“If they aren’t careful, he’ll leave” Arsenal warned about Tierney’s future

Arsenal has been warned about losing Kieran Tierney if they don’t match his ambitions.

The Scotsman joined the Gunners from Celtic in 2019 after helping the Hoops to dominate in their domestic competitions.

Celtic had been so successful that some could argue a move to Arsenal was a step down for him.

Tierney has continued to deliver fine performances for the Gunners, but they have not stopped underachieving.

The Gunners remain one of the biggest teams in England by history but have hardly made any progress over the last four years.

They finished last season outside the European places and will have to play just domestic games next season.

Having fewer games is a good thing as they can now focus on winning as many league games as possible without any European distractions.

There is no guarantee that Mikel Arteta’s team will break into the top four next season and former West Ham man, Frank McAvennie says they could lose Tierney to Manchester City if they keep underachieving.

“The best signing they made in recent years is KT,” McAvennie told Football Insider.

“He’s been magnificent. They have managed to get him fit and he really is something.

“If they aren’t careful, he’ll leave. He’s destined for the top, I really believe that and Arsenal can’t give that to him. 

“They are going backwards. I’m looking at the left back at Man City and my god, Tierney could step in there easily. 

“He could do it in any team in the world, he can be the best left back in the world. Arsenal have to step up and match him. 

“A lot of players will be asking questions this summer because they are going backwards. 

“Arsenal can’t afford another bad season.”

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  1. That’s not really fair… missed a large portion on the sidelines and has played really well when called upon! We did pay £25m for him when he was injured.

    He will stay at Arsenal no doubt in my mind and be future captain

    1. Agree Sean, the first thing Kieran Tierney needs to do is overcome his propensity for injury and be available to play the maximum number of games.

  2. Why does this site go out of its way to be negative about Arsenal? Only a day or so ago it was reporting that Smith Rowe was effectively on his way to Villa, which is itself, utter rubbish.

  3. Until the new season is a month in, then McAvennie currently sounds mean and unwilling to accept that Arsenal could do well.

    We might well be in the do do and he would be right but to suggest at that stage Tierney would be going backwards but to imply it now is laughable

  4. an iron with a loathing for AFC, just needing to remind people he is still alive. just cop a deafun , he might go away

  5. I certainly don’t like hearing such a notion, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility…he’s currently getting a lot of love from fans and pundits alike, much of it justifiable of course, but his injury-prone nature is problematic…if it continues to be the case moving forward, it creates a bit of a dilemma for a club in transition…if he’s unavailable, we’re a weaker squad, which obviously negatively impacts results, especially since we can’t afford to have a player similarly as effective on the bench providing cover…so his lack of availability could ironically become one of the root causes of him potentially seeking greener pastures, which is probably why we’re employing the old armband ploy to encourage his longer-term loyalty(excuse me for my obvious cynicism, but it was well-earned)

    now this wouldn’t have to be the case if we weren’t so tactically rigid, especially when Tierney was unavailable or nicked up…instead of shoehorning Cedric or Xhaka into the same, yet far less effective, game script, like last season, we needed to show some more tactical flexibility…with this in mind, we should have immediately switched to a 3-back with Saka out wide left in a wingback role

    in order to pursue this course of action in upcoming season though we need to shore up our midfield first, so that we’re far more balanced in attack…this is why we need to replace Xhaka, as his deficiencies required us to be too conservative, from a tactical perspective…if we had showed a bit more courage this past season and had opted for a much more positive approach, we just might have achieved our European objectives…let’s hope we’ve learned the right lessons when it comes to our recruitment policies this off-season

    1. Spot on.A natural back up for Tierney is required urgently.I was amazed at the decision of Southgate not to play Shaw or Chillwell against Croatia.The result probably justified his decision but the lack of balance in the team made it a hard watch for me.Not once did the English fullbacks succeed in driving to the line and crossing on the run.It was a safety first decision which paid off, but if England are to win the completion they really have to be more attacking minded.In the EPL the likes of James, Walker, Shaw and Chilwell get to the byline on numerous occasions , but not with the National team.

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