If Thierry Henry can leave, why should Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stay?

Thierry Henry recently admitted that he doesn’t have the moral right to ask Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to stay at Arsenal.

I developed even more respect for him because of that response, although I should have been angry that he wanted our player to leave us just like he did, which doesn’t make a lot of sense.

However, if we consider this from the player’s point of view, then we can understand why any player would be content to leave us and sign for another team.

After scoring hundreds of goals for us, Henry felt that he needed a new experience and I suspect that he knew he wouldn’t win the Champions League if he remained at Arsenal.

He left and won the Champions League among other competitions in Spain. This could be the reason why Aubameyang wants to leave too.

The Gabon striker has borne the goal scoring burden at the Emirates since he joined us and the club doesn’t seem to be helping him by signing top players to complement his efforts.

He understandably would only leave Arsenal to join a better and perhaps more ambitious team.

I wouldn’t begrudge him when he finally leaves because I think that he would be justified should he join a team that would go on to win trophies while we struggle to get into the top four.

If Thierry can leave and be forgiven by Arsenal fans, I think Aubameyang can leave too until we make our team the team that people want to play for and never want to leave.

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  1. Why compare what’s incomparable? Auba is good, very good indeed, but he’s no Thierry Henry. The level on which TH scored is unique. Google and watch the 228 shades of Thierry Henry. One of the greatest of all times. And by the way, I red somewhere, that TH have said he regrets his leave from Asn’l. Think about that, Auba.

    1. Auba can be the new Henry, they are very similar but Auba is 31 yo and theres shortage of time to be one…..

      Auba should go and make way for new players if he does not want to stay….

      there are heaps of talent out there but fans only wants big name and big tag players

    2. Robert , what came over to ME in this fine article was the fact the it compared two fine players who share the fact that both are humans with the unalienable right to make up their own minds what they wish to do. In no way did I see any true attempt even , at a comparison about their onfield talents, which was NOT the point of this article either.IME WAS COMPARING THEIR SITUATIONS, NOT THEIR RESPECTIVE TALENTS!

      1. For me it’s always a matter of talent, Jon, when it comes to football. Talent is the only reason for these cats being out there behaving the way they do. Auba lacks the talent of being a true gunner. That’s the problem. He don’t understand what it means. “They shall be lucky…” as senior Arteta said. Lucky and proud. And I think it was the loss of Highbury that made the decision easier for the incomparable Thierry Henry. Auba never heard of Highbury. He have never kissed it’s grass and ground anyway (Wigan May 06).

      2. Comparing their social situation? You must be kidding. Du you really think their social situation is comparable? Then these two guys must be idiots. And I’m sure Thierry Henry is not. You don’t believe in the complexity of life. OK. We are only vegetating beasts. Something for the Zoo. You are an old cynic, aren’t you, Jon.

  2. Auba and Henry cannot be compared in terms of football skills. Henry was far much of Auba. Henry was the highest paid player at Arsenal, but Auba is not even though he is one of the highest perfomers. Its frustrating for Auba

  3. Henry was able to assist as well,he is not someone who just uses the chance but creates them but Auba is not a creative player.He is skilled,clinical but should not be compared to henry.

    Now the question,
    Henry left ya and it hurt but we appreciated his service so will do for Auba as well if he is to leave.

  4. The Future is cooking up something wonderful for we Arsenal”
    Auba should be sold, Please am a fan but he should be sold… Martinelli’ needs playing time.

    Talk about Football Genius! T. Henry was marvellous. Auba is just pretty good to be a footballer.


    1. Agree, Tony. If Auba don’t want to be a part of what’s coming. Sell him. He will regret it for the rest of his life – on a bench somewhere. With his walker and uribag.

  5. Aubameyang should not be sold.
    We need him to shield Martinelli for at least one more season.
    Reason that is what big clubs do. Time for us to start behaving like one. Just imagine having both players on form. Teams would fear us.
    Mr Arteta I beg you to put your foot down and maintain a tightly knit squad and try to make a serious push next season sir.

    1. Speaking metaphorically – as I am not concerned about any mere football players enough for them to keep me awake worrying – I would add that I would, OTHERWISE, be more likely to be kept awake by certain of them NOT leaving. OZIL XHAKA, SOKRATIS, being the three most obvious. I don’t even count the loaned Elneny and Mkhi, thankfully.

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