saliba training with the team , getting fit he would have realised how good he was.

        1. Saliba has gotten good because he was loaned out to a team and in a league, where he could get playing time. An excellent decision.
          If he is not a troublemaker and ready to compete for his place, he should be given the chance.
          I don’t see any reason to mistrust, he will be given that chance, if he is ready for it.

          1. I agree,but why MA has still contacted him to sort out his future and reassure him that he is part of his plans for next season??

        2. Siamois, unfortunately some people dont let the truth,as put forward by you, get in the way of a good story.
          The Arsenal scout Sven Mislatat, Marseille and France are all right about Saliba, leaving questions about Arteta’s judgement about this player.
          I just hope we see William Saliba in an Arsenal shirt next season, as it will be frustrating watching him play in the Champions League for Marseille and in the World Cup for France.

            1. I thought we are talking football, not whether the earth is flat and the sun revolves around it.

          1. Also love the part where Arteta says “can’t guarantee minutes” yet White and Gabriel are guaranteed minutes over Holding, Ramsdale isn’t looking over his shoulder for Leno, and before Laca’s sickness, he walked into the team.

            All that talk seems rich to me, considering Ramsdale, Gabriel, White, Xhaka, Saka, are “guaranteed” minutes and never get dropped regardless of form.

            Leno and Holding rarely see the pitch, ElNeny was growing roots on the bench, and Pepe can’t get a sniff. “Competition” is all but an idea whispered to placate players.

  2. If we get CL there will be more than enough football for 4CBs. Only problem. Is arteta is adamant on having a left footed CB.

    Dunno if saliba is better than Ben White. Or if he will have a better partnership with gabriel then Ben White. But let’s find out !

    Also guendozi has grown alot. Personally I was never a fan. I liked him as a youngster but saw way too many sideways passes or backwards and 0 goals .

    Bellerin there is even a argument for a reserve rb but I think his time is done

  3. Absolutely YES, Sakiba should be given a chance in the preseason during this summer to prove himself and make a stake for a starting role for next season. Anything short of that is treachery on the side of the manager & his team.

  4. Where Arsenal and Marseilles finish in their respective Leagues could decide Saliba’s team for next season. Looking at the Ligue en table and remainng fixture list the 2nd guarateed CL place is far from certain. And the third French team has to play a qualifier. Arsenal need to get 4th otherwise Saliba won’t come back to play EL what would be the point? Why leave a club he loves who loves him and where the sun shines to return to a club who told him he was no good and did not even give him a chance and in a country where the weather is lousy 11 months of the year. Arteta has to do a lot of apologising, not his strongest suit. If Saliba is forced to return against his will things could get very toxic and players have been known to run down their contracts at Arsenal recently and leave on a free and with Guendouzie in his ear every day saliba won’t lack for know how. A charm offensive is on the way perhaps? Or may be not? Saliba may be like Guendouzie too hard an ask and better to just cash in and move on.

    1. For a person who thrives on ifs, or buts or maybes you are pretty sure about Saliba and Arteta’s role in the Saliba situation.

      The end of the season and delving into the transfer market will determine all sorts of potential outcomes. Until then, I think it is a case of wait and see. Apart from that, you are ill informed about our weather.

  5. ”My biggest criticism of the Spaniard is that he’s been taught it’s okay to just give up on talent the second he feels they don’t suit his ethos.”

    i would like to see proof of this

    1. Okay ….Ozil and Sokertise were paid to sit at home
      Guendozi loaned out
      Auba given away for free
      Pepe currently not starting games
      Obviously saliba

      1. The big Wrestler wasnt good enough for Arsenal – period come on dude

        Ozil was solid under Wenger, cant deny his stats
        Then Emery came in, he lost his way, lost the national team, stirred up stuff, had picture taken with some president dude, pissed alot of ppl off.
        he was given enough chances when MA took over to regain his position pre covid, he didnt really do anything in that time, told to find another club, he didnt and sponged 300k per week from teh club until we had to get rid of him – thats not giving up on talent thats a dude withj issues – had to go no matter how in the end.

