“If these players don’t start showing a bit of fight then you have to sack a manager” Pundit reckons Arteta faces the sack

Gabby Agbonlahor has admitted that Mikel Arteta will pay with his job if Arsenal’s season doesn’t get better.

The Gunners have been on a poor run of form lately and after seven losses from ten games, the future of Arteta is now in doubt.

There have been talks that he would be sacked while some reports have claimed that the club will back him in the next transfer window.

Agbonlahor wonders when it will become embarrassing that the club is delaying the decision to fire him.

He said that their next game against Chelsea looks a lot like an obvious win for the Blues and Arsenal will then leave the match just a few points off the drop zone.

Agbonlahor also said that Arsenal players have to show some fight before they can keep him in the job, else the reality of things is that he would be sacked.

He told talkSPORT via Sun Sports: “I just don’t know where Arsenal go from here because Chelsea must be odds-on to beat Arsenal in their next game and then Arsenal will be a couple of points above the relegation zone.

“When does it start to become embarrassing to keep Arteta?

“It might come to the stage where they might have to get rid of him.

“If these players don’t start showing a bit of fight then you have to sack a manager, that’s how managers get the chop.

“It’s one thing if you get your tactics wrong but if you can’t get the players working and running for you then your time’s done.”

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  1. As long as we don’t drop into the relegation zone we should stay with Arteta. We are rebuilding for the future and Arteta is the man to lead us for the next ten years.

    1. Sorry Wyoming, but Project Arteta has failed. He is a good talker but no evidence he is a good man-manager. He needs to go quickly so we can bring in a proven premier league man manager to rescue us from Championship football next season (not many around, and probably even fewer that would come). His lack of results and the weak demotivated showing of his teams is not sustainable. Anyone without the Arsenal history that Arteta has would have been sacked way before now.

  2. Love the site Admin, but do we really need an article everytime an ex-player turned pundit says something about Arsenal? Plenty of good articles with lots of comments just seem to get buried.

  3. The reason for hiring Arteta was to make Arsenal play well and recapture the magic of the name ‘Arsenal’. He has failed. It’s not working. You can imagine, it is, it might, or whatever, but better to face reality. Accept it is not working. One mans job is not worth more than millions of supporters joy. Inside he knows it is not working. He may well do it with another club, another group of players. Here it is clearly not working. It will get worse for Arteta and us. He must leave because the supporters in their millions are more important than one man.

  4. I’m backing Arteta to stay and I would rather get rid of 9 players that are the decay of the club. AUBA signs new contract then don’t give a t*so. OUT!
    Xhaka say no more Out! William Out!
    Louiz Out! Cebellos Out! Mustafa Out! Belerin let’s get some money as he’s not consistent enough. Lacazette Out!
    Ozil biggest influence on getting managers sacked. Emery & Ljunberg will vouch this. Big f off Out!

    1. Who kept playing those player’s you mentioned? MA kept Xhaka when he was about to leave, ceballos and willian are his signing. It’s absurd and mind numbing the level of excuses you guys are giving just for the love of Arteta’s. He has no historical record to show that he can turn things around.

  5. Some of you called for UE’s head when he was underperforming and rightly so, but now want to give Arteta more time when his record is worse than UE? You want him to have 6-9 more new players when he already had 6 new players of his own, but you didn’t want to give UE that kind of chance? I was among those that wanted EU to leave, and now I want MA to get the boot too. There is no sign that things will improve and no historical data that shows that MA is capable of taking out of this nightmare. Whats good for UE is good for MA too. I am loyal to the club and not the players or the coach.

  6. The biggest problem with our Team Arsenal they keep repeating the very same mistake year in year out by keeping players like Xhaka,Lacazette,Mutafa,Belerin,Luiz and bringing back Cebellos,signing players like William,paying huge money on players like Pepe, giving long term contract to S,,,t players like Ozil and we about to make another mistake by giving a new contract to Holding a defender who doen’t even know how to defend,read the game,how to cover his wright hand side.

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