If the season is restarted, the Premier League has to be strong like the Bundesliga

I can understand why we all want to see football return. Personally, I have become too bored and I worry for my mental health if I continue to scroll through my phone and play PS4.

However, I can also understand the fears of those who want the season restart to be put on hold for now as we look to bring an end to this pandemic at the earliest possible date.

The German league is looking to set standards and there have been setbacks with players testing positive for the virus as teams prepare to come back.

However, the German authorities have maintained their stance that the competition restart will go on, I hope that the Premier League is prepared to be this firm as well.

The only reason why this competition was suspended was that Mikel Arteta tested positive for the killer virus, at least one Brighton player has just tested positive again, yet the Premier League is still insistent on restarting the season.

It would be ridiculous if we ignore these new cases coming up and restart the campaign, then stop it again when one or a few players contract the virus.

The Premier League should either wait for when there is no risk of infection to restart or end the season now, otherwise, when the campaign re-starts it should not be suspended again because of an outbreak, no matter the consequences.

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  1. Monetary gain above human life.
    Selfishness on the part of some people, we are watching what will happen next after the restart.

  2. While their response to the Pandemic has been far from perfect in certain areas, I trust the Government to respect the families of the tens of thousands who have died by refusing to sanction a resumption of all forms of football and indeed ,all contact sports, until the virus is firmly under control.If that means waiting for an effective vaccine,so be it.Much as I love my sport, it is a ” non- essential” part of life which has been turned into a business by those who have profited from the undying love and loyalty of fans for their Clubs.

  3. Well said to the two contributors above me.

    It is worth noting that since Germany has relaxed it’s rules on corona virus, the infection rate has increased very quickly.

    I just hope that every football club has water tight insurance policies.

  4. Is the Premier League strong, if it presses ahead in these conditions, or is it in fact weak, when it is willing to put fairness, moral issues and safety aside, just to get TV money??

  5. Football is not meeting Government guidelines and cant, it cannot start until it can. No football until then!

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