If the Arsenal Board ignores us, we will just have to shout LOUDER!

The board ignores the Arsenal fans, but maybe we need to shout louder‏ by KM

So Peter Hill-Wood came out to the rampant defense of Wenger. He said “‘We are 100% behind him. That is always a dangerous statement, but I can assure you it has not crossed our minds that we wouldn’t support him 100%.” There goes a statement that lacked any sort of ambition.

Why do we back him? What are the targets the team has set for next season? Obviously none. If it doesn’t matter where we finish or what we win, why is Wenger payed 8 millions a year? I’d take his job for a lot less money, and at least i would at least spot the mistakes we make every week.

Another statement is “I simply cannot believe he will react to these stupid comments from these silly people. They are supposed to be supporters, but, in fact, they do quite a lot of damage.” Let me translate this for you -“Pay us more and more money and shut up.”

How can the fans be happy with his? The ticket prices are absurd already. For paying the most amount of money in the world, shouldn’t we be seeing the best team in the world. We are nowhere near that. We repeat childish mistakes in defense. We concede simple headers. We are tactically inadequate against a decent team.

I’m starting to feel that there’s nothing that can change the situation. We need a new owner. One that will get rid of those old people in the board. Get rid of Kroenke, get rid of Gazidis, get rid of Wenger. We have not a single person with some forward thinking and ideas on the board.

My plea is to the fans. Wenger and the board are obviously hurt by the banner, because it messes with their ego and it exposes their weakness and inability to manage a football club. So instead of removing them, just make them bigger. Show them at the Emirates. Make the message clear, Wenger’s gotta go!

The moment we stop accepting fourth is when we will start to move higher up the table. Our football club is run as a joke. No one person should be invaluable at a company and we need a change on a higher level than Wenger, because an adequate board would’ve seen his flaws and appointed someone who can move arsenal to the higher ranks, but instead we accept mediocrity.

The fans are the ones who pay with their money and nerves for the club, and we should be putting the pressure on the board to deliver, otherwise what we have been seeing so far will be repeated for as long as they are here.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. Credit where credit is due. At least Wenger didn’t sign Smellotelli. **** that racist piece of shit.

    1. @RVP
      And to think that so many on here wanted him. Saying how much better he was than Giroud…lmfao

      1. That list is long. Where is Aurier nowadays? Debuchy is a class above. M’Villa? I think he’s in Russia but anyway nothing special. They used to cry for Diame a few years ago. Now he plays at Hull. Couldn’t believe spuds got Lamela last year. This year it is really believable. Paulinho was going to be the next Toure. Sandro was a gem. Wenger should have signed him. Now he is at QPR. Berahino could have apparently been better than Giroud. I remember a player called Benteke. Talking of flashes in the pan, what happened to Lukaku?

        Anyway, my point was – the ones that shout usually shout nonsense. I’m up for criticising Wenger, but credit where credit is due. Let’s leave the shouting to one side and offer a genuine critique.

        1. aurier is still very young -your being very premature
          debuchy is 29!
          m’vila was/is quality , but his attitude is very poor.
          berahino is 21 lol an he looks very good

          your list is filled with quality players who are or will come good.

          henry was one of those players until he left juve for us!
          as was

          giroud is a good squad player, but his lack of scoring prowess cost us the league last year. 16 in 38 league games is hardly sanchez is it?

          1. I don’t buy that. By that logic Sanogo will come good, Wilshere is what we need etc.

            I also don’t agree with the Henry comment. An amazing team accommodated Henry past his initial issues. Today’s Wenger team has no room for slack. The only players that make us better are the Sanchez’s that come ready. Otherwise it is a much of a muchness because average is what we have in abundance.

