If Wenger stays then he MUST upgrade the Arsenal team

At the end of last summers transfer window us Arsenal fans were pleased to see that Arsene Wenger had finally got his cheque book out and spent, seemingly wisely, on Mustafi, Holding, Xhaka and Lucas Perez, but seven months later we find that, in reality, not much has changed. The Gunners are destined to be, once again, out of the Champions League at the same stage as usual and mired in a battle for a Top Four place, just as we were last season, the season before, and so on and son…..

So it is no surprise that the Arsenal fans are clamouring for Wenger to not sign his new contract extension as nothing seems to change, year in year out, no matter which players come into the squad we just don’t seem to go that extra mile and actually challenge for the Premier League title or get past the last 16 in the Champions League.

But, if we are all honest with ourselves, we all know that Wenger WILL sign that contract and we will have a minimum of another two years with Le Prof in charge, but what will he do to improve the club? The Gunners goalscoring legend Ian Wright thinks that the only way he can stay is if he goes to the market and buys some real quality to bring into the side. “Is he putting himself before the club there?” Wrighty said.

“In respect of saying ‘I have got more to offer’.

“If he does have more to offer then I want him to be there at Arsenal, if that’s the case.

“Sign the players which will take you to the level you need to be.”

“Whatever we say about the players they under-perform at this stage literally every single time, there is something wrong.”

But as i said before, does it matter what players come or which players leave? We always seem to falter at exactly the same time every season.

Would you be happy for Wenger to stay if he spent money of Man United proportions to bring in some quality players that could bring the team up a grade or two?



  1. ogban says:

    For me, it’s not all about buying players, it’s more about getting the best out of them. It’s about the right game tactics, the right motivation and all that. The same team beat Chelsea 3-0 and crumble to Watford at home! Meanwhile the same Chelsea tweak their tactics and are champions elect with the same players. I’m not sure Wenger still has anything more to offer. I would love to see him leave in glory. But we may have to wait indefinitely for that to happen.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We have been saying this for over a decade. Its getting Old now
    We need a lot of players this time
    1. Top DM
    2. Top forward
    3. Top LB (Gibbs and Monreal havent been great this season)
    4. back up RB (debuchy and Jenkinson leaving probably)
    5. Another solid CB
    6. Maybe backup CAM

    1. vinie2000 says:

      Totally agreed with you ArsenalGirl. that’s what I mentioned in my comment

  3. vinie2000 says:

    Nope. we had enough. they have not spent the challenge before why should now? there is no point on buying top ones If the tactics are obsolete? 4-2-3-1 for years while the likes of Conte goes from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 or 3-2-4-1 depending on the opposition in his first year after getting a battering form us at the emirates.football has evolve and you need the players to do so too. we do not have them nor the coach has a plan B.this days you need at least 5 top class players and 8 good players like Chelski does or Shity..even spuds with no Top class players..they have a good defence shield. if they lose kane to aninjury they are screwed though. We need to stop the ROt and be humilliated in europe or by the big ones. we have got 2 weeks break until we kick a ball again against POOL so we do not want to hear excuses such us TEAM LACK COHESION , MENTAL TIREDNESS, WE START SLOW WHILE THE OTHER TEAMS HAVE BEEN PLAYING. They should go out from the way go and BLAST POOL otherwise we will have to enjoy Europa league next season my fellow gooners.

  4. Tas says:

    What we need is a true leader on the pitch and on the side lines

    the present crop of players have the skill to win any trophies but lack leadership when things go wrong, AW dose nothing to inspire the team from the side line he can only have a go at the fourth official and his zipper

    i bet you if we had Ibrahimovic in out team we would of won more than one trophies this season and yes he would of upset one or two of our current players that need a kick up the ass

  5. Ozzy AFC says:

    We all know that if Wenger stays then it’s business as usual .
    Minimum spending maximum profit limited ambition.
    Suits the board and shareholders and leaves the fans empty handed.
    IF Wenger goes it’ll be the same, the board will ONLY appoint a manager who will play the boards game so, count Allegri, Simeone, Guardiola and virtually any other ambitious successful manager out of that picture and say hello to either an unknown OR an Eddie Howe or whoever else.
    We ALL know the club is run as a cash making machine for the board and a collateral trading ca4d for silent Stan (or c@nt) as me and my mates call him and that’s all it is its funded by the fans, supported by the fans and followed by the fans but it’s DEFINITELY NOT for the fans.
    I say getting rid 9f Wenger would be a useful start but only if we can get shot of the money grabbers in the board.

  6. Twig says:

    Which striker should we go for?

    Mbappe – Thumbs up
    Dembele – Thumbs down

  7. mst1 says:

    the sqaud was never an issue wenger is… if Leicester did it with mahrez kante and verdy… why did we fail with the Rvp, cesc team…

  8. Jansen says:

    I honestly don’t think it would make a difference which player Wenger signs. He could sign Messi and the result would be the same. In fact, more than half the money we spend last summer was wasted in terms of impact on results. It is hard to argue that either Lucas, who barely got a chance, nor Xhaka had any positive impact to results.

    I think the situation at the club is rotten to the core. I honestly don’t believe the players listen to Wenger any longer, I don’t believe Wenger can deliver his message or philosophy any longer and I don’t believe Wenger knows what type of team it would take to win the PL.

    This is why letting Wenger spend another 50 0r 200 million would be a waste. This is why hoping he would sign Aubamayang would be naive (he would play him on the wing or as DM).

    For me, if Wenger signs a new contract, there would be no reason to think about Arsenal next season. I would wait for Wenger to retire before I would get excited about Arsenal again. In the mean time, I would follow Man City because I like Pep and what he stands for. He really wants to win and has passion and honesty, I would follow Southampton, they are an amazing organization and I am so impressed with their results year after year and I would keep an eye on Everton just in case Koeman does something special.

    1. Twig says:

      Who would you support if Arsenal plays against Everton/City/Southampton???

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      Wenger last won the premier league when most of our squad were at school his status amongst them is far less than it was with the lies of Pires and Henry etc al
      He’s lost his touch lost his mettle and he doesn’t have the respect of the players any more
      The board keep him on because he spends next to nothing and makes them a fortune
      Its time he went and the board changed tact but I really doubt it will happen anytime soon

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