If wishes were horses, Arsenal would have won last night! If…….

If wishes were horses, this beggar will ride By Sylvester Kwentua

The game against Bayern Munich has been played and lost! No matter what we say or do at this moment, nothing will ever soothe our pains. The fans are mad at Wenger and the club; the footballing world are shocked at the level of destruction Arsenal suffered at the hands of Bayern Munich; the players of Arsenal are not sure of winning games anymore; even Arsene Wenger will be feeling sorry for himself at the moment! But if wishes were horses…..would we have had a better outcome?

If wishes were horses, probably Wenger would have left after the last FA cup trophy we won! You leave when the ovation is loudest, says a common adage. If Wenger could see into the future, he may have seen this coming and prevented it by stepping down after the trophy. He would have warned the share-holders of the club of this period in time; he would tell them to get a good coach and good players to avoid this type of yearly humiliations we are suffering. He would have cried his eyes out for the sake of the club he holds dearly. He would have been the happiest man on earth if we had avoided this backlash and probably win Bayern Munich after he had stepped down. He would have boasted to his friends saying “these are my boy”! But alas, wishes are not horses, so Wenger will not ride, rather he will just wish this season had never happened but then, time is controlled by nobody, so he just has to face the reality of this time and do the needful.

If wishes were horses, Sanchez and Ozil may be wishing they had come to play for Arsenal. Sanchez may wish all these stains on his blossoming career away; Ozil may wish never to have crossed the path of Arsenal; his father may wish Ozil had allowed him get a better club for him, instead of coming to Arsenal and becoming an ordinary player, coming down from the heights of being a super player. If wishes were horses, Sanchez’s compatriots would have wished the anti-arsenal protest was a success last week. If wishes were horses, Sanchez may be wishing he had chosen Liverpool over Arsenal then, overlooking the fact that Arsenal would guarantee him steady champions league football ( “after all, what is the use of qualifying for a competition only to get humiliated”? he may think to himself). If wishes were horses, Ozil and Sanchez would have wished to be playing for clubs that know what it takes to be competitive. Unfortunately, wishes don’t always go our ways, so they just have to face the reality and think of what next to do for the sake of their careers.

If wishes were horses, Arsenal fans would have wished Wenger away. They would have wished for the Arsenal stake-holders to sack the man behind the dismal performances of the club. If wishes were horses, the fans would have wished for the salaries of the players to be slashed drastically until they have an inkling of what playing for a big club means. If wishes were horses, the fans would have wished Arsenal withdrew from all competitions this season, to avoid further embarrassments. If wishes were horses, the Arsenal fans would have wished Arsenal put up a better performance than that rubbish they exhibited against Bayern Munich. If wishes were horses, Arsenal fans will wish Wenger should reject the new contract given to him and walk away, far away from the team. If wishes were horses……..

If wishes were horses, Sylvester will wish he could do something the lift the mood of the Arsenal fans all around the world! Fellow fans of progress, what can be done to lift your moods at this moment in time? Please I want to know.



  1. chekwube says:

    So poetic! Sylvester I enjoy your style of writing…keep it up mate!

  2. why are you arsenal so upset if you want change this kind of result is what going to inference change

  3. HA559 says:

    03/04 Barcleona miss out in UCL spot come back next season and start improving from there.
    07/08 Bayern miss out on UCL spot, get thrashed by Zenit in Europa semi final, move to new stadium come back stronger, go to 3 UCL finals in 4 seasons and won 1 of them. They are bottlers as well. Which is why I would’ve liked to seen what would’ve happened if we were 2-0 up yesterday at any point.

    Maybe we have to miss out on UCL spot as well?

  4. HA559 says:

    Bayern nor Real will win UCL this year. It will be Juventus or someone new. Bayern winning 10-2 enhances the reputation. When they come up against a good defence Atletico again or Juve they will lose. Both Real and Bayern are not solid defenviely as they were in previous seasons in UCL.

    Real have been struggling the whole group stage, they concede in every game, again a team with good defence like the two mentioned would punish them.

    I would put Juve and Atletico as my favourites because of their defence. PSG close by. Then Bayern and Real.

  5. tweety says:

    honestly i am not ashamed to say that i cried seeing my love arsenal being humiliated that way. i wished i was on the pitch to do something. but not aw is only at fault. shame for the players who played and shed our colours. till one hour it was ok, but after the red card we colapsed. kos was stupid to push their player. and why did Alexis was smiling? was he happy with the way his team mates were performing? gooner=forever

    1. Twig says:

      cry cry baby

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I like horses

  7. Twig says:

    So what’s next???

  8. Midkemma says:

    Life long Arsenal fan, seen them live and never miss a match.

    ” If wishes were horses, Arsenal fans will wish Wenger should reject the new contract given to him and walk away, far away from the team. If wishes were horses……..”

    Speak for yourself.

    I wish the board will grow some balls and become ambitious.

    If wishes were horses then Aladin was a jockey, the end.

  9. Onochie says:

    Is this a song or an article,the problem with Arsenal under wenger is that we are one dimensional,every team can predict our first 20 moves even before we make them. The only time we changed tactics was last two years against Man city and we comfortably won 2-0.this one dimensional system of play is something that a new manager can change,but then the biggest problem we have at Arsenal is that we have an owner with board members who doesn’t care about football,they are not even ambitious,they don’t watch Arsenal matches. So unless they suddenly change over night,whenever the new manager comes in,he might be hampered by the un-seriousness of the board and stan. Ivan Gazidi and Stan has never spoken about Arsenal football only finances,to them Arsenal is just a company brand that generates income. And that is a very big problem at our club.

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