            1. well no cos sanogo hasnt showed anything anywhere.

              aurier was in team of the year in ligue 1 an good in world cup
              m’vila have standout games for france first team and was also in team of the year for rennes in ligue 1
              berahino has proven himself this year in the prmeier league,

              sanogo scored for under 21’s- hes showed nothing- so the comparison is poor an holds no relevance

              juventus were amazing had ancelotti in charge.

              zidane, trezeguet. davids, inzaghi, deschamps- thats fifa style

              i disagree with your haircut also, i find your aftershave offensive.

              1. M’Villa never really pushed on though. He wouldn’t have made a difference to the Arsenal team. He fell of the radar.

                Debuchy’s age is irrelevant. Today he is a class above Aurier. Yet Wenger was criticised for signing Debuchy instead of Aurier despite Debuchy being EPL proven and on a contract term that means he will be useful at least in the medium term.

                Henry, again he might have been come from a team that is royalty but fact is that he did not come as the player that he left as. You know that he would have been criticised today as a player (I’m not saying you would criticise him but he would be criticised).

                PS: The hoez love the aftershave so w/e

    2. FACT is, you are irrelevant. Boycott the clubs and there are thousands more ready to take the place.
      Seriously, I cannot stand these wenger out folk. They were shouting moves until moyes turned man u into a joke. They were shouting klopp klopp klopp until he turned dortmund into the floor mat of the German league.

      1. Och yes be careful what you wish for crap. Man U were title winning team, we should not compare ourselves to them the last 10 years we are not even contenders this year already is over for us in November. Why people are so afraid of change. It is true it might be difficult but It might be better. If you pay so much for the ticket you expect good performance it ‘s not even funny anymore to watch your team struggling every week. I just want to start believing again. I support my team very much every single player but I refuse to support Wegner because I don’t like being treated like a fool anymore.

        1. Ok, enough of this 10 years crap, it is a complete manipulation of the facts to propagate dogmatic ignorance. We’ve only had money for a year and a half. Ozil was our emergence from financial restriction. You and the rest of the mob’s anger at no silverware for the seven seasons previous to 2013 is completely unjustified. And repeated, our ability to make champions league during that time was a miracle created by Wenger. IT TAKES MORE THAN A YEAR AND A HALF TO BUILD A COMPLETELY DOMINANT TEAM, AND WE HAVE ONLY BEEN SPENDING FOR A YEAR AND A HALF. So you’re anger at no silverware for the last two seasons is also unjustified (even for the fact that we did win silverware last season, our FIRST season with money). You’re all emotionally unstable, unable to see past your own noses, let alone the big picture. Just saying.

        2. Can you tell us of any other team that is not man u, man city, and chelsea, whose tickets are cheaper than arsenal tickets, and managed to finish higher than arsenal through out wenger’s tenure?

          Man city and chelsea do not rely on ticket sales to fund their success. They rely on a benefactor with bottomless pockets. Put differently those benefactors subsidize the tickets. You may want to extrapolate how much the tickets for man city and chelsea would be going for if they did not have benefactors. Probably no fan would be going to the stadia because the tickets would be way out of reach of all middle income earners.

          Man U success is down to the foundation that was laid down in the late 1970s and through out the 1980s. During that period the club built a strong brand without winning anything of note. This started bearing fruits in the 1990s up to this day. That is why man u were able to pay 150 million pounds to be 3 points above arsenal without cl football. Credit must be given to them though because they are reaping the fruits of their sweat.

          Arsenal has stated categorically that its success will be funded by internally generated funds. In the past the club used to sell to spend, however this season it spent over 70 million pounds in one transfer window, this is a substantial quantity compared to what used to happen in the past. However if the amount is compared to what man u spent it is nothing. Simple logic will tell you that if you want to punch at the level of man u, man city, chelsea, madrid, and barca in the transfer market the ticket prices must double in the short term since commercial revenues grow slowly.

          So in the context of the aboce discussion you will realize that in the context of the current football environment arsenal is doing extremely well. Its brand is also growing such that in the medium to long term it will be in the league of man u in terms of revenue base.