        MG, mate this kid is an absolute asshat, he had already been warned about his attitude and other stuff long before teh Brighton incident and i thought that was bang out of order what he did and said to the brighton players, talented yes but personality goes along way, warned multiple times, still was a D!ck – had to go for the sake of the squad.

        Auba, this guy downed tools a few weeks after he signed a 350k per week deal, form was abysmal, had a number of disciplinery issues during MA’s time, warned multiple times, dropped fro NL derby due to this.
        He did not want to be here anymore, a captain should set a better example to younger guys imo, he has done this before and had issues at previous clubs, and it seems if auba wants out he gets out!

        Pepe doesnt start games because unlike others who can play in his position like Saka, Ode, ESR and Martinelli, he cant defend and do the ”hard yards” tracking back and defending. cant retain possession and would you really pick him over Saka? yea ok haha

        Salba – well MA did say way way back he made a mistake with Saliba in not atleast registering him for UEL.
        But he wasnt ready, he had an appalling time with Family stuff which we all know about, so he was sent back to france to get game time and then again this season for the same reason.

        MA has said this season Saliba has a future here and will be part of his plans next season.
        Saliba going on loan these past few season to a less demanding league to egt game time he would not have got alot of these past 2 season will be amazing for him. this is called developing talent not giving up on it .

        Ive played the game professionally for 14 years and coached professionally for over 30, what do i know about coaching and developing players?

        1. You are absolutely right.
          The article is the usual dig at Arteta, and is really just a biased opinion.

          1. Biased opinion ?
            Saliba has been loaned out for three years ….that’s a fact
            In that time Arsenal finished in their worst League position in decades …..that’s a fact
            Ozil was paid to sit at home ,Guendozi and saliba loaned out – there facts
            Where is the biased ?

            1. Saliba was loaned out, but not by Arteta.
              Saliba himself admitted he wasn’t ready for PL football. All facts.
              Özil was going downhill every year for 4 years, and was useless in the end and after he left us. Facts.
              Guendouzi not only had disciplinary problems, but his qualities in the PL can clearly be questioned.
              So all good decisions based on facts.

        2. People keep saying that Aubameyang downed tools after signing the big contract. Tell me how many strikers have flourished under Arteta….I await your response on this question. Your experience as a footballer and a coach doesn’t make you right. Paul Scholes played much and coached a club too, yet, as a pundit, he’s always very very wrong. So the only way to develop talent is to send them on loan. Why didn’t Tavares and Lokonga also go on loan? Pepe this…Pepe that. Yet Nketiah comes on in a game at Godison park to play as a WINGER (yes, as a WINGER) when we’re chasing a goal at the dying minutes, while Pepe sits on the bench and watches on. And you’re telling us Pepe this, Pepe that. If you think Guendouzi has attitude problems, then try Rabiot. Moreover, did Arteta not see Aubameyang’s lateness hait before giving him the armband and pressuring the club to give him a humongous contract?

        3. That’s not what you asked
          You asked for proof where Arteta was simply allowed to give up on talent

        4. VAL a sensible, accurate and necessary reply ,esp to Dan Smith who has little time for MA, despite his “turncoat” article just yesterday.

          That turncoat article was designed to fool those who are not regular readers of DANS many odd and anti MA articles, into falsely believing DAN NOW LIKES MA.

          I questioned this apparent change of heart yesterday and said I doubted that he HONESTLY believed what he wrote even himself and I also said I doubted his so called change of heart as genuine.
          Here, in this article, is the PROOF I was right on both counts.

          1. Yes Jon , I woke up yesterday and thought I better write something to ‘ fool’ everyone
            But now you have the ‘ proof ‘ that I’m a ‘ turn coat ‘ the whole time
            Jon , do you think maybe sometime you take things a bit too seriously lol

            1. Dan I do take what people write seriously, yes. I give them the respect of me thinking they themselves believe what they write.

              But in your case that does not apply , as your 8.40pm post apparently confirms, when you think I am being too serious.

              Should I NOT TAKE WHAT YOU WRITE AS BEING SERIOUS THEN DAN? Is that what you want?

        5. Spot on VAL. THE JUVENILE AGENDA RIVEN ANTI MA rants on JA, even by regular writers such as DAN, IS DEPRESSING AND FANTASY NONSENSE.

