Iker Casillas WILL be Arsenal’s first signing – not Cech!

Casillas V Cech – Why the Spain’s undisputed Number One would be an ideal fit for Arsenal by Sleigh

I have it on good authority that Iker Casillas will be Arsenal’s first signing this summer. With that it got me thinking, who would be the better keeper? I came up with one conclusion….

Whilst Petr Cech would cost somewhere in the region of £10m and as some papers are saying, the deluded one wants AOC to go in the other direction (something that CANNOT be allowed to happen). Iker would be a free transfer. 1-0 To Iker.

As far as experience and trophy’s won is concerned, it’s a no contest.

With Real Madrid Casillas has won:

UEFA Champions League: 1999–2000, 2001–02, 2013–14
UEFA Super Cup: 2002, 2014
Intercontinental Cup: 2002
FIFA Club World Cup: 2014
La Liga: 2000–01, 2002–03, 2006–07, 2007–08, 2011–12
Copa del Rey: 2010–11, 2013–14
Supercopa de España: 2001, 2003, 2008, 2012.

With Spain, he has won a staggering 161 caps (he would have surely won another 20 had Victor Valdez not been around) and was their first choice goalkeeper and captain when winning the FIFA World Cup in 2010 and has won two UEFA European Championships: 2008, 2012, you can add a plethora of individual awards include IFFTHS Worlds best Goalkeeper for 5 consecutive years between 2008-2012.

Cech record reads:

FA Premier League (4): 2004–05, 2005–06, 2009–10, 2014–15
FA Cup (4): 2006–07, 2008–09, 2009–10, 2011–12
Football League Cup (3): 2004–05, 2006–07, 2014–15
FA Community Shield (2): 2005, 2009
UEFA Champions League (1): 2011–12
UEFA Europa League (1): 2012–13

Whilst he 112 caps for the Czech republic is impressive, he was never likely to win any international honours.

2-0 Casillas.

Whilst you could assume Cech would be close to Rosicky, Casillas would un-doubtedly have the stature of Ozil and Sanchez and would be a legend to any of our Spanish players (current and future) and help attract the quality of player the fans dream of playing at the Emirates.

3-0 Casillas

What do you think?


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    1. I think he means “Metro”.

      We’ll sign Cech, I have it on good authority……….. also known as common sense!

      1. daily star probably. I don’t even know why people read daily star transfer rumours let alone believe them. There is no way Daily star would find out who Wenger is buying before everyone else. According to daily star we’ve signed Higuain.LOL. I saw that link in the Google search of arsenal news and I scrolled past it cause I refuse to be pulled into their fantasies and bull shit.

    2. Arsenal will NOT get Cech or Iker. It’s not the Wenger way. He refused to buy Fabregas because ‘we had enough midfielders’ and we have two pretty good keepers now, he only buys when he really needs to. Also he always shows loyalty, you think he’s going to bring in another GK only one season after bringing in Ospina?

    1. Its pretty retarded to compare players due to their teams success. I mean how can you compare Czech republic to Spain for example. Look at performances and you would realise that Casillas is not the one he used to be.

      1. Too true. Casillas is/was a very decent goalkeeper but I often see him No.1 or No.2 on world’s greatest goalkeeper lists which to my mind is an absolute nonsense. I wonder how many games Real Madrid have actually won in the last 15 years and 700+ games where he was the difference?

  1. I can only hope you’re source is wrong… Like most football fans, I used to absolutely love watching Casillas a few years back, he was an incredible talent for many years. Watching him recently though (for Spain and Madrid) has been a pretty sad affair. Whilst he still has moments of brilliance, he has become unpredictable and dare I say a bit of a liability. Maybe it has something to do with lack of confidence and should he come to Arsenal, let’s hope we can get him back to his best. However, based of recent form (the last few years), I’d take Cech over Casillas 100%.

    1. I agree with you Baz.
      I know Casillas is a good keeper. However, based on recent form, I’d also take Cech 100%.

      1. I also feel that apart from being an awesome deal, signing Cech will send a ‘MESSAGE’ to Chelsea.

        1. Enough Rubbish….we do not need another GK not sure what is about ARSENAL fans that we always miss the point, we have 2 good GK why we waste energy and focus squabbling for the letgo’s from other teams, that is why they disrespect us. Knowing WENGER he will go for neither, hope this time the Old Man does not proof me wrong….we need a consistent striker and solid DM maybe a CB but I believe we have it covered for now….let’s show some support for Ospina our better half season and our 3rd place what is great deal thanks to him.

      2. Absolutely ‘007. I’d also say that Cech would fit into the team easier given his years of PL experience. He also speaks fluent English which means his ability to communicate during set pieces/ corners should be better than Casillas (though admittedly I don’t know if Casillas speaks English?).

  2. Casillas 34yo – Good enough of at least 3 years of first team

    Cech 34yo – Good enough of at least 3 years of first team

    Illoris 27yo – Good enough of at least 10 years of first team

    sign either of them and lose both Sheez and Martinez

    would rather pay them what they wants and sign Illoris

  3. I would be disappointed if we buy a new goalkeeper but I will be even be more disappointed if that goalkeeper is Casillas, that guy has been Real Madrid weak link last season, it will be an insult to our current goalkeepers. I feel we only need to sign 2 players to challenge for the EPL again, Kondogbia and Benteke and we are in!

  4. Casillas has been an average keeper for 2 years now. He punches balls that he should catch and his best years are behind him. He is not better than Ospina and would be a huge mistake for Arsenal. Cech is the only goalie we should be going for and Begovic would be a better signing than iker.

  5. Both keepers have staggering credentials with Casillas shading it. But on current form, I prefer Peter Cech. Casillas has dipped and is riding on his reputation. Is he better than Ospina on current form? I doubt it. But few think that Ospina is better than Cech. Anyway, let us trust the boss to get in good players.

  6. Even if we don’t get either and stick with Ospina, we will survive the season

    Ospina isn’t world class but is the best keeper we have had since Lehman. Ospina is better than Szczesny, Fabianski and Almunia

    I do hope we get Cech though. That would be sweet lol.

  7. Casillas has dropped quite a few clangers over the last couple of seasons and I’m not sure if him or his family will want to come to the u.k.and face our long hard winters

  8. Whoever wrote this article is 1 of them optimistic fans who think anyone would do. NO!!!

    CECH should be our man in between the sticks. Ospina second choice Szcensny to be sold.


  9. Trophy records don’t mean as much as current form
    They both have experience but Cech is better on current form. Casillas was a great keeper but has lost quite a bit.

    So for me it’s Cech over Casillas

  10. Casillas is the most overrated keeper in history. He has been living off an inflated reputation for years. Whatever he used to be, he’s not an upgrade over Ospina. Cech please.

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