If Wesley Fofana is being valued at £85m, then how much is Saliba worth?

If Wesley Fofana is being valued at £85m, how much then is Saliba worth? Article by KadibiaGood day gooners. It’s a rainy day here in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, but things look much brighter at the Emirates. We’ve added four new players in this window, (I’m tempted to make it five as William Saliba feels like a new signing). We are definitely a better team than last season, and anything less than UCL football should be seen as a failure in this campaign in my opinion.It’s just three weeks till the transfer window slams shut like the doors of Noah’s Ark and fellow top four contenders Chelsea and United are looking like the little boy no one wants to pick for their 5 a side team (it’s so much fun watching them miss out on so many of their targets).Chelsea seem desperate now after missing out on Nathan Ake, De Ligt and Jules Kounde; and reports claim they are preparing a bid of £80m for Wesley Fofana after two bids were rejected by Leicester. Leicester reportedly want £85m. I’ve watched Fofana a few times and no way is he worth 85m quid. However, if Leicester say he is, and Chelsea are willing to pay 85m, who am I to say he is not.That brings me to the crux of this article. If Fofana is worth £80-85m, how much would Saliba be worth?

Quick check on Transfermarkt:Fofana- market value 40m eurosSaliba- market value 30m euros.

However, judging by what we saw last year at Marseille and against Palace and in preseason, Saliba’s figure would have risen considerably come the end of this season.Yea I know Fofana is tied to a 5 year contract so Leicester are under no pressure to sell, hence the huge figure. But I’m convinced Saliba is the better defender. I won’t go into the stats and I’ll just base my judgement on the eye test and maybe my bias as an Arsenal fan.

Saliba is as quick and intelligent as Fofana; he’s taller, stronger in tackle and more composed than Fofana. I’m convinced his value would definitely skyrocket at the end of this season. Thats the more reason we must do everything to tie him down to a new long term contract.Coincidentally, the two youngsters face off at the Emirates this weekend. That gives us a good opportunity to assess both players. I’m not jumping on the Saliba hype train here. All I’m saying is, if Fofana is worth £80m, then Saliba should be worth more. Unfortunately, Arsenal have been very poor at valuing players lately. Both while purchasing and offloading.

I just hope we buck that trend and start slapping proper prices on players when other teams come snooping.Do we have the first £100m defender on our hands?


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  1. Saliba is worth at least £100m in my opinion. And that’s because he’s got only two years left on his deal. If he’s signs a five year contract, then we should be talking about £150m at least

  2. Saliba is definitely worth more.. they played together at Etienne and we know who was the better player more expensive player.. I don’t think Fofana has moved ahead of Saliba over the past year or so.. 100 million quids.. I’ll take it right now.

  3. bro am also from Nigeria I think you are just been sentimental and jealous fofana is more experienced and composed than saliba stop the comparison let’s watch them today ok

    1. @Austin,you think “fofana is more experienced and composed”eh!!! Let’s see how he copes with our attackers’ press and moves.hahaha,i can’t stop laughing.

    2. @Austin, how is Fofana more experienced and composed than Saliba, can you explain that without being sentimental because the last time I checked, Saliva has played for their national team and Fofana has not even being called up to the same national team as Saliba..

  4. Let’s let him play one full season in the PL first.

    Better question is, how much is Gabriel worth? He’s PL proven.

    1. Sorry I don’t agree with you at all. Is it only premium league players who have a worth? Saliba kept Fofana on the bench at Saint Etienne. There are 18 yr old attackers who are can be sold for £27m but not many defenders and Saliba is among the very few, especially after having only 19 senior appearances. That’s why many of us were angry with the way Arteta treated him and arrogantly went after Ben White, thereby leaving a chance for the player to leave the club. He better than Fofana and should be valued more

      1. Well, more often than not, PL proven defenders go for huge sums as that’s what the article refers to.

        Van Dijk, Maguire, Cucurella, Fofana (quoted)..

        All played in the PL and were bought by PL clubs who thought they are worth it.

        Saliba hasn’t played but 90 minutes in the Premier League so no, no ones going to bid +60m for him at the moment.

        1. A reasoned and sensible perspective. At the moment it is actually difficult to assess his potential transfer fee given his lack of PL experience. Other factors to consider will include the contract he agrees with Arsenal etc.
          It will only become of real interest in any case only if Saliba wants to leave.

    2. He’s not that great. If Arsenal had a player like Tapsoba in for him then that could be a title winning partnership with Saliba. You will see that in future there wil lalso be questions about him but now he will play because of him being better than White.

  5. Gabriel will not worth that much because he’s got a mistake in him every game. Hopefully he’ll improve and correct his mistakes.

  6. To answer the headline question:
    Because Fofana has proved himself in the Premier League over a period of time. Whilst Saliba has certainly had a great season in France and looked good here in preseason and was man of the match in our first league game, he needs a few more games under his belt before we start talking of him being valued at £100 million, imho.

    Concise , to the point and showing a fine brain, which puts Kadibias views across succinctly, yet articulately.

  8. Forfana is average I don’t see him improving that much, he gonno come in n out of any team he plays for cus he doesn’t plays like who can hold his own place down why saliba is going to be a world class with all the hunger n zee n that’s what matters not the price tag

  9. A really nice article! But I would say let’s rate Saliba after 10-15 premier league games. And a shout out from Lagos-Nigeria.

  10. I’m opio Humphrys from Uganda kenya (Nairobi )but. For me
    . ThatGuy will be the GOATS and he will prove you the wrong am sure 100.percent

  11. Leicester doing what they’re very successful at.Maximising player sales.I mean Maguire for £80 million.Ha ha ha.Hence the cat & mouse game with them with regards to Tielemans.Arsenal are seeing him as a £20/25/million purchase.Leicester as £32 million.Could go to the wire if we are genuinely interested.

    1. @Positive Pete. That’s my point exactly. They sell really well. Maguire 80m. Maddison quoted at 70m. All other clubs save Arsenal sell so well. White 50m, Cucurella 60m. Wow!!!

  12. Whilst the author makes an interesting case for Saliba, he and others have highlighted the reasons for Fofana’s higher current “valuation”. We clearly need to see how Saliba performs over longer period of time in the PL.
    I disagree with the author regarding our valuation of players. I don’t believe we are “poor” as he states. We are no worse than most other top PL teams. This is a lazy narrative that far too many fans have bought into.
    Focusing on a few high profile players that a few mid level and lower teams have sold for high fees is not a balanced perspective.

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