          How so many cunningly twist so called “facts” to fit their own anti MA agenda, may well be the acts of Arsenal fans but never of Arsenal SUPPORTERS.


          I do accept that Dan Smith is a fan, but if I did not, then I would think most of his articles UNFAIRLY criticising OUR manager , the outpourings of a troll!

          They are not what anyone would honestly expect from a TRUE SUPPORTER.

          1. Wait though
            You were all over Mr Wenger all the time when he was ‘ only challenging for top 4’
            Arteta does the same and yet now we can’t question him.?

      2. You need proof really??Auba, Guendouzi,Mavros,Saliba…..Auba got 7M to leave, Guendouzi sold to OM for 10M, Mavros for less than 3M,Chambers,Kola….for free.

  6. “One of the worst Arsenal squads in decades”…clearly, a very, very young fan!

    I hope we see him next season, but only if he signs a new contract, which I am not so sure he’ll do at the moment. If not, we must sell to maximize his value.

    1. Since saliba arrived Arteta finished in our worse League position in quarter of a century …
      So that’s decades

    2. Jonbo We oldies have to laugh at the complete ignorance of our pre Wenger history by even youngsters as “old” as DAN, a regular contributor of anti MA articles and DAN is either 33 or 34.
      But many have chosen not to learn about our history befor AW came in 1996.

      Aged 5 in 1956 I already knew about our history at WOOLWICH(actuallyPlumstead)AND all about Herbert Chapman and all our great players of the thirties when even my DAD was only a teenager.

      In stark contrast, someof these kids today know nothing whatsoever pre Wenger and have been completely spoiled in demands and silly expectations by Wengers almost uniquely untypical Arsenal first decade. Sigh!

      So many wrongly believe we have never been relegated. Another sigh!

      1. I never said that
        I said saliba couldn’t get in one of the worse arsenal sqauds in decades
        Last year was our worst League finish in 25 years
        25 years is two decades
        It’s factual
        You can’t defend it so you do what you normally do
        Now I could cry and threaten legal action but no man would do that on football blog based on opinions lol

  7. Dan, I think your observation about MA giving up on players, is one that does deserve scrutiny – one of the criticisms voiced on JA since the debacle with Mesut Ozil.

    Let’s forget about one’s personal views regarding any player and look at the financial implications.

    First of all, it is the manager who should decide his squad, tactics and who fits into that plan.

    Where I have criticised MA, is the way he has handled those players who didn’t fit into his plans and how their value has been assessed.

    Does anyone believe we are performing as we should be in the transfer market since MA and Edu became responsible for all the incoming/outgoings at the club?

    Going back to the AW days, we can also say that the club underperformed in their transfer dealings, just to clarify that, in my opinion, this is something that goes back a long way within the club.

    What I can never understand, however, is why we don’t learn from our mistakes?

    As far as I am aware, we are the only top club that gives it’s players away and then continues to pay some, if not all, of said players salary.
    The only club that sets a ridiculous buy out clause for its loan players and the only club that uses it’s record signing as a permanent sub and then, reportedly, is willing to sell for less than half the price!!!!

    Can someone explain??

    1. Arsenal’s 22 players sold since 2019 and the £128m loss made on them
      The Gunners have seen a stunning amount of players depart the club in recent years, the majority of whom have left under Mikel Arteta’s reign and gained the club very little in terms of finances.

      1. Yes, most of them were a waste of time and money, which others were responsible for. The current regime, and not Arteta alone, has been left with the cleaning up, and have had to get rid of them at a time when prices on players have plummeted because of Covid-19.

        1. You are partly right,most of them were signed before MA ,but the” main” reason we lost so much money on sales is not COVID no but clubs knew how desperate we were to get rid of players,how did they know?all they had to do was to look how we got rid of players,buying them out of their contracts, loan with options to buy for ridiculous small amounts,even worth paying players on loans most of their wages or in Auba/Ozil cases pay them serious fees to rip apart their contracts and we still don’t know about Wilian case.

