“If the club owners want to sell up, that’s down to them” Arsenal fans warned not to disrupt Villarreal game

Arsenal’s fans have been warned not to turn up at the Emirates to disrupt their Europa League clash against Villarreal this evening as Manchester United fans did when they caused their team’s Premier League game against Liverpool to be postponed at the weekend.

The Gunners are one of several Premier League teams that have faced fans’ protests because of their involvement in the suspended European Super League.

Some protesting fans have continued to ask for the club’s owner to sell up and leave.

Stan Kroenke insists that he won’t sell and has promised to invest in the team, but not every Arsenal fan trusts his words.

There is a possibility that some Arsenal fans will copy United’s supporters and storm the Emirates when the Gunners face Villarreal later today.

However, ex-Premier League goalkeeper Paddy Kenny didn’t like what United fans did and warns Arsenal’s not to try and copy them.

He then insisted that the clubs’ owners have the right to sell when they want to sell.

“I hope not but it could happen,” he told Football Insider.

“I thought what happened at the weekend was absolutely disgusting, to be honest.

“If any of the Arsenal fans are thinking of doing it, I’d tell them to knock it on the head. 

“They’re not happy about the owners of the club, I get it. But that doesn’t mean you can go around wrecking and vandalising things, causing danger and harm.

“It’s not nice. If the club owners want to sell up, that’s down to them. They own the club and it’s down to them at the end of the day.”

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  1. Demos , peacefully, albeit vociferously, OUTSIDE the ground, I encourage!

    BUT breaking in and causing violence with criminal acts would be a massive own goal that will set our club and reputation back hugely.

    Our best hope to force Kroenke out lies in PARLIAMENTARY LEGISLATION backed by all the football authorities, including the Prem league. (It would be foolish to rely on Daniel Ek and our three legends at this stage, even though we can HOPE!).

    We would be acting AGAINST our own aim, were we to be so mindless and wilfully stupid as to copy the moronic acts of MAN UTD fans.

  2. Someone out there should tell our fans that we need this cup as we need KSE out. In our club policy, we lead, we don’t copy. Others copy our philosophies. Why must we protest cuz United fans protested? A team that is afraid of playing us in the final.. Is that a team 2 copy? A team that hasn’t scored against us in the last 3 meetings. No win in 6, 3 draws, 3 loss, & almost 3 years since their last win over us. Tell our fans we invent, we don’t copy.

  3. They may protest after the end of the season with no criminal act.
    The scene fromUtd fans was shambolic, I could only see them as thugs.

  4. Nothing wrong with a peaceful demonstration. Our human rights.
    Regarding Kroenke not selling. This is a complex long term venture by the new group. It is not just about ‘not selling’. Daniel Ek and others will have a log term strategy and it will definitely succeed one day if they perpetuate. The Kroenke’s are haemorrhaging money in America, and there are many willing to undermine them. It isn’t over till the fat lady sings. Meanwhile…..Villareal….so COYG.

    1. SEAN, My wife also sings and, though not fat, she wants to lose a few pounds, I can join in a family duet of “Kroenke out” songs with lyrics yet to compose and set to opera melodies. THAT is bound to work!

      1. Jon Fox, i am delighted to hear that you are willing to go back on stage once more. rumour has it that you were a top class entertainer in days gone by.why not record a single with the lovely lady fox and yourself, and donate the proceeds to ” give us our arsenal back stan” fund.

      2. Jon
        We need to get so much energy together so Kroenke feels it. I could sing to him but he wouldn’t survive it, We can have the Kroenke out choir, or even produce the Kroenke out mp3/flac and stream it. We’ll get him out one way or another. I just want to be alive when it happens.

  5. “It’s not over to the fat lady sings” then Jon?

    I really hope that our fans behave with dignity tonight.

    Been reading that Arsene Wenger might be involved in the takeover – what a coup that would be!!!!!!

    1. Hi KEN YES i saw the AW rumour , IF it was indeed only arumour, too. But I’d have thought our media would have picked up more definitely on that by now if it hadREAL legs. Who knows then!

      TBH, I have till now been mostly sceptical about the whole Daniel Ek supposied bid being a serious one and still think that a bid that he thinks will be taken seriously by KSE is more unlikely than likely.
      That is not to say that he won;t bid a figure he knows won;t be accepted. I still suspect Spofify publicity as the real agenda, EVEN THOUGH, he mostprobably IS a true Gooner,
      Mostly, I doubt EK, as billionaires who are serious do not advertise their intentions first, as he did. It has also been said about DE that he acts in unconventional ways, as if that explains this unusual advertising first procedure

      I prefer almost any human on earth thanKroenke as owner and IF I can trust DE, then given his associated legends AND AW, I would love him to own us. But who knows! What is YOUR own take though?

  6. Kroenke is not soccer fan he love the club because it’s a business to him, win or loose is nothing to him. He is selfish man, we are tired to be loughing stock. It’s time for change. About todays game 100% win. Please my fellow gunners do a peacefull protest.

  7. Maybe someone could go on bgt audition and have a stand up impression on the silent Stan am sure to get four red buzzers

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