If you love Arsenal, stop insulting our players please

I am very aware on Just Arsenal that our readers can sometimes be very fickle, as in when we win we praise the every player for their great performances (except Ozil and Iwobi!), but when we lose we can rip into the defenders and anyone else who could in any way be responsible for our defeat.

This week it was Mustafi, who made a terrible error to gift Palace their second decisive goal, and he has been lambasted from pillar to post in every single Arsenal website and many more besides. Is this productive?

Unai Emery thinks not. It is probably true that poor Mustafi must be scared to turn on his phone as he is getting insulted everywhere. Twitter, FaceBook, blogs and big news outlets are all saying the same thing. Won’t this make the German even more unconfident? Anyway this is Emery’s plea to the fans to be a little more understanding. “I want to protect the players,” the Boss said on Arsenal.com, “and I protect Mustafi because I believe in him.

“He is a very good centre back, he has the habit of doing the sliding tackle and using anticipation against the opposition. He can win one, win two, win three, win four – but if he loses one he is in the picture and if he concedes a goal he is the big picture. Sunday was like that.

“I have spoken to him. I told him ‘You are young, you can improve and you need to work hard because you have a big quality for a centre back.’

“For example, at Watford, he was the best of the 28 players, the best, and he won all of the balls in the air with his head, that is a very good statistic for him. On Sunday against Benteke it’s more difficult to win every ball in the air but it was 50:50.

“He needs to improve things tactically, his decision-making, but he has good quality and my work is to help him.”

“I say to our supporters, ‘Help our players.’ Because I want every player to have big confidence,”

“I know there are reactions, and the first reaction is strong. First, when we win they are telling us we are the best, we have a record, we have a possibility to be third in the table – that is good.

“But we should take the balance in the middle, because when we aren’t in this position in the table or aren’t individually also putting in good performances and the criticism is coming at us, it is time to find the balance.

“I am going to protect the players and help the players. And all the supporters who love Arsenal, I prefer them to do that.

“I know it is not easy and they are going to criticise when they are in the stadium and also when they are watching on TV. But personal insults I don’t agree with. Insults I don’t want. I think it is not necessary to be insulting.

“If I protect the players, first it is for the confidence. I do criticise them – but only inside when I am working and we are speaking. I use my conversations with them individually and collectively and sometimes I criticise them. But outside I want to protect them. I prefer that as I think we need to be together.”

So how about it? We only have a few games remaining and we need all our players to be feeling good and confident, and ready to bounce back from our defeat. What are the chances of the readers on Just Arsenal holding back on the insults for a while?



  1. I understand completely where UE is coming from & it’s nice to see, but surely he must understand our disappointment and that’s what it is disappointment! I’m sorry but he let us down .. & it’s not the first time is it? I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes ( I wouldn’t want to be in Ozil’s either – he scored & he’s still getting slated!)
    Having said that, I do want us to win our remaining games, finish in the top 4 & maybe even lift a trophy, so yes I’m always behind them, just feel incredibly frustrated at times (& yes I’ll try not to call him a donkey again) ?

    1. Sue if admin wrote and posted this article then admin is the most hypocritical of any one I know. Admin has been totally unfair with Ozil’s work rate, salary, player rating, always writing bull s..t about how can he play the way he does and earn as much as he does. Hyping Mhiki who performs worse most times and still getting generous rating.
      I personally hate abusing anyone talk less of our players. Sue remember how I used to encourage you about iwobi. So Admin should be the first to take its own advice, stop destroying our own players, but we can discuss honesty opinions.

      1. Lol… Pat I also saw your comment on the Ozil article I wrote, while it was a relief to know your stand and thoughts about the issue, I also had to laugh at your description of Admin, and now you’ve pointed it out again.
        Though you’re right about how they treat and write about Ozil on here, let’s see how it pans out at the end of the season

      2. I am hypocritical? Totally unfair? Mhki lover?
        Pat, my namesake, I assure you that there are many different opinions on here, written by many different people and read by thousands more who also have different opinions. Try and be a little more tolerant yourself young man. I have heard you criticize Mhki many many times….

        1. Yes admin I started pointing out mhiki because you (ok maybe not you) some article have rated him higher than usual, even though his performances have been totally bad. So my criticism is because of the bias against Ozil. So I promise to drop that so far we all agree to be fair to all our players. And I am a woman, married to a spurs fan, (pat) and I choose to use his name as a way of getting back at him. I still love him very much ????

          1. Hi there Pat… yes I remember very well your replies to my comments when I’d whinge about Iwobi!!
            Do you know what I’m really sorry, but that really made me laugh – Pat calling you young man!! ? that might stick with me now ???