        2. Sorry,I almost forgot to mention the players that MA refused to sell,players whose values have plummeted to use your words AMN,Xhaka whom MA gave a new contract extension…he even stopped Elneny to leave and then we have the players leaving on a free this summer

          1. If you look at our transfer history for 25-30 years, you will see a pattern showing players not being developed and sold on to make profit for new investments. Under Wenger is was particularly bad, as it was combined with extremely poor contract management. When he left, we simply had too many players, and very few with the right standard. Luckily Arteta and the new regime are cleaning this up.

            1. 25-30 years of not being developed ?
              Van persie
              Just to name a few

  8. The gaffer has said Saliba is in his plans for next season so what’s the point of all the speculation?
    Saliba is an Arsenal player who has two years left in his contract so yes he will come back at the end of this season and Arteta will use him as he thinks best

    1. How many times has he said that to Saliba and others. The gaffer never keeps his words. He’s like the British weather

    2. Only this week, Saliba agent said that they haven’t had any contact with MA.are you telling me that he is too busy to make a phone call?and say to Saliba,keep doing what you’re doing,you’re doing well and you have nothing to worry about, you are part of my plans for next season??Donny Van Beek , Pereira have already been told by Ten Hag that they will be given a fresh start at MU.,if he can do it so can MA no?

      1. Siamois so you believe in reported comments by agents then! HOW NAIVE CAN ANYONE BE!

        Agents have agendas , the main one being to enrich themself personally. HAVE YOU TRULY NEVER NOTICED THAT!?

        1. jon, surely people have the right to assess individually the information out there. You are calling Saliba’s agent a liar, with no supporting evidence.

  9. You must be senseless to say this is worst ARSENAL team for over a decade. Dnt get me infuriated pls. It seems u only just started watching ARSENAL yesterday, else u wouldn’t have said such trash.
    Again, i dnt know why many of u fans feel Arteta hates Saliba. It doesn’t make any sense to feel so. Saliba needed to go out on loan and learn to improve. Arteta sees him in training and knows he wasn’t ready for first team football. Moreover, was Saliba not on loan even before ARTETA was made a coach. Blame Emery for loaning him.

    1. So far, there is genuine argument that this is the worst era of an Arsenal team. But they also have one of the highest potentials we have seen and I hope they’ll achieve that height. So far, they have achieved a grand total of NOTHING. But like I said, they can achieve very much in the near future, starting with CL qualification this season. Saliba’s first loan to Saint Etienne was a compulsory loan. The club refused to sanction the sale to us except we agreed to the loan. That’s why we had to sign an emergency David Luiz on deadline day to hold the fort until Saliba’s loan ended

    2. Funny how your second name Odeh is translated in a Nigerian language to mean senseless. He wrote an article of opinion and facts and you say he’s senseless. Check with your name first. The first loan he was on under emery was part of the deal for signing him, not arsenal or emery’s preferred choice. So you go out on loan to learn more if you’re saliba but you walk right into the team if you’re Tavares or Lokonga. So much for the youth project. The illogical reasoning in Arteta’s fans argument for all of this is fascinating to say the least.

      1. I really agree with all your points as they’re very sensible and true. Lokonga can remain in the first team and learn with EPL football while Saliba has to keep going on loan. But I don’t subscribe to insults, especially using someone’s name. It’s offensive.

    3. Since saliba has been brought he couldn’t get in Arsenal squads that factually finished in our worse League position in 25 years
      That’s two decades

      1. Our lord and saviour Saliba.
        Get Saliba playing at Arsenal and all our problems on the field will be sorted.
        If he was in this team we would be fighting for the Title and champions league.
        The reason we finished 8th in 2 consecutive seasons is because Arteta hate Saliba. Just bring him back and all will be well at Arsenal.

        1. Very good point Goonster
          How can it be possible to make a comparison with Saliba who has yet to play for us?

    4. Its factually correct to say that Arsenal finished in their worst League position in 25 years while we were loaning out Saliba
      Sorry that’s not what you want to hear but it happend

        1. Not saying that mate
          People are challenging the statement that Saliba couldnt get in the worse arsenal squad in decades
          So I’m having to remind them that 8th factully was the worse we have done in decades

        1. No mate Wenger finished 6th
          8th factually was our worst finish in decades
          Happend under Arteta ……twice

          1. It is such a shame that you are so angry Dan
            This reliance on Wenger’s record is beginning to pall. You have what I think is an unhealthy relationship with that record. You can’t turn back time, anymore than ManU can with Fergie.

