Ignore the rumour-mongering – Elneny is not about to leave Arsenal

The Egyptian midfielder Mohammed Elneny arrived at Arsenal three years ago for a reported sum of just 5m GBP, and had a very good record with Basel and his international side, but it was always going to be a big ask for him to supplant some of our more successful and decorated midfielders. But he is definitely a trier and always gives his all when he gets a chance to wear the Red and White, and has been a good squad player despite his lack of opportunities. He has never played much in the League even under Wenger with an average of 13 games per year, but has played just as many in the Cup games when we wanted to rest our stars.

He has never complained, and his respectful tweets when reaching his three year anniversary at the club should not have been twisted into a desperate attempt to prove that he is going to be sold (or loaned) this month. These are the tweets in question…..

I personally can see no reason to take this as any sign he is leaving, but instead he is showing how much he loves Arsenal and how happy he is to be here. For certain sections of the media to twist it into a goodbye note is just simply rumour-mongering as they have nothing else to say about Arsenal at the moment. There is nothing ‘cryptic’ in that message at all.

Yes he has not played much so far under Emery, but has played five times in the cups so far and is an able body to cover for injuries and suspensions when needed, and will continue to do so for many more years I hope. He may not be one of our expensive superstars but his loyalty and value to the club should be acknowledged by us all.

Mo is not going anywhere I assure you…



  1. Sue says:

    What about Sven????

    1. Midkemma says:

      Don’t worry Sue.
      From what I can see, it is Le Grove selling BS for the clicks.
      They talk about 3 sources and one of them being inside the club… then we hear nothing else about the sources and Le Grove go into a load of drivel before proclaiming he won’t leave.

      Other sites then point to Le Grove.

      I could be wrong but I can’t see any truth to that clickbait rumor.

      1. Sue says:

        Cheers Midkemma! Been some crazy things doing the rounds today – Giroud a Barca target! 18m for Ozil! Then I came across Sven ‘leaving’ sheesh!!!!

        1. Declan says:

          Yes Sue a very interesting article about Sven on LG, it’s another site I read every day (but post infrequently as it’s extremely hostile at times) but Pedro does seem to have an “ear” inside the club as he does get a lot of stories like this correct. It’s certainly worrying if Sven does leave this month, especially after just being promoted.

          1. stubill says:

            I was actually thinking about this last week.

            What is the point in being Head of Recruitment at a club that says it has no money to spend. The man’s a professional, he will want to make a difference at the club, and if he’s being hamstrung by lack of funds, how the hell can he do his job with any real satisfaction.

            I’m not saying he will go, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he did, and the same could be said about players like Torreira and Guendouzi. A club that has no ambition can expect it’s best employees to leave.

            1. Red and white says:

              Let him go we wont need his shoddy statue outside the emirates! His contributions to AFC 34 yr Lich, 30 yr old socrates, 29 yr old auba who was a nuisance at Dortmund, 19 yr old Guendo (another in Welbeck mould).Thanks mate and take those diamonds with you and please dont forget Emery

              1. Sal says:

                you will come to regret that comment about matteo, you forgot torreira and mavro those two alone make him worth his paycheck, sorry!

                1. Kenny Rolfe says:

                  He’s already regretting what he said about Auba. Higher strike rate than Thierry Henry , what more d’you want?

              2. enagic says:

                Yes, let him go i would prefer Edu who was a player himself and he played under Emery at Valencia also he will help us to get some brazilian players on cheap something we didnt have for a long time but remember guys changes have consequence for me i am just fine Raul, Emery and co they need chemistry they can work with. Also i dont think its fair for Sven to force some players on Emery who he thinks they dont suit his philosophy – Sanllehi, Emery and Edu they are all latin so should just fine in terms of culture and language, and next to go should Ozil, Elneny and Ramsey and bring in Denis Suarez, Banega, Benatia and Carrasco and we should look like a team once again. and i really have faith in Emery big time.

              3. jon fox says:

                HOW WRONG CAN ANYONE BE? ABOUT AS WRONG AS YOU ACTUALLY! Probably the silliest post I have seen on here in ages.

    2. Mobella says:

      I read from legrove he is leaving. What is going with Arsenal.

      1. enagic says:

        We need good chemistry, Sanllehi did it at Barcelona and won big and that is what we need at arsenal hit a ground running instead of keep scouting for starlets or potential. And remember arsenal is a big club same as euro big five and we have been crying for right people now we got them in charge – Sven is just a scout and he cant be head of recruitment and that tells it all about Gazidis what kind of poor man he was on football side he had no knowldge at all same as reward Ozil 300,000 plus a week, man lets me stop here please.

  2. gotanidea says:

    I heard Leicester City offered ten millions to get him last season and Arsenal accepted, but he didn’t want to give up on his Arsenal career

    Gotta love his spirit and he proved to have good vision/ determination when playing in some games last season

    But the poor man never got his chance to start regularly, because there are more expensive CMs ahead of him (Xhaka, Ozil, Torreira). He had better move because he has been treated unfairly

  3. Red and white says:

    Why would he? He is in the comfort zone, warms the bench, seldom plays and when he does, its sideways passing and gets the £.Seems happy with himself, does not complain for game time, has no purpose and determination and not serious about his career.Seems to be a nice fella.This sums up the complacency at AFC

  4. RSH says:

    low wages, recently signed a contract, just a squad player anyways. I doubt he’s a priority right now. If a decent offer were to come from nowhere I’m sure Arsenal would accept, but letting Elneny go wouldn’t drastically free up resources. Every squad has those players you kind of forget about and Elneny is ours after taking over from Jenkinson.

  5. ACE says:

    And Arsenal fans wonder why the club is destined
    yet again for a 6th place finished and all the
    glory of Thursday Night futbol? The Egyptian is
    a consummate professional and seems to be
    “A Great Guy” off the pitch but he is sadly another
    example of a BANG AVERAGE player that has
    no reservations about collecting his inflated
    weekly wages and featuring for the first team
    from time to time. Consider these numbers
    for a second.

    El Neny—£55K

    *II would throw Bellerin in there 2 @ £100K a
    week but at least the Spaniard has shown some
    improvement under Emery*

    Over £650K allocated to players that quite frankly
    aren’t good enough to be in the first team or
    have criminally underperformed in there time
    with the club. Add Ozils ridiculous £350K a week
    to that and Arsenal are currently spending over
    £1M in weekly wages to a collection of players
    that honestly aren’t making much of an impact
    at the club atm.
    I understand the cries of criticism aimed at
    Emery for his at times questionable tactics and
    head scratching player selection but what can
    you honestly expect of the man when hes
    dealing with the past sins of an incompetent
    CEO and an equally abomination of an owner?

    1. McLovin says:

      Some fans seem to accept that if one player is a “nice guy”, then he should stay at Arsenal.

      Which is obviously ridiculous thinking! Elneny is bang average, and had always been! The first 6 months I saw him play, he made zero tackles!

  6. Grandad says:

    Well said ACE.

    1. ACE says:

      Thanks Gdad, always enjoy your informative and
      insightful contributions to the site.

  7. I'mLosingHope says:

    Mislintat is set to leave Arsenal.



  8. ForeverGooner says:

    Players wages are so good that they don’t want to leave. Plus they get to live in London and get other perks…

    Problem is that we over pay the average players too.

  9. Andrew E says:

    Why should he leave? He’s paid well, his only exertion is at training and the occasional Europa League game, other than that he warms the bench. He is just one of the many average players in our squad which is why we will never win the EPL while Kroenke, with his total lack of ambition, owns the club.

    Sometimes I wonder why Emery took the job knowing there was little or no money available to him. Maybe the rumours are right about Sven for the same reason?

  10. ozziegunner says:

    Raphael Honigstein has said Sven Mislintat is leaving because of the promotipn of Raul Sanllehi (originally they were on the same level), the bring in of a director of football and Mislintat’s relegation to just a scouting role.
    He stated that the lack of transfer budget had nothing to do with Mislintat’s leaving; however why would anyone waste their time scouting players if you have no money to offer them. Also the point was made that Raul and Unai are Spanish speakers and Sven’s first language is German.
    Unfortunately we thought top liners were coming into management roles at Arsenal following Gazidis departure, but apparently this is not the case as far as recruitment is concerned.

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