If we are waiting for the Arsenal strikers to come good……

With more signings for the future coming in, how about something for right now?‏ by KM

Hello, fine readers of this blog! How is your week going on? We have an Arsenal transfer rumour going on! Yes, Rob Holding look certain to join us! Didn’t that get you excited! I am pumped. At best he’d be another Calum Chambers, just cheaper.

We need another CB and a new striker, but Rob Holding and Takuma Asano are well… I have nothing against them, but I feel like their talent will be wasted. They will not be first team players, they will hardly be part timers too. Their most probable fate is to get loaned out and it will be sad for their careers.

They will get stuck between being loaned out to different clubs all the time, never really settling in somewhere and they’ll probably be forgotten, like happened with so many other promising youngsters. Fran Merida, Frimpong, even Coquelin was on his way out, until we desperately needed a DM.

I feel sorry for promising youngsters being bought by big clubs only for PR reasons. Look at Martin Oodegard who signed for Real Madrid and Zidane was forced to take him on tour. The youngest ever player to score a goal at an Euro qualifier will probably find it hard to find a club that would take him, due to his spoiled salary at the age of 16 and his zero game time.

But back to Arsenal, Joel Campbell has been told to find a new club. This is such sad news for me. He was one of our better players in the second half of our spectacular failure once again and now he’s told to move on? Why don’t we move Theo on instead for some profit and give Joel another chance. We gave players like Denilson and Song a few happy years, now we’d ship out a good working horse?

Our stables needs enhancement. We’ve only brought Xhaka who looks with a real chance to play some games, but you wonder if he’d be a regular. El Neny – Xhaka in midfield? I’ll give it a shot, but what happens to Ramsey? On the right wing? Is Coquelin going to lose his spot? And of course there’s Jack Wilshere, but we don’t need to worry, cause he’ll be injured 5 games into the season and he’d likely miss the rest of it.

If we had a twenty goal a season striker in front of Alexis and Ozil we’d be 5 – 10 points higher up the table. Put 65 million for Higuain and let’s see if Napoli would consider. Table the same offer for Aubameyang too. If we let another season go by hoping that players would come good after they haven’t in so many years, we’re in serious trouble. We have Arsene in charge though, so I wouldn’t count another year going by in moving absolutely nowhere.

It’s the last year of a much undeserved 3 year extension. The only worst thing is the rumours of another 3 coming his way and this rumour is one I can easily believe in. Can’t you move over to managing England Arsene?

That’s enough from me, see you in the comments.



  1. we keep saying things time and time again.
    Need a striker a holding midfielder a goalkeeper.
    The thing is thats not the main problem.
    We need to change our style.
    The team is capable of achieving as proven by our exhilirating victories over manure and bayern.
    But that was because we abandoned our poor tiki taka philosophy and resolve it by playing players to their strengths.

    Giroyd can be beastly if played to his strengths and the same goes to walcott.
    And to the entire team for that matter

    1. welbeck for me is the one who just needs to step up one more level. he has the speed the build .

      that would be a cf for us for next 7-8 years.
      giroud is a good squad player im glad to have him . was a steal at 10 mill.
      theo has stole a living for 10 years.

      1. I was impressed with welbeck this season, looked good, strike rate was good and he scored two match winning goals. The winner against leicester put us favourites to win the title, but we bottled it.

        The problem with saying that he needs to “step up one more level” is that he cannot step up, he has an injury to his right knee. Prior to that he missed most of last season due to an injury to his left knee.

        I think we have to disregard welbeck in our planning and player purchase. If he can remain fairly free of injuries in the future then it is a bonus but we cannot rely on him, due to his injury problems.

        1. @jonm……… Excellent…….. Welbeck is doing fine….but his injury record is what’s been putting him off the chart………. The few times he’s come on, he’s been a game changer and would try to put in decent performances…… Even tho he isn’t world class

          1. Welbeck will be out for the whole season for sure. So we definitely need a striker. Now next year, Giroud and Welbeck and fight for being the back up striker and the better one can continue depending on form and injury status. So we should definitely sign a young and WC striker this year if we are serious about a title run. With the current squad, a customary 4th place would be our end product.

  2. What is going on here. A few days ago the following was reported on this site

    Campbell said, “I have had a good holiday and now I am happy to train, to return strong, to prepare myself well in this preseason for the new campaign for which I have high expectations and I will fight with everything to have the opportunity to play and to show what I can give.

    “Last season was my first full season with the team from start to finish and to me it was a very productive time, I played 30 games and that was very important for me and made me mature a lot. I could show what I’m made of, and at last the team and the fans were happy with what I have done.”

    We now have media made up rumours being repeated that wenger has told campbell to find a new club.

    We should believe what the player says, not media rubbish rumours.

    1. It is in situations like this, I wish the club or the player would just come out with a one line statement denying the rumor. We are in need of positive news and energy and not this negative stuff.

  3. i remember someone on here saying when we first bought sanogo that he reminded him of a cross between berbatov an patrick kluivert.

    i remember laughing an saying that comment should be laminated an i was told to go to hell im not a true fan when he comes good i will be sorry.

    that day has come lads….