              1. You also bring up AW at every opportunity by constantly referring to our worst finish in decades. It’s your favourite saying

                1. Aw Wenger wasn’t brought up in article
                  Anders S brought him up
                  Read back in comments
                  We did though finish in our worst finish in decades ?
                  So if people are going to say , how can I say saliba couldnt get in the worst Arsenal team in decades , I will use evidence such as the League table

          2. I am merely showing the same illogical coonections, you are using. The fact is, when Auba joined, we were a top 4 club. After, we havent finished in top 4. We have finished 8’th twice with Auba. But since Arteta stopped udsing him, we have climbed back into top 4.

            This is also fact. Only it is just as ridiculous to argue causability here, as it is in your Saliba argument.

            1. And that’s fine mate
              Was just pointing out to Sue P who said I brought Wenger up when it was you
              I havnt got an issue with what anyone wants to chat about

    5. Blame Emery?the reason we were able to sign despite interest from many clubs was that we were the only one to agree to loan him back to St-Etienne,which was the condition attached to his sale.the fact that clubs like RM,Milan….wanted him to be part of their teams straight away,should tell you everything you need to know.

  10. The strange thing about Saliba situation is despite he has not been given an opportunity to prove his worth at Arsenal, some fans are quick for Arsenal to cash in on him despite the need for depth in the squad. Who are you guys protecting? Then,there is the talk of not wanting to break up the partnership of Gabriel and White. To be honest, this partnership has been good, but,not excellent or brilliant. The defenses of Manchester city 33 games (21 goals conceded) , Liverpool 33 games (22 goals conceded), Chelsea 32 games (27 goals conceded) and Wolves 33 games (29 goals conceded) and Tottenham 33 games (38 goals conceded) have been better than Arsenal. Manchester city and Liverpool are Brilliant, as they each have four quality center backs competing for places ,which brings out the best in them, every time the opportunity arises. Saliba must be integrated into the squad next season and given the chance to prove his worth at Arsenal. This guy has been wearing an Arsenal shirt since he was a kid. Stop trying to pin his friendship with Guendouzi to influence his fate. Saliba is good enough for France, therefore it would be criminal if Arteta never gave him a chance at Arsenal.

    1. Arteta has publicly apologized for his treatment of Nketiah, Pepe and Elneny, because he lacked the confidence to trust Nketiah in particular. He now need to do the same for his treatment of Saliba.

      1. You need to prove nothing when you can get into French national team. Did White prove anything yo Arteta before he walked straight into our first team.

    2. That a player is doing so well in a particular league does not automatically guaranty a great performance in another league or environment. We have seen great players who fail to adapt in a new culture and climate. Sometimes tactics also play a major part in how well a player fares in a new team. The ability to adapt seamlessly to the coaches tactics and formation would ensure that a player continuously gets playing time eg, Xhaka. Playing in a big team goes beyond just talents and skills, character and right personality would be considered ( Guendouzi).
      If Saliba were to return to Arsenal today, can anyone vouch that he would be able to play better than either of White, Gabriel or even Holding with his premiership experience?
      I personally want him back at Arsenal, but he must prove that he can play in the premiership, and play with the Arsenal squad. There should be no special treatment, he must prove that he is better than the players we have who have been performing well all season. I like Saliba and want him to sign a longer contract because believe he had improved and is more mature. Can he displace White and Gabriel partnership now, would he be able to offer more? It he does then it is Arsenal’s gain.
      Up Gunners!!!

  11. Saliba is surely good enough to play for Arsenal and will surely come back to Arsenal. Of course, the only thing which could deter him from coming back is if we dont make it to the CL but other wise I dont see why he will not come back.

