If Wenger re-signs Arsenal will have the Butterfly Effect…..

The butterfly affect by Toby Leach

Although reports have been doing the rounds regarding Ozil’s new Arsenal contract for a while now its still no clearer as to what is actually holding it up. I have my theory and I think my fellow Gunners deep down know it too, but it’s a bit of a climb down from last seasons stance by fans and so it’s humble pie all round before we can discuss.

Very simply I think we all (myself included!) have underestimated just how much loyalty our players have to Le Prof, and how important it is for him to commit his immediate future before they do.

Ozil and Sanchez are the most pressing cases regarding contracts and I just wondered how we all feel if thier future at the club depends on Wenger’s.

Personally I don’t think it’s about money and at their age and level of quality should both get big paydays to see out their carers at the Emirates. I also don’t think its solely a desire for said players to lift some silverware as between Sanchez and Ozil they have already achieved and won so much on the world stage.

I genuinely believe Wenger committing is what will make them commit and if that is the case then surely we have to except it, but could the hard-core AOB’s make that sacrifice for the good of the club and swallow it?

Of course we have to look like we can genuinely challenge to win things, and I would be happy to call it progress if we came a close second to City in the league this year. I truly believe us and City are a cut above and so would not be happy if anyone else finished above us, but I don’t think they would. Liverpool ship too many goals and the Spuds draw to many games. Chelsea could challenge but now lack leaders for the big games.

We definitely have to make a fist of it in the Champions league though, It’s the one medal missing from Ozil’s collection having come close on several occasions with Real Madrid only for them to win it the season after he left to join us.

A good run in Europe and a serious tilt at the title this season should surely be enough to tie everyone down to seeing out their days at the Emirates including Wenger himself. I hate to admit it but Wenger is Arsenal at the moment as this team still has the umbilical cord attached and wouldn’t progress or survive without him.

There’s just too much love and respect to part the gaffer from his players right now, we have to see this setup through to the end. To whatever end…..



  1. muda says:

    Nobody really hates Wenger in person, but it was the way Arsenal was sinking under his watch that course the outrage, you will hardly find any one who’s accusing Arsene at the moment, so it is all about Arsenal.
    If we keep progressing as you mentioned then who are we to not want Wenger to stay.
    Remember there was no AOB’s. Like 8years back.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    I think Wenger is giving serious thought to leaving, I never felt he even considered it before now. He’s even mentioned how he could take up an International job maybe even England one day which he used to say didn’t attract him. When you think about how few changes where made to give us the squad we have now compared to last season you realise that many of the wobs needed a bit of teaching. I hope he signs a two season extension. With the quality we seem to squeeze out of our academy, a nice budget but still not comparing to Manchester’s, and a defensive unit ideal for Wenger’s type of ball, I think Arsene has set himself and us up very nicely. I don’t want to see a man come in and make some changes simply because he needs his stamp on it.

  3. Wilshegz says:

    I respect Wenger and I feel he should do all he can to win the league this season, if he doesn’t he should retire honourably

  4. Krish says:

    no harm but the effect you mean is the domino effect.. the butterfly effect is based on the chaos theory and is a much complicated and complex theory ^^

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