    1. hahahahahahahahahahaha…………muff……….. try doing it again bro on ……This time on Asano

  4. Also keep in mind that we need more than a Top forward.
    United have Ibrahimovic, Mktharyan (plus Martial, Rashford and Rooney)
    Spurs have both Kane and Janssen
    City still have Aguero
    Chelsea have Costa maybe

    If they are all healthy and in form there will be no lack of goals

    For our attack I would be more happy with two forwards (striker and winger)
    No other winger is of Alexis’ quality (including Walcott, Ox, Joel). We need Draxler or Mahrez.
    And of course we need a Top striker to compete with Ibrahimovic, Aguero, Kane, Janssen, Vardy, Lukaku and Costa

    For our defense we need another top CB for Koscielny to partner
    Mert is good but aging and a bit slower. Gabs is not there yet. Chambers and Holding need more experience

    Our other positions are great
    B2B: WC (CAZORLA) Good backups (Wilshere, Ramsey, Xhaka)

    Just need CB, RW and CF

  5. Martin Oodegard is super talented, more than we our best players in youth setup. Let us not compare our youth setup with Madrid. They did not promote from academy a lot, but their academy has produced many talents(not counting 14-18 year kids bought to be counted as academy produce). The current crop of youngsters they have is outstanding, and they can cope with transfer ban easily with their youth. We dont have that luxury. Unfortunately, most of our academy home grown players are those who are bought from other clubs when they are 14-18years.

  6. I’m happy that we got Xhaka, Coquelin was our only real DM and as great as he is in defending, he doesn’t offer as much in going forward. Coquelin needs someone like Cazorla who has the experience to know when to sit deep and his positioning to receive the ball hid the weaknesses in Coquelins game a lot. Football is a team game so players should be able to rely on their team mates.

    I’m leaning towards the idea that Xhaka could be they type of player to play alongside Ramsey and get the best out of him, I don’t doubt Cazorla would excel next to Xhaka as he is intelligent enough…

    Cazorla might be the one who gets less game time, playing more as cover for Ozil to save his legs and give them both enough of a break at times during the long season?

    Xhaka, ElNeny and Coquelin could form a good core for the CM and it would be up to Ramsey to keep his Euro form and force his way into the squad and Wilshere… Well… Umm… No pressure on being fit? Give him a gunnersaurus bag and he can be our little mascot >.<

    Now regarding the Holding transfer, he may be another Chambers but we don't know if thats a good thing or not yet. Chambers helped win the toulon tourny and Holding got called into the squad so there is obvious promise.

    Wenger doesn't have a good record at developing young great CB, he finds some gems and polishes them like Kos but what youth CB has broken into our set up? Getting 3 or 4 top prospects and finding the right loans for them could be Wengers best way to develop them.

    I do hope that Arsenal FC do put more work into the loans of our developing players, if we can pick them up cheap like Bielik and Holding then train them in the Arsenal way and then put some effort into finding a team where they can experience a higher level to prove they can step up.

    Then it is down to the player to fight or flop, many may flop but at least they get a good education with us and if it was me… all of them would be sold with buy back options just incase.

    Don't feel sorry for the players, they make the choice and it is up to them to fight for what they want, if they are not getting what they want then is money that important when you're getting paid as much as them? If we was buying the 70th CB then I would be upset but getting a few to fight it out to get into the 1st team could be good for us, I would like to see that in every position, talented prospects fighting to get into the 1st team and not just happy to be training with us because we didn't invest to put the competition there.

      1. Its up to the young players to show what they are capably of and impress Wenger.

        Think of the Bellerin situation, sure Debuchy was brought in and Bellerin was only a back up, but Bellerin must have shined and impressed Wenger in training so that Wenger was comfortable loaning out Jekension and left Bellerin as the only backup.

  7. Higuain is refusing to answer his phone, when called by his clubs officials.
    He is supposed to be due back at Napoli on the 25th of this month as thats when their pre-season starts.
    Even though Higuains agent/ brother is answering his phone, Higuain is refusing to speak to anyone from Napoli.

    This Sounds like a Wenger plan to reduce Higuain’s fee. ?

  8. The real question we should be asking ourselves is how
    1)How is dortmund finding so many gems?
    2)How is atletico coming on top with much less decent squad
    3)How juventus is secretly building a european elite team.

    Wenger should refocus on his 12 year failed project and stop delusions then go back to the drawing board and start pushing us foward

    1. You are correct about dortmund. Is it to do with klopp? Perhaps we should be looking at liverpool signings, particularly the lesser known ones.

  9. To me we have one real striker in Giroud. Walcott never made the switch from winger to central striker, whether that was as a result of not enough playing time or injury is not so relevant. Welbeck is more or less out for the season and also never got a real chance and is used as often out wide as in the center. That leaves us with who?

    If we are going to try to compliment Giroud with make-shift and part time strikers, I would be a fan of trying Sanchez. Maybe when given a real chance, he could do 75% of the production Aguero does? Thing is he would need 20 games in the center IMO to be given a fair chance.

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