    1. So much concise observation Wayne, but I’m afraid it’s going to get lost. People have drawn lines and some foolishly believe that Arteta can do no wrong, even after a season when every other competitor has shot themselves in the foot and we are possibly the best of the rabble.. Like many of to us, you’ll have to wait for next season to say I told by you so. Making top four is big, but building on it means everything. As for Saliba playing in an Arsenal shirt next season, I wouldn’t bet the house on it.We have some unknown from the USA coming in, and it would be so easy for Arteta to sell a player he obviously doesn’t like for decent money an stick with the good boys who train hard. Whatever, my opinion is that losing Saliba would have a similar long term impact as losing Ashley Cole to Chelsea .did many moons ago. Any of the five or six big club’s will definitely snap him up.

  12. Saliba should be brought back to England, period. Arteta has a big problem with managing the talents available to him. He seems to feel it is belittling to listen to the opinions of others. Arsenal have lost matches they shouldn’t have because some players aren’t given the chance to shine or the coach has to exercise his prerogative? On the other hand we have to sympathise with Coach Arteta because making choices is hard to do. But he should bring back Saliba to strengthen the defence against teams like M. City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

  13. You need three very capable CB’s in a top side. I’m expecting Saliba to help make us defensively stronger, as well we can cover fullback injury better with himself or White stepping outside or Gabriel over the opposite wing. Saliba has a perfect build too, he looks the part. Our defence will look more domineering when he grows in confidence and understands his teammates back there.

  14. Ladies and gentlemen
    I think We are in total agreement as a footballer Saliba would only make our team better if he came back
    The problem we have all overlooked is he mentally able to adapt
    He is still a very young man.
    Moving to foreign land
    Different culture
    Different language
    If he can then we have a gem in the making
    If he can’t. Sell him and move on
    Onwards and upwards

  15. I dont understand why you want to make something out of nothing. Arteta already told us the reason Saliba didn’t play for us in the first place. He has also explained numerous times already this season that Saliba is in his plans and will come back next season. It’s funny because had Saliba stayed and done terrible at Arsenal, you wouldve been out here on this same platform talking nonsence about the young lad and crying about how we had been duped by St etienne. Drop the chatter and wait for the lad to come back and fight for his place in the team. There’s no conspiracy or agenda against the lad.

  16. Absolutely, Positively, Definitely not sustainable how we continue to gives away our talented youngsters.

    Yes Saliba should be part of the squad next season or even continue on loan with a brand new extended contract.

    Yes someone should be fired, if Saliba is not an Arsenal player next season, am sincerely hoping all this noise is about nothing, really wants to avoid responding to article written on Saliba and wait until the end of the season, but the writer keep provoking a response.
    And am wondering why so much confusion around the lad, why need to wait to extend his contract.

    A keep saying this is the biggest blunder the gaffer have made at Arsenal but Edu has to take some form of responsibility for this grossly mismanagement of the player.

    The gaffer needs to do more than just admit he had made a mistake with Saliba and do something positive to correct it.

  17. Yes, we need Saliba at the back. No doubt about that. There are already signs about White reaching his peak. The BIG question is: Does Arteta really wants Saliba? Only MA can answer that question. The gaffer is like the British weather. If he greets you good morning, please confirm from the sun before responding. It has happened several times. It will happen again.

  18. I agree 100% with @ken1945. Not much has changed at Arsenal. It goes back a long way. I can remember when Arsenal let go of Liam Brady and Frank Stapleton. Brady went Juventus, and Stapleton went to Manchester United. Arsenal failed miserably to replace those two. If memory serves me correctly, it took 7 years. Terry Neill was the manager, and Don Howe was his sidekick,, and Howe took over as manager later on. Them were the days,, “boring boring Arsenal ” ,, was what the newspapers used to write

    1. pj, What on Earth has that ancient history got to do with todays team and manager?

      I remember it all too and go back way further back than you. But that was then and now we are a million miles away in almost all ways from way BACK THEN!
      As for you thinking “not much has changed” how wrong can you be! Almost everything other than our name and kit colour is very different. ABOVE ALL , our fans esp the younger ones are far more entitled and impatient.

      I long for THAT but not much else, save the obscene wages of today, to return to how it used to be back then.