            1. ?????? Sue my darling. I told him I am a woman preggies for that matter. Sue maybe am more angry when we lose because Pat will have a upper hand. ????

  2. Emrey your team selection is still wanting next time I come out strong to criticise you or insult as you prefer to call it

  3. Might sound crazy but really don’t think we are ready for champions league football we are a million miles away from challenging for this competition and could be an embarrassment if we do play in the champions league next season the manager needs 2 or 3 transfer windows to get the squad he wants and by sounds of it due to the tight yank running the club going to have a small transfer budget for summer which is not going to help the manager who probably wants to bring in at least 5 players!!

  4. It is becoming very hard not to hate on mustafi.

    dude never learns and keeps on making silly mistakes.

    what was he doing for that second goal?then he blames leno?

    i would be happy if mustafi never played for arsenal ever again.
    i bet zach medley couldn’t be any worse.

  5. Sorry but we are not here to sweet talk players just because they happen to play for our club. If they continue this nonsense of underperforming, inconsistency and weakness then we will keep ripping into them.

    Their Fan Clubs can get defensive and sensitive as they like but I am an Arsenal fan first not a fanboy. These players are being looked after very well, they are pampered, payed ridiculous amounts in wages and what do they give us in return as lifelong Arsenal supporters?

    Again, if their mentality and attitudes keep being average, weak etc while at the same time keep taking enormous wages from our club then it’s fair game for us as fans to voice our frustrations.

    The same players that give so little but expect us to pamper them just because they happen to be Arsenal players and have loyal fanbases. If they are fine asking for massive wages then their performances have got to reflect that. But until they do then we will keep ripping into them to the day they move on from Arsenal.

    Fair, isn’t it?

    1. I think you are absolutely right.

      Provided the criticism is fair and not just stupid personal abuse, then there should be no reluctance to name players who are not meeting up to expectations.

  6. Emery is hypocritical to his core, Ozil was criticised by our protective manger for weeks, now he wants to protect Mustafi because he wants to protect the players and he doesn’t think it is healthy. Double standard rig? He brought Ozil down to where he is today with Arsenal fan.
    I personally don’t like destroying anyone even if they have made mistakes. I have always supported our players come what may and I will continue to do so including Mustafi, Iwobi, and if Admin allows me (by not over rating him and being honest about every player’s abilities) mhiki

  7. Constructive criticism is what fans should offer not disrespect.For three seasons I have criticised Mustaf I by pointing out his weaknesses and suggesting that he is one of the main reasons for our failure to improve and to challenge for top honours.Emery has a reputation for being a good coach, but thus far he has been unable to convert Mustafi into the solid dependable centre back we so badly need..Due to injuries he has more of less been obliged to play Mustafi and with our other defensive weaknesses he has felt it necessary to resort to a safety first back three system which has had a negative effect on our attacking threat.I am all for giving Emery time to reshape his playing staff and despite the budget restrictions imposed on him by above I am confident he will be able to replace a number of players who have failed to make a real contribution to the team.I would however encourage him to abandon the defensive back three system as soon as possible as I no longer find Arsenal an attractive team to watch.There we are, I have said what I want to say without “insulting” anyone?

  8. It’s more frustration than anger. Mustafi has done more enough to prove that he cannot play at this level over a period of almost 3 years, yet we keeping seeing him in an Arsenal shirt! Will this nightmare never end!

  9. Just a quick question though, why hasn’t Emery created friction with Mustafi by treating him the same way he treated Ozil if he truly wants Mustafi to be better? ?

      1. Please give examples of “Emery creating friction with Ozil”. Too many have jumped on the media bandwagon when Ozil was unavailable with injury and illness and Emery was unable to reliably select him.

        1. Ozziegunner where were you when Energy was admitting that sometimes he intended to create friction with Ozil by dropping him in games? You left the planet or you had no access to the internet?

    1. We have been short defensively this season and Mustafi has been one of our most available defender. My only problem is that he has failed to take the opportunity because by now we would be talking of who will partner him in defense

    2. I think it’s probably something to do with attitude. Ozil is very petulant, which will annoy any manager.

  10. When a player keeps on makeing critical errors in most needy games that always resulted into goals, which fans of the club will have faith and keep tolerating such player? May be UE is right to back some Of these players now because of europa league honour, but come next season, transfer will sort some of the players.

  11. Fair point Eddie. Having spent £35m on Mustafi I can understand why Wenger kept playing him but Emery does not have to justify his selection to anyone at Arsenal so why does he not leave him out?Tonight’s match is a must win game and I trust Emery will play Ozil and dispense with the services of Mustafi.

