If you were Aaron Ramsdale, is this what you would be thinking right now?

I’m not privy to Aaron Ramsdale’s thoughts, but if I were in his position (let’s imagine), it would be evident to me by now that I am no longer Mikel Arteta’s first choice goalkeeper. In the last nine games I’ve been available to play, I’ve only featured once, which was against Brentford in the Carabao Cup third round. Additionally, I’ve never had the opportunity to play in the Champions League. Even when Arteta made squad rotations against Sheffield, I didn’t receive any playing time.

Given these circumstances, it’s clear that not being the primary goalkeeper at Arsenal doesn’t bode well for my chances of making it into the Three Lions Euros squad. Jordan Pickford, Nick Pope, and Sam Johnstone consistently play week in and week out, making it even more challenging for me to secure a spot.

At this point, I would likely be pondering what steps I can take to increase my playing time. Perhaps I should consider pushing for a transfer exit during the winter transfer window, especially since there’s talk of interest from Chelsea. However, it seems that Arsenal may not be inclined to let me go, as suggested by Ben Jacobs.

“As far as January is concerned, I still think it will be quite difficult for any clubs.”  Jacobs stated on the Debrief. “We hear about Chelsea, and of course, they’re discussing players like Ramsdale internally, but Robert Sanchez is seen as the number one goalkeeper. Arsenal will not want to lose a player like Ramsdale, who is a positive influence even when he’s not playing halfway through the season. Of course, there’ll be rumor, there’ll be interest, and there’ll be inquiries, but I think Arsenal will probably do everything they possibly can to hang onto Ramsdale, even if Raya is number one at the moment,”

Considering the likelihood of remaining at Arsenal until the end of the season, I need to explore my options. One option could be to raise my performance levels in training to show Arteta I deserve a starting spot, or perhaps I could could push for loan move in January to secure more playing time?

What would you be thinking if you were Aaron Ramsdale?

Jack Anderson

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  1. The kid has one eye on Euro 2024, if he should perform until thy Kingdom come, the gaffer heart is already set on Arteta ball a legacy he’s bent on leaving at Arsenal.

  2. If I were Ramsdale, I’d tell my agent to look for a suitor, because of the upcoming Euro. If another club could promise a loan or a permanent move in January, I’d discuss about it with my manager

    He’d most likely play tonight, but I don’t think he will be able to go to Euro if he plays in minor competitions

    1. I’m not sure he has to worry about his place in that squad if Southgate is coach. Philips has been getting in while barely kicking a ball for City.

      1. Ramsdale could still become Southgate’s second-choice GK, instead of Pope or Johnstone. But it won’t be possible if he doesn’t play regularly

    2. I agree 👍. The competition in England goal keeping department is tight.. Arteta is doing Ramsdale no good keeping him on the bench in games. If it continues Ramsdale may not go to Euro except if the sentimental Southgate chose him. If he doesn’t play in Epl next 5 games he should consider leaving in January. He wouldn’t even lack clubs in Epl.

  3. I don’t really know, but probably what Leno felt when Ramsdale took his spot. What I can say is that football,just like various aspects of our lives,is unpredictable. You can’t make rash decisions like abandoning ship midway-it could reflect poorly on his character and he may miss a chance to prove his worth. We should ask ourselves what would happen if Raya got injured,for instance.There’s so much that could change between now and May. All that matters is having the presence of mind to seize opportunities if/when they arise. The best time for Aaron to make a decision on his future will be at the end of the season because I think there will be clarity on his position at that time and that window is long enough for one to make informed choices.

  4. The way I see it, Southgate has his preferences, that is Jordan Pickford as his 1st choice unless he’s injured, which then makes Nick Pope his replacement, making Ramsdale 3rd choice. You mentioned Sam Johnstone,. who I think is still 4th choice, whether he plays consistently and Ramsdale doesn’t.

    I think, if Southgate remains the England manager, the only way Ramsdale becomes 1st choice, is if Pickford and Pope retire from international football.

    He literary choses Harry Maguire whether he plays for Man Utd or not.

    Ramsdale leaving to play 1st team football for another team like @gotanidea was suggesting will not change Southgate’s mind. Judging from his past decisions, it seems his mind is already made up, when choosing players for the goalkeeping and defence positions on the England team.

  5. This really is one situation where we don’t know what went on behind the scenes regarding MA’s thinking.

    I thought that Ramsdale, while being a real Gooner with his attitude, always seemed to have a mistake waiting to happen.
    The problem is, so does Raya, in my opinion.
    It’s very difficult for a keeper to “improve” in training, especially when one is part of the international set up – what can he do that would change the situation?

    I hope he stays, but IF chelsea come calling, how about a swap for Mudryk?

  6. If I were RAMSDALE, I would be actively pushing for a transfer to a team where the manager appreciated the superior keeping,compared with RAYA, that he brings.

    And further, I would not wish to work under a manager who was so foolish as to way underrate him.
    I BELIEVE HE WILL DO SO. AND I also beieve his thinking will be as I outline here.
    I consider the choice of RAYA is a huge mistake which will likely end up with us losing a potential world class keeper, probably to one of our top club rivals.
    I do not dispute that RAYA had a proven Prem pedigree at Brentford. BUT as yet he has shown little while wearing our shirt, to suggest he is even approaching RAMSDALE in quality.

    He has made one, JUST ONE, save of top quality and while that reflects well on our defensive organisation, it also means he is an unproven TOP QUALITY SHOT STOPPER, which I for one never overlook is the PRIMARY role of any keeper, even in these days of keepers being the first line of attack.

  7. If Ramsdale has any nous he will have sussed by now that, despite his talk early in the season of rotating the keepers, Arteta was lying thru his teeth.

    Ramsdale needs to hand in a written transfer request and get his agent out there looking for a suitable landing spot.

    Arteta will try to keep him until the end of the season for no other reason than to make sure he has a back-up for Raya.

    His treatment of other keepers during his reign should leave Rambo in no doubt of Arteta’s selfish motives.

    Remember, the current Arsenal goalkeeping coach came from Brentford and loves Raya.

    In the immortal words of the Moody Blues,

    I don’t wanna see you go, but Rambo you’d better go now!

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