  19. God, yes it was boring. After the first two Irishmen left, David O’Leary remained our most ” cultured” player. Without him, there wouldn’t have been many 1-0s to the Arsenal. Those two Sargent Majors
    ran Arsenal like an army platoon.. Unfortunately,the period between 79 -82 was when I spent most of my time in London. I would often pass up home games against the likes of Coventry and Ipswich knowing full well what borefests they would be and travel to the NorthEast to watch Sunderland play in the Second Division. Or for the sake of trying to visit as many grounds as possible,I even went to watch Darlington play.

  20. Once a player is not in te squad, he’s the next Messi, let’s wait till he comes back from OM, Someone said if he’s good for France, he’s good for Arsenal as if hes in the first team, I’m sure he will not make the squad for the world Cup either. The boy is good but he has to fight for his place next season, the Premier league is not ligue1. He has potential, that’s why the club signed him even before anyone here knew what he’s all about.

    1. Lokonga and Tavares can learn to play in the EPL by actually playing EPL football but Saliba needs to go on multiple loans and spend 6 months in the U23s to learn to play in the same EPL. Enough said

      1. 1) Saliba has himself admitted, he wasn’t ready for PL football, when he was sent on loan

        2) He has been quoted as saying he wants a guarantee to play.

        So it was the rigth decision to send him on loan, and if he is unwilling to compete for places, Arteta has every right to leave him out of his plans.

  21. Arteta is inexperience coach
    trying to learn this trade
    he makes a lot of obvious tactical mistakes
    he is afraid to play players like Pepe even
    when Saka is injured
    no wonder he would’t risk with Saliba
    BTW Elneni played super the last 2 games
    (why didn’t he play earlier?)

  22. With regard to the article’s title, it is not necessarily true that if he’s good enough for France he is automatically good enough for Arsenal.
    However, he has done well in France during this season and one would expect that if he wants to stay with Arsenal he will be able to effectively compete for a shirt.
    Unsurprisingly, much of the article is made up of insinuations and speculation in an attempt to discredit the manager.

      1. I’m sure over a certain age we can be fans yet still critique our club .
        Depending the topic our give my opinion.
        So other day I admitted atmosphere has been better at emiraites
        Writing about Saliba , my opinion is honestly that Arteta was wrong to loan him out
        I remember at Ethiad we played Kolasniac as a centre back

        1. Evidently, anyone can critique the club. However, some of us are clear that there is a difference between a balanced criticism of a decision and one that is written with attempt to undermine the manager.
          The Saliba situation is not straightforward and there are different opinions. It was unclear whether he was ready for the premiership at the beginning of the season.
          Given the potential for further development that he had (and still has), in my view, it was a reasonable decision to loan him out whilst retaining other senior players as cover. Regular football at a senior level is more likely to aid his development than spending most of his time on the bench.

  23. Come on Dan, give Arteta a break please.

    First of all it’s not the first time in Arsenal’s recent history that a French International isn’t considered.

    Giroud was playing every single game for France when Arsenal bought Laca. It became a bizarre situation where Giroud kept his spot in the France starting 11 whilst being the sub at Arsenal of another Frenchman that wasn’t even selected for the national team!

    5 years later?

    Giroud’s got a world champion medal around the neck playing every game at the World Cup, is the second highest ever goal scorer for France with 48goals in 112 caps, 3 goals shy of Henry’s 51g/123c’s record. He won trophies with Chelsea and is in the Serie A title race this season for AC Milan yet he wasn’t good enough for Arsenal and it was deemed Laca was a better option.

    Who was the manager at the time?

    My point is every manager makes mistakes. Wenger did, Arteta does.

    Saliba’s been very poorly handled by the club and may not accept to extend his contract. We may lose him and that could be a big mistake.

    That being said, after finishing 8th twice in a row I can understand why Arteta didn’t feel secure to bet everything on having a 20 year old foreigner with zero EPL league match under his belt in Arsenals starting 11. Arteta’s neck was on the line and he thought it’d be safer to have Ben White playing in his central defence. That was probably not a great decision but I’m not going to bash him for that!

    Come on, 5 games left to be played and Arsenal is on track to achieve what you said all season was impossible to achieve.

    Give Arteta a break he’s doing a good job.