  12. Can we stop abusing these players please! they don’t go into games with the intention of loosing, they also want to win! let us realize in football games, we always have wins, draws or looses

    1. But the play as if the want to lose. We were scared of our away games but now even our home games still have questions to answer

  13. Him blaming other people for his own mistakes warrants all the abuse he’s getting and more.
    That right there shows us that he’s unable to own up to his shortcomings. That’s one solid piece of a-hole right there. And as such, he’s got no place at the Arsenal FC. In fact, with that kind of attitude, he doesn’t deserve to play football professionally. I sincerely hope he’ll be given as a present to an Isthmian League side, that’s about his level.

  14. For me Mustafi is an essential part of our squad at this current point in time. He is needed, he like all of our players needs to be encouraged to help us achieve our goals.

    Fundamentally when we look at the failings of certain moments in games, and the same goes for other teams – we see certain players commonly mentioned.

    The reality is this for me, it is expected our standard of quality will have to improve as the manager is expected by both fans and club to rise up the league table, go further in cup competitions and eventually become title challengers.

    We will achieve this from new purchases and improving the current players standards.

    If any player does not improve we can be pretty sure they will be sold as this will hinder the managers (and players and fan and clubs) goals.

    The problem is we get frustrated at it not all being instant results and think abusing players is a sure way to relief our anger – projecting instant solution to the pain felt today.

    In truth the frustration is linked to our boards poor decisions and errors by our previous management (as much as I am a huge AW fan I am not blind) but look at Liverpool’s rise and you will see it started back with the brand of football Roger’s brought in. Spurs was when Redknapp brought in the likes of Bale, Modric, Van Der Vaart…they haven’t just turned up over night. Fans had to deal with the heartache of the Gerrand Slip, of Spurs missing out on top 4 spots when they were so close for so many years..

    I can give you a list of arsenal players who I dont feel is anywhere near the levels I want to assess arsenal by, but right now I need to accept we need them, I have to accept the frustrations of this. But I cant accept they are the reason we are not where we want to be because they are only trying to do what they can in the best interest of their ability during a time when they are all we could afford or attract.

    Abuse does not gain you time!

  15. Fans frustrations boil over.It’s a natural thing when their Club is underperforming.They pay very good money to watch their team which in my view entitles them to criticise underperformers, both on and off the park and to suggest ways of making improvements.That does not entitle them to verbally abuse players or Management but there are people at Arsenal who are being paid a fortune for being incompetent and that is not acceptable .There has to be accountability if any sporting business is to flourish.If people prove to be incompetent on a regular basis their services should be dispensed with.In my view Mustafi has been incompetent for three consecutive seasons and as such, and with respect Tom, I and many others have every right to consider him one of the main reasons why we are not progressing.To my mind he is not an essential part of our squad.

    1. I agree. Mustafi for me is not the solution, has not shown to improve and is struggling to deal with the status of playing for a Big club like Arsenal.

      But when I say he is an essential part of the squad right now, it is true…because we cant play Chambers or Holding can we? We need who we have right now, they are essential.

      And as you wrote ‘If people prove to be incompetent on a regular basis their services should be dispensed with’ and this is my point. Under a season with unai mustafi hasn’t improved and as unai needs to push arsenal, he will need to decide who is not developing into a better player/improving the squad

      We agree on alot in actual fact, I think even with the majority of fans but we see things differently. For example when players are seen to hold us back.
      I belief a lack of progress is not because we have these players (because we buy them because of what we can do at that time in both finance and attraction) but because we do not sell these players…that falls on the management and board.

      Every player will want to remain at AFC, wouldn’t you? I cant blame them for that. But soon the club will need to decide who to sell and when to progress arsenal. That’s not up to the player, so I cant blame them for that.

  16. Mustafi could have the best defensive stats in the entire world, but if he makes numerous vital mistakes literally every single game (and it is literally every single game, as I take a mental note when he does) then those stats mean nothing.

    Even the “mistakes directly lead to goal” stat doesn’t give you a good indication, as that just looks more poorly on the striker if anything for not scoring those chances.

    Obviously the abuse he (along with our entire team and manager) gets from people like the users on here is disgraceful though. Genuine criticism and constantly attacking and belittling your own players are two completely separate things.

  17. Brilliant words from the boss, really impressive. Mustafi is usually one of our best in the air, I like that he spoke in his favor and reminded people that we need him whether you like it or not. Someone needed to speak up on his behalf because he has been taking it from all sides, reminds me a little of when the fans turned on Bellerin. Also reminds me of fans who acted like Wenger should throw a player under the bus, for fans to see it, despite the fact that managers should never do that as there is a time and place to speak about it.

    1. B-O-T, Emery shows his class by not throwing Mustafi to the wolves, as others such as Mourinho would have. The attitude of winning as a team and losing as a team is important in public. What Emery says to players in the privacy of the dressing room or training field is another matter.

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