If you were an Arsenal Scout with £50m to spend in the EPL… Part 1

Okay readers, let’s play a game. by Dan Smith

As many readers will know I spend many international breaks filling time with lists. So with Arsenal on a winter break I thought it be a good day to start our own kind of ‘Fantasy Draft’.

Essentially, we will go through each Premier League team and pick one player to sign. This, though, is Arsenal we are talking about, so let’s pretend you can’t spend more than 50 million on each player. Therefore, there is no point in selecting Aguero, Pogba, Salah, Kane, etc.

The idea of the game is to explore if there is any value out there. So, let’s use our imagination and be on our recruitment team.

Just a bit of fun, all opinions welcome, no right or wrong.

Here’s my first five ……

Aston Villa – Grealish – 40 million.

Okay, I am going to cheat here and say this would be a lot more easier if Villa get relegated. While they would still demand a huge fee, it be hard for them to stand in his way, especially with the youngster having already sacrificed two years of his career by playing in the Championship. He reminds me of Jack Wilshire in terms of his playing style. He loves the ball at his feet where he can pass and move at the last moment in tight spaces.

Bournemouth – Fraser – free
It is safe to say the Kroenke family will be interested in anyone out of contract. It’s believed we were interested in him 12 months ago so why not when we don’t have to pay a fee for him? Of course, we don’t know if Arteta rates him like Emery did, but it would be harsh to judge him too much on his form suffering this season. He’s admitted he’s been affected by the summer speculation, but we caused it, so can we then blame him for being gutted the move didn’t happen?

Brighton – Duff and Dunk – 50 million for both
Some gooners will agree should have done this deal two years ago. Just ring Brighton ask for asking price of one or both of them. Brighton wouldn’t turn down serious money nor stand in either player’s way for such a step up. They might not be the best on the ball but we need to start assessing the characters of the players we are buying. A British player who grew up understanding how big a deal it is to be representing ‘The Arsenal’. Either have the characteristics to lead us for the next 5 years.

Burnley – Tarkowski
Many will argue they prefer Mee, but I been a big fan of Tarkowski for a while. He has everything our current centre backs lack, a proper defender who again would become an instant leader.

Chelsea – Barkley or Loftus-Cheek (loan)

The point I am making is Chelsea have so many decent young midfielders that they will struggle to give others game time, and that’s before Lampard has even signed anyone. I would prefer Loftus-Cheek, but I do think once he is fit he has a future at the Bridge. Barkley on the other hand is dropping down the pecking order. Not that the Blues will be wanting to lend their players to us, so Arsenal would have to push for this to happen.

I would love to hear who you would choose from each club. Please be realistic and try to find value..

Dan Smith


  1. Ron Snow says:

    1. Emi Buendia(Norwich) 25m

    2. Phil Foden (Loan)

    3. McGinn(Aston Villa)

    4. Onyinye Ndidi(Leicester)25m

    5. Ryan Fraser(Free)

    1. Gizzle says:

      @Ron Snow . You must be joking Ndidi will cost you at least 60 million. Leicester cant function without him.lol.

      HAkim Ziyech – 35 million
      Ryan Fraser – Free
      MAtuidi – Free
      Benhrama -15 million

  2. Rony says:

    1. said benrahma-15m
    2. orkun kokcu-15m
    3. calanoglu-20m

  3. El Hakim says:

    1. Xaver schalager (wolfburg)
    2. Adam ounas (Nice)
    3. Said benrahma (Brenford)
    4.Abdullaye Doucoure (Watford)
    5. Kelvin Melcuit (Napoli)

  4. McLovin says:

    1) Issa Diop, 25m
    2) Wilfred Ndidi or Declan Rice (if he’s less than 50m)
    3) Grealish, 40m

  5. Grandad says:

    Why restrict to the EPL?For 50 m I would go for a.Denis Zakaria,Borussia Munchengladbach.DM age 23,6ft 2″ and b. Dominik Szoboszial, Red Bull Salsburg.Attacking Mid age 20,6ft 1″ In the English Championship I have been very impressed with Kelvin Phillips, Leeds. Nathan Ferguson WBA. And Ollie Watkins of Brentford.In the EPL Todd Cantwell, Norwich.A clutch of real young talent to think about bringing to Arsenal.Trouble is how do we unload our mediocre players?

    1. Stewart Macintosh says:

      If the team really decides that it wants to shed some players then they lower the asking price and it will happen. The only one outside of that is Ozil, unless we were to really subsidize the wage bill. I think that pretty much anybody can be picked up if the discount works. But the club has to be willing to take a loss on old business.

  6. Amitosh Tripathy says:

    Ndidi, Rice, Grealish, even Diop will not come below 50mil, and Man City/Chelsea wont loan us their top prospects. I would not follow the template and go little different :

    Sell :
    Auba(if he does not extend) or Laca (if Auba stays) – 60m
    Mustafi – 25m
    Mkhitaryan – 20m
    Kolasinac – 20m

    Buy :
    ST – V Osimhen (Lille) – 30m
    DM – Soumaré (Lille) – 30m
    LB – Reguilón (Real/Sevilla) – 30m
    Winger – Brahim(Real) – on loan
    CB – Kabak (Schalke) – 25m (if funds permit, and Sokratis can be sold)

    That would give Martinelli/Nketiah/Reiss/Pepe more minutes. Assuming Ceballos/Soares wont be made permanent. Not sure on Mari as I have not seen him play, and Saliba will join. And Ozil wont leave, so lets not put him in any equation.

    1. jon fox says:

      If you honestly think ANY club would be so “criminally” stupid as to pay £25 mill for Mustafi then you inhabit a different planet from me. Likewise £20 mill for Mkhi. You are asking Central London property prices for derelict seaside wooden chalets.

      1. Amitosh says:

        As Arsenal fans we dont really trust our assets and always undersell. There will be at least 2-3 clubs in for Mustafi, at least from BuLi. The rate at which teams there leak goals (BVB), he will not be too bad. May not be 25m, but not less than 20m. Mkhitaryan’s wage is a problem, but may be we can just get rid of him for pittance? Net expense will still be low.

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