    1. I don’t see the article as anti Arteta mate at all.
      I simply said he has a habit of washing his hands of talent if they don’t suit his ethos

      I have the mindset of , just because I’m a gooner doesn’t mean I have to say my club do nothing wrong

      1. It’s totally fine for Arteta to wash his hands off players.

        Around 1995-96 Aime Jacquet washed his hands of both Cantona and Ginola even though they were way better players than the youngsters he was selecting for France. 2 years later he was world champion.

        I love the fact that Arteta doesn’t compromises on his ethos, whatever the players previous transfer fee, status or wages.

        Football is a team sport. In order to achieve anything Arsenal need a strong Manager giving a clear direction for the players to follow, all players to truly believe this direction will word and pull as hard as they can to achieve it.

        If a player doesn’t believe in Arteta’s ethos he is probably better off elsewhere working with a manager he has similar ethos with. And Arsenal are better off without such player whatever the cost.

        Something really special has been happening at Arsenal in the past 18 months. I feel a multi title winning team is being built and really soon there will be very one at the club pulling the same direction from the owners to Edu, Arteta, players and staff and I couldn’t care less if we have to sacrifice a few talented players along the way.

        I’m convinced one day there will be talented writers like you Dan paying tribute to this 2021/22 Arsenal squad of youngsters on their way to becoming a new generation of Arsenal legends.

      2. Dan But it’s not “your club” about who you are talking though ! Is it!

        Be honest for once and admit it is MA only and you constantly criticise him, EXCEPT in your one turncoat article of yesterday.
        But today you are back to the normal DAN vitriol against MA. That is precisely why I DID NOT ACCEPT YOUR TURNCOAT ARTICLE AS GENUINE.

        And that Is now shown to have been my good judgement where THAT article was concerned.
        And you must know that manyother Gooners make the same accusation about you. Some on this thread(abovemine)

        1. I generally cant see where I’m attacking Arteta
          You must know that lots of people on here equally accuse you of things
          Like you , I’m sure you I can cope
          Again Jon , too deep mate
          If my friends or family were dissapointed in me I would care
          You not liking Arteta getting questioned is your issue

          1. To be fair you are not criticising Arteta too harshly on this article Dan.
            It must be very challenging to write as many articles as you do on JA, you expose yourself to criticism.
            Some of your articles about Wenger and Arsenal legends are wonderful.
            Hope you will start enjoying this new generation of gunners as even though this seasons been a rollercoaster it is pretty exciting.

  24. As usual, you are as eloquent and articulate as ever, while we may give Arteta the benefit of having the privilege to choose who suits his needs as a coach, his treatment of players like Guenduzi, Torreira, Joe Willock and of course William says a lot about his weakness
    as a person given his choices and decisions he makes as a leader, being former player himself, he knows the basics of how the system works. Arsene Wenger made a basket full of stupid decisions that cost him the Champions league, many stars were allowed to walk through our doors and leave because according to him, they weren’t good enough but they proved him wrong somewhere else, Yaya Toure for instance, we know the case of Louis Suarez and Liverpool. Arteta is showing the same xaracteristics, I see in him a combination of Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger, the 2 men that molded him as a coach and from whom he admittedly learnt how to ply his trade, today, Mr Wenger openly admits to have made mistakes during his reign, let’s hope that common sense and football wins in this case and not ego and myopic decisions informed by a rigid sense of superiority complex, upon all the noise being made about Arsene Wenger’s success, the dark spot remains the lack of Champion’s league trophy, especially knowing that he competed consistently for over 16 years or thereabouts, who celebrates mediocrity, even though the basics were different, compared to Sir Alex Ferguson, he is far behind in 2nd place and history will always remember that, let’s hope that Mikel selfish streaks will not bring us deep regrets in the future. Serge Gnabry was never good enough for Arsene, today, all of us would be glad to have him back home event hough his best years may have been lost in service to another cause. Arteta’s advisers should advise him correctly, for him wants the fans on his side, let our wants be one of his priorities.

  25. And it’s got that emery juu juu around it as well manz 4get tho emery wanted to sign nkuku b4 leipzig
    Gott involved or niffing
    loook now

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