    3. let us be fair,tell me which words attributed to who were raciscts in the Balloallo words.
      The guy may be an immature excentric specimen but people should be careful before to call him racist.
      Think well,nowadays you could be accused of anything by some brigade for no reason so you should be careful to not throw the first stone.

  2. Its no wonder Wenger is so arrogant and complacent when he is backed by the most apathetic, unambitious clueless board in football. The problem is there is no one on that board who knows anything or gives a damn about football, its all about the balance sheet. Hillwood is an arrogant fossil who thinks fans should know their place, pay their money and shut up. Its about time he showed the fans some respect and listened to them for a change.

    1. wow: and i thought we were the customers. why does the club/board exist if not to provide entertainment for us? sounds like sir peter hill wood has lost the plot a bit.

      he sounds like a perfect ivory tower: “who the f*** are you plebs to demand change or improvement? we’ll do what we want. now buy our season pass.”

      1. In business you fire unprofitable customers. The club has its values one of which is to operate on a self sustaining business model. Success on the pitch will happen within the context of self sustainability. The club will deliver football entertainment to football consumers who agree with that principle. If you do not agree with that principle it might be time to start scouting for a new club. If you are a season ticket holder give up your ticket and see if noone will take it up. There are millions of fans that agree with the club’s philosophy who can not get hold of a ticket to go and watch arsenal matches.

    2. Yes he’s shown his true colours hasn’t he.He believes that he has a right to talk down to us fans because it’s his birthright. Sadly for him he is scratching around in the wrong Century. Most of the fans on this site are brighter than him anyway. He is more or less telling us we need to mind our own business. Well it is our business and not his. We prefer to live in the real world!

    3. If my memory serves me well arsenal’s most successful era came during the leadership of hill wood. You may need to seek knowledge before vomiting ignorance.

  3. All the wenger bulls**t is getting boring now…forget wenger support ur team…predictions for tomorrow game?..songs we gonna sing to get the boyz going?..something positive peoplestop all the nnonsense..get it in ur head as bad as most of us want wenger out he aint going nowhere right m ow not in tje middle of the season and I highly doubt at the end of so just sh*t fhe f*ck up and support arsenal…now wenger but arsenal…..arsenal fa life

  4. Hill-Wood is an old senile fart that sold himself out for sh!t loads of dallah! And now he has the balls to say that us fans should be humble for the results. So now listen Mr. Hills in the Woods…go back to your flippin’ mansion and live off your Arsenal cash. Us fans pay the most expensive tickets in England to watch and we demand a payback on OUR investment. The customer in always right Mr. Wood so go f@@k yourself!

  5. Just love the comment on we should get rid of gazidis get rid of kronke get rid of wenger we might as well get rid of the Emirates and puma and gunnersaurus why we’re at it what a stupid article COYG lets smash them saints

  6. Apparently some people on this site, dont want any betterment for arsenal fc! It seems they love how wenger, stan, peter hill wood and gazidis is running the club!

        1. what has 6 place got to do with how were run ? Im on about the future and the way we’re run as a club means we got plenty of options to go in the right direction

            1. You are so clueless it’s untrue mate live in your fantasy world and think winning trophys is as easy as counting to 1 2 3

                1. the more itry to hate MOURIHNO for his Loud-mouthedness, the more i tend to Love him for his determination and tactical prowess……

  7. Real fans dont hate wenger we hate his tactics his stubbornness hi refusal to sing the players we need….the million dollar question is what if Wenger was the change fix our problem and say win the f.a cup semi of the champions league and finish 3rd would u still want him out?….me personally I love wenger bit I want him out but thats because of results I hate seeing my team loose big game ober and over again….if he fix things he stays for me he done alot for the club he deserves that much but only if he change his stubbornness and get hi head out his as*

  8. Looks like the wengerites are coming out from his caves… LOL, so we must paid the tickets and stay in silent, that’s what the board demand, well…. Hell NO… WE DESERVE BETTER…

    1. Ok you got your wish you don’t have to be silent anymore come and tell me what you would do to make things better lets get rid of everyone have nobody in charge of the club what’s your next step Einstein bet you wouldn’t even know we’re to start

        1. great answer mate totally answered the question so why you asking me am I a board member your the one who whats to run hes mouth and not be silent cause you think our club is in turmoil I’ve been a supporter for over 30 years and all I am is a supporter not some fool who cries like a baby everytime our club has a few bad result like I’ve said before its was never like this wen I was growing up as a Gooner it was all about the badge can’t believe how spoilt this new generation of arsenal fans are never seen their team ever finishe outside top 4 and you think the simple answer is get rid of everything and everyone COYG

          1. say whatever you want, you are a pussy fan, fact….. and wenger suck balls lover too…. go and celebrated the fourth place trophy…

          2. Good stuff, 61 never again. The AOB’s have little respect, a lack of gratitude and not a lot of class given the many totally ott comments about Arsene, but now sis extends to most things Arsenal. All reality has long gone. Don’t think many have been around long enough to know what it is like not being in the top four and simply can’t understand the past economics. I am amazed because in many respects I feel we are at long last now at the beginning of an exciting time for the Arsenal.

    2. I love it how you people go on as if you own the club, like they owe you something! If you go and buy a Toyota does that give you the right to dictate the direction of the company?

      I know in the time I have followed Arsenal they have provided me with some wonderfully entertaining moments. So I am grateful, unlike so many of you whingeing, moaning little women.

  9. Not a great night for us with man u, pool, swansea and wh all winning 🙂 although we have a game in hand 10 points from the bottom and 13 from the top is not easy on the eye! We must take 3 points tmw to keep in the race.

  10. We should not blame gazidiz that guy does his job,he is a deal breaker.puma?ozil?sanchez?wenger will always try to take the credit but gazidiz is positive.wenger is the one who has got himself to this mess,a guy who always has something to say even if it simple to say i was wrong.im done calling him out but i know that 4th place luck will runout one day

  11. All those fans that are happy with no Pl championship for more than 10 years
    continue supporting Wenger, that is your right, me, I’m not happy,that is my right.

  12. Please some one tell me what is the effect on players, when they see their fans “Not supporting” them when on pitch and holding banners against Wenger???.

    1. Wenger would do well as French national couch:
      1. Very Patriotic – every 1 in that team will be his favourite
      2. Does have to worry about player purchases, sales, transfer market, etc…

  13. Hill wood or what the hell he calls himself should shut the f..kup and show some respects. He is insulting the fans who are not happy about bad results and poor management if we are having the deserved results no one will complain.
    To all of you coming out to call Wenger your messiah again because we won two matches I call you nothing but a c..t, hill wood knew large proportion of his club fans are very dull and the get carried away easily that was why he came out to talk trash after two wins. Raise more banners

  14. We need a manager that stands up to the board. If Arsenal started to decline further fans would stop turning up. Kronke would staop making money and might then realise that whilst it’s ‘his’ club it’s ‘our’ money that keeps it working as a business. To be charged some of the highest ticket prices in the world should allow us to reap the rewards on the pitch.

    I was in Barcelona a couple of years ago and was shocked at how cheap the tickets were in comparison to Arsenal’s yet they could afford to buy vastly expensive players. What are we doing wrong?

  15. If fans doesn’t know the meaning of his statement I will interpret….he simply said “Arsenal Fans are Fools, all they need to do is pay their money and shout the hell up and follow like a sheep to the slaughter house….the board as well as Wenger lack respect for the Fans who put food on their table…….its such a pity cos that can’t happen here in madrid where I live

  16. More banners pls and let it be more direct this time….the old fool statement has just ignite the fire….he should have just ate his share of the dupe( cos that’s what the board n wenger his been doing to the fans pure duping of the highest order) and shot-up

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