‘If they don’t they’ve got to step aside,’ Keown says Kroenke must spend or leave

Martin Keown has called on Stan Kroenke to invest money in the Arsenal playing squad or sell the club.

The American owner has faced serious backlash from fans in the last few days with most of them demanding that he sells the club and leave for good.

He has been the majority shareholder since 2011 and insists that he is not prepared to cash in on the team just yet.

The latest fan protests have been fueled by Arsenal joining the proposed European Super League as it showed that the owners are just interested in using the club as a cash cow.

Josh Kroenke answered some questions from the fans recently and insisted that they will not sell the club.

He also added that they are planning on investing in the team when the transfer window reopens in the summer.

Keown says he doesn’t exactly believe that they would do as they say, but he wants them to leave if they do not spend money on the team.

‘The Kroenke’s have said they are going to spend money. If they don’t they’ve got to step aside,’ Keown said on BT Sport via Mail Sport.

‘I don’t necessarily believe them in what they have done so far but they are saying now it is a different situation that we are in. Money needs to be spent and they have plenty of that.

‘They have shown that with what they have spent on shares, they spent £1billion to buy the shares to make the club worth £2-3bn, it is a fantastic investment.

‘They are surely going to want to invest in that. Whether we believe them, let’s see, let’s see the colour of their money, and if they are not prepared to do that, then step aside because we want to see success return to the football club.’

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    1. Ken, im of the opinion that it isnt just about spending, there are question marks over Edu, Arteta and Vinai in all this. I dont want kronk but it has nothing to do with money as such.

      1. Agree Reggie.
        The decisions made by the club, some large and some small, are puzzling to say the least.
        The redundancies, the mascot fiasco, the scouting demise, the SL fiasco, the letting go of players for nowt, the need to bring in a lawyer to the board, the decision to give MA the (seemingly) same power/workload that proved to be too much for an experienced person in AW, the inevitable problem with not having a decent cover for Tierney, the “treatment” of players, the ludicrous contracts awarded to the over 30’s …. just a few of the points that have been made with all three, plus kronkie, involved.

  1. Sadly the Kroenke’s are snakes, who have no thoughts of Arsenal’s welfare, let alone the supporters. BUT they are in big problems in America and will sell for the right offer. We need a good consortium.

  2. Martin Keown – you surely speak treason against our wonderful Robin Hood of an owner.

    There are some on here (only a few idiots) who see the substance of your argument as nothing to do with our “ambitious” owner whatsoever.

    Keown says;

    “I don’t necessarily believe them in what they have done so far”

    Agree, said it for ages !

    The deluded amongst us always point to the purchases of Pepe & Partey (bit concerned about him by the way) etc.

    But there is a huge difference between SANCTIONING THE SPENDING OF THE CLUBS (limited) FUNDS, than investing personally in what is meant to be your pride & passion.

    Kroenke sees it sufficient to simply sit in place to ensure we continue to run our (failing) “self sustaining model” (with low value assets on the playing front – doomed to failure), whilst achieving in sporting terms (yes folks we are a professional football club) bugger all.

    Then …… PAY DAY when the Emirates Cup in disguise finally comes to fruition when revisited !

    Why do you think the Krankies are making noises about investment all of a sudden ?


    Well said Martin (Mad Dog) Keown !

    By the way, who have we got on Sunday – Stoke away !

  3. I read earlier today that Arsenal still owe just over 100M(105M) in transfer fees/installments on top of the covid loan it doesn’t look good are we going to have any money to spend this summer?

    1. I wrote on an earlier thread 154 million siamois, dont know if that £ or €. We wont have much this summer at all, if any.

  4. siamois, it’s a drop in the oucean for the kronkie’s, so let’s see if they do actually “put up or shut up!!”.

    1. You’re right Ken that’s nothing to them let’s wait(hope) and see they might surprise us!

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