If Wenger wants FA cup bow he MUST announce Arsenal exit

It seems increasingly clear to me that Arsene Wenger is the only person who really believes that Arsenal would be better off if he signs a new contract and extends his 20-year reign as our manager. I know that board members and various players have said different but quite frankly I do not believe them.

If the likes of Bellerin, Ozil, Kosielny and all really wanted Wenger to be their boss next year it would have been easy to show that on the pitch but they have not done so for some time. Instead our team look like they are going through the motions and as Alan Shearer suggested before the international break that usually means that they are ready for him to move on.

The draw against Man City today and the way Arsenal played in it, disjointed and lacking any real spark, backed this theory up and at the same time almost ended our chances of a top four finish, but there could still be a chance for the club’s most successful manager to go out on a high, with an FA cup trophy that set a new record for him and the club.

To achieve that, however, will take a big upturn in form and I truly believe the only way that will happen is for Wenger to announce his departure in the summer. If he does that I think all of the players will want to sent him out in a blaze of glory.

Sam P.


  1. Nero playing his harp while Rome is burning…..he refuses to leave no matter havoc is happening so around him just because he refuses to accept life after Arsenal….I could commiserate with the man if he would humbly accept his shortcomings and the inevitable end of his great career at Arsenal, instead he stubornally decided to stay no matter what the rest of the world thinks and if Arsenal will sink into an abiss from where it will take years to come out again….if this board does not realize the extend of damage Wenger’ s delusion will bring to Arsenal then we are doomed as a Club

    1. davidnz says:

      Agreed with the terrible abyss.
      Arsene must stay because
      if we fail to make top 4
      “Then the whole world, of Arsenal supporters
      including these on Mars will sink into the abyss of a new dark age
      of Thursday night football made more sinister,
      by Spurs celebrating Woolwich Day every April.
      Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties,
      and so bear ourselves, that if Arsenal remain in the top 4
      for a thousand years, men will still say, this was Arsene’s finest hour.

  2. capricorn57 says:

    These players are supposed to be professionals whatever they, or the supporters, think about Wenger they should be giving their all for the team.
    If they are deliberately under performing then if he stays Wenger needs to give these players the boot.

    1. bran99 says:

      Wenger should get